Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grimm: Season 2, Episode 2: The Kiss

 "If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life.”

As of last week, the Mauvais Dentes leaped on Nick – he managed to avoid a killing strike and punched it, giving him chance to reach for his gun. The Mauvais Dentes runs and hides in the large, dark lumber mill and he, Nick and Nick’s mother all play cat and mouse through the shadows (running across the mangled bodies of the FBI agents in the process). Until Nick and the Mauvais Dentes  run into each other, Nick loses his gun and we get the epic fight scene – and either Mauvais Dentes have been seriously over-egged as “village killers” or Grimms are super-duper dangerous because they’re pretty even. Then Mummy Grimm shows up and they take times pounding it gloriously from both sides. Mummy Grimm holds him at knife point to asks questions (and gives far too much away in the processes) but the Mauvais Dentes breaks free – but gets a knife in the neck in the process which eventually kills him (after some dramatic staggering).

Mummy Grimm takes a nice fat roll of money off the Mauvais Dentes body and wants to find out who sent him – but Nick is running out the door, he has to get to Juliet

At the hospital, Rosalie and Eddie are worried, they have the potion for Juliet that will stop her degradation but Nick isn’t there – he only arrives within minutes of potion needing to be remade. They quickly run to Juliette’s room, a nurse protests but Mummy Grimm is there and she’s having none of it (oh I hope this character hangs around). The doctor also tries to stop Nick giving Juliette the eye-drops and runs straight into Mummy Grimm who sends him scurrying off to find security (damn I hope she hangs around).

Leaving the hospital Nick gets a call to a murder from Hank – at the lumber mill – 3 dead bodies including 2 FBI. Nick asks Eddie and Rosalie to give his mother a lift home (which is hilariously awkward). When they arrive, Rosalie makes a point of explaining to Mummy Grimm that Nick trusted Eddie enough to have him Wolge to Juliette so she could understand the full truth. Mummy Grimm says she doesn’t understand the relationship between Rosalie, Eddie and Nick – but maybe she doesn’t have to. Rosalie decides it’s hugging time, which Mummy Grimm endures – I don’t think she’s a hugger.

At the crime scene Sergeant Wu notices Nick’s extra injuries, but Nick puts it down to always looking force the next day. Hank also notices it but they brush it off. Looking through the scene they see the bodies have either been stabbed or almost chewed on – but Wu finds a 9mm bullet, presumably from Nick’s gun. And Nick realises when the Mauvais Dentes knocked his gun away he never got it back – it’s still in the Lumber Mill. The FBI are on the way since it was FBI agents who were killed – so they’re just taking prints and photos, the FBI will be collecting the evidence. Nick grabs his gun just before the FBI arrive.

He hasn’t covered all his tracks though, as one of the FBI agents uses the dead agent’s phone to call the last person she called – and gets Nick’s phone. Later, Nick throws his gun into the ocean.

At the office, Nick and Hank track the finger print from the dead Mauvais Dentes and match it to the slaughter on the ship – putting him as the killer and building a theory about he and the FBI agents confronting each other. Renard thinks there’s someone else though, since the killer changed into one of the FBI agent’s clothes (as the Mauvais Dentes did to pose as the dead FBI agent) which suggested he was expecting someone else. As Hank and Nick try to leave, the FBI agents confront Nick bout the call he received but he just says she asked for more information on the ship case, he said they gave her everything and no, she didn’t say where she was (Nick points out the FBI isn’t in the habit of telling them anything). Jurisdictional antler tussling begins as Renard tells them about the prints and the FBI responds with “Rawwwr, our case” and Renard pushes back “rawwr, our city.” Honestly, it’s kind of sad to watch and my only hope is it’s completely fictional. The FBI wants Nick’s gun because… I have no real idea but Nick says he wasn’t wearing one (which makes Hank blink) and Renard steps forward again to make the FBI back off (should set Mummy Grimm on them). Nick does have to leave a DNA swab though.

In the car park, Hank asks Nick about the call from the FBI agent and also makes it clear he knows Nick has been fighting again, he can tell. Hank says Nick doesn’t have to tell Hank anything because Hank trusts him – just don’t hang him out to dry. Perhaps time for Hank to be more formally introduced to the Grimm world?

Renard makes a call to the European castle – and the man who was in charge of the torture last episode (presumably one of the royals) – who Renard calls brother. He tells him that a) his methods of sneaking the Mauvais Dentes into the country were sloppy and b) the kitty is dead. Mocking and sniping follow.

Catherine, Hexenbiest mother of Adalind drops by Rosalie’s shop for her potion ingredients and haggles over the price with her Woge. Eddie in the back room is not amused by this and is tempted to rip out her throat in defence of Rosalie, which she considers sweet. Eddie and Rosalie tells Nick and Nick plans to go talk to her since they think Catherine may know what Adalind gave Juliette. Mummy Grimm has a better idea and thinks she should go. I agree. Yes yes I do. Nick warns her that FBI agents are watching the house, Mummy Grimm has already seen them and knows exactly where they are.

At the police station, Hank has tracked the prints of the Mauvais Dentes to several murders in Europe but still no ID – and the FBI arrest Nick. I’m not entirely sure where all the suspicion of Nick comes from – one phone call? One reasonable phone call? Renard is not amused and sends Hank to go with him. Renard goes to Catherine for the potion and it turns out the cure for Juliette requires someone who is pure of heart (sounds like a Sleeping Beauty style kiss is needed) and since pure of heart is hard to come by, they make purification potions instead (that’s so cheating! I love it). The purer you are, the less unpleasant the waking process is. Since Renard is “barely human” it’s going to be unpleasant.

Then Mummy Grimm speaks to Catherine. After some sparring, Mummy Grimm starts throttling – and Catherine reveals there’s a Prince in Portland – aha! Renard is finally explained and revealed! Catherine explains that he’s illegitimate but won’t say who he is – and grabs a knife and Woges. Time for a fight scene – Mummy Grimm grabs a magazine. And yes, she is that awesome that her magazine beats Catherine’s knife. After breaking every mirror in the house (I think there’s one on every flat surface for dramatic throwing people into walls), Catherine’s throat is accidentally slit and she collapses. As she dies Catherine says Mummy Grimm can’t save Juliette “only he can.”

The FBI question Nick but they have no ballistics and the only DNA they’ve found is from someone close enough to him to be a relative but not him (which is awkward since he’s recorded as an orphan). They have to let him go because they have nothing. Which is useful, because Hank has a call for another murder he Nick and Wu are heading to – the death of Catherine. Mummy Grimm is really piling up these conflicts of interest. Hank recognises Catherine’s last name since he dated Adalind.

Nick meets with his mother and she tells him everything she’s found out. But Nick is worried how close these cases are coming and how she’s going to get caught up. She agrees and says it’s time for her to leave. He gives her the coins and they have a touching goodbye and he drops her at the station. But she doesn’t get on a train – she steals a car.

Renard is ready with Catherine’s potion and for the first time we see him almost Woge… ALMOST! He drinks the really nasty looking potion and seems fine. Until he’s doubled up with stomach cramps. It also causes random removal of clothes – so I approve of this potion. It also turns him red and makes him breath smoke.

He goes to the hospital and, yes, kisses Juliette. She wakes up, all Sleeping Beauty like just as Nick comes to visit. He’s overjoyed, she’s awake and live. But she doesn’t remember him.

The meta keeps coming in this new Grimm. So much so that I even think the whole police suspecting Nick storyline was unnecessary and cluttered (especially since I don’t think they had a whole lot of reason to suspect Nick in the first place). It keeps being fast paced, it keeps being action packed and it keeps that meta moving. Long may it continue!

I am glad Mummy Grimm is hanging around, this show has long since needed a strong female character (so Juliette’s amnesia isn’t bothering me over much). I am unhappy that Hank seems to be even more sidelined this season so far than he was last season – please bring him in on the big secret.

I did like the twist on the Sleeping Beauty myth. They need a kiss by someone with a pure heart - which they don't have so they chemically induce purity. It amused me.