Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grimm, Season 2, Episode 5: The Good Shepherd

 “Dressed in the skin, the Wolf strolled into the pasture of the Sheep. Soon the little Lamb was following him about and was quickly led away to slaughter.”

We continue after the brief hiatus with the same plot lines merrily advancing forwards (I know! Grimm with actual plot! I’m in shock as well). Juliet has her memory loss and the Royals in Europe have sent a Nuckelavee to hunt down Nick and get the key he has – which is one of the keys to a great big Templar treasure.  Nicely reminded we move back into the plot:

Which begins with Clyde the friendly Eisbiber confessing to Nick that he told Juliet Nick was a Grimm – all the while they’re watched by the stealthy Nuckelavee. Meanwhile a sheep-wesen is getting his head smacked and being dangled form a crane by his ankle and dropped into a wood pulping machine – messy. Will no-one think of the poor guy who has to clean that up.

A Reverend Calvin comes to Nick and Hank with a little problem – one of his volunteers at the church, Norman Brewster, has helped himself to a few hundred thousand dollars and transferred it all abroad and gone missing. They check around and find he was a mild mannered accountant and, after checking his place of work, find his squished up body in the wood pulper.

Doing some research shows that this is not the first time Rev Calvin has been hit by misfortune – in the past he also lead a church that lost a whole lot of money to a foreign account and the accountant went missing. Nick’s suspicion radar dings (while Hank’s is strangely quiet). Time to go to the church of the faithful – which includes at least one more sheep-wesen – to tell them the news about the minced Norman, interrupting the Reverend in his crowd pleasing speech. The shocking news turns the whole congregation into sheep – except the Reverend who looks much more predatory – he’s a Blutbad.

Time for a private discussion where the Reverend says he’s a reformed Blutbad and his flock are Seelengut. And while he knows it looks suspicious that he was involved in a similar incident before, he has an alibi in the form of Megan, his assistant

Time to go talk to our favourite reformed Bultbad, Monroe. And Hank’s trying to guess whether Wesen are woge-ing or not (Hank and Monroe look like they’re going to be fun together). They ask Monroe to go check out the good reverend to see if he is reformed or not.

He arrives – and the Seelengut panic. But Rev. Calvin calms them down and is happy to take in, Monroe, give him a bed and a place to stay to become reformed. He also finds out that Calvin and his assistant, Megan, who gave him the alibi, are romantically involved. He tells Nick along with the fact he thinks Calvin has genuinely reformed. Though Nick has found out he has a fake social security number and has no records before 6 years ago. Checking into the last church Calvin was in when it lost its money and accountant – they find Megan was also there and she was the missing accountant’s wife.

They bring in Megan but she seems innocent and clueless, she admits she had an affair and believes her last husband ran out with the money and that it’s unconnected to the current crime. She woges from stress, notices Nick noticing and panics at the Grimm – until Hank calms her down.

That night Megan and Rev. Calvin go to bed and hatch their plan – they killed both accountants, they stole the money and plan to run away – and Calvin plans to frame Monroe for the murders, and kill him.

At the police station, Renard gets another call from his family in Europe identifying the Nuckelavee – who breaks into Nick’s home for a sneak around. Later he catches up with Nick outside of Aunt Marie’s trailer (the Grimm Caravan! Still immensely less cool than the Bat Cave) and attacks him – his hoof-like hands acting like clubs. Of course, attacking a Grimm in his secret lair full of weapons is… less than advisable and Nick gets a real mace and clubs him with it. On his body, he finds a sketch of the key. And Renard gets a report of finding the body in the river.

At the church, Monroe is trying to integrated with the nervous Seelengut and Megan learns that Rev. Calvin has been cheating on her with another of the parishioners. In a fury she storms out to the bake sale and tells her congregation that Calvin is the one whom murdered the accountants and stole the money. At the same time, Nick and Hank doing some police work find that both Calvin and Megan have been making frequent trips to the countries where the off-shore accounts are.

The congregation goes to confront Calvin and finds him in the process of trying to frame Monroe by getting his prints on a knife. But the Seelengut find Norman’s lap top and know Megan is right and when he goes all red-eyed Blutbad on them, they mob him on mass. Mornoe runs and is chased through the church by the herd until Nick and Hank arrive to rescue him.

Explaining things to Renard, all 25 Sheelengut claim Calvin attacked them and they responded to defend themselves. And Megan and Harmony (the pregnant parishioner Calvin was sleeping with) have disappeared. To a nice, hot sunny beach with all that money

Juliet’s memory loss continues to be a barrier with Nick wondering how to help. Juliet learns from her friends that Nick asked her to marry him, but also that she said no – but she doesn’t know why. Finding boundaries and habits is difficult, Juliet doesn’t know what they usually do – like leaving notes or letting each other know where they are. The awkwardness of them living together like that and her trying to remember the great relationship they had is palpable.

Not a lot of meta but I think it was a good episode for settling everything back into place – and we still have the royals plotting for the key.