Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hemlock Grove: Season One, Episode Two: The Angel

Episode two ends where one left off, with Peter telling Roman that he didn't kill Brooke and in fact assumed that Roman did it.  Roman points out that the people in town are saying that he is a werewolf and Peter asks Roman if he believes every rumor he hears. Roman asks why they are both there and Peter asks in return if Roman has ever heard of a coincidence. Roman again asks if Peter did it and when Peter denies it, Roman asks who was it.  Peter says that it could have been a bear, cougar, or even creative suicide. Roman admits to knowing Brooke a little and that she liked his car. Roman adds that he knew Vince, who did some work for his mother.  Roman says that he liked Vince's stories. Roman asks, "what's it like living like you people?"  Peter replies that there's always something over the hill that he has to see.  When a cop car pulls up, Roman tells Peter to be cool and not to run.

Roman walks over to the cop and tells the deputy that he is a night owl and asks who is with him.  Tom says that it's the punk Gypsy and wants to know what Roman and Peter are up to. Roman says that they were talking about the mysteries of mortality. When Roman is grabbed, he says, "my old lady is going to be a pain in the balls," and the officer repeats him word for word. Roman then turns to Tom, who calls him a spooky fucker and the two return to the car and drive off.  Peter asks Roman how he did that and Roman answers do what. Roman then sniffs at the blood on his fist. 

Letha is in bed when she wakes to a bright light shining on her.  She gets out of bed when she sees a shadowy figure.  The figure then opens it arms and wings appear.

Shelly is at the computer and she is busy writing an email to Norman. Shelly tells him that she followed his advice and asserted herself to her mother. We get a flash to Shelly, Roman and Olivia at a restaurant, where Shelly tries to order for herself but Olivia informs Jenny the waitress that Shelly wants the usual.  Olivia tells Shelly that she has to eat her meat. Jenny interjects that Shelly is just trying to watch her figure for the boys at school. Shelly writes to Normal that she is more than a living marionette to dance at the pull of her strings. Shelly got her salad and feels that she won a measure of respect, though admits that by the time they were leaving, she was hungry again and her mother was right. Shelly goes onto write that there has not been another attack since Brooke died.  She then talks about Peter, who she believes is favoring her with his charm because he smiles and winks at her when he walks by.  Shelly tells Norman that the kids are saying that Peter is a werewolf.  Shelly then finishes with her hope that Peter was not involved in death of Brooke.

Peter is at home reading the email, when Marie and Letha walk in the room. Marie informs Peter that Letha is pregnant. Letha kneels at her father's feet.

The kids are back in school and when a girl in Roman's class asks to go the bathroom, Roman quickly follows and they end up having sex in the girls bathroom.  Peter is walking by and stops to listen at the door and he is surprised by Letha.  Peter tells her that it is exactly what it looks like.

Norman meets up with Olivia and asks her if she had anything to do with it.  Olivia is not sure what he is talking about and so Norman tells her that Letha is pregnant. Olivia replies that she is not equipped for such a thing and that Dr. Price's proclivities lie elsewhere.  Norman yells that he is not fucking around so Olivia tells him to lower his voice and sit down.  Once again, Olivia tells Norman that she had nothing to do with it and asks if it has occurred to him that Letha might be reluctant to share with her father the specific circumstances of the fornication. Apparently, Letha is claiming that she is still a virgin and was visited by an angel. Norman adds that Letha claimed that the angel had visited her this summer and that she didn't want to upset her parents but now believes that time has come where she needs their help. Olivia says that Letha has a boyfriend but Normal claims that is not likely. Norman believes that Letha was raped and her mind built this fantasy to protect her.  Olivia asks if Norman has gone to the police and he asks if he should tell them about his suspicion that this attack happened in July and that Letha will not corroborate. Norman's only hope is to talk Letha into having an abortion and Olivia asks if that is for the best. Norman points out that having her carry to child a term, which Letha is convinced is immaculate conception at 17, when at any minute the actual event could come back to her is not a good idea.  Olivia asks why Norman thinks she is involved and Norman replies that he has no idea what Olivia would be capable of if she was afraid of losing him. 

Peter and Olivia have sex and he laces up her corset for her with a look of disgust on his face. When she turns around Olivia says that she was afraid that he meant it when he said they were through.  Peter replies that he meant it and that he didn't want this to happen. Olivia tells him that this was spiteful. Olivia then brings up Brooke's death and Peter tells her that Shelly believes a werewolf was responsible. Olivia brushes this off and suggests that their daughters both have terrible imaginations. Peter is finished getting dressed and he tells Olivia again that he meant it and walks out the room as Olivia replies, "what makes you think I don't know that."

Roman is in the hallway looking at the snakes, as an announcement informs the student body that there will be a police presence at the dance that night and unacceptable costumes will not be allowed. Peter approaches Shelly and asks her if she is going to the dance and Shelly shakes her head no.  Peter says that there is not much point in him going then. A student walks up from behind and slams Peter into the lockers calling him a wolf fucker.  Shelly uses a machine to say that she is sorry, but Peter tells her not to be sorry because she is too pretty. As Peter is picking up the books he dropped, Roman appears and tells him to keep his hands off of Shelly.  When Peter sort of laughs, Roman asks if this is funny to him. Roman laughs and then asks Peter if he wants a lift home. 

Roman is driving Peter home in his convertible and they are talking about how amazing the car is.  Roman asks about Peter's father and Peter replies that he is out there somewhere.  Roman says that being raised by a single mother makes one more sensitive to chicks and stuff. Roman adds that he is a pretty sensitive guy and the two share a laugh.  When they arrive at the trailer, Roman tells Peter that he had a dream about a drawing Peter made. Roman adds that he gets a dream sometimes like something really important is about to happen.  Peter thanks Roman for the ride and gets out of the car. 

Lynda is looking through Peter's drawings and she asks if he is going to homecoming but Peter replies that he is home.  A commercial comes on television for the Godfrey institute.

Christina is getting ready for the dance and she talks about how she is over Peter now, as her friends do her makeup. Christina asserts that she is not a prude and that people can be different and change.

At home, Marie is looking at papers for the breathe project when Letha comes downstairs dressed for the dance. Norman is surprised that she is still going to the dance but Letha says that she is still her. They hear a car horn and Marie is not impressed that the boy is not coming in, until Letha says its Roman and not a date. Letha kisses her parents goodbye and then leaves. Norman watches them drive away from the window.

A man is walking through the woods and he keeps saying there is no such thing as a needle that big. He stops, throws up and yells, "I didn't stand up for this."  When he stands, the Godfrey building is in the distance.

The sheriff drops off his daughters Alexa and Alyssa along with Christina.  When the girls start to call one of their fellow students a slut, their father says that he doesn't appreciate that word. Tom tells them that they have until ten and that they are not to wander off. The three of them head into the dance and one of the Sworn girls says that she is getting laid tonight.  They hit the floor and leave Christina staring at Tyler. Before Christina can approach him,  Letha approaches and she and Tyler start talking about Brooke. Later, Christina is sitting by herself and is approached by Tyler who says, "no one puts baby in a corner," which is the cheap pick up line he stole from Dirty Dancing. Christina asks if he is up for a little jailbreak and then grabs Tyler's hand and leaves the gym.  Roman looks around and quickly follows.

Tyler and Christina are sitting on the steps and Tyler asks what brings a person as shy as her to drama club. Christina says that she is a writer and that she thought it would help her with words and come out of her shell.  Tyler says that he thought that it was a law that all girls had seen Dirty Dancing, so guys didn't look like jerks when they tried to flirt.  At the dance, the principal makes an announcement and asks everyone to maintain order and move to the nearest exit, which predictably causes a panic. Roman sits outside in his car, as snakes slither across the floor.

Olivia heads to a bar and in no short order picks up the bartender and tells him that he is wasted on women of his generation. He admits that he saw Olivia with her ex earlier and that he tried to ease drop to find out what Norman could be saying to get Olivia to take him back.  The bartender then admits that he saw Norman crying. Olivia then tells him that it is time for him to go and when he tries to argue, she simply says, "don't make me repeat myself."  As soon as the bartender leaves, Olivia starts to cry.

Roman and Letha are driving back from the dance and Letha refuses to have a drink when Roman offers.  He figures out that she is pregnant and tells her to shut her lying whore mouth.  Letha says that she was waiting for the right moment and Roman pulls the car off the road. Roman keeps saying who repeatedly and Letha tells him that she doesn't want to tell him who until he starts the car. When Roman starts to blow the horn, she tells him that it was an angel and gets out of the car. Roman joins her on the side of the road and asks what Letha means by angel and Letha replies that it was an angel.  Roman asks Letha to tell him about it and Letha replies, "how do you explain dancing to a person who has no legs?" I take it neither of them have ever head of wheelchair dancing?

The man from earlier is still making his way through the woods, as Letha and Roman drive down the street. Letha tells Roman that Norman wants her to have an abortion because he believes the angel stuff is all in her head. Letha tells Roman that she is having the baby and that Norman has to deal with it. Roman turns on the stereo and Letha asks him to stop when she sees something on the road.  It's the man who was running through the forest earlier.  Roman gets on the phone to 911 and Letha kneels down and asks the man his name.  He tells her that today he saw the dragon.  Roman walks over and the man becomes hysterical and says I saw that cheerleader, I saw her get killed.

Peter is sleeping and he awoken by a weird sound. When he goes outside he find a werewolf mask mounted on a spear.  The next morning when Peter wakes up, he has a memory of Vince ,who tells him that there are things that look like you and me but they are not and that clothes and masks only hide the creature beneath. Vince says that they show themselves with the eyes and that there is so much darkness that it shines.

At school, Roman approaches Peter to talk about the Bronte reading they have to do. Peter asks Roman why he gets the feeling that the reason Roman talks to him is because of the way that people look at him when he does. Roman looks over Peter's shoulder and people are indeed staring.

Lynda pulls into a market and parks next to Olivia, who is getting her bags placed in her truck.  Lynda says my cousin Vince used to say that some appetites require special stores as she packs Olivia's bags herself.  Lynda then walks away, telling Olivia to call her.

Mrs. Pisarro is reading Wuthering Heights in what I can only assume is English class. Roman passes Peter a note which says, "can I watch."  Am I the only one who thought Peter was trying to get his best R Pratz on in that scene?  When Peter returns home, he tells Lynda that Roman is coming for a visit. Lydia reminds Peter that they talked about these people but Peter says that Roman is the only one in town who does not think that he killed Brooke.  Peter then adds that he has this feeling that something very important is about to happen. Lynda tells Peter that she gets it and that it's because he never had a friend.  

There's a knock on the door and it's Roman, who Peter introduces to his mom. When Roman sees the shrine, he asks if they are Hindu and Peter says the photo is his grandfather and the statue is the God of new beginnings.  Lynda tells them to sit and offers Roan a drink and tells him that she hopes that he will be a good friend. Lynda asks about Roman's plans after graduation and he says to kiss his mother and then bribe himself into somewhere good. Peter takes off his jewelery and Roman asks if it hurts and if is still him. They all head outside and Peter is naked.  Roman notices a G on his body and Peter says it stands for "go suck an egg." A cat circles Peter's legs and Roman jokes that he forgot to bring a Frisbee. Lynda tells Roman not to joke as Peter begins to change. Peters human teeth start to drop out and are replaced by fangs and then he eats his human skin which he shed. Peter looks up and growls at Roman and then wonders into the woods. 

I have to say that I really like Tom telling his daughters that he was not comfortable with his daughters throwing around the word slut.  Slut shaming is such a common part of our discourse and it is rare to see it challenged in any form. 

It's official, Roman can use persuasion to get people to what he wants.  This is a trick he clearly does not keep hidden and so it makes me wonder why he is not the least bit ostracized for it?  Clearly the residents of the town are quite content to attack anyone they think of as different - see treatment of Shelly and Peter.  

Speaking of Shelly, I think she is a really interesting character and cannot wait to learn more about her.  Clearly, she is the result of an experiment gone wrong and it's no accident that her name is Shelly. 

The relationship between Olivia and Norman is intense.  I think in many ways he is repulsed by her but cannot seem to stay away from her.  I like that Olivia is sexual without any shame but I do wonder if she choose to be with the bartender at first as a way of getting revenge against Norman?

In terms of the big angelic pregnancy, I like that Letha was given the right to choose but I think that they need to explain why she is choosing to have the baby other than the fact that she believes that she was impregnated by an angel. The whole immaculate conception thing makes me uncomfortable and I think that Letha needs to be given more agency.