Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Vampire Diaries, Season Four, Episode 20: The Originals

Elena is downstairs in the basement  and Stefan and Damon are upset because she is calm, despite not eating for three days.  Stefan points out that Elena is not going to beg for blood because desperation means emotion and Elena still has hers turned off. Damon asks how hungry Elena has to be until they can torture some feelings into her and Stefan replies, "a lot hungrier than she is now apparently." That's right, starve her and torture her for her own good; that's real love. Katherine makes her grand appearance and Damon comments that she has gotten bold because Klaus is plotting her eternal demise.  Katherine then informs them that Klaus is gone.

In New Orleans, four men pick up a coffin left in the middle of the street.  Hayley is sitting in a bar and Jane-Anne comments that this is third time this week she is there.  Hayley replies that she is simply in love with gumbo. Jane-Anne says that people in the 9th ward believe her sister Sophie bleeds a little bit of her soul into every dish. Changing topics, Hayley says that she asked around the quarter about her family and still has not found them or a single person who remembers them. Jane-Anne tells Hayley that people like her were run out of there years ago. When Hayley asks her what she means people like her, Jane-Anne circles the bayou on the map and says that she will find the werewolves there. Jane-Anne adds that Hayley should be careful because this is the last place she would ever want to go. As soon as Hayley leaves, Jane-Anne makes eye contact with her sister and shows her the hair she stole from Hayley.

Hayley hops in her car and follows the map. Jane-Anne and Sophie head to a cemetery and Sophie tells her not to do it but Jane-Anne is adamant that they have to do this spell because this is the only way to get to Klaus. Sophie asks about getting someone else to do the spell and Jane-Anne asks who, because half the witches don't believe her and the other half are too scared.  Sophie suggests that they are going to get caught but Jane-Anne says that they don't have any other options. They join hands and Jane-Anne tells Sophie to go and that she knows what she needs to do.

Later that night, Jane-Anne is starting the spell with salt,, just as Hayley has arrived at the place on the map Jane-Anne circled for her earlier in the day.  Hayley pulls out the map to consult one more time, and it bursts into flame, causing Hayley to drop it out the window. Jane-Anne continues on with her spell and when Hayley tries to back up, her car over heats and she is forced to get out and call for a tow.  In the graveyard, Jane-Anne hums and Hayley drops her phone as she hears a high pitched sound.  When Hayley looks up, she is being surrounded by people.  In the graveyard, Jane-Anne blows out the candles, which cause Hayley to pass out and collapse into Sophie's arms.

Klaus is now in New Orleans, while back in Mystic Falls, Rebekah asks Elijah what he is dong there.  Elijah tells her that apparently there are witches conspiring against Klaus there. He adds that knowing their brother, this is a mission to silence and slaughter. Rebekah says that French Quarter witches are not a lot to be trifled with, as a witch spots Klaus in the crowd and starts putting her things away. Rebekah asks if the witches have found a way to kill Klaus once and for all and Elijah replies that in the name of their family that she might try to dial down her glee. Rebekah asks, "what family? We're three distrustful acquaintances who happen to share a bloodline.  I for one hope they find a way to make that traitorous bastard rot."  Klaus sits down with the witch and she tells him that she has nothing to say to him.  When Klaus points out that she doesn't even know him, she replies that she knows what he is, "half vampire, half beast." The fortune teller says, "you're the hybrid" and Klaus adds "that he's the original hybrid actually but that's a long story for another time."  Back in Mystic Falls, Elijah moves to leave the room and Rebekah asks where he is going.  Elijah replies, "to find out who is making the moves on our brother and then I'll either stop them, or help them, depending on my mood." Klaus tells the fortune teller that he is looking for a witch named Jane-Anne Devereaux and the fortune teller tells him that she doesn't know.  Klaus accuses her of lying and says that he knows that she is a true witch amongst the sea of posers in front of him.  The fortune teller says that witches don't talk out of school in the quarter and that the vampire won't allow it. She is adamant that she does not break Marcel's rules. Klaus then asks where he might find Marcel.

Klaus heads to a bar and Marcel is on a stage singing How You Like Me Now, by The Heavy.  Let's just say I like Marcel just fiiiine Mmmm. I don't know about you, but I actually had to pause because Marcel is the first Black vampire on the show in four seasons.  Black people have always been servant witches or snack food for Caroline. Marcel turns and looks at Klaus and says that it's been about 100 years since the nasty business with Michael.  When Klaus asks if it has been that long, Marcel says, "the way I remember it, he ran you out of town and left a trail of dead vampires in his wake." Klaus tells him that Michael is dead and Marcel says that if he had known Klaus was coming back into town, he'd have thrown him a damn parade.  It turns out that Klaus is Marcel's mentor and sire. Klaus asks if the current state of Bourbon Street is his doing and Marcel laughs and says that something has to draw in the tourists, otherwise they'd all go hungry. Klaus looks and realises that a few of the vampires have daylight rings and Marcel replies just his inner circle and that he has the witches wrapped around his finger. Klaus laughs and says that he is looking for Jane-Anne, who has some business with him.  Marcel stands and tells Klaus to come with him.  

They hit the street surrounded by vampires and Marcel asks how Klaus' family is.  Klaus says that those who are alive hate him more than ever, so Marcel tells him to forget them because if your blood relations let you down, you can always make more. Marcel says that what's his, is Klaus' as always. As they make their way along, vampires are jumping from roof to roof and on top of cars. When Klaus points out that they're not subtle, Marcel assures him that nothing is subtle in the quarter. A group of vampires bring Jane-Anne before Klaus and Marcel and tell her that she has been accused of the practice of witchcraft beyond the rules and bounds set forth by Marcel.  Jane-Anne says that she didn't do anything and Marcel tells her that it's a lie and that it drives the witches crazy that he is aware of their every move and they cannot do magic in this town without getting caught. Marcel tells Jane-Anne to tell him what kind of magic she is using and that he will grant her leniency.  Jane-Anne tells him to rot in hell.  Marcel turns and says that he will give her one more chance and then turns and quickly and slices her throat.  

Marcel walks into his acolytes and celebrates.   Klaus pulls Marcel out of the crowd and demands to know what happened because he wanted to talk to Jane-Anne.  Marcel apologises and says that he got caught up in the show. Marcel says that the witches in this town still think that they have power and that he has to show them that they don't.  He adds that he never wastes an opportunity for a show of force, which is a lesson that he learned from Klaus. Marcel promises that anything that Klaus could have gotten out of her that Marcel will find out for him.  Klaus says that whatever it was that it doesn't matter anymore.  Marcel suggests that they eat and when he leaves, Klaus stops a vampire named Jerry and asks if there are any more Devereaux witches.

Sophie is in the bar when Klaus appears.  Klaus points out that she is upset and asks if it's about the little show he just witnessed with her sister.  Sophie asks in return if he enjoyed the show and Klaus responds that it was a little melodramatic for his tastes.  Klaus asks what Jane-Anne wanted with him and why Marcel killed her. Sophie says I see you brought friends, when she looks over his shoulder. Klaus assures her that they are not with him but Sophie tells him that though he built this town, it belongs to Marcel now and if she talks to him and breaks the rules that she will be next.  Sophie walks away and Klaus approaches the two vampires and asks if they are following him.  One answers that Marcel told them to be his Klaus' guides. Klaus tells them that if either of them follow him again that they will do so without the benefit of a spine. Camille approaches them and says that if they are there for the gumbo, she's about to close.  Klaus slaps a hundred dollar bill on the table and orders the oldest scotch for his "two friends."  Klaus tells them that if Marcel wants to know what he's up to that Marcel can ask them himself. 

Sophie is down in a cellar and is approached by two vampires and one of them accuses her of doing magic. Sophie says that she is praying to her dead sister and turns to leave but one of the vampires blocks her way and says that the hybrid was looking for Jane-Anne and Marcel wants to know why. Sophie replies that this sounds like witch business and that she would say to ask Jane-Anne herself, but Marcel killed her.  Sophie tries to leave again and is grabbed from behind but the vampire who grabbed her is quickly killed.  Elijah then makes quick work of the second vampire.  Elijah introduces himself and asks what business Sophie's family has with his brother.

Klaus has made his way back to the bar and he heads towards one of Marcel's inner circle, when he notices a daylight ring.  He is quickly stopped by Diego, so Klaus asks where Marcel is. Diego asks who wants to know and adds that he only answers to Marcel.  Klaus then grabs Diego by throat and begins to shift into his hybrid form and points out that he is half werewolf and that the bite of a werewolf can kill a vampire.  Klaus tells Diego that he is going to ask one more time where is Marcel and Marcel makes a sudden appearance and tells him that Diego is just looking out for him and that no one hurts one of his guys and that this is his rule. Klaus tells Marcel that he doesn't care about the rules and that he doesn't need chaperones. Klaus asks why Marcel is having him followed and Marcel draws him away from the other vampires and says, "I get it show of force, you made your point. Let it go old friend, for me." Klaus asks Marcel to show him what he's done with place, while he explains what he has been up to in his town.  They go up to the roof and Marcel points out the skyline and says that it's progress because it represents more hotels, more humans and more fresh blood.  Marcel adds that he taught the humans to look the other way. Klaus asks about the witches and points out that in his town they're a force to be reckoned with and now they live in fear. Klaus asks how Marcel knows when they are using magic.  Marcel hints that he has a secret weapon and ace up his sleeve - something that gives him complete control over all of the magic in this town. When Klaus asks if that's a fact, Marcel replies, "it might be but maybe I'm just bluffing."  Marcel inhales on a cigarette and Klaus says you take vervain.  Marcel admits that it hurts but he wants to limit the things he's vulnerable to.  Marcel asks Klaus not to be mad about the chaperone thing and says that he asked his guys to look out for him -- that's all-- because that's what they do there, look out for each other. Marcel looks down and notices  Camille walking from the bar.  Klaus says she's either brave or dumb.  Marcel replies, "brave I let her live, dumb, she's desert."

Marcel jumps from the roof and lands behind the Camille. He tells her that it's not safe here alone but she tells him that she has a black belt in karate.  Elijah joins Klaus on the roof and he tells him to follow.  Klaus says that he's not going anywhere until he finds out who is conspiring against him and Elijah responds that he just found that out for him. 

Elijah leads Klaus to Lafayette cemetery. Klaus asks what they are doing there and Elijah tells him that if he wants to know what the witches have in store for him, then he should follow him. They head into a mausoleum and meet Sophie and Elijah says, "he's all yours, proceed."  Sophie tells Klaus that he's famous in this town and that witches tell bedtime stories about the powerful vampire Klaus. Sophie says that Marcel was nothing more than an orphan street rat, until Klaus made him what he is and now he's out of control. Sophie adds that Marcel does what he wants, kills who he wants and that she is going to stop him and Klaus is going to help her. Klaus asks Elijah if this is why he brought him here and Elijah tells him to hear Sophie out. Klaus tells Sophie that there is not a thing on this earth which will matter enough for him to waste even thirty more seconds of his time. Klaus turns to Elijah and asks, "what madness is this?" Before Elijah can answer, Hayley appears and tells Klaus that he needs to listen. Klaus laughs and says, "you're all out of your minds if you think some liquor fulled one night stand means a thing to me."  Sophie tells him that "Marcel may be able to keep us from practicing magic in this town but as keepers of the balance, we will know when nature has cooked up something new. For example, I have a special gift of sensing when a girl is pregnant." Hayley adds, "I know it's impossible."  When Klaus asks what they're saying, Elijah replies, "Niklaus, the girl is carrying your child."

Klaus shakes his head no and says that "it's impossible because vampires cannot procreate." Sophie tells him that werewolves can and that magic made him a vampire, but he was born a werewolf. "You're the original vampire, the first of your kind and this pregnancy is one of nature's loopholes." Klaus charges Hayley and says, "you've been with someone else fess up, admit it." Hayley tells him that she has spent days trapped in the bayou because they believe she is carrying some mystical magical baby and would have fessed up if it wasn't Klaus'.  Sophie adds that her sister gave her life to perform the spell she needed to confirm this pregnancy and because of Jane-Anne's sacrifice, the lives of Hayley and the baby are now controlled by them. Sophie tells Klaus that if he doesn't help them take down Marcel, Hayley won't live long enough to see her first maternity dress. Elijah intervens and says that if they want Marcel dead that he will do it himself. Sophie says that there is a clear plan that they need to follow and there are rules. Klaus turn and says, "how dare you threaten me, using what you wrongfully perceive to be my weaknesses. I won't hear anymore lies" Before he can leave, Elijah tells him to listen.  Klaus pauses in front of Hayley and hears the babies heartbeat. Klaus then says, "kill her and the baby, what do I care," and walks out.

Elijah follows him and Klaus says that it's a trick but Elijah tells him that it's his chance - their chance. Elijah adds that they can start over and take back everything that they've lost, everything that was taken from them. Elijah says that their own parents came to despise them, that their family was ruined and that they were ruined and since then all that they have ever wanted was a family. Klaus says that he will not be manipulated and turns to leave. Elijah pops in front of him and says, "so they're manipulating but who cares, with them this girl and her child - your child live." Klaus then says that he is going to kill every last one of them and turns to leave again.  Elijah pops in front of him and says, "and then what? Then you return to Mystic Falls so that you can return to your life as the hated one, the evil hybrid.  Is it so important that people quake with fear of you at the sound of your name?"  Klaus points out that "people quake with fear because I have the power to make them afraid. What will this child offer me? Will it guarantee me power?"  Elijah tells him that family is power. "Love, loyalty, this is power. This is what we swore to each other a thousand years ago before life tore away what little humanity you had left. Before ego, before anger, before paranoia, created in this person before me someone I can barely recognize as my own brother. This is us, the original family and we remain together, always and forever. I am asking you to stay here. I will help you. I will stand by you and I will be your brother. We will build a home here together, so save this girl, save your child."  Klaus leans in and tells Elijah no, before walking away.

Elijah gets on the phone with Rebekah and tells her hat Klaus is doing what he always done when he gets a chance at happiness - run.  Rebekah tells Elijah that they should let Klaus run, because the child is better off without him, if he is the father. Elijah responds that Klaus is not better off without that child and that neither are they. Rebekah points out that Klaus rarely brings them anything but pain and asks at what point Elijah is going to stop looking for his redemption. Elijah says that he will stop looking for Klaus' redemption, when he believes that there's none left to be found and hangs up his phone.

When Rebekah turns around, Katherine is standing there.  Rebekah says that she would give her a play by play but she has the look of someone who has been listening. Katherine says that Klaus will come around because Elijah won't stop until he convinces Klaus to do the right thing. Rebekah says, "I know you think your an expert in brotherly dynamics but you don't know my brothers half as well as you think you do." Katherine replies, "you're wrong. Klaus won't be able to walk away from this. He and I are the same, we manipulate, we thirst for power, we control, we punish, our actions are driven by one singular place deep inside." When Rebekah asks what that is, Katherine replies, "we're alone and we hate it. Tell Elijah to call me when he comes home, I'll be waiting for him."

Back in New Orleans, Klaus makes his way back to Marcel's bar and Marcel asks where he ran off to.  Klaus asks if his minions have stopped documenting his every move. Marcel says that Klaus is in a mood and asks what he can do. Klaus says that Marcel can tell him what this thing is that he has with the witches. Marcel replies that though he owes Klaus everything, he has that he has to draw the line on this one. "This is my business," Marcel says. "I control the witches in my town, just leave it at that." Klaus asks, "your town" Klaus points out that when he left New Orleans that Marcel was nothing more than a pathetic little scrapper, still trembling from the whips of those who would keep him down. Klaus adds that he would like to know how and Marcel asks if he was jealous, as his minions start to surround Klaus. Marcel adds that 300 years ago Klaus built a backwater penal colony into something but Marcel finished after Klaus ran from it. Marcel tells him to look around because vampires rule this city now and they don't have to hide like rats. The locals know their place and look the other way and Marcel got rid of the werewolves. Marcel tells Klaus that if he wants to stay awhile or pass on through, what's his is Klaus' but it is his and his family and his rules. Klaus asks if someone breaks those rules and Marcel adds that they die and this is something Klaus taught him as well. Marcel tells him that he is not the prince of the quarter but the king and demands respect.  Klaus attacks one of the vampires and says that he will be dead by the weekend and points out that he has now broken one of Marcel's rules and yet he cannot be killed because he is immortal.  Klaus asks, who has the power now friend? 

Klaus makes his way through the city and stops to look at some local artists.  Camille is watching as well, so Klaus approaches her.  Camille and she says that every artist has a story. Klaus asks about the story of the artist who painting the picture.  Camille replies, "He's angry, dark, doesn't feel safe and doesn't know what to do about it. He wishes he could control his demons, instead of having his demons control him". He's lost, alone, or maybe he just drank too much tonight. Sorry, over zealous psych major."  the whole time Camille is speaking Klaus is tearing up. Klaus replies, "no, I think you were probably right the first time." When Camille turns to continue the conversation Klaus is gone.

 Klaus sits down next to Elijah and says that he forgot how much he liked this town.  Elijah says that despite all of the centuries, he can count on one hand the times that their family has been truly happy and that he hated leaving New Orleans.  Klaus says he hated it also.  Elijah asks Klaus what is on his mind. Klaus says that for a thousand years he lived in fear and anytime he would settle anywhere, their father would hunt them down and chase him off. Klaus adds that Michael made him feel powerless and he hated it. Klaus says that this town was his home once and in his absence Marcel has got everything he ever wanted, power, loyalty, and family. Klaus says, "I made him in my image and he has bettered me. I want what he has. I want to be king." Elijah asks about Hayley and the baby and Klaus says that every king needs an heir and smiles. 

Elijah and Sophie are walking together and he asks how this is going to work. Sophie tells Elijah that Klaus needs to set up his place in Marcel's daywalkers, who are his inner circle and that he will be hitting him where it hurts. Klaus enters Marcel's room and says that he has thought about it and is not Marcel's enemy and adds that where he and his family failed, Marcel succeeded. Klaus then bites his hand and allows his blood to drain into a cup, saying that his blood will heal the wounded vampire, as though it never happened. Klaus tells Marcel that the quarter is his home and that he would like to stay awhile, if he is stil welcome.

Outside a parade is making it's way down the street and Klaus picks up his phone, calls Caroline and tells her that he is surrounded by one of his favourite places in the world and that all he can think about is how much he wants to show it to her.

Elijah is standing in Rebekah's doorway and she asks if she is supposed to forget her life in Mystic Falls and her pursuit of the cure.  Elijah says that the cure was a fools errand and that taking it would have stripped her of everything she is for more highschool proms. Rebekah says that she wants to human and wants children and a family.  Elijah says that he is offering her both, so Rebekah questions she decides against Elijah, if she will get a dagger in her heart.  Elijah tells her that he made his case and that her family needs her and what choice she makes is her own. Rebekah says, "I owe him nothing. I wish him no joy, no love and I will stay here and live my life the way I want to and if you're smart, I suggest you do the same."  Katherine appears and tells Elijah that Rebekah is right and that Klaus is stark raving mad and completely irredeemable. Katherine suggests that she and Elijah should head off on their adventure and points out that she has lost so much of her life to Klaus and so has Elijah.  Katherine says that it's their turn. Elijah kisses her and tells her goodbye. 

Elena is still in the cellar and Damon enters and tells her that she looks terrible. Elena says that she is hungry.  Damon pulls out a bag of blood and hands it to her. Elena starts to drink and spits it out because it has vervain.  Damon asks her how it makes her feel and Elena replies, "if you boys want to play games, let's see who breaks first, me or you." Stefan then enters the room and closes the door behind him.

This is easily the best episode of The Vampire Diaries in four years.  The ironic part is that it's clearly the introduction to CW's new series, The Originals. It was far more adult, with no whining and angst beyond what is normal and expected.  Klaus has a point, he has spent his entire vampire life being chased by Michael, it really shouldn't surprise anyone that his extreme need for power exists given what he has been through.  The scene between Joseph Morgan, and Daniel Gillies were incredibly well acted and I also think that the stunning Charles Michael Davis deserves a special mention as well.

Watching, we all know that this is not going to end well for Marcel.  For all of his show of bravado and learning from Klaus, what he did not learn is to run when you're out matched as Klaus did when Michael showed up.  Run and perhaps live to fight another day, as Klaus did. For someone who is clearly intelligent, given his control of the city, it doesn't make sense to me that he would forget what and who Klaus is.  Even if he could kill Klaus, it would only end in Marcel's death because Klaus is his sire.  I think they are going to have to make him more  cunning to make this an interesting match.  I will however say that it was absolutely awesome to see a Black vampire - in fact scores of Black vampires because up until this point, as aforementioned, Black people have been witches, servants or snack food whenever Caroline gets hungry.  

Elijah is clearly going to be the brooding brother in this series, as it seems we cannot escape that role in any show or book involving vampires.  The major difference is that he isn't pinning about wanting to be human but is actively seeking a family. 

I can understand why Rebekah didn't come running when Elijah made his proposal. What good as Klaus ever done for her?  Whenever she isn't obedient, he simply sticks her in a coffin to cool her heels.  I absolutely loved Elijah's point about the ridiculousness of Rebekah hanging around for proms however.  She has the nickname on Fangs of vampire cheerleader for a reason. He is even right that the cure is a fool's errand.  I am also glad that Rebekah clearly won't be a regular on The Originals because the immaturity that they have given her character, would clearly ruin the tone they are aiming for on the spin off. 

Elena didn't have much screen time in this episode, which is another huge reason that I loved it.  I do however have to point out that keeping her in  cage, starving her with plans of torturing her because the Salvatore brothers just love her to bits is abusive and should not be understood as care, let alone love.  They are doing this because they want her to be sweet and pure and I find it to be highly hypocritical.  Let's not forget that both Damon and Stefan are mass murderers. This I love you so I have to hurt you trope which urban fantasy has deeply embraced needs to end because it works to make abusive relationships appear normal and acceptable.