Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lost Girl: Season Three, Episode 12: Hail, Hale

Bo and Dyson are at Lauren's apartment and she is freaking out because she has not heard from Lauren.  Dyson finds Lauren's cell phone and Bo asks why anyone would leave their cell phone at home.  Dyson suggests that Lauren is just busy. Bo tells him not to look at her like that because she is not crazy but Dyson replies that today is Hale's inauguration, and he's working on the biggest case of his life, so he does not have time to play relationship detective. When Bo turns around in frustration, Dyson offers to run the numbers on Lauren's phone to see if he can scare something up.  Bo says that she might really be going crazy. When Dyson points out the stress of the dawning and the break up with Lauren, Bo again asserts that they are on a break.

At the Dahl, Trick is making last minute adjustments with Kenzi.  When she points out how chipper he is, Trick says that Hale is his protege and that he is glad that he was so hard on Hale because he is going to make a great Ash. Kenzi asks if this means Hale will stop being such an ass.  Trick sighs and tells Kenzi that she needs to put her personal feelings aside because this is a big day for the fae and that they are not going to take kindly to a human belittling it. The Morrigan shows up and Trick is not at all pleased to see her and points out that it is unacceptable for a dark leader to attend a light fae inauguration. It turns out that she was invited by Hale and Kenzi comments that he is still an ass before walking away.

Lauren is working in a lab and Issac is standing behind her.  Lauren has a breakthrough on curing heart disease and stands up and hugs Issac.  When Lauren realises what she has done, she apologises saying that it's been a long time since she felt so useful. Issac grabs some champagne and tells Lauren that he knew she would do it.

Hale and Dyson are in the back room as he is getting dressed. Dyson says that they are still processing the bodies and it looks like all 18 were tortured.  Dyson adds that some of the victims are missing their organs.  Hale asks if they have a lead and Dyson says no.  Hale adds that as soon as he is sworn in, he will have a talk with The Morrigan about pooling their resources.  Dyson tells Hale that he is proud of his old old partner and Hale adds that he misses his old partner.  Dyson hands Hale a gift to keep him safe and leaves saying he has to get ready, if he is going to show up his buddy at his inauguration.

Bo is in the tub and when she hears a noise, she jumps up with a knife but it turns out that it's just Tamsin. Bo says that that she thought the door was locked and asks Tamsin if she can help her.  Tamsin says that she just came there to drink all of her liquor and thought she would be gone by now. Bo tells her that she is not in the mood for small talk and Bo admits that she hasn't seen her in a few days and is worried about her. Tamsin suggests that maybe, Lauren simply needed some space. Bo tells Tamsin that Dyson is running the numbers on Lauren's phone.  Tamsin then informs Bo that she wasn't the one who killed the blonde hotty and that a six fingered lady did and then she was killed. Bo asks about Tamsin's dark fae friend in a coma, but Tamsin does not answer and says that it's possible she doesn't smell so good.  Bo suggests that Tamsin needs a bath, so Tamsin gets into the tub with Bo fully clothed.  Tamsin asks, "where do you get off being so perfect? You think you've seen everything and then you see you." Bo tells Tamsin that she is alright but not perfect.  Tamsin adds that Bo's heart is both strong and gentle and that she is virtuous and yet she's a succubus.  Tamsin says that she shouldn't be real and gets out of the tub and walks out of the bathroom. Bo tells her that she will see her at the Dahl and Tamsin suggests that Boo keep her wits about her because who knows who is watching.

Kenzi is behind the bar at The Dahl and she tells Trick that she doesn't want to be there. Hale asks her why she is dressed to the nines then and Kenzi replies that it is not for Hale's benefit.  Trick says that his bartender is late and that he has no one else.  Kenzi points out that he has no other humans to help him and adds that she is going to start a union for claimed humans. Trick says that the last human who tried that didn't fair very well and brings up Jimmy Hoffa.

A man approaches Kenzi and says that he is looking for a blonde with blue eyes. Kenzi points out that she has blue eyes and so he asks if she is a natural blonde.  Kenzi calls him a douchebag and so he introduces himself as Massimo, which apparently means the greatest.  Kenzi tells him that makes him the greatest douchebag.  Massimo says that he has figured Kenzi out and that she has a look which is all to familiar to him.  Kenzi tells him that she is out of his league but Massimo replies that she is an outsider and doesn't belong there.  Kenzi asks him who he is and Massimo says that he is a man who get things and make the impossible happen.  Kenzi suggests that he make the impossible happen by disappearing. Massimo tells her that he is going to let her get back to her chores and leaves.

Lauren is still in the lab and shes asks where Issac found the enzyme she used to stabilize the toxin with and he says that he got it from the same place where he gets everything he can't get in North America - China.  Lauren tells him that she is glad that she met him because she didn't realise that for a long time that something was missing.  Issac asks about a woman who was attacked and murdered in the midwest, who was spared through the ribs and then nailed down in a diner in the shape of a cross. He adds that the DNA of a killer named Gabriel was all over the diner and that crucifixion style murder was his M.O. Lauren says that she is not following and asks what this hs to do with heart disease.  They go for a walk and we learn that Gabriel, who was French, killed people he thought were too good for the world and worthy to ascend.  Lauren asks if they caught him and Issac says that when this murder happened, Gabriel was serving three consecutive life sentences in a maximum security prison.  Lauren asks how they were able to find his DNA at the scene. It turns out that Gabriel gave bone marrow to a father who needed it to live and Issac believes that the bone marrow completely took over the father and replaced his cell structure. Issac asks what good they could do if they could find a way to turn that negative in a good. Lauren points out that this is a slippery slope because it could lead to more killers like Gabriel. Issac asks why they shouldn't use all of the tools at their disposable and points to things like a possible cure for heart disease and a cure for mumps and measles.  Lauren brings up the atomic bomb and Issac asks if they have just had their first fight, before congratulating Lauren.

The bartender has shown up at The Dahl along with Dyson who orders a Scottish Whiskey.  When Bo arrives, he tells her that she is beautiful and asks to buy her a free drink.  Dyson tries to order for her but Bo says that she will have whiskey.  The bartender pours something in their drinks as Bo talks about wanting to talk to Hale.  They drink as the bartender looks on.

Lauren is now back in the lab and she pockets one of the vials and examines the content under the microscope. At this point, it's totally clear that Issac is behind all of the fae deaths. Lauren picks up the phone and says that she is going to need files.

Hale is finished getting dressed and The Morrigan tells him that if it wasn't punishable by death that she would give him a jump. The Morrian adds that she hopes Hale doesn't get killed because with all of the death threats, finding his killer would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Hale tells her that if they are going to work together, he needs her to be less All About Even and more Steel Magnolias. Hale instructs The Morrigan to leave and Bo approaches and tells Hale that she cannot find Lauren. Hale says that he doesn't need that today and admits that Lauren came to him looking for a break and that he told her no. Bo says that it makes her feel better.  The Morrigan has not taken her eyes off of Hale and when a waiter asks if she wants something to eat, The Morrigan sprinkles something on a cucumber and suggests that Hale might be hungry.  Of course, with all of the food on the tray, Hale grabs the cucumber. A fly lands on his neck and then explodes, so he walks over to The Morrigan and tells her that she should really try the hors d'oeuvres, because they are generating quite the buzz.

In a backroom, Bo finds Dyson on the ground with EMTs around him. As they are taking Dyson out, Bo notices that the EMT's are armed and realises that they are human.  Kenzi moves into help and Bo throws her to the ground, as the humans escape with Dyson. The bartender follows her outside and Bo punches him, which knocks him unconscious.

Trick tells Hale that they have been attacked by humans and Hale orders The Dahl locked down until they figure out what is going on.  The Morrigan demands the dark fae elder be assembled immediately.  In the meantime, Bo punches the bartender again and demands to know where Dyson was taken. Bo points out that he poured the drinks and poisoned Dyson. When he doesn't answer, Trick grabs him by the neck and demands he start talking. Trick moves away and the human drinks poison and says that they have his wife and that he had no choice.  Bo reads the name of the lab off the vial.

Kenzi is in the back room and when she comes to, Massimo is there and says that it was quite a smack her owner gave her.  When Kenzi denies this, Massimo adds that Bo was just protecting her and that some people are crazy about their pets.  Kenzi says that she can handle herself and that she is nobody's pet. Massimo says that it cannot be easy to have to be saved all of the time and holding her friends back. Kenzi replies that it's not easy being the only human on the attack squad but that she brings other things to the table. Massimo asks what if Kenzi could bring the real deal to the table and if she ever thought about being one of them. Kenzi asks what he is doing down there and points out he doesn't know Trick.  Kenzi tells him that he is running an angle and knows he is running a con, then suggests that he should get the hell out of there before she screams.

Bo is at Lauren's and turns as Tamsin comes down the stairs wearing a robe. Bo says that she doesn't care and that Dyson has been kidnapped at The Dahl by humans.  Tamin is shocked and wants to know how humans took down a wolf. Bo tosses Tamsin a vial and Tamsin says that it better not be her Lauren. Bo points out that the disguise they were using was the same disguise Lauren used when they broke into the prison.  Tamsin quips that one Bo's ex's took out the other. Bo admits that it's weird and asks if Tamsin is willing to help. Tamsin asks how they know Dyson is alive and Bo tells her that she feels it.  Tamsin grabs the bottle of booze again and Bo tells her that he has had enough. Tamin says that they will scour the apartment and find out if Lauren turned against them and why. Tamsin asks Bo if Dyson still has Lauren's phone and Bo replies that he dropped it at The Dahl but that there's a number in there which Lauren has been calling recently. Going through Lauren's things, Bo finds Lauren's necklace and denies finding anything when Tamsin asks.  Tamsin tell Bo to change.

Back at The Dahl things are getting loud and chaotic.  People want to know how the humans got into The Dahl and someone suggests that they were helped by the human. Hale steps forward and says that Kenzi singlehandedly saved Dyson from the Garuda when all of the other fae were hiding in their humans. The Morrigan steps forward and says that she and Hale have been working to forge a peace between the light and the dark but then turns on Hale suggesting that he is a bleeding heart.  The Morrigan adds that for too long people have stood by and watched the humans, as though they are superior beings. She adds that the humans have attacked the one true race and says that Hale's leadership has allowed this attack to happen.  When Hale denies it, the Morrigan produces the vile and demands that he read who supplied the poison and Hale reads Lauren's name.  The Morrigan calls for a vote of no confidence.

A shirtless (thank you Syfy) and barefoot Dyson is tossed into a cage. Dyson asks what they want with him and a voice answers that he wants him to prove his worth against his mortal enemy.  Another fae enters the cage and Dyson suggests that they find a way to forget about centuries of hatred and get out there together.  The fae charges him and the two begin to fight.

Tamsin and Bo head to her truck but Tamsin's wheel is locked.  Tamsin tells Bo to sit in the truck, while she takes the lock off.  Bo being Bo gets nosy and finds a packet with her picture and the infamous vial. Bo grabs her phone and takes pictures.

At The Dahl, Kenzi comes downstairs and Trick tells to go home and hide and that when the dust settles that he will find her.  Bo calls Kenzi and informs her that she just sent her a picture and that she needs Kenzi to find out what it means.  Kenzi rushes through the recent events at The Dahl. Bo tells her to get out of there.

Kenzi is looking at the photo that Bo sent her when Massimo appears again.  She asks him why he is there and Massimo says it's because she is still there.  Kenzi tells him that every fae wants her gone and starts to walk away, so Massimo asks who are the fae to tell her to leave after everything she has done for them.  Kenzi tells Massimo that he doesn't know anything about her. Massimo says that it is not fair for them to push her out, considering what she has done and that the fae can only claim to be better than her because they were born with exceptional gifts. Massimo points out that Kenzi doesn't have any of those gifts, yet she still fights.  Massimo moves to walk away but Kenzi tells him to wait and that she doesn't trust him but she wants to know about the vial.  Massimo demands a kiss and says that this kind of information demands a tribute, so Kenzi kisses him. Massimo walks away saying he is going to need a couple of minutes to get her the right information.

Dyson is continuing to fight with the fae and rips his throat out as the observer laughs. Dyson asks if this is what he wanted and the observer replies yes.

Tamsin and Bo have arrive at the location and Tamsin says that she has seen this kind of thing before and suggests that Bo leave.  Bo says that they are her friends and that she is not leaving. An armed man approaches them and Tamsin uses her powers, giving Bo time to knock him out.

At The Dahl, The Morrigan's motion passes and she declares that all humans in that territory who are under the influence of the fae will be considered terrorists and enemies of the one true state.

Massimo tells Kenzi that whoever has the vial is trying to imprison her friend.  Hale finds Kenzi and asks her what she is still doing there. Kenzi gets upset and asks why everyone keeps saying that and points out that they all used to be friends. Hale grabs Kenzi and tells her that she is not his friend and has never been just a friend.  He adds that if anything happens to her that he won't be any good to anyone and that right now he has to be better than he has ever been. Kenzi cries and calls him an asshole and asks why he never told her that.  Hale answers that he was scared.  The Morrigan appears and asks Hale if he is saying his goodbyes, as a huge male approaches with handcuffs.  Hale says that he has got this and cuffs Kenzi saying that she is an enemy of the state and will be put under guard until her time of execution. Hale pulls her forward and kisses her and slips something in her pocket.

In the backroom, Trick packs up his bag and sneaks out. By the time Kenzi gets down there, Trick is already gone and she is alone with the big male from earlier.

Tamsin is passed out and her phone rings so Bo answers it. It's Massimo, who believing he is talking to Tamsin, says that he has secured the kiss from the best friend and that operation tame a succubus is ready. Bo says that she will be in touch, hangs up and calls Tamsin a stupid girl.

Lauren is wandering through the facility and she finds and injured Dyson. Lauren tells him that she found an enzyme which will kill a succubus.  Issac comes forward and asks who Bo is and says that he wanted to tell Lauren what is going on .  Lauren says that he used her research to poison her friend and adds that he lied to her.  Issac gets upset and says that it was not Lauren's research but admits that he used her. Dyson realises that Issac is the one attacking them and Issac adds that he can't wait to be like Dyson.  Issac grabs Lauren and takes her to another cage and says that they are going to do great things together.

Outside The Dahl, Trick is captured and stuffed into the trunk of a car, as he screams that they don't know who he is.  In her own cage, Lauren tells Dyson that she is sorry and that she had no idea.  Dyson tells her that Issac has been hunting them and making them fight each other like dogs. Lauren says she didn't know. Dyson tells Lauren that Hale told her not to go and Lauren replies that Issac lied to her. Dyson says that this is why Lauren can never leave the fae.  The woman she is in the cage with asks if Lauren has seen her husband.  Lauren asks what she is talking about and Dyson tells the woman that he did fine.  She then asks about her daughter and in another cell, Dyson sees Eva.

Alright folks, we have one more episode until the season finale and I cannot say that I am excited about it.  This entire season seemed scattered without any real direction.  We got the usual Bo is special everyone, don't forget she's super super special for most of the season but the meta never really seemed to indicate much beyond that.  Since they were building up to a confrontation between humans and fae, that should should have been more clearly defined as the point of this season.

I think that if they are going to make Kenzi fae, they should just go ahead and get it done already.  We have had all the hints and maybes that I can take.  Essentially shit or get off the pot. I also feel that the relationship between Hale and Kenzi was a bet reconned. Yes there have been a few small hints that Hale might possibly be into Kenzi but not nearly to the degree Hale asserted in this episode.

Am I the only one who thought having The Morrigan call for a vote of no confidence in Hale was absolutely ridiculous? They made it clear at the very beginning of the episode that she had no place in the ceremony and yet he is calling for a vote of no confidence? Why are the light fae even listening to this woman?  I think it was just one more way to make Hale look incompetent.  The entire season, whenever he has appeared, Trick has been telling  Hale what he should do as though Hale was some kind subordinate rather than the acting Ash. So, not only has the character been promoted to near invisibility when he does appear he is still secondary.