Monday, April 8, 2013

Podcast Difficulties


As people who follow our podcast will know, we’ve been having technical difficulties lately. Specifically, I’ve been having technical difficulties.

Calling in to Talkshoe from the UK to speak, rather than just listen, is expensive and impractical on a landline phone; so I pay Talkshoe a monthly fee to connect using Skype without using Skype credit. This has worked for a while.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been calling and Talkshoe hasn’t responded, meaning I can’t call in. After emailing Talkshoe complaining they poke it so I only have to wait a minute, twiddling my thumbs for a response (yay… I guess) before it picks up – allowing us to reschedule.

Until next week when Talkshoe fails me again. I write another complaining email again, it’s temporarily sorta fixed again. Until the next week when it doesn’t work again.

Needless to say, I am Not Amused by These Shenanigans. Nor with the service I’m occasionally kinda, sorta, receiving.

I’m sorry to anyone who has tried to tune in to our podcasts and has found us cancelling it at the last minute. We hate to do that, we love to have people join us, we love a lively chat room, we love our podcast and all the people who join us on it. I hate that we’ve messed you around and we’re truly sorry and trying to fix it as soon as we can. Whenever we miss a podcast we will try to reschedule as soon as we can

If you have missed a podcast, all of our previous episodes can be found here. It’s not as good as joining us live with the chat room, but at least it’s there.

We’re sorry again and we will do our best to fix this asap.