Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Revolution Season One, Episode Thirteen: The Song Remains the Same

Monroe tells Neville that he is sending him on a trip but Flynn suggests that Monroe decline if it's too much to handle. Neville is not impressed by this and Flynn says that his record demonstrates a staggering level of incompetence.  Neville makes it clear that he doesn't work for him and reminds Flynn that he is just a civilian in a cheap suit.  Monroe assures Tom that he is still a trusted officer and friend but warns him not make him regret this decision. 

Neville is packing up and his wife says that Jason is not dead and she is not pleased that she has to pretend that he is dead.  Julia adds that she has sacrificed a lot for Neville and his job but she finds herself searching faces hoping that one might be Jason.  Neville asks what would happen if Monroe found out that Jason went AWOL. When Julia says that he would question their loyalty to him Neville replies that they wouldn't keep breathing long and suggests that Julia forget about Jason.

Aaron is looking at schematics for a machine which caused the blackout.  He says that he thought computers were gone but they are everywhere.  Rachel tells Aaron that each one is the size of a virus and they are breathing them right now.  Apparently, they have commands to absorb electricity and replicate.  Rachel says that they ended the world and that the machines started reproducing out of control. Aaron want to go to the tower but Rachel tells him that they can't jut reprogram them and that they will get themselves killed. Rachel adds that Charlie is all she has left and that she is not going to leave her again.

Nora brings Mile a message that a convoy will be passing by them soon. Neville is listening to Lionel Ritchie of all things and it seems so absolutely  bizarre and out of place. As he is talking about  music, suddenly the vehicle that he is traveling in explodes. The driver dies but Neville survives and is captured by Miles, Charlie and the other rebels. Charlie hits him over the head with the butt of her gun.

They bring him back to the rebel base with a bag over his head and give Rachel another chip.  Rachel asks who the prisoner is and when Miles says that it's Neville, Rachel wants to know what they are going to do with him because she wants him dead. Miles points out that Neville has too much intel to just kill him off but Rachel is not pacified because she blames Nevile for the death of Danny.

Neville is taken to a room by the padre.  Miles grabs a hammer and tells him that he will be begging to talk. Neville says that he is not going to look at the tools and fold but Miles reminds Neville that he folded before when he had a knife to Julia's throat. Miles then brings up the diamonds he was carrying and Neville agrees to talk, if Miles will tell him how it felt to bury Danny.  Miles asks again where Neville was going with the diamonds and Miles replies that Danny was a good kid and that it must have been hard for him after everything Miles went though to save him. Miles punches Neville but instead of talking, Neville asks him if he thought that saving Danny would make up for all of the murdered people and calls him naive. Miles then punches Nevile several times and Neville tells him to go keep going because he can't talk if he is dead.  Miles says that they won't kill Neville and that they will just keep beating him until he talks, then wait for him to heal and then beat him some more.

Aaron watches as Rachel destroys another chip.  He asks if she is okay but Rachel does not answer. More rebels show up at the base and Charlie picks Jason out of the crowd. She asks what he is doing there and he says that he is with the rebels.  When Jason heads into the building, Charlie tries to stop him and says that he is there to talk to his dad.  When Miles comes out, Jason punches him for what he did to Julia.  Miles tells him to turn his ass around and walk out of the camp but Jason refuses to leave.  Miles threatens to bash Jason's boy band face in if he goes anywhere near Neville. When Miles walks away, both Charlie and Jason question what a boy band is.

Rachel gathers a tray of food for Neville but is stopped before she can enter the holding area.  Charlie calls out to Rachel and asks what she is doing.  Rachel tells Charlie that she is going to kill Neville.  Charlie tells her mother that they need Neville alive and asks her to back up.  Rachel says that it's only a matter of time before Neville escapes and tells her to step out of the way. Charlie replies that when Miles is done with him that she will kill him herself.  Rachel says that this is for Danny but Charlie will not be swayed and reminds her that Danny died fighting this war and that they cannot afford to get emotional.  Rachel tells Charlie that she sounds like Miles and Charlie responds that maybe that's not such a bad thing right now.

Rachel is walking on the grounds when she sees Miles and asks, "in what world does it turn out that you're better or Charlie than I am?"  Rachel starts to cry and Miles wraps his arms around her as Jason looks on.

Neville is still tied to a chair when Jason goes into see him. Nevile asks him what he is doing there and then realizes that Jason is with the resistance.  Jason asks if he is more of a disappointment to him now.  Neville says that the resistance are terrorists and murderers and Jason asks him what that makes him. Jason asks Neville what he did wrong because he killed people for him and wants to know what more he wanted from him.  Neville tells him that it's a hard world and that if you're weak you're dead and that he didn't want Jason to be like him, so he was hard on Jason, maybe too hard. Neville tells Jason that he was always proud of him. Jason tells him that it's crap and that Neville just wants to be cut loose and that he knows him to well.  Jason starts to walk away and Neville says that it's fine if he doesn't care about him bu what about his mother.  Neville says that this was his last chance with Monroe and that Bass will kill Julia just for being his wife. Neville asks to be allowed to finish this job and get back home to Julia because they both have her in common.  Jason cuts Neville loose and asks where they are going and Neville tells him an old cement factory in Philadelphia.  It seems that Jason played him because when they open the door, Miles and the rest of the resistance are there.  They  put Neville back in the chair and Neville tells Jason that his mother's blood is on his hands.

Flynn goes into Monroe's office and says that there is still no word from Neville and that means he failed.  Flynn says that he will make the pick up personally and that it is hard to find good people these days.  Flynn adds that he is just there to serve before walking out.

Miles, Jason and Jim are  looking over the maps of the cement factory. Jason asks what happens if his father is right and Julia is in trouble.  Miles replies that they will get someone in to get her out and Jason asks how he is going to do that. Charlie takes Rachel aside and says that she is going with them but she wants to make sure that Rachel does not kill Neville.  Rachel promises to try and control herself and Charlie promises to be back soon.

Jason tells Charlie that a lot of guys joined the rebels because of how Danny shot down the chopper.  Padre goes into see Neville and Neville says that he would like to make a confession now.  Padre thinks he is being ridiculous but Neville replies that he would like to go to his lord with a clean conscience.  Neville asks to kneel and requests that his hands remain cuffed. The padre does not agree but Neville jumps out of the chair with a knife and says, "father forgive me" before stabbing Padre to death.  Apparently, he escaped his bindings by using a nail.

The rebels make it to the cement factory and it is surrounded by Monroe's people.  They see Flynn doing an exchange with a man.  Jason stands up to shoot Flynn with a bo and arrow but he is stopped.  In the firefight, Flynn escapes and Rosie is shot. When they finally get inside the factory they see schematics.

Julia is having tea with the other wives when Neville bursts into the house. He starts packing up their things and Julia tells him to talk to Monroe because their lives are there.  Neville says that Monroe is unstable and that they are going to come for them.

Rachel asks about the briefcase Randal was carrying after looking at the schematics.  It seems that the man was selling Flynn a bomb. Jim says that it's insane because they have sticks and stones and the Militia has nukes.

Nora visits the men that Neville killed and says that they should have killed him when they had the chance.  Charlie goes to see Rachel and she tells her that she has to leave.  Back in the compound, Rachel says that she is leaving to turn the power back on.  Miles does not approve but Rachel says that the bad guys have it, so the good guys need it to.  Rachel asks Miles to take care of Charlie but he replies that taking care of Charlie is her job.  Rachel tells him that he can't be who he was and that he needs to take better care of Charlie than he ever did of her.  Miles grabs Rachel and they kiss passionately.

Aaron is getting ready to go with Rachel and Miles says that they are going to get themselves killed. Aaron tells him to just find the nuke.  Charlie is dressed and wants to go with Rachel but Rachel says that she is not coming back before hugging her. Aaron hugs Charlie goodbye and catches up with Rachel.  Charlie calls out and asks if there is a little chance that she will see her again. Rachel answers that Charlie is not a child anymore and that she won't lie to her before walking off with Aaron. Charlie goes back inside with her gear.

Once again we had rebel death but of course it involved people of colour.  There is always a high death rate in dystopians when it comes to POC and Revolution seems quite happy to continue this trend.  It's bad enough that they are all following Miles around in the whole White man will save us routine but having them so easily killed off speaks to a lack of value.  It's worth noting that only Nora bothered to take the time to mourn for them.

This scene between Neville and Jason was really well acted and extremely intense.  It made me think back to when Jason was a child and Neville taught him how to box.  Neville didn't want Jason to have to put up with humiliation that he did before the lights went out.  Neville certainly became the definition of hyper masculinity and the process lost anything about him that is even remotely tender. He cannot be warm with Jason, even though Jason is his son because at the end of the day, Jason is still male.  The rift between these two was always a matter of time.

On one hand, Julia does not want to give up her privilege as Neville's wife but on the other she wants her son back.  Julia is perhaps the most complex female character on the show.  I don't think she is actually going to survive this season though as the actress is signed to play a role in a new NCICS spin-off series.  It's a shame because this is a character I would very much like to see further developed.  I think she can do so much more than stand behind her man, and she has already displayed a high level of toughness.

I don't know if we are going to see Rachel again and I am conflicted with that.  I certainly am happier with Rachel getting more screen time than Charlie but at the same time, having Rachel around puts Nora into a very subordinate position.  Since Rachel joined the rebels, much of Nora's spoken lines and screen time have been cut to emphasize her importance. Why is it that POC who are always reduced? Yeah, I know, racism.