Monday, July 22, 2013

True Blood Season 6, Episode 6: Don't You Feel Me

While possessed Lafayette tries to drown Sookie, her distress rings Bill’s Sookie alarm – he lets Warlow go so he can zoom to the rescue, slamming Lafayette against a tree before using faerie light as an exorcism. Post exorcism, Sookie gets to curse her father out.

Unfortunately, having saved Sookie, Billith then summons Warlow back; Sookie grabs his hands and they do a sunlight faerie teleportation thing (that’s new) to parallel faerie soft-focus world. Billith is not impressed and tries to find Jessica to ask her about the pull when he summoned her, but she’s missing. Billith realises his visions of vampires dying are happening and starts angsting

Solution! Induce a coma so he can talk to Lillith. Yes this is the level of logic Bill is working under now. I agree with Takehashi, Bill you are out of your ever loving mind. Bill glamours Takehashi into draining nearly all of his blood, leaving him for a day, then putting it back

In the land of saccharine twee, Warlow asks Sookie to engage in some bondage.  It seems with the sun sinking Warlow’s vampire nature comes out to play and he can’t always control himself, especially when he’s hungry. So they tie him to a stone which Warlow binds to the Earth with his light (I’m less worried about him moving the stone and more concerned about the fact you’re using VINES to try and pin a vampire, even with the knots sealed). Also Sookie sucks are tying knots and did Warlow deliberately choose a stress position?

They make small talk about Warlow being born in 3500 BC and how Sookie is special enough to be worth waiting for. Sookie asks why she thinks the contract was ok and he points out it was written in the 1700s, arranged marriages were hardly taboo at the time. It seems if Warlow turns Sookie it also helps him immensely with his hunger and pain – because they could both live just off each other’s blood. Just them together forever – which is totally not creepy coming from someone he just met.

At the vampire camp, Eric and Pam square off and Pam is not amused that Eric has made another vampire. They levitate into the air looking awesome – before blurring into motion, opening the gun ports at the side of the cell and killing the guards prepared to shoot them. The psychiatrist loves the show (I kind of like him in a deeply creeped out fashion) everyone else watches the show except Steve Newlin who is scared. Pam and Eric impale the guard with one of the stakes they’ve been given – driving the stake right through the bullet proof, one way glass separating them from the spectators. Eric looks through the hole and sees Steve who duly starts whimpering.

Truman and Eric engage in mutual taunting and Truman rolls out Nora information he got from that “vamp queen” Newlin. They inject her with a new plague they’ve created – hepatitis V, contagious, lethal and anti-vampire.

And Jason is volunteering to join the LAVTF – the anti-vampire police and he actually interviews really well because his long experience around vampires has given him a whole lot of experience and knowledge. He plays the part well and the enthused recruiter goes to get the boss, while Jason disgustedly mutters about them being “racist.”

He joins easily and begins regaling his fellow LAVTF members with tales of his exploits when he’s introduced to Sarah Newlin he pretends to be a stranger to her and she the same - after all, she’s hardly going to want to reveal she slept with Jason while with Truman. Which is exactly what he threatens her with which would work if he didn’t call her a “whore for Christ” which is wrong on many levels.

In solitary confinement Willa confronts her father and demands to be let into the general vampire population;. She wants no preferential treatment so he can salve his conscience. She blasts him with some quality contempt.

To motel pointless where Nicole brings some sense to Sam asking what he’s doing running to nowhere in particular, dragging along a little girl who lost her mother and her father. And Alcide’s dad, who happens to be staying in the motel, tells Alcide where they are – but also to leave them alone. Alcide ignores him even if he is speaking sense. Can something eat Alcide now, please? The room is empty when they arrive, but both of them pick up a scent from the mattress.

At a petrol station, Sam meets up with Martha, Emma’s grandmother and hands Emma over. He listened to Nicole – it’s best that Emma be with her family – but not with Alcide’s pack. Martha agrees, she’s left the pack anyway. And Emma runs to Martha’s arms (she was screaming to escape not a few episodes ago). Emma and Sam make their goodbyes.

Alcide catches up with Sam and growls and rages because, well he’s an arsehole. Sam asks what his problem is and it seems Alcide is trying to blame him for Nicole – but with Nicole no longer wanting to go near werewolves why is that still an issue? Seems Alcide is on one big power trip and warns Sam he won’t protect him from the pack if he’s found in the area. Fine, Sam’s a shifter – not a were, turn into a tiger or a polar bear or an elephant and start eating wolfies. Nom nom wolfies.

At the Bellefleur house, Andy and Holly sit with the remaining fairy girl – number 4 – who asks for a real name, Adalind. And so she can remember her sisters he names them as well; and takes her sisters’ names as middle names (or hyphenates) to remember them.

Back to Lafayette and another pointless Bellefleur – Terry – who wants to give Lafayette his safety deposit box key. Lafayette is suspicious and isn’t sure he wants Terry’s key, though he takes it. Why do I think someone else is pulling Lafayette into their issues? And terry uses the excuse of his friendship with Lafayette – have we even seen these 2 interact?

Lafayette calls Arlene and she talks to Holly about worrying about Terry committing suicide. Holly has a solution – make a vampire glamour Terry until he can’t remember the war that caused his PTSD! And Holly has a gay vampire to call to run to their rescue.

Wow, they’re shipping in GBFs for every damn thing. They call in Holly’s gay servant who they don’t even bother to make a character of to glamour Terry and erase vast chunks of his memory – including the marines, the war and a whole lot of this-is-going-to-bite-you-in-the-arse-later.

The next day, Terry is bouncing around all happy and gleeful – goes outside and is shot in the neck. Terry already arranged his suicide ahead of time, getting one of his army buddies to shoot him. Y’know I have to say maybe I’m a terrible friend but if an old friend came to me and asked me to murder him I probably wouldn’t say yes.

Arlene holds him while he dies in her arms.

Bill meets with Lillith and complains at how cryptic she is being, again. Bill also complains that he didn’t ask for this – and Lillith isn’t putting up with that lie, Bill fought Salome tooth and nail to be the one to drink her blood. He most certainly did ask for it. He blames Lillith for embracing a fae in the first place but she says he has to act if he wants to stop all the vampire burning

He wakes up from his coma to the news that Truman has entered a partnership with the True Blood Factories – ominous considering the new plague they’ve designed. He locks up Takehashi and drinks the remaining Warlow blood they have, allowing him to go out in the sun.

Sarah Newlin gets her revenge on Jason by letting him watch one of their studies – a copulation study. The scientist explains they’re studying vampire relations, psychology, libido, etc which Sarah sums up as “watching vampires do it.” And they’ve chosen a vampire man – and Jessica. The vampire, James, explains to Jessica what’s going on and he’s not thrilled by the whole thing either. He refuses to have sex and they zap him with UV light, he protests that he isn’t a rapist. They zap him again and Jessica intervenes saying they’ll do it. He still refuses and Sarah orders them to keep zapping him.

Billith goes to see Truman and his bodyguards are woefully incapable of dealing with a daywalking Billith. After killing his bodyguards he makes a vague attempt to question Truman before ripping off his head. Literally.

In the camp, Eric watches the disease spread through Willa. In general population, Willa plays connect 4 with Tara (vampires playing connect 4, that’s just wrong damn it!) when she feels odd – Tara explains that Eric is summoning Willa and that she has to go. Tara protests about the guard and his contacts – Tara tells her to rip them out and keep moving. It’s sleazy guard who threatened to sexually abuse her before.

One glamour later and the guard punches out the doctor examining Nora and Willa’s let into the room. Willa stoops to rip the doctor’s throat out but Eric stops her – he needs the white coat clean. Take it off then rip her arm off.

They sneak out, Willa as an inmate, Eric in the guard’s clothes and Nora as the doctor, though she’s fading. They use the doctor’s severed arm for fingerprints to get through the locks. As Eric plans his escape with Nora and Pam, Willa makes it clear that escape needs to include Tara and Jessica which Eric grudgingly accepts. While exploring Eric discovers the bottling factory where, yes, the True Blood is being contaminated with the Hepatitis V

Back in twee fairyland Sookie tells Warlow that from reading the town people’s mind, most people think she’s a “danger whore.” Warlow protests that they’re wrong, Sookie’s not entirely convinced – her boyfriends are dangerous and now she likes Warlow who is more dangerous than any before. Maybe she should accept it – she reinforces his vines with more light and goes to him, offering him her neck to feed on, after which she bites his neck and drinks his blood. She undresses him then herself and they have sex – causing a supernova of light

Aaargh the parallels and appropriation continues. Hey if they want to show the LAVTF as prejudiced and hating vampires irrationally, that works find – even call them bigoted. But not racist – racist draws direct parallels between real oppressed people who are persecuted unjustly and supernatural beings of immense power that eat people; on top of the 8 squillion other parallels that True Blood has already drawn it’s tiresome and needs to stop.

Since when did “light” become a swiss army light? Tie someone up – seal it with light. Want to hold down a  statue? Seal it with light! Light is glue now?

True Blood has always been a lot less gay friendly than it was billed, but it’s reaching new heights of offensiveness. Steve Newlin walks around as a joke to be mocked and derided – often homophobicly – by everyone. Lafayette is everyone’s servant. And now Holly pulls out a GBF

The women are no better: Tara is there to comfort and support Jessica and now Willa? What did she do, open up Tara’s school for lost sad straight white girls? While Pam follows Eric around like a lost puppy

Also – to fight the vampires these people have engineered a contagious, lethal plague? Really? And it’s a governor doing this? Is not the federal government concerned about their governors engaging in lethal chemical weapons programmes?

They killed Terry – I did not see that coming.

I have to say True Blood seems to be doing an excellent job this season of keeping everything compact - terry storyline resolved, Andy Bellefleur taking a back seat, even Sam may have had his storyline settled. Much more focus on thr action