Sunday, February 9, 2014

Helix, Season 1, Episode 6: Anigatiga

Day 6

It’s cold. Really really cold. And someone disturbs one of the bodies in the snow (Sergio?) while Alan stands over a line of bodies that are all bagged up (they can hardly bury them) to say goodbye to Doreen. Being sympathetic for 10m seconds, Alan quickly reverts to type and snarls at Daniel about finding Sergio

Who, bemusingly, wakes up – the man’s not dead? What is he, Rasputin? He struggles with the person dragging him – who sounds like a woman – until they smack him into unconsciousness.

Inside, Sarah wheels up with Van Egan’s body and a lie about where she was found. Of course Alan doesn’t just take her word for it and notes that the woman isn’t a Vector – a goo zombie – she’s just dead. Sarah tells him a morphine overdose that she gave her – and she’s nervous but completely unapologetic.

Daniel snarks a little so Alan naturally snarls to show who’s in charge – wanting to speak to Hiroshi after he goes down to look for Julia; Daniel draws his own line in the sand – no Hiroshi’s busy you’ll have to wait and no, you’re not going to the quarantine floor because it’s a quarantine – and yes he has a gun. Alan explodes, of course, but Daniel is insistent even as Alan insults and belittles.

Alone with Sarah, Alan tells her he’s going to get Julia anyway because she’s a total expert that he really needs now, honest. Sarah is much more sensible, questioning just how sick or stable Julia is; but he declares her their only hope and gives her pills for her “migraines” because he can’t have her on morphine.

He uses his knowledge of chemistry to burn a hole through the floor so her can Sarah can go down. He seems quite upset that the quarantine is locked (what would be the point if it wasn’t?) Alan starts to saw through the chain – and they’re swarmed by goo-zombies breaking the window and reaching for them; forcing Alan to saw off one of their arms to free Sarah.

Back to safety and Alan checks Sarah for cuts while berating himself for putting Sarah at risk (even while she tells him that’s her choice, which he ignores of course.) Alan’s plan – to get to Julia they need to treat the goo-zombies between her and them…. The alternative is the powers that be burying the base with them in it.

Speaking of Julia, she doesn’t look so good, being more and more obviously infected and is now hallucinating a little girl with a doll. Because this show hadn’t scored sufficient creepy points, apparently. And a completely healed and well Peter shows up as well – not being a fool Julia concludes this is probably a hallucination. Despite that she still tries to talk to the child – who is a goo-zombie

Wake up time! Not hallucinations but dreams apparently. In reality she’s stuck in a side room with an unconscious Hiroshi and a horde of goo-zombies outside the door. She staggers around, upset by how obviously infected she is, and checks Hiroshi’s wound – which is almost completely healed. Brushing over his Wolverine-like healing she gets angry at him for not telling her she was hallucinating Jaye, Hiroshi calmly points out that she was disorientated and speaking to her imaginary friend seemed to help her.

Which is when they hear a woman scream outside and ask for help – Julia rushes to open the door and Hiroshi stops her, telling her not everyone can be saved. She pushes him away and goes to help anyway, but then collapses and has a seizure

She wakes to find Hiroshi doctoring her – which would be more reassuring if he didn’t keep ratcheting up the creepy. He injects her with something he calls a sedative (whyyyy do I not believe him?) and assures her all will be fine. When she sleeps, he heads out through his secret passageways.

Sergio wakes up – yes he’s definitely not dead – chained to a bed. He is the guest of the suspicious Anana in her home. She’s a police officer, the only one in Tonra settlement and while she’s talking he reaches for a blade – so she smooches his fingers and throttles him a little. Introductions made, it’s time for her to ask questions about Arctic biosystems.  She wants to know about the research they do – about the children. Sergio claims ignorance.

Back in the lab, Alan makes the same discovery Doreen did – that the virus is delivering something to the cells – and then he notices Hiroshi is back so it’s time to be all aggressive and angry. He demands to know what is in the virus and physically grabs Hiroshi – and he tells them that the virus is supposed to deliver a cure for cancer. All cancers. But they hadn’t introduced it yet – whatever changed Peter wasn’t something Hiroshi put in the virus

When Alan storms off, Daniel finally decides to ask Hiroshi what’s going on (rather belated there). And he tells Hiroshi what happened while he was gone – but when he hears that Daniel killed Sergio Hiroshi loses his temper and hits Daniel – if Sergio doesn’t check in, “they” will come.

Julia, meanwhile, wakes up to complete hallucination – in a cabin, with the zombie girl and Peter suggesting it’s all Julia’s memory. She talks to the girl – also called Julia (no prizes for guessing this is young Julia) – the house is the cabin she went to in Montana, in the Summer to live with her mother.

Nostalgia illusions aside, on to Sarah and Alan doing SCIENCE while the Nutcracker plays in the background (the Chinese Dance which surprisingly works) and they do what Doreen did with the virus – only they don’t use an nice isolation box so it spreads and covers half a table before Alan thinks to use a fire extinguisher on it. Cold slows the virus down…

Time to ice Peter! They pack him with bags of ice while Sarah remembers a lab used by Dr. Victor Adrian involved in cryogenics. Off to see Victor who is Very Unhappy with the whole situation but makes a deal and shows him his cryo lab – complete with floating rats. They immerse Peter in the cryo fluid stuff to get more time to treat him. There’s a brief panic when Peter appears to drown in the liquid – but all ends up going well, of course.

Back in their little shack, Sergio tries to grab Anana which ends badly and painfully for him. She drags him into the side room and shows him pictures of kids – 31 kids have gone missing around Arctic Biosystems base.

When alone, Sergio manages to get free and, looking out the window, he spots Daniel. He grabs a knife and leaps on the man and Anana puts a gun to his head. The man looks exactly like Daniel – but is apparently Anana’s brother, Toluk. Sergio is back in chains again (and shirtless) and Anana explains that Toluk’s twin broker, Miksa, disappeared when they were 4.

Back to hallucination land – Julia and more Nutcracker (Sugarplumb fairy this time) where she sits down to dinner with hallucination representations of the rest of the cast all playing different roles – and being really really bad at it. They blame Julia for getting them into whatever it is they’re into while she stammers really badly. All the answers about why they’re there are apparently locked in her head and her halluinary friends heckle her to remember while passing the sweet potatoes

She carves the turkey and it oozes black.. well, ooze.

In the real world Daniel apologises to Hiroshi who then blames himself – but it’s total backhand “I didn’t prepare you well enough” which is a nifty guilt trip. But they make their peace – but Hiroshi wants to see Sergio’s body; out to the ice to find it, of course, missing. And then helicopters fly in – they’re here. Apparently. Whoever they are

And it’s Alan’s turn to break down and Sarah comfort him. Which leads to a kiss – returned this time. And sexy times. The arriving helicopters are kind enough to let them finish before arriving. Sarah thinks it’s great that the cavalry’s here but Alan wants to know why they’re there – he never had a chance to ask for help.

The helicopters have “Ilaria Corporation” written on them – and Hiroshi doesn’t look happy.

Julia wakes up from her weird dream – and has no signs of infection at all. Her eyes have turned silver though and she clutches her head, screaming

Ok, where is this place that is in the Arctic Circle, apparently has a human settlement – an apparently American human settlement (First Nations with American accents and badges) – nearby but is still outside of any government’s jurisdiction? And didn’t they say it was in Greenland earlier? Given the name of the episode it seems we’re in Alaska now (so how they arrived via Greenland I don’t know) but, still, I’m pretty sure Alaska is in the jurisdiction of the CDC.

And with that I just kick back and go with it. We have a hallucinating Julia going down memory lane, Sarah has a secret tumor and she and Alan are getting it on (possibly in a desperate attempt to make these two characters even slightly interesting), Hiroshi has super healing, Daniel is a kidnapped long lost twin, there’s a local settlement with missing children apparently under the jurisdiction of no government anywhere in the world, the goo explodes into tendrils of death and there are spooky black helicopters.

I have no idea what’s going on and I’ve kind of giving up finding out – it’s a huge game of madlibs to me now.