Monday, February 10, 2014

Bitten, Season One, Episode Five

Elena listens in as Clay, Jeremy and Nick discuss the problem with the mutts. Elena surmises that at the rate the mutts have been dumping bodies at Stonehaven that they cannot be far.  She adds that Marsten arrived quickly when Nick called.  Elena suggests that they search between Stonehaven and Syracuse but Jeremy refuses because the plan is not strategic. Jeremy then says that he is willing to listen to what Santos has to say, though he cannot be trusted.  Elena stands and demands to be the bait but Jeremy asserts that they will find the mutts together.  Elena walks out in a huff.

We get a flashback to four years ago with Clay, Peter and Nick walking through the hallways of a school. They stop outside of Clay's office and find Elena waiting to see Clay about a job.  Peter and Nick excuse themselves and Clay introduces himself and asks Elena to come back tomorrow.  Clay watches her walk away and Peter jokes that Elena put a blush on Clay's face.  Clay asserts that nothing is going to happen.

In present day, the sheriff's department find Michael Braxton's abandoned truck at the edge of Stonehaven. William's suggest that there is some Manson family level stuff going on but Morgan is not sure.

Clay approaches Elena to tell her that she might be onto something with Marsten but Elena dismisses the suggestion, reminding Clay that they have been given their orders. Clay suggests that they use Nick to cover for them so that they can track down this lead.  Elena is shocked that Clay is willing to go against Jeremy. The conversation stops when Clay hears sirens.

Out front, Clay tells Morgan that he hasn't seen Braxton since his dog attempted to attack Elena.  William's points out that Braxton's truck was found by the property line and Morgan adds that there was a trail of blood which leads from the truck to the land.  Clay points out that if he did anything to Braxton, he wouldn't leave the truck at the edge of the property.  Morgan is worried that when words gets out about this that the townspeople are going to start pointing fingers at the Danvers Clan. Clay asserts that he didn't do anything and Jeremy offers the sheriff the right to search his property. The sheriff leaves to round up people for the search.

Jeremy and Clay head inside saying that the wolves will be helping with the search.  Elena immediately declares that this is Marsten's doing. Clay says that Braxton's body could be out there and Jeremy adds that if Braxton is here, this is the best chance to mitigate the situation.  Jeremy does not want the police to get a search warrant for the house.

The locals arrive and the townspeople are not happy that the Danvers people are going to help with the search.  Due to the reaction, Jeremy quickly excuses himself and Clay from the search. 

In another flashback, Elena is walking back and forth in front of Clay's office, practicing what she is going to say and Clay overhears each word.  Clay opens the door and lets Elena in the office.  It seems that in one night, Elena read Clay's book and she tells him that she really wants this job.  Clay tells Elena that he is not sure this is going to work out and points out that she might not know a lot about his specialty. Elena asserts that she is self sufficient, so Clay tests her by asking her to spell a word.  Elena tells him to stop looking for reasons not to hire her and heads for the door.   Clays stops Elena and spells the word for her.

Back at Stonehaven, Nick, Travis and Elena pair up, with Travis making it clear that he is there to keep an eye on Elena in case she decides to tamper with anything she finds.

Victor is meeting with the warden about his pending release from prison.  It seems that the warden has reservations about Victor's release and points out that the parole board turned him down three times for good reason.  Victor says that he needed to stay in there to keep his nose clean. Victor claims that he found love online with Amber and that he is a clean man.  From the conversation, Victor seems to prey on young women.

In the house, Clay is pacing about not being on the search party.  Jeremy points out that it would be good for Clay to be there when Daniel arrived.  Clay again argues that Daniel cannot be trusted. Jeremy brings up when he first found Clay as a feral little boy and how he waited for Clay to trust him. 

Elena is walking through the woods when she gets a call from Diane demanding to know when she is coming home. Elena of course says that it's complicated, so Diane points out that Beckie's other bridesmaid is in a tailspin and they need help with the wedding. It seems that Beckie wants Elena to replace her sick bridesmaid, which means that Elena needs to return ASAP.  Philip grabs the phone and apologises for the ambush and Elena tells Philip that she would be honoured to play a role in the wedding.  They end the call and Diane asks when Elena is coming back.  Philip tells Diane that he doesn't know and that the funeral was two days ago. Diane is suspicious that Elena didn't want Philip at the funeral.   Nick and Elena talk about the conversation she had, as it seems he used his wolf hearing to listen in.

In another flashback, Elena is helping Clay pack up his office and Clay keeps giving her an intense look.  Elena assures Clay that some university will be lucky to have him and that she will survive.  Clay says that he cannot pack because he is not ready to go and has never felt this way before.  Elena admits that she feels the same way and takes Clay's hand.  The two share a sweet kiss, which quickly gets more passionate.  Clay and Elena end up making love on the sofa in his office.

In present day, Elena tells Nick that she smells Braxton's body up ahead and that they need to plan a diversion.  Elena pretends to trip and starts to hop on one foot.  Nick then pick a fight with Travis, as Elena takes off towards the body.   Nick allows Travis to get the upper hand, as the sheriff and deputy break up the fight and demand the state troopers be called in.  Elena rushes forward and finds Braxton's body lightly covered by leaves.  Elena looks around and then begins stripping.

In another flashback, Clay has brought Elena to Stonehaven for the first time.  He tells her not to be nervous and Elena says that meeting his family is a big deal.  Clay again assures Elena that things are going to be fine and they walk towards the house.  Clay admits that he didn't tell Jeremy that he was coming, or that they are engaged.  Elena sends Clay in the house by himself to inform Jeremy.  Outside, Elena starts to get the creeps and she hears an animal in the woods.    Clay returns and says that Jeremy is not there but Jeremy was actually the animal in the woods watching Elena.   Inside the house, they discuss architecture and then Jeremy enters and introduces himself.  Jeremy tells Elena to get comfortable while he and Clay make tea.  Elena immediately senses that Jeremy is not at all happy that she is there.

In the kitchen, Jeremy is not pleased that Clay arrived with a friend.  Clay admits that he is engaged to Elena and that he loves her.  Jeremy tells Clay that wolves don't get to have love. Jeremy asserts that Stonehaven is their sanctuary and that Clay shouldn't have brought Elena there.  Clay suggests that he and Elena move to the city and stay away  but Jeremy tells Clay that it's not that easy before heading back into the study to see Elena.  Jeremy assures Elena that everything is going to be just fine.  Suddenly, Clay enters the study in the form of  wolf and Jeremy tries to warn Clay away.  Elena holds out her hand and Clay bites Elena, as Jeremy pulls him off.  Elena tells Jeremy not to be mad because the bite was just an accident.  Suddenly Elena gets dizzy and collapses in Jeremy's arms.

In present day, Elena in wolf form drags the body away.

Philip is doing video conferencing with James William and they are looking at footage of a wolf in the woods. James suggests that they should work this into the campaign and Philip promises to work on it. How exactly a wolf killing relates to vodka is absolutely beyond me.

Outside Stonehaven, Jeremy apologizes for Nick's behaviour and  Morgan says that she is going to call the state.  Inside the house, Nick tells Clay that Elena is moving the body.  Outside, Daniel arrives as the police pull out.  Jeremy escorts Daniel inside and Daniel says that his brother deserved his death because he came at the alpha.  Daniel claims that he attacked Elena thinking she was the hooker he ordered. 

Victor is sitting on a park bench surrounded by children.

Philip is meeting with James in a coffee house and they talk about his branding ideas.  Philip's tagline is the thrill of the hunt, with a wolf howling at the moon.

Santos explains that when his family split, he was just a child and so he followed along.  Santos says that he wants to wait for Elena to talk about Marsten.

In another flashback, Jeremy and Clay talk about Elena's chance of survival. Jeremy tells Clay that no woman has ever survived the change and the best they can hope is to be able to say with her until the change kills her. Elena floats in and out of consciousness and when she awakes, she finds herself in a cage.  Jeremy slides a drink through the bars and Elena asks if she has been drugged. Elena asks for Clay and Jeremy tells her that he sent Clay away because he bit her.  Elena says that a dog bit her and asks what is happening.  Jeremy tells Elena that they are all wolves and that he was born that way.  Jeremy tells Elena that she is going through the first change and that she is about to experience a wave of terrible pain.  Elena asks for help and Jeremy tells her not to fight the pain because it will kill her.  Elena doubles over screaming, as her body begins to shift. Elena fully transforms into a wolf as Jeremy watches with a smile on his face.  Elena then awakes later as a human and finds Clay looking at her.  Clay apologises and says that he doesn't know how to explain.  Elena is upset and says that she loved and trusted Clay.  Clay opens the cell when Elena asks him to hold her and she falls into his arms naked.  Elena than knocks Clay unconscious and takes off running.

In present day, a now dressed Elena makes her way into the study.  Santos stands saying he wants protection because it's not safe for a lone wolf.  Santos says that Marsten and Cain are building an army and have turned two psychopathic serial killers already.  Santos adds that everything Marsten and Cain are doing is because of Clay and his vindictive brutality.  Clay argues that he didn't do anything to Marsten or Cain.  Jeremy asks why Peter was killed, if Marsten and Cain are after Clay.  Santos replies that it was to put them off their game and send Clay out in a blind rage.  Nick calls Santos a slimeball and Santos asserts that what he said comes from good intentions.  Jeremy orders Santos to be shown out and Santos tells Elena that a queen can make any move she wants.  Clay sits in front of Elena and he says that he should have been out there with there.  Elena replies that she had to drag a dead body to protect him and the pack and that she couldn't grab the body because her prints would have been all over the body.  Elena says that she had to change because of Clay and this is something she hates to do. Clay says that he wishes he could take it back but that he did it because he loves her.  Elena announces that she is going home and leaves the room.

In another flashback Elena is lying naked on the ground and Clay approaches.  Elena begs for death but Clay tells her that she is going to survive because that is what she has always done. 

Victor is still sitting in the park when he is approached by Cain.  Victor say that he is waiting on a girl named Amber and that he should have known better.  They talk about the false promises of women. Victor stands in alarm and Cain tells him to have a seat.  Victor makes it clear that he is done with kids and Cain tells Victor that he spent a lot of time in prison because of those girls and suggests that someone should make Elena hurt. 

Elena has her bags packed and she tells Jeremy that the body is off the property and that it should buy them enough time to find Marsten.  Jeremy says that what she did saved Clay and all of them.  Elena says that she has to go to a wedding of the sister of the man that she loves and trust.  Elena tells Jeremy that he is the closest thing she has had to a father and asks him not to call her anymore because she cannot say no when he calls.  Elena walks slowly towards the door as Clay, Jeremy and Nick look on.

Several things happened in this episode.  Elena was absolutely enshrined as the protagonist with the troubled past.  Not only does she have dead parents, she has been sexually abused and the man that she loved betrayed that trust.  In terms of troubled protagonists, it doesn't get more trope laden that Elena.  Much of this of course is part of Elena's storyline in the book.  The writers of this show could have changed this and made Elena a far more interesting character.

In the scene with Clay and Jeremy it's clear that it was to justify Clay remaining a viable love interest for Elena.  It was to push the idea that Jeremy pushed Clay's back against the wall.  Poor Clay supposedly had no choice but to turn Elena because he couldn't live without her. Yeah right.  He is still a creepy stalker and what he did to her still amounts to an assault no matter which way you spin it.  It's typical of urban fantasy to justify violence on behalf of love interests.

This episode was more interesting than the last few and that is probably because of all of the flashbacks.  The problem for me when it comes to Bitten, is that it has been far too faithful to the book, leaving those who have read Armstrong nothing to be surprised about. This may please some purists happy but I find it boring to watch something when I know exactly what is coming.