Monday, March 24, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season Four: Episode Fifteen: Us

Eugene is walking and shooting his mouth off about what killed off the dinosaurs.  He moves on to video games and it's clear that Tara just wants him to shut up.  Later, Abraham sits next to Tara who tells him to go to sleep.  Abraham says that he is not leaving Eugene's defense in her hands. Abraham says that he hasn't seen Tara sleep yet and wonders if it is because she was in love Glenn and talks about the irony of the situation. Abraham then mentions that he saw the way she was looking down Rosita's shirt and adds that she is this in common with Eugene.  Tara then brings up Abraham being in the army and that she gets his whole gung ho mission is his life thing and asks what he will do when the mission is over.

The next day, Eugene is still shooting his mouth off and they are talking about finding a battery and sharing supplies. They pause when Glenn sees a message from Maggie, telling him to get to Terminus.  Glenn takes off running desperately down the tracks.

Harley and his crew are sleeping on the ground when they are awoken by a walker.  When they awaken they kill the walker and notice that Darryl is missing.

Rick is still walking and turns to find Michonne and Carl balancing on the tracks.  Rick says that they should speed up and Michonne falls off the track and gives Carl a chocolate bar in payment.  Carl then opens the bar and offers Michonne half saying that they always share.

Darryl is hunting and shoots an arrow but Len shoots his arrow right after. Darryl is informed that the rabbit has been claimed and that the rules of the hunt don't mean anything.  Darryl declares the rabbit his.  Len taunts Darryl about being caught up for losing a piece of tail.  Darryl grabs his knife but Harley stops him before he can strike.  Harley declares that the critter belongs to Len.  Harley claims that going  alone is not an option and so he has laid out rules and that means all someone has to do is to claim something and that is how you mark your territory.  When Darryl says that he isn't claiming something, Len advocates that Darryl has to be punished.  Harley cuts the rabbit in half and gives half to Len and the other Darryl, reminding Darryl that claimed is all he has to say.

Glen continues to rush ahead when Abraham says that they are stopping for a rest. Glenn argues but Abraham points out that none of them have slept more than a couple hours and points out that he and Rosita have a mission to keep Eugene alive and saving the whole damn world.  A zombie appears and Tara gets hurt getting out of the way.  Tara says that she is good to keep going and Rosita calls Glenn an ass because Tara would do anything for Glenn.  Glenn agrees to give Eugene his riot gear if they walk until sundown.

Harley asks Darryl what his plan is and Darryl says that he is just looking for the right place.  Harley wonders if they are good enough for him and adds that everyone needs a group out there.  Harley says that people don't have to be friendly or be brothers in arms, just follow the rules.  Darryl learns that if you break a rule, you catch a beating.  Harley says that when men like them follow the rules then the world becomes theirs. Darryl says that he isn't a part of them and Harley questions if he is leaving right now.  When Darryl doesn't answer, Harley says then there's an us.  Harley then brings up cats and says that there is nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks it's an indoor cat.

Glenn's group continues to walk and he pauses when he sees another note from Maggie.  They come to a tunnel and discuss whether to go around or through it.  Glenn says that if Maggie went through, he is going through.  Abraham says that he is not because he can hear the walkers inside and so suggests that this is where they have to part ways.  Tara tells Glenn that he is not on his own.  Abraham offers Glenn two cans of food and a flashlight.  Glenn apologises for hitting Abraham and walks away.  Rosita hugs Glenn wishing him good luck then hugs Tara.  Eugene says that they are both good people and adds that Tara is hot.  Tara says that she likes girls and of course, Eugene claims that he knew that. Abraham advises that Glenn and Tara turn around if they get into trouble before walking away.  Glenn and Tara head into the tunnel with only a flashlight to guide them.  Tara starts to talk about Brian taking over the prison and the people who she lost. Tara says the worst of it was watching what The Governor did to Hershel because that is when she knew that she was just hanging onto might.

Darryl, Harley and the crew clear out an old car garage.  The men around and quickly yell claimed before Darryl can get to a vehicle to sleep in, forcing Darryl to get a spot on the floor.

Glenn and Tara continue to make their way through the tunnel and find zombies trapped in a cave in.  Zombies are literally trapped in the rocks.  Glenn starts killing walkers as he climbs the rock with Tara following.  When Glenn gets to the top, he sees that the other side is filled with walkers, who begin to move towards him. Tara asks Glenn what he is doing and Glenn answers that Maggie is not one of the walkers and with no bodies on the ground, that means Maggie made it through.  Glenn wants to push through but Tara argues that they have to find another way.

Abraham checks cars on the road and kills a walker to check out a mini van. On the windshield is a message saying, "let mommy be" but Abraham erases it.  Eugene grabs the map saying that he is the navigator and gets downright arrogant about it.  I want Rosita to just pop him in the mouth at this point.  Rosita announces that they have to go north.  Tara creates a shadow on the wall distracting the walkers and then she and Glenn slip down.  Tara slips on the way down and gets her foot caught.

Abraham is sleeping and Rosita is driving.  Rosita accuses Eugene of being lost because he has had her make three left turns in a row.  Eugene adjusts his body armor and demands Rosita stop the truck.  They are back on the tracks and Eugene says that if he planned it right, they should be meeting up with Glenn and Tara soon.  Rosita argues that their priority is to get Eugene to Washington. Eugene points out that he still has to live with himself.  Abraham wakes up and he starts to yell at Rosita for stopping.

Len starts to yells at Darryl because he is missing half of the rabbit.  Len demands that Darryl empty his pack and Darryl tells him to step back.  Harley grabs the bag and starts to dump stuff and the half a head pops out. Darryl accuses Len of putting it in there and Len demands that Darryl be taught a lesson.  Harley says that planting the rabbit on Darryl would be disappointing and then punches Len ordering that Len be taught a lesson.  Harley admits that he saw Len do it and that Darryl understands the rules and Len doesn't. The men continue to beat on Len, as Harley throws Glenn the other half of the rabbit.

Glenn is still struggling with Tara and she tells him to leave her and save Maggie.  Glenn starts to fire at the zombies.  When he runs out of bullets, headlight suddenly appear and shooting starts.  Glenn yells for Tara to get down.  Maggie walks up and hugs Glenn crying.  They kiss and Maggie smiles.

Later, with everything calm, Glenn introduces Maggie to Tara saying that he met her on the road and couldn't have made it there without her.  Tara walks away with a smile.  Glenn heads over to the group and Sasha is in shock over Eugene.  Abraham says that he is happy that Glenn found Maggie because this means that there is no reason they shouldn't head up to Washington. Eugene suggests that they head to Terminus because they might have a better vehicle. Sasha and Bob agree to go with Eugene, Abraham and Rosita after they see what is at Terminus. Abraham stands saying that if Eugene says he is wrong he listens.

Maggie and Glenn sit together and she talks about how she got out of the prison.  Glenn covers Maggie with a blanket and her picture falls out.  Maggie goes to set it on fire saying that Glenn doesn't need a picture of her and never will again.  Glenn puts the picture to the flame and they watch it burn.

The next morning, Darryl wakes as the groups is preparing to leave.  He notes the blood stains on the ground and when he heads outside, he sees Len's dead body.  Darryl grabs a tarp but ultimately leaves Len's body uncovered. Harley and Glenn walk together drinking together.  Harley says that for guys like them things are finally coming together.  They walk past a sign for Terminus and Harley says that the sign is not for a sanctuary. Darryl spots a tomato and yells out claimed, as he steps over the wrapper from the chocolate bar Michonne and Carl shared.

Glen and the group arrive at Terminus and have their guns pointed and ready.  It looks like an empty shipping yard.  There is a sign on the door saying lower your weapons, you have arrived at Terimnus.  When they enter, they see a garden and find a woman manning the grill. Mary greets them with a smile and welcome them with open arms.

I don't know about you but I am ready for Eugene to get eaten by a walker.  I am over how much the actor looks like the actor looks like the character from the comics and the nasty mullet.  I feel like I am getting a Eugene overload.  I know that we are meant to see Rosita and Eugene as bickering siblings but I am firmly team Rosita at this point.

Also, I am truly irritated about the conversation regarding Rosita's breasts.  It disembodied her and turned her into a pair of walking tits. This is particularly bad because other than being part of team get the irritating Eugene to Washington, we know nothing about her.

Tara I supposed has finished her redemption train now that Maggie and Glenn are back together.  I actually like this for Tara because there they gave her something worth while to do to atone for attacking the prisons.  I like that Glenn told Maggie about how much Tara helped him without bringing up her part in attacking the prison.  Tara now has a clean slate.

It seems like Darryl is being drawn into the Harley's group.  Harley recognizes the Darryl who existed before the apocalypse and joined up with Rick et al.  He is showing Darryl that he can be that person, exist and even thrive because this gives them the level playing field they didn't have in the pre apocalypse world. Darryl resists this characterization but by the end of the episode, he does in fact claim something.  Clearly this is all going to come to a head during the last episode of the season.  We all know that Darryl is going to run off into the sunset with Harley.