Monday, March 24, 2014

Bitten, Season One, Episode Eleven: Settling

Elena lies in bed alone crying.  Clay is telling Jeremy that Elena is on edge and that it won't be easy to convince her. Clay hangs up when Elena enters accusing him of getting what he wanted because she cannot reach Philip.  Clay of course says that he would never want to see her hurting. Elena asks Clay what he wants and Clay says that he doesn't know and only cares that they are under attack.  Clay tells Elena that Joey has been found and that they need to return to Stonehaven as a pack.  Clay tells Elena that she cannot leave and that if Philip isn't back by the time they're ready, then they have to go.  Elena informs Clay that she doesn't need his advice on how to break someone's heart.

Logan has returned home looking for Rachel.  Not finding her, he calls Rachel and asks where she is. Rachel tells Logan that she is at the gallery and relates what happened the night before at the show. Marsten walks in and compliments the collection of photos.  Logan starts to yell for her attention, as Rachel hands over information on how to contact Elena.   Marsten leaves and Rachel explains that it was a potential buyer. Logan begs Rachel to come home and hides his concern by saying that he has a surprise for her.

Nick reports to Jeremy at Stonehaven that Joey is being sent to Vancouver to get his head right. Jeremy tells Nick that they are going to Toronto to protect Elena and bring her back because they don't want her traveling or out in the open by herself. They are interrupted by a knock at the door and it's the Sheriff to inform him that t agents will be doing search his property because they have a lead on Michael Braxton's murder.  It seems that its been linked to a lot of other homicides.  Since when do police share this kind of information with the public.  How is it that the sheriff isn't at all concerned that Jeremy is mixed up in this, especially because the body was dumped on his property?

In the house, Jeremy delivers coffee to the sheriff and asks about the lead the police have discovered. Morgan reveals that fingerprints found on the body led to a hit in the national data base.  They have a seat and Jeremy asks about a suspect. Morgan shows Jeremy a picture of Thomas LeBlanc and adds that he was linked to rapes and murders in the midwest.  Morgan wonders why the body was left at Stonehaven and says that serial killers normally don't change patterns. See, she thinks it's suspicious but still giving Jeremy answers to all of the questions he asks. Jeremy questions why his property needs to be searched and Morgan reveals that the body was dragged from the original site and LeBlanc may not be long gone. Morgan says that she will be back later with a consent to search form and adds that everything which has happened is terrible for their town. Wait, so because he is from the town, he cannot be complicit?

A frantic Elena says that she is not going to sit there waiting for Jeremy. Clay reminds Elena that Jeremy said that it would only be a short delay.  Elena is adamant that she needs to find Philip  and asks what happens if Santos or Olsen decide to go after him.  Clay argues that it would mean exposure and Philip is not important enough to do that.  Elena says that she is being asked to gamble with Philip's life and Clay argues back that they shouldn't give the mutts what they want.

Rachel returns home and Logan reveals that he has brought a vacation package to Jamaica leaving tonight. Rachel says that she cannot leave tonight and reminds Logan of his patients. It's only when Logan reveals that he has cancelled all of his appointments that Rachel realizes that he is serious.  Rachel says that the gesture is sweet and asks him to book it for next month when she can get the time off.

Philip shows up at Diane's and reveals that he slept in a hotel last night because he isn't sure what is real about Elena. Diane tells him to relax and that he had good reason to go after the guy who went after his girlfriend.  Philip reveals that he got into a fight with Elena over Clay and that Clay isn't her cousin.

Back at Philip's, Elena is flipping out after learning that the mutts have pictures of her Diane, Philip and her life in Toronto.  Clay asks how long Philip has been working for Williams and Elena says that she was back in the valley when it started. Clay suggests that all of this has been in the works for at least a year.  Elena asks what the mutts want and Clay replies that they want the pack destroyed and they want her.

The mutts are gathered in a car and Olsen is complaining about how hungry he is. Santos declares that they are almost ready.  LeBlanc and Olsen snark back and forth and Santos reminds everyone to stay focused before dismissing them. LeBlanc and Olsen get out of the car and Santos tells Marsten to stay with LeBlanc until his task is done.

Elena questions if the mutts do indeed want her because LeBlanc tried to kill her. Clay suggests that they may have lost control of LeBlanc and that Santos is the one they should be worried about.  Clay wonders why Santos wants Philip to see her as a wolf.  Elena replies that if Philip ever found out about them then they would have to kill him.  Clay argues that Santos is trying to ruin her life to ensure that she has no where to turn but to the mutts. Clay adds that if he wants to keep Philip and his family safe, she has to leave there right now.  They are interrupted when Philip enters saying that he wants to talk to Elena.

Santos is walking down the street when a car pulls up alongside. The man says that he can find Santos wherever he is and asks if everything is in place.  When Santos confirms this, the man replies that he doesn't want any hesitation when the time comes and that the pack has managed to sidestep them too many times. The man turns out to Williams, who adds that he wants the pack dead.

Elena enters the bedroom where a brooding Philip waits. Philip asks why she lied to him and Elena says that she didn't know how to explain everything to him without hurting him and that he is the kindest man she has ever met. Elena adds that she didn't want to bring the turmoil of her life into his.  Elena says that she wants the calmness of what life with him represents.  Philip ass about the people who are looking to hurt her and says that she should call the police.  Elena begs Philip to believe her. Philip replies that he needs a minute alone and so Elena leaves.

Logan approaches Rachel and says that their lives are in danger and that they need to get out of Toronto tonight.  Rachel asks who is after Logan, assuming that it's one of his patients. Logan grabs Rachel and says that it's the guy at the gallery, the one Philip beat up.  Rachel pushes Logan away saying that she is scared.

Nick and Jeremy watch as the FBI search.  Nick says that they need to get to Toronto and the boyfriend in Elena's life is becoming a problem.  Jeremy replies that as long as Philip doesn't know the truth, they don't need to worry about him. Nick adds that Logan and Elena have become too attached to humans and questions if Jeremy relaxed the rules a little bit too much.  Jeremy asks if Nick is questioning his judgement and Nick is quick to deny doing that.  Jeremy asserts that as alpha, he does what is right for the pack and asks what Antonio whispered before he died. Nick replies, "my mother's name."

Back in the apartment, unable to get a hold of Logan, Clay says that they cannot wait and must call Jeremy. Clay tells Elena to get ready to say her goodbyes. Elena approaches the bedroom but turns away from the door and instead enters the bathroom.  She takes off her necklace and places it on the counter.  Elena then heads to see Philip, who says that he was writing down his thoughts.  Elena tells that Philip doesn't have to say anything and Philip replies that he thought about what she means to him.  Philip adds that he only knows the small things about her and that there is so much he doesn't know.  Elena apologizes and Philip replies that he can leave all of this behind and wants to spend the rest of his life getting to know her.  Elena points out that he will never see his family again and Philip says that he doesn't care and asks Elena to marry him on bended knee. Awww how romantic. He's just willing to marry a woman he doesn't know, who lies to him and is in so much trouble, she cannot go to the police. Elena says that she cannot give him an answer now and rushes out of the room to find Clay on the balcony. Elena grabs her bag and leaves.

Morgan knocks on the door and tells Jeremy that they got word that LeBlanc has crossed the border into Canada at Niagara Falls and the FBI is coordinating with the RCMP to track him.  Really? Is there anymore information about an ongoing police investigation she just wants to give away? Morgan says that the agents have finished and that Jeremy has been very helpful. Jeremy says that he needs privacy for his work and is not good with people but thanks Morgan for being fair.  Jeremy shows Morgan out and Jeremy tells Nick that LeBlanc must be in Toronto.

Rachel shows up at Logan's, who thanks her for being there because he has to get Rachel out of Toronto right now.  Elena says that Nick and Jeremy are on their way and Clay is at Philip's.  Logan says that he and Rachel have to disappear and that he has to get away from the pack and Jeremy.  Elena points out that he is the one who convinced her to go back to Stonehaven and that he gave her a speech about family obligations. Logan says that this is tearing him apart but he is not going to take Rachel's child away.  He adds that Rachel and the baby are his family.  Elena tells Logan to do what she cannot and advises him to get his things together because he doesn't have much time.

Elena heads to see Rachel who is panicked.  Elena tells Rachel that there are bad people who want to hurt them and that their cousin was murdered, not injured in a car accident. Elena tells Rachel that they have to go into hiding someplace where she won't be found.  Rachel continues to panic and Elena tells Rachel to trust Logan.

Elena is back downstairs and Logan says that they are going to Jamaica.  Elena promises to explain this to Jeremy when this is all over.  Logan is sure that Jeremy won't let him back in and that he will be a mutt just like his father.  Elena argues that Jeremy will understand and that he always has. Logan argues that things are different for Elena and that ever since she came to Stonehaven, Jeremy changed. Of course they have, Elena is the super special only female werewolf evah. Elena responds that Logan is just as important to Jeremy as she is.  Logan questions if Jeremy will turn Rachel away and Elena says that this is maybe a reason to change and evolve because it's time to come up with new rules.  Elena says that if they don't change, the pack will die off. Logan suggests that Elena should be alpha.  Logan stands and tells Elena that he is going to miss her and Elena promises that they are going to keep in touch because they are in this together.

Philip is panicking in the apartment and Clay says they cannot involve the police. Philip accuses Clay of getting Elena involved with criminals.  Clay says that Elena is in danger because of him and that she fell in love with the wrong guy. Philip says that he cannot believe Elena stayed with him and asks Clay if he still loves her. Clay replies that it doesn't matter and that he wants Elena to be happy.  They are interrupted when Clay gets a call from Jeremy.  Clay tells Philip that his family is coming and Philip realizes that they plan on taking Elena away. Philip asserts that he is coming with them and that he can handle it.  Clay says that this is not going to happen and that everyone thinks that they can handle it until they can't.

Logan packs up her things and Rachel asks what to tell her sister.  Logan suggests sending her an email from Jamaica. Logan hears the sound of barking and checks the window.  Logan and Rachel head upstairs and he tells her to hide in the shower and not to move until he returns for her.  Umm cause the glass shower stall totally won't give away her position or anything. Logan grabs a perfume bottle and sprinkles it down the stairs to hide Rachel's scent.

Elena returns to the apartment and is told that she just missed her friends by the concierge  Wow, I guess as Philip has some serious money if he is living in a building with a concierge. Elena rushes over and pushes the button for the elevator. Upstairs, Philip grabs his things to leave, saying that he is not going to be a prisoner in his own apartment.  Clay replies that he doesn't care what happens to Philip but Elena does. Philip gets a call from Elena, who tells him to get out of the apartment.  Santos and Olsen break in and claim that they are only there to talk to Elena.  Santos tells Clay that he is  the only one who has to keep up appearances when Clay wars them about revealing themselves to a human. Philip asks who Santos and Olsen are and Santos challenges Clay to reveal the truth, adding that it would be so easy to make Philip a part of this. Yes, turn Philip so that he can actually be relevant though I fear that might drag out the ridiculous love triangle.  Elena is just standing outside of the door..  She heads to the stairwell and starts to change.

Marsten and LeBlanc break into Logan's home.  LeBlanc holds a knife in his hand, as he and Marsten search the house for Logan.

Clay tells Philip to stay out of this and to get to the door as fast as he can.  Philip declares that he is not going anywhere.  Oooh smell the testosterone. Olsen says that this is music to his ears.  A fight breaks out and Philip gets stabbed a few times, as Santos and Olsen team up against Clay.

Logan attacks Marsten from behind and renders him unconscious.  LeBlanc makes his way upstairs and Rachel continues to hide in the bathroom.  LeBlanc bursts into the bathroom but he is grabbed by Logan.

Clay continues to fight Santos and Olsen, as Philip writhes on the ground.

Logan strangles LeBlanc but Rachel interrupts before he can kill him.

Philip starts to crawl away, leaving a trail of blood and Olsen picks up a knife to follow him.

Logan throws LeBlanc outside and stumbles inside.  When Rachel touches his side, Logan tells her that he has to take her to Stonehaven and that she cannot call an ambulance.

Philip has crawled into the bedroom and Olsen follows.  Elena appears in wolf form and bites off Olsen's fingers.  Olsen leaves the room and  gets grabbed by Clay.  Clay chokes both men at once.  In the bedroom, Elena in wolf form stares intently at Philip before leaving the room to change..  Philip watches the shadow and hears Elena groaning.. Elena rushes to Philip's side in human form to check his wounds and tells him to put pressure on it. When she leaves the bedroom, Elena finds an empty syringe on the ground, the apartment destroyed and Clay and the mutts gone. Elena rushes back to Philip to say that she will call an ambulance. Elena tells Philip that in another world, she would have married him.  Elena kisses Philip and tells him that she loves him before leaving the room.

This episode, they moved the plot back to that of the book.  The problem is that we still have no assurances that the mutts are in the wrong.  It seems that Jeremy rules the pack with an iron hand.  Pack members are not allowed to love who they want and are even forced to steal their own children.  Saying that this is the way of pack life does not make Jeremy look in the least benevolent.  If they want viewers to be team pack, they have to give us a reason beyond, hey. they're the protagonists and are supposed to be the good guys.

Logan being injured worried me.  He and Rachel are he only two characters of colour on the show and I have long been worried that Logan is dead man walking.  As we know from the book, Logan is supposed to be dead already.  If they get rid of him, I'm going to be pissed.  They also need to find a way to keep Rachel around.

Okay Philip.  I am sick to death of the love triangle.  I do however wonder if they are going to explore knocking him off by the pack now that he knows for a certainty that wolves exist.  Well Elena just avoid telling Jeremy?  I think it would be cool to see Elena and Jeremy go head to head over this and have her push for a change in the pack rules.  It might be reason enough to help keep Rachel around.  The other alternative is to just turn both Rachel and Philip.  This would unfortunately drag out the stupid love triangle but it would make Philip more relevant and stop Elena from being the super special female werewolf lady. I  guess we will just have to wait and see what they do with this.