Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Being Human, Season Four, Episode Eleven: Ramona the Pest

Sally is back in the past lying on Beatrice's bed and wonders how she got there because she didn't do magic. Sally gets off the bed and wonders if it's the possession and remembers kissing Aidan.

Josh is lying in bed, when Nora sits on the bedside telling him to take it easy because he is pretty banged up. Josh is upset that he has made new wolves and Nora assures Josh that this is not his fault because the pack made him do it.  Nora adds that hopefully Mark will cut his losses and leave them alone. Nora stands to leave, adding that she wanted to make sure that Josh was okay but she is not back.  Josh struggles out of bed and begs Nora to stay because she is the only thing that keeps him safe. Nora replies that she cannot handle that responsibility.

Sally is walking around the room and she hears Josh and Nora talking through the walls. Nora tells Josh that she cannot be the only thing that keeps him human and that she doubts that it's true.  Josh asserts that this is true and that Nora is everything to him. Suddenly, Sally enters the room surprising Josh and Nora.  Josh asks why Sally was in their closet.

Sally wakes Aidan, saying that she just discovered something big.  Aidan initially blows Sally off until he realizes that he is talking to Sally and that she is okay.  Aidan asks if Sally just shook him awake with her hands and how it is that she can touch him.  Sally explains that she woke up like this and that she doesn't remember how this happened. Aidan asks what this means and Sally replies that she doesn't know if this is temporary or not and that this is why she came downstairs.  Sally starts to caress Aidan and kiss him, telling him that they should just enjoy it.  Aidan wakes up from his dream when Nora walks in to look for something.  They have a moment of embarrassment when Nora notices Aidan's erection. Nora turns her back saying that she shouldn't be down there and most certainly not looking there (read: Aidan's crotch). Nora explains that his erection just sort of lunged from under the covers and Aidan asks what she is doing downstairs.  Nora explains that Josh said there was a sledge hammer downstairs.  Aidan asks why she needs a sledgehammer.

Upstairs, Josh uses the sledgehammer to break into the secret room.  Sally says that now that they have all seen it, they should close it up and leave. Nora says that she wished she knew about this room before and Josh talks about how it would have made a really nice craft room.  Sally says that it's odd that this room was always sealed up and suggests that maybe it was like this for a reason.  Nora admits getting bad vibes from the room and notes that someone obviously lived there.  Nora questions why the person was sealed up and hidden. Sally admit to being in the room before when she used her magic and explains that this is where she saw the cult weirdos and the little girl.  Sally adds that she someone get murdered here.  Josh points out that when she checked into it, the girl was still alive and therefore this had to all be a big mistake.  Aidan says that someone definitely died, when he pushes the bed aside and finds markings on the floor.  Aidan points to dried blood on the floorboards and Nora questions the meaning of the marks.  Aidan says that the marks are more recent.  They are interrupted by the doorbell.

When they head downstairs they find Sally's father.  Mr. Malik tells the group that he is there to make final arrangements because the house has been sold.  Apparently, the inspector will be coming and so Mr.Malik tells them that he will need the keys by the end of the week.  Aidan says that they need a little bit more time and Mr. Malike replies that Robbie told him that they were given nearly a month's notice.  Josh replies that Robbie did but after Robbie passed, they thought they would have more time.  Aidan says that they have run behind in their packing and have run into personal difficulties.  Mr. Malik informs them that this doesn't change the facts and that they cannot stay there.  Josh begs for more time and Mr. Malik says that they have until the end of the week.  Sally suggests that the group start to beg and they do but Mr. Malik replies that he needs to be rid of this house and cannot even believe he stepped back inside.  Mr. Malik tells the group that he wants their keys on Monday.

Aidan is in the basement throwing things out. Sally is shocked and Aidan says that he is cleaning out all his things.  Aidan explains that there has always been a tie from his past that has kept him from moving on and with Suzanna gone,  that's it. Sally replies that she is glad to hear him talk about Suzanna.  Aidan admits that his thoughts are drifting to Sally and how she saved his life and then kissed him.  Sally tells Aidan that he told her to.  Aidan replies that he didn't but Sally replies that the Aidan of the other timeline told her to.  Sally tells Aidan that they had a deep thing and were in love.  Sally adds that the other timeline Aidan promised that it would make him aware of his feelings for her.  Aidan admits that he did feel something but adds that they cannot do anything about it.  Aidan says that attraction between them cannot be everything and is not sure if he is willing to risk their friendship.  Aidan goes on to add that all of their relationships always end up in major disasters anyway. Aidan tells Sally that he doesn't want them to end up a massive disaster.

Astrid and Kenny are bickering when Aidan shows up. Astrid asks about Josh and then leaves.  Aidan asks if Kenny is blowing it with Astrid because she is really good for him.  Kenny reveals that he called Aidan because he wants to disappear.  Aidan tells Kenny that he is doing a really good job and points out that Kenny achieved a peace between vampires and werewolves.  Kenny argues that this isn't popular and adds that he is 17 years old and wants to live a life with Astrid. Aidan points out that running away isn't going to solve anything because Kenny's enemies are going to find him and then find Astrid.  Aidan suggests that Kenny should fake his death by first getting their hands on vampire ashes, calling a meeting and Aidan faking killing Kenny.  Aidan suggests that the vampires will scheme about filling the power vacuum that they will forget about Aidan and Kenny.  Kenny says that he is going to need help with Astrid because he doesn't think she will leave and that someone has to present a pretty clear case to her.  Kenny suggests that Aidan get Josh and Nora to talk to her.

Josh is packing his bag and says that he doesn't want to get involved in a vampire werewolf star crossed love thing.  Aidan clarifies that he isn't asking Josh to get involved but that he wants Astrid to have a better shot than to be stuck with the pack.  Josh points out that Astrid is not a child and is choosing to stay with the pack.  Aidan argues that Astrid is scared and that he has been there and that as horrible as Mark and the pack are, that is all Astrid has ever known. Josh replies that he doesn't believe the pack would hurt Astrid. Aidan points to his face and then reminds Josh of what the pack did to him.  Josh is still not convinced and he says that he understands what they did but doesn't forgive them.  Aidan assures Josh that Kenny is a good kid and Josh asks what happens when Kenny bails on Astrid because he is a kid, or what happens when they get into a fight and Kenny kills Astrid.  Sally walks into the room when she hears the arguing  and Aidan explains that Josh was telling him how he really feels about vampires.  Josh says that it has nothing to do with him but Aidan argues back that Kenny is his son.  Josh replies that this is exactly why Aidan wants to do everything for him. Josh then brings up the fact that Sally told him that Aidan was throwing his past into the garbage and suggests that Aidan should cut Kenny lose as well. Aidan brings up the fact Josh has psychopathic dog creatures who lives under the surface and that instead of seeking help, Josh is blaming everything on the wolf. Josh replies that he does everything he can to keep it just below the surface. Sally asks for them to both step back, so Aidan replies that maybe their little experiment is at an end. Sally interjects that she is sick of them referring to their friendship as an experiment. Sally adds that the friendship saved all of them countless times.  Suddenly, Roman appears in the hidden room and says that they cannot leave her.

Josh, Aidan and Sally crawl through the hole as Ramona explains that she come from that room. Ramona says that she lived there with her mother and father and her twin sister Beatrice.  Ramona adds that she needs Beatrice. Josh asks how long Ramona has been in the room and she replies that she is always there and has heard them for a long time now.  Ramona pretended they were all friends. Sally asks if they want her to find Beatrice and Ramona says yes.

Aidan and Sally are sitting at the county office with a long waiting line in front of them.  Aidan talking to Sally, but to everyone, it looks like he is talking to himself. Sally says that if Ramona can see Beatrice, it might give her enough closure to be able to get her door. Sally says that if she helps Ramona, it might bring her closer to getting her door. Aidan is shocked and Sally says that she has to get back on track because there is nothing there for her.  Sally reminds Aidan what he said about chemistry and ending in a massive disaster. Aidan argues that it wouldn't have to be a disaster, if they took their time and explored their feelings.  Sally calls Aidan an ass because this morning, he was throwing things out and blowing off what happened between them and is now trying to pull her back in.  Sally calls Aidan a drama queen because he cannot have anything with anyone without a sad twisted story.  Aidan answers that everything he said was logical but logic goes out the window when your heart becomes involved and then you just want to grab someone and hold onto them.  Sally asks Aidan if his heart is involved and Aidan smiles and shrugs. Sally tells Aidan that if they are going to do this then he cannot jerk her around.  Aidan agrees that they will just explore, causing the man sitting  one seat over to get up and move away.

Josh is packing as Ramona asks where Nora went. Josh explains that Nora went to her own place and Ramona says that she doesn't think Josh is scary, even if he does have a monster inside him.  Josh asks how she knows that and she explains that all there was to do in the room was listen.  Ramona suggests that since Josh is going to be lonely, he should stay there with her. Before Josh can answer, Ramona informs him that Nora is here.

Josh rushes downstairs and introduces Nora to Ramona.  Ramona says that she lived in the room and Josh explains that Aidan and Sally are out searching for Ramona's sister.  Josh asks Ramona for some privacy and so she heads back upstairs.  Josh explains to Nora that when they bashed through the room this morning that they must have freed Ramona somehow  Nora asks if magic was involved and why Ramona was in there. Josh wonders if it is ghost denial and adds that he is freaking out.  Josh asks if Nora is there to turn with him tonight.  Nora reveals that she is there to talk to Astrid and Josh says that he is not interested.  Josh adds that though he not a huge fan of the pack, they may be a better idea than her running away with a volatile mind warping vampire.  Nora questions if Josh trusts Mark but not Kenny and Josh reminds Nora that the pack protects their own.  Nora brings up Josh being locked in a cage and being poked with a cattle prod.  Josh admits that this is why he doesn't want to change alone and that he is scared.  Josh tells Nora that he would feel safer if she were there.  Nora is not impressed and tells Josh that there was a time when he tried to do everything in his power to keep her away from danger and now he is trying to pull her in.  Josh says that he is not trying to pull her in and this is not what this is about.  The doorbell rings and Josh tells Nora that if she thinks this is what best for Astrid then he cannot be a part of this and heads upstairs to pack.

Nora answers the door and it's Astrid.  Astrid asks for Josh and Nora says that just two of them should talk. Astrid pulls a gun and the pack enters and Nora screams.  Josh tries to head downstairs and Ramona slams the door saying that she cannot let him go down stairs because it's not safe.  Josh begs to be let out but Ramona is adamant that the wolves are bad and that Josh cannot fight them like this.  Josh struggles with door screaming.  The stress triggers Josh's change.

The wolves head upstairs, saying that Nora is fine and that once Josh sees the pack, he will come out.  Mark says that he feels really bad for the way that things turned out and adds that he has something to show him.  They open the door and Josh is waiting for them in wolf form. Mark holds Charlotte by the shoulders saying that he has done something great and that Charlotte needs to be taught. Josh attacks.

Aidan's number gets called and he begs Sally not to distract him.  They end up at Beatrice's counter and Aidan says that he is there to talk to her about her sister. Beatrice denies having a sister and Sally assures Aidan that she did her homework.  Aidan tells Beatrice that he has seen Ramona's spirit and that Ramona is in the house.  Aidan doesn't realise that Beatrice has pushed the panic button to alert security. Beatrice tells Aidan that if he ever returns, she will call the police.  Security escorts Aidan out, so he calls out that Ramona needs to see Beatrice and that she loves her.

Back at the house, Aidan says that he feels bad for Ramona.  When Sally and Aidan enter, there are dead bodies all of the way down the stairs.  Aidan asks what happened.

Nora is sitting in the kitchen with Josh, who is covered in blood.  Nora explains that she let Astrid in and that Astrid pulled a gun and all of the werewolves followed.   Nora tells Aidan that Josh did this to protect her.  Aidan rushes to Astrid and finds her just as dead as the others.  Nora explains that Astrid didn't want to do this and that she told her to run when she heard Josh coming but Astrid wasn't fast enough. Josh says that Ramona wouldn't let him out of the room until he changed.  Sally says that this is all her fault because she didn't finish the spell. Aidan tells Sally that they don't have time for this.  Nora says that Josh is going to have to change again soon and adds they both are.  Aidan tells Nora that she and Josh should go.  Aidan adds that he will clean up.

Josh and Nora drive over to the trailer and he asks what they are doing here.  Nora says that they needed a place to change.  Sally adds that they needed a place where Nora can lock herself up because she needs them both to be safe right now.  Josh asks what Sally is doing there and Sally replies that she is going to try and fix Josh by going inside him through possession.  Sally admits that it's a terrible idea but they don't have any other choices.  Sally says that she doesn't want to find out if it gets any worse than this, so they are going to do this.  Josh and Nora kiss and Nora leaves.

Sally tells Josh that she is going to poke inside his brain.  Sally tells Josh that he needs to meditate because she needs a window opened up.  Sally runs inside Josh and finds herself inside a cold wooded area.  Josh and Sally hug and Josh tells Sally that she cannot be there because it's not safe.  Sally explains that the wolf took him over and that he has just been split inside and that this is why he is lost in this world.  Josh asks how she knows and Sally reminds Josh about the reaper and adds that the situation is the same.  Sally explains that Josh has to find the part of him that is missing.  A wolf suddenly appears and Josh tells Sally to run and takes off.

Aidan brings Kenny over to the hosue and explains that Josh is responsible for all of the dead wolves.  Kenny asks about Astrid and Aidan says that she is not there.  Kenny says that Astrid wouldn't get involved in something like this.  Kenny asks what happened and where Astrid is again, so Aidan reveals that Astrid is dead and then promptly blames Astrid's death on Mark and the pack.  Aidan offers his condolences and Kenny replies that he doesn't know what to say or how to feel.  Aidan tells Kenny to leave Boston and get away from all of this.  Aidan then brings up the first time Kenny told him about running away and adds that this isn't the stuff that a 17 year old should be experiencing.  Aidan again advises that Kenny leave all of this behind and go because Astrid would have wanted that for him.

Astrid's body is hidden upstairs in the secret room.

Sally chases after Josh who explains that he just keeps running until the wolf disappears.  Sally yells that Josh has to stop and fight this thing.  Josh argues that he has been fighting for months but Sally points out that he hasn't been fighting but running and hiding.  Josh yells that it isn't safe but Sally tells Josh that he is stronger than this and asks him to think of a safe place.  Josh closes his eyes and when he opens them again, he finds himself back in the house.  Sally and Josh hug and he thanks her.  The wolf enters the kitchen with them and Josh says that the wolf always finds him.  The wolf moves toward him and Josh says that he cannot fight the wolf because the wolf always wins.  Sally suggests that this is the problem and that Josh cannot fight the wolf and that confrontation is standing up and looking something in the eye and being honest.  Sally tells Josh that he is the wolf and they need him to come back to them.  Josh yells at the wolf to stop and the growling stops.  Josh kneels down and looks the wolf in the eye saying, I am the wolf.  We get a flash to Josh in different stages of change.  Josh admits to being the wolf and he tells the wolf that this is his life until the moon is full.  Josh strokes the wolf and the wolf turns and leaves the house.  Sally and Josh hug.

The next morning, Nora is fully dressed again and she finds Josh waiting her by the campfire with a fire roaring.  Josh stands and makes his way over to Nora.  Nora realises that Josh is back to himself and the two hug.  Sally watches from a distance.

Back at the house, Aidan stands over Astrid's body as Ramona looks on.  Aidan  puts Astrid into a garbage bag and Ramona comments that he is good at this.  Ramona asks why Aidan didn't let the other men take her and if Astrid is special.  Aidan says that Astrid is special and that Ramona should go.  When he turns, Ramona has disappeared, so he picks Astrid up in  his arms and leaves the room.  On the floor, the marking have increased. It seems the markings represent the death of individuals.

Nora and Josh  return and are surprised by how clean the house is.  Josh asks if Kenny saw Astrid and Aidan replies that Astrid was not there when Kenny showed up.  Aidan reveals that he told Kenny that Astrid was killed by the pack and that if Kenny had figured out what happened, it would have wrecked everything for all of them.  Josh realises that Aidan lied for him and Aidan replies that he cleaned up because that's what they do in this experiment.  Josh and Aidan hug and Aidan asks if Josh is okay.  Josh says that he is fine for now and that this can never happen again.  Sally tells Josh that this is up to him because he is always going to have to confront the other half of him.

Kenny is sitting alone crying when Astrid shows up.  Kenny tries to hug Astrid but she's a ghost.  Astrid says that she ruined everything for them.  Kenny tells Astrid that it's alright.  Astrid tells Kenny that she didn't have a choice and that the wolves found out that they were leaving and made her help them first.  Astrid reveals that she took the pack to Josh and that Josh turned on them. Kenny asks if Josh did this to her and Astrid replies that she heard the screaming and tried to run but Josh was too fast.

What I want to know is how Aidan, who has been living with a ghost for years now didn't even consider the possibility that Astrid would visit Kenny and explain how and why she died?  He was the only roommate who was calm so we cannot blame it on the stress of the situation.  None of what Aidan did makes much sense to me.  By lying, Aidan initiated a war with Kenny because there is no way that Kenny isn't going to try and kill Josh.

Who is this Ramona and what is she up to.  Considering that this is the last few episodes of the season it seems weird to be adding a new character and a new storyline at such a late date.  I just hope that they are able to wrap it up decently and that it doesn't feel rushed.

One of the things I like most about this season is how well involved Sally has been.  Her story arch manages all of the other characters and she has a primary role.  I am also really enjoying the relationship between Aidan and Sally.  She calls him on his shit which is exactly what Aidan needs.

I agree that Nora had good reason to be concerned about Josh but the idea that he was drawing her into danger by asking her to change with him doesn't wash with me.  In a loving relationship both parties depend on each other for support. It's not Josh's job to always keep Nora out of danger and protect her but it is Nora's job to be there for Josh if he needs her.