Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Resurrection: Season 1, Episode 3: Two Rivers

This episode opens with a flashback to Jacob lying in his coffin and a young Henry looking down at him.  In the present, Henry is watching as Lucille and Jacob play catch together. Jacob tels Lucille to throw it harder and she accidentally throws it over his head.  They notice Henry when he drops a tool and injures his arm. Henry says that he is fine and closes the door.

Maggie and Martin stand over Jacob's exhumed casket and he asks her thoughts.  Maggie says that she has no idea, so Martin reminds her that she said finding Jacob's remains inside the coffin would make sense to her.  Maggie replies that she thought it would.  Martin notes that the shirt looks like the one Jacob woke up wearing in China and Maggie comments that it's like a carbon copy was made. Maggie then looks at her mother's tomb but doesn't comment.  Martin cuts the tag out of the shirt Jacob was buried in and then later, compares it to the shirt Jacob was found in and finds it to be an exact match.

Jacob asks what was in the coffin and if he was in there.  Martin asks Jacob how he could  be in the coffin, when he is there now.  Martin then deftly changes the conversation to Jacob's throwing arm and suggests they go out back and throw the ball around.  Jacob asks if he is like Caleb, who told him to lie.  Jacob reveals that he had a dream about Caleb turning to dust and that he was scared.  Martin tells Jacob that if Caleb comes near him again that Jacob is to either tell him, or his mother.  Lucile calls out that it is snack time and they do a fist pound and part ways.

Caleb is washing the blood off of his hammer when Martin walks in.  Martin says that he has questions for Caleb and they head into the house.  Caleb pulls beer out of the fridge as Martin says that he looked up Caleb.  It seems that in his former life, Caleb was a drifter, with not much in terms of employment. Martin lists Caleb's three arrests and Caleb claims to be a different man now.  Martin says that people like Caleb don't change and Caleb calls this pessimistic. Caleb asserts that everyone has made mistakes.  Martin says that he doesn't know why Caleb is lying, or hiding what happened to him 13 year ago but promises Caleb that he will look under every last stone until he finds out.  Caleb says that dying isn't something he is eager to talk about because there is a lot of pain and then nothing and no sense of one's body or time. Caleb says that he could see his whole life backwards and forwards and felt a sense of peace and maybe some music or something. Caleb starts to laugh and says that this is the sort of story that Martin wants him to tell.  Martin questions why Caleb told Jacob to lie and Caleb says that he knows what's going to happen and that Martin is going to poke and prod Jacob, until Jacob tells Martin what he wants to hear. Martin asserts that he is only there to protect Jacob and Caleb replies that they have something in common because he doesn't know how he came back but he knows why.  Caleb asserts that he is there to protect his family no matter what the cost. Caleb adds that things aren't going to end well for Jacob. Martin stands and tells Caleb that if he goes near Jacob again that it won't end well for him before leaving.

Henry is at the doctor getting his hand checked by Maggie.  Maggie says that she wants an X-ray and Henry wonders if this is really necessary. Henry finally works up the courage to ask if Jacob was in the casket and Maggie says that they found his remains and that everything was normal.  Maggie adds that she is sorry he was put through that.  Henry gets up saying that he is sorry he troubled her before leaving.  Before Henry can get to the door, he runs into Martin and says that he hopes it was worth it before leaving the building.  Martin asks Maggie if she alright and Maggie shrugs and asks what's up.  Martin reveals that he spoke to Caleb and believes he is hiding something.  Maggie confirms getting the same impression. Martin asks Maggie what she remembers about the circumstances of Caleb's death.  Maggie talks about Elena being in shock after her father died and that Caleb had brought into the hospital from his hunting shack D.O.A. Martin asks where the shack is and Maggie asks him if he wants to go.

Ray is staring out the window and we can hear the sound of something being hammered.  Elaine enters and asks if their father is still working on the porch.  Ray answers since early this morning.  When Elaine opens the fridge, she finds it empty and Ray says that Caleb ate all of the food.  Elaine does not believe it and Ray swears that it wasn't him. Elaine asks if she writes a shopping list, if Ray will go today. Caleb enters and says that the porch is too much work and that they might have to hire somebody.  Elaine replies that they cannot because she is two months late on the mortgage. Caleb is shocked because he thought the house was paid off.  Elaine explains that the roof caved in three years ago and she had to take out a second mortgage. Elaine says that she has twenty-five dollars for food and asks if someone will please go shopping.  Caleb volunteers himself and Ray but Ray says that Caleb doesn't belong here.  Caleb asks what Ray means but Ray just leaves the room.  Elaine says that she has to go and that they will grill tonight and finish catching up.

Jacob is creating something for kids in a hospital and Tom stops by for a chat.  When Tom heads back to the chapel, he is approached by a parishioner, who is concerned that Lucille might need help.  When Tom replies that Lucille is fine, the parishioner comments that Lucille believes that Jacob is her dead son. Tom says that he doesn't know what is happening and is willing to trust that God will show them the way. The parishioner asks Tom if he is sure that God is the one behind this before leaving.

Maggie and Martin are hiking up to the cabin and she snarks about his clothing choice.  Martin explains that he didn't expect to stay in Arcadia as long as he has.  Martin says that humans build cities to protect themselves from nature.  Maggie stops and points out that this is where her mother and Jacob died.  Maggie adds that she kept hoping that being there would bring her closer to her mother or give her answers.

Fred has gone to see Lucille and asks for Henry. Lucille says that she has not seen Henry since this morning. Jacob opens the door and greets Fred as uncle and asks him to play cops and robbers.  Fred and Jacob both say at the same time, only if he gets to be the robber.  Fred says like old time.  They head to Fred's car, where Jacob turns on the light and sends a pretend message on the radio.  Fred comments that Jacob really remembers all of this and asks if the man Jacob saw with Aunt Barbara pushed her in the water.  Jacob says that the man was trying to save her, so Fred asks if Jacob is sure.  Jacob replies that he was holding onto Barbara trying not to let her go.  Fred asks Jacob what he is and Jacob says that the sandwiches should be done by now and gets out of the car.

Elaine is at the work and she finds Caleb sitting at her desk, marveling at how fast the internet is now. Caleb has packed Elaine the same lunch she used to ask for as a child.  Elaine nods and starts to cry.  Caleb closes the door and tells Elaine that it's alright.  Elaine says that it's been so long since someone has taken care of her.  Caleb replies that Elaine of all people deserve to be taken care of and that he cannot believe the boys haven't been lining up to marry her.  Elaine dries her tears and replies between Mark, Ray and looking after the house, there hasn't been time to find Mr. Right.  Caleb says that now that he is back, she can start focusing on her life and less on her brothers.  Elaine replies that Ray needs her but Caleb tells her not to worry about Ray and that they will figure it out together.  Father and daughter embrace and he promises her that things are going to get better.

Martin and Maggie keep walking through the woods and she tells him about all the disasters that have happened near the river.  Maggie says that they aren't far from where Caleb's ashes were spread.  Martin replies that he thought they were on the mantle and Maggie explains that only half of them are in the urn. Maggie takes a water sample, wondering if the river is the connection. Maggie points out that Jacob died there and that Caleb's ashes were spread there.  Martin asks if the river somehow magically brought them back to life and Maggie asks if he thinks something un-magical brought them back to life.

A gunshot goes off and Martin pulls his weapon and pulls Maggie behind them.  A group of men in camouflage gear exit the woods and Maggie recognizes Gary.  Gary questions who Martin is and Martin introduces himself.  Gary asks what they are doing out here and Maggie explains that they are going for a hike.  Gary advises Maggie not to get herself in any trouble and Maggie replies that she wasn't planning on it. Gary walks off with his men and Maggie calls them the Arcadia welcoming committee. I get the strong impression that Gary did not like seeing Maggie with Martin.

At the bar, Fred sits down and orders a whiskey. Fred says that it's been awhile since he has been down there in Newton.  Fred asks the bartender if she has ever found out something horrible about someone after they have already died. Fred adds that it is a helluva thing and that he just found out that his wife was unfaithful to him before she died and that after he found out who the guy was, he hoped that the guy killed Barbara, because then he would be able to track him down.  Fred says that the only thing keeping him from that road is his daughter and that he couldn't do that to her.  Fred then adds that if the man shows his face to him,  but pauses to take a drink and then leaves leaving his threat unfinished.  The bartender looks at the man sitting at the end of the bar.

Martin and Maggie find what look to be several freshly dug up holes and Martin wonders how many there are.

Henry returns home and Lucille asks what Maggie said about his hand. Henry replies that he is old and falling apart.  Lucille tells Henry that she doesn't care if Jacob was a stranger that they found on the street, the man she married would never treat a child this way. Henry walks toward Lucille and reveals that their son is in the tomb and that means there are two Jacobs.  Henry asks what he is supposed to do with that and then heads into the house.

Tom is carrying a box when he walks past a sign which says Board Meeting in progress.  He walks in and asks if he missed an email because he didn't know that there was a meeting today.  He is told that they have come to a decision and that until they understand what is going on with Jacob, he and Lucille should not be allowed to come into the church.  Tom laughs saying that they cannot be serious and that Jacob is a little boy. Tom is told that this isn't just about one little boy anymore and that Caleb Richards is back.  Tom says that this doesn't change his position and that he isn't going to ban anyone from the church.  Tom is told that this isn't his place to say and Tom argues that this is his church. Tom is told that it is the parishioners church. Why am I not surprised that it's the supposed Christians who have no tolerance or faith?

Henry is back in his workshop and Jacob stares at him though the open door.  Jacob makes his way inside and looks around.  Henry tosses Jacob some sandpaper and tells him to sand something.  Jacob suggests that the build a boat like before, and Henry turns to look at the boat on the shelf, as Jacob begins to sand.

Martin asks if Maggie thinks the holes were dug by Caleb.  Martin hops into a hole and says that Caleb was looking for something.  When Martin moves the dirt around, he finds a mask and Maggie calls it creepy. Martin notices someone in the bushes and tells Maggie not to move because someone is watching them.  The man takes off running and when they catch up, they discover that it's Ray.  Martin asks if Ray dug the holes and Ray says that the man pretending to be his father did.  Ray reports that he has been watching Caleb and knows who he is.

Back at the house, Ray reports that Caleb hardly ever sleeps, eats all the time and has been sneaking around. Ray says that he saw that the day his real dad died that the river flooded and brings up a plane that crashed.  Ray lays out his conspiracy theory and suggests that Caleb is really an alien.  Martin asks if he can hold onto the clippings from the day Caleb died.

Henry and Jacob talk about building a pirate ship and Jacob asks if he can paint it before it goes in the river.  Henry has a flashback to when he originally built the ship with Jacob.  Lost in remembrance, Henry hurts his arm on a tool and Jacob asks if he should get Lucille.  Henry screams that Jacob doesn't belong here and that it is too dangerous.  Jacob leaves the shop and Henry sighs.

As they leave, Maggie says that she should have seen Ray's commentary coming because last month Ray thought the mailman was a spy. Maggie adds however that Ray's theory isn't any crazier than theirs. Martin is looking over the clippings and points out that Elaine works at a bank and wonders if Caleb was looking for money up at the shack.  Maggie asks if Martin thinks that Caleb robbed the bank.  Martin says that he wants to talk to the man who found Caleb's body and they agree to meet at the grill to get something to eat later. Maggie gets a text saying Henry cut his arm and decides that she has to take a rain check. Is she the only doctor this town has?

Maggie fixes Henry up and asks how his hand is doing and Henry replies it's fine.  Maggie asks if this is what caused him to slip and that she looked at his old medical files.  Maggie says that the last time Henry had these symptoms, was when Jacob died and that Jacob's return is amazing but must also be extremely painful. Henry says that after Jacob died, he blamed himself because he taught Jacob to love the river.  Maggie asks if Henry still feels this way and Henry replies that it's different. Maggie points out that whatever Henry is holding onto his effecting his health.

Henry heads home sits with Lucille and says that whenever he feels on the verge of letting Jacob in, he remembers the Jacob they buried.  Lucille asks why they have to be separate and why there has to be two and Henry explains that to him, Jacob never really went away.  Henry replies that he still sees Jacob in his dreams, or during the day when he hears the sound of children.  Henry adds that he cannot let Jacob go and asks Lucille how she can.  Lucille replies, "how dare you," and walks into the house.

Ray and Caleb are working with tools and he brings up Ray hooking up an old satellite dish.  When Caleb moves closer to Ray, Ray backs away. Caleb tells Ray that he is just asking for a chance.

Later that night, Henry walks into Jacob's room and covers him with a blanket.  Henry turns and looks at the ship he had started to build with Jacob, alongside the older ship. Henry leaves the room and finds Lucille carrying pillows and blankets. I guess she is not sleeping in the bedroom tonight.

Martin rings the doorbell but when he finds he door ajar, he enters.  Martins sees bloodstains on the floor and grabs his gun.  He follows the bloodstains.

Tom is turning off the lights in the church, when he notices a window has been broken and sees a trail of blood stains.

Martin continues to follow the blood spatter until he finds a body on the floor.

Tom follows the blood splatter and it leads into the church where a woman is sitting.  Tom says hello and continues to move forward when the woman doesn't answer.  The woman says that she didn't have anywhere to go and then she saw his name on the sign outside.  Martin finally reaches  her and recognizes her as Rachel.  Rachel asks if she really died, as blood pours out of a cut on her leg.  It seems that someone new has returned.

The pain that Henry and Lucille feels is so poignant and complex.  On one hand it's understandable why Lucille is so elated to have Jacob back.  It is incredibly painful to lose someone let alone a child.  The death of a child upsets the natural order. I can honestly see where they are both coming from.  The scenes between the two are so beautifully acted and really the most nuanced of the show.

I like the relationship developing between Maggie and Martin.  Everyone else in town is busy pushing Jacob away and reacting in fear whereas; Maggie and Martin are actually investigating.  You can see that they are becoming friends and starting to trust each.  Martin remains an outsider because of his job and quite frankly his race.  It must be tough to be the only POC in an all white town and I am excited that it looks like Resurrection is on the verge of delving into this.

Caleb continues to fascinate me. He clearly knows much more about what is going on than he is willing to say.  Also, whether Martin likes it or not, Caleb has a point about Jacob.  By being truthful without an explanation, they are setting Jacob up for a wold of hurt.  It's amazing that the government hasn't already seized him for medical testing.

Fred can go anytime now.  For some reason, I cannot find his character sympathetic. Yes, his wife cheated but he has already told Maggie that he was a shit husband and from the sounds of it, a shit father.  He is angry rather than dealing with the ways in which he failed his wife and daughter.

Once again, a new person has returned and I wonder if this means that someone new will return every week. I like that we got a connection about the river but other than people coming back, Resurrection has not really done much to delve into the mystery.  Why has no one questioned that Jacob and Caleb both came back at different locations on earth.  Jacob was found in China and Caleb Portland.  That for me is a huge question and should not merely have been a device to pull Martin into the show because he works for immigration.  I guess we will just have to see where the story is going.