Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Teen Wolf, Season 4, Episode 3: Muted

New character – a teenager (in that TV “this 20 year old is a teenager” kind of way) moves around his spooky, vast house in the middle of the night. He’s made all nervous by bloody marks on his carpet that seem to lead under his bed.

See, this is why horror movies starring me would fail – because, in the name of cowardice and common sense, I would be out of there so fast you’d see me blur.

He looks under his head (at perfect height to have his head ripped off) and sees it’s only his car. His blood stained cat. He hears screaming and fighting looks out and sees a big man with a blood stained axe. He runs (through a room with great big windows ideal for escape) to the bathroom. He fails to find any weapons (you can’t find a razor or some caustic chemicals? Fail horror movie guy! Fail!)

The axe man manages to type on a voice distorter (in those gloves? Shenanigans!)  The killer decides to give the guy, Sean, a hint on how to fight back with a shard of broken mirror. Sean isn’t entirely a fool – he decides a far better plan is to break the window and run out that way. Aha, we got a smart one. As Sean leaves we see his attacker – a bald man with no mouth. Ok then.

To our regular cast – the wolf loft with Derek, Pete and someone let Braeden out of her plot box to put her feet up on the table (Peter: “The table’s Italian.” Braeden: “So are these boots.” Oh this is going to be good…). The wolfy guys are hiring Braeden to find Kate - Braden who values her services very very very highly.

With Braeden duly hired, Pete is very very upset about the whole being robbed thing since he lacks marketable skills when his hectoring causes Derek to snarl at him – revealing golden eyes. Another mystery to solve

At school it’s back to lacrosse with Stiles and Scott. Hey remember when lacrosse was one of the only things these guys actually cared about? We learn that Scott told Chris Argent that his undead sister is back by text (Chris is wandering around in France at the moment aka he’s been put on a bus) and the Stilinski family is still having money troubles because of Stiles’s Yogitsune issues – the MRI he had and his little stay in a mental institution cost a whole lot of money. Stiles finally points out that lacrosse so isn’t their priority – but there’s a new lacrosse team member who is awesome so, clearly this takes priority.

In the locker room, Stiles questions Liam, the new player, clearly suspecting woo-woo shenanigans from his supernatural performance Scott kind of lags behind in making the connection but uses his werewolf senses to play lie detector. In which they learn that Liam was kicked out of his old school and he just thinks he’s practiced and trained a long time and is just that good

To the hospital where Melissa talks to… is that a doctor? Is there another doctor in this hospital? Melissa is not the only medical professional in the entire town?! Even more hilariously, they’re talking about cutting the nursing staff! HOW? You’re going to cut off one of Melissa’s arms?! Anyway they’re low on money because the insurance won’t cover the regular massive structural damage the hospital sees. The doctor even says Melissa’s shift is over and to go and sleep – SLEEP?! Melissa never sleeps! She lives in the hospital.

This fun scene is interrupted by Sean staggering into the hospital and collapsing, his hands covered in blood.

Melissa and the Sheriff-who-has-no-name-because-the-Stilinski-family-are-all-Time-Lords  examine the bodies of Sean’s family in the morgue – they’ve been really brutally massacred and the Sheriff thinks some woo-woo may be involved. Because it’s Beacon Hills. Melissa points out that it the wounds are axe wounds and there may be no reason to involve the boys (even if they have to be involved)

To Kira and her family – and the for sale sign in her garden which Kira is not happy with. Kira thought that all the supernatural revelations meant they were going to stay in Beacon Hills where she has friends who know and understand about the whole Kitsune thing. At least that’s the point I would make, instead Kira has angst about whether or not Scott is her boyfriend.

Poor Malia is still having major problems at school, being so far behind, while Stiles and Lydia convince her that maths is actually important (Lydia has a much better argument). Lydia tries to help her. Scene is interrupted by Stiles getting a message about the triple axe murder

Stiles wants to rush to get involved while Scott reminds him they have class, Kira points out that maybe the adults should handle an axe murderer. Stiles is appalled but even he wants to go to lactrosse try outs, which blows a little hole in his outrage. Kira tries to talk to Scott about something important but agrees to wait until after try-outs – and Scott kisses her goodbye which leaves her all shocked and surprised and confused coming off the whole “Scott isn’t my boyfriend” line. Then Scott sits in class and seems to just realise what he’s done

Bad guy cameo! Mouthless guy uses a computer and insets some fluid in a hole in his neck. Creepy guy is creepy.

At the police station, the Sheriff discusses the case with Deputy Parrish and how a US Marshall has arrived to give them more expertise. The Marshall is Braeden.

Braeden reports to Derek to say the family were killed by a military tomahawk – which isn’t in the crime file but she knows anyway. Of course she’s cagey with her info – she needs to investigate and to do that she needs to not be seen to be working with a werewolf. She also throws in more cryptic references to what Kate stole from Derek and refers to his changing eye colour

And is that flirting? Because that looks like flirting

Later Scott talks about this with Stiles and how completely lacking as a first kiss it was. This is before tryouts when Scott learns that every position is open – including team captain. Lots of training follows with Stiles not doing so well and Liam being just that good.  Scott, because he won’t use his wolfyskills, so fails badly. So Scott brings out a bit of the wolfyness and now is much much better, knocking many people down which is apparently a thing  - but Liam still gets past them.  

In the stands, Malia picks up on Kira’s anxiety over the kiss – Malie’s bluntness cuts to the heart of the matter, Kira wanted the kiss to be more. Malia also decides to put $10 on Scott and Stiles – of course the coach accepts. Of course he does. This time Scott wins – but Liam is hurt in the process. Scott and Stiles carry him to the nurse. Coach as a tantrum and throws a ball into the stands – nearly hitting Malia but Kira catches it with a lacrosse stick and throws it back when Coach asks. She throws it hard enough to knock the wind out of him, naturally he asks (gasps) if she’s played lacrosse.

Scott and Kira have an awkward moment where they still don’t talk through things before Scott comes back and kisses her properly. Everyone’s much happier.

Deputy Parish runs into Lydia at Sean’s house, the crime scene, she seems confused as to why she’s there. Parrish points out she does seem to have a reputation for showing up at brutal murder scenes. He suggests she’s psychic, she dismisses all that silly woo-woo while getting a banshee vision of screaming faces in the woodwork – there’s a hidden door behind them. They follow the corridor to a freezer meat locker with lots of hanging bodies. Human bodies.

Cut to Sean in the hospital unwilling to eat the plate of veggies they’re trying to feed him. (Is this a vegan hospital?). Melissa, the only medical professional treats him before going to take the injured Liam off Scott. Scott hangs around because of the guilts, though Stiles points out if Scott used wolf power he would have really hurt Liam. And it is actually ok for Scott to have his own desires and ambitions.

Cute cameos – Kira sabotaging the house sale, and Stiles helping Malia study. Which is super duper cute though Malia can’t understand Lydia’s notes and not just because Lydia is a genius – but because she’s been writing in freaky banshee code.

Liam is all sad about his broken ankle, blaming himself – and the new doctor is his father and has some good advice and reassurance. Scott, outside, has major guilts. He gets a call from Lydia from the body room – Scott needs to find Sean; who gets a visit from Melissa and finds him eating the deputy guarding him. The deputy is dead and Sean is ripping flesh from his stomach and eating it raw – because he’s just so hungry. He also has an interesting set of razor teeth and glowing silver eyes.

He tackles Melissa who screams – and Scott arrives and roars. Alpha is not amused with you messing with his mother. Sean also has some serious strength but he runs rather than face Scott. After checking on Melissa, he follows her instructions and chases Sean down – but not before Sean grabs Liam on his way to the roof.

Scott tries to talk Sean down on the roof, offering to help. Sean says he’s a Wendigo and doesn’t need help – just food. He pushes Liam off the roof and Scott leaps to catch him.

You’d think after all that has happened the hospital would do a better job of securing roof access

While Scott holds Liam, Sean the Wendigo tries to pull his hands away to let Liam go (is there a particular reason why Sean would want Liam to die? Eat yes, but hospital splatting, other than a meat tenderiser, isn’t useful for that. And as a distraction for Scott it’s working great as it is).

To save Liam, rather than use his super strength and pull him up (may be hard with the Wendigo), Scott bites him. With Alpha teeth.

Which turns out to be unnecessary because mouthless guy axe murders Sean anyway and Scott pulls Liam up. As he leaves, Mouthless holds his fingers to where his lips would be, telling Scott to be quiet

And Liam now has an alpha bite.

Wendigo? Really? You know my common rant that Wendigo without any real background are in everything because writers want to be “original” without doing the research? That’s supposed to be a joke! Not reality! I’m just going to leave this link here.

For those of you running around telling me what a wonderful pro-gay show this is – can we take note that this is now 3 episodes, a full quarter of the season, and token gay man Danny has still not appeared. Despite us leaving him with his whole “Oh yeah I totally know about werewolves” ending – no follow up on that?

I have to give praise to little points like the insurance at the hospital not covering the constant damage – I always like little lampshades about the constant supernatural shenanigans a place faces.

I also like the real world consequences of past seasons continuing with Stiles’s huge medical expenses. Though I am a little surprised – not that I know much about the American medical system (beyond enough to grab hold of the N HS and sobbingly cry “NEVER EVER LEAVE ME?!”), but surely a sheriff has decent medical insurance?

Of course, it does rather glaringly point out that no-one even seems to remember Allison any more. You’d think there’d be SOME sadness or memory there? And Isaac disappearing? And Derek’s sister? Can’t they all at least get a mention?!

One thing I do find interesting is Melissa and the nameless Sheriff talking about the supernatural and discussing whether they need to “involve the boys”. They have, very wisely, seen that in the world of the supernatural their sons need to get involved. Naturally they’re concerned and protective, but they’re smart and practical enough to know this isn’t something they can keep Scott and Stiles away from – nor is it something they can necessarily handle without Scott and Stiles. At the same time we have Scott and Kira presenting the counter – they’re high school students, if it’s mundane they have no business being involved in a murder investigation.

I actually find Scott and Kira really cute – oh the perils of the non-communicative relationship! No-one’s actually sat down and defined the relationship and they’re in that “like each other” phase but so much drama has happened that they don’t know if they’re together or not or always have been – oh delightful confusion. I also like Stiles’s point to Scott that it’s ok to have his own life beyond helping everyone

This episode was so much better than the previous two, my hope is rapidly being restored.