Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dominion, Season One, Episode Seven: Ouroboros

This episode begins with a flash back to the Babylonian Desert in 1900 B.C.  A child is lying in a field of dead bodies clearly playing possum.  Suddenly the child gets up and starts running through the bodies and Michael shows up, covered in blood and dressed in battle armor.  Michael extends his hand to the child telling him not to be afraid and the child moves to take Micheal's hand.

In the present, Gabriel sits upon his throne and starts to pressure to be let into the body of  Louis, a higher angel hiding in plain sight in Vega. Louis is in the market working at his fruit stall when Gabriel enters his body.  Louis' body convulses quickly and Gabriel takes over claiming that he doesn't know what came over him and that he has never been better.  Gabriel says that he has earned some me time to the man shopping at Louis' cart.

In the border lands and eight-ball tears apart a trailer until he finds a pack of cigarettes. He doesn't get to celebrate long because he is confronted by Michael who snarks that cigarettes will kill the eight-ball. In the next scene we see the eight-ball chained up in what used to be a sex shop and Alex trying to expel it from the human body it inhabits.  Michael suggests that Alex look at the apocrapher but Alex is adamant that he doesn't need to read the book anymore because the markings have told him. Michael says that this is progress and Alex snarks that he is trying to build on that progress. Alex goes back to trying to expel the eight-ball and Michael says that Alex is being over confidant. Alex points out that he burned the angel out of Claire's mom but Michael replies that Clementine was a rare case. Michael says that spiritual matters are never an exact science and in frustration, Alex shoots the eight-ball in the head. Michael calls what they are doing a fools errand but Alex is determined that continuing to try is better than sitting there and doing nothing. Michael suggests that Alex cannot keep doing this to himself but Alex is determined to keep going until he gets it right.

Back in Vega, David is lying in bed when William brings him food. David calls William insane for worshiping Gabriel who is a despicable piece of shit. William says that he is looking out for himself and trying to save David. David snarks that this is what he used to tell people on television and that it was couples with a 1-800 number. William makes it clear that he is not like David because he is telling the truth.  William believes that when the end comes that there will be a few humans who are saved and those he cares about will be among them.  David makes it clear that he is not one of David's acolytes and never will be. David makes it clear that he teaches that the chosen one is among them but that the sheep don't need to know their time is near. It is the followers of Gabriel know that the chosen one will only bring about their end.  William grabs a bowl of soup to feed his father, but David knocks it on the floor.  David is adamant that this isn't really about Gabriel but how he mistreated William. William says that David has given him more strength that he can measure and that this is about love, not revenge.

William leaves the room to find Claire waiting for him. It seems that Claire wants to move the wedding forward - next week in fact.  Claire is determined to get her father out of house and that marriage will remove the so-called burden of running the city away from her father.  Claire asks about David and William lies and claims that William has taken a turn with his pneumonia but is not going to the hospital to avoid being seen as weak.

Alex is back in Vega and he is having a shower.  He is joined by Noma who says that she missed Alex at the bar.  It seems that Noma made a toast in Alex's honour about Claire moving up her wedding. Alex calls it old news so Noma asks why he looks like someone killed his dog. Alex simply says that it has been a rough few weeks weeks but Noma makes it clear that it would easier if Alex would just speak to someone.  Noma slaps Alex across the face initiating what seems to be a common game between them and Alex laughs. In return Alex playfully slaps Noma's but and she snarks about the chosen on laughing.  Noma starts flirting with Alex saying that she is not blind and that maybe the tattoos mean that he is something special or maybe that they don't mean anything at all. Noma claims that to her, he will always be plain old Alex. It's not long before to the two are kissing. Alex says that things are different now so Noma asks if the chosen on can have a good time.  When next we see the pair, they are in the supply closet making love.

Gabriel in the guise of Louis heads to Jeffery who is a nurse in the infirmary.  Jeffery tells fake Louis that he cannot be there and that he is tired of being asked about the Michael thing. It seems that Jeffery is not interested in becoming an operative for Michael. Fake Louis suggests aligning with Gabriel but Jeffery calls Gabriel a maniac.

Senator Becca Thorn is out for a jog, followed closely by her security when she calls for everyone to take a five minute break. In the process of stretching, Becca notices blood on the sole of her running shoe. Becca retraces her steps and finds a pool of blood. When she looks up, there are several dead higher angels hanging from the walls, including Jeffery.  Becca orders the security to get Risen immediately.

Security has now quarantined off the area from the people and Michael stands and stares at the bodies. Becca questions if Michael knew that there were higher angels living inside the walls of Vega. Micheal says that the people who were killed were men and women seeking asylum in Vega in a dangerous time and adds that they are no different then Becca. Becca again asks if Michael knew and Michael makes it clear that he told the senate what they wanted to hear so that they wouldn't go after innocent citizens. Becca points out that the people had faith in Michael and that he lied to all of them.  Michael tells Becca that she was right to keep her distance from him. Becca spies Edward and informs David that Edward is blowing up the last of the tunnels and activating the guns so that if any higher angels attempt to fly out of Risen, they will be blown out of the sky. Michael walks off and Edward approaches Becca to ask what Michael knew. Becca covers for Michael but unfortunately, Edward can tell that Becca is lying. Becca asks for time in the lab with the bodies and Edward instructs her to find out everything she can about them and orders her to work on her poker face.

As the bodies get lowered to the ground, Vince tells Alex that the person who did this should get a reward. Alex is not at all pleased and suggests that all this is going to do is make people paranoid. Vince says that people need to be on the look out and accuses Alex of getting soft on the enemy. Alex counters that he doesn't want anyone who is innocent to get killed. Vince asserts that angels are not people and only look it. Vince points out that the first angels who came down were animals. The conversation is interrupted when Michael asks to see Alex.

Michael throws Alex against the wall when Alex asks if Michael killed the angels. Michael admits that he gave the angels to stay in Vega or leave because they were neutrals. Michael adds that he shouldn't have left them an option. Alex realises that there are more angels and demands to know why Michael didn't tell him.  Michael says that Alex didn't need to know but says that the others need to be warned that they are in danger.  Since Micheal's presence will only draw attention to the angels in hiding, Alex offers to warn Louis. Michael tells Alex to warn the angels that though their true natures cannot be discerned that they must not attempt to flee or they will be gunned down.

A weak David has managed to get out of bed and is getting dressed.  He takes a piece of metal from the lamp shade and manages to pick the lock.  When he opens the door he is greeted by security. David asks Lt. Howard how much he knows and Lt. Howard replies more than the others. David asks for help and Lt. Howard agrees to do so, as long as David does not shiv him. Lt.Howard guides David to an elevator and David orders that once he is out, the house is to be secured and William to be publicly arrested and brought through the streets in handcuffs.  Lt. Howard stops the elevator and when David gets out, he realises that he is not in the garage. Lt. Howard pushes David forward as David says that if it wasn't for him, Lt. Howard would be down on the island eating bread crusts. Lt. Howard asks David his name and David replies, Lt. Howard and says that Howard has been in his employ for six years. Howard asks what his first name is but David does not know it. Howard tells David that William asked him his first name on day one.

Uriel is in San Fransico and all around her, the art that she has so painstakingly collected has been destroyed.   Michael calls out for her and she replies that he missed all of the fun.  A drunk Uriel says that she is treating herself while her wounds heeled. Michael realises that Gabriel beat Uriel to get the ledger - a list of each higher angel. It seems that Uriel felt that someone had to keep track of the family after the diaspora. Uriel says that the joke is on her and that Gabriel threatened to cut off her ears so that she would never hear Chopin again. Michael asks how many Uriel's were revealed and Uriel says, only the ones in Vega. Michael tells Uriel that Gabriel is having them murdered and that it was someone they knew because the angels didn't put up a fight. Uriel questions if Gabriel got another higher to do his dirty work and Michael questions the possibility of possession.  Uriel thinks that Gabriel isn't strong enough to do this and asks Michael if he tried summoning Gabriel. Michael tells Uriel that words are no longer and option. 

Alex heads to see Louis, who is still inhabited by Gabriel. Gabriel says that he had a feeling Michael would send Alex after he saw the bodies. Alex delivers his warning about fleeing and Gabriel asks if Michael sent Alex without telling him that the angels already know about him. Gabriel tells Alex that Michael has been keeping secrets for so long he must have a hard time telling the difference between fact and fiction. Alex again tells Gabriel believing that he is Louis to stay put and that Edward has armed the guns. Gabriel says that he appreciates Micheal's concerns and adds that Michael has grown as a person. Alex asks what that means and Gabriel says that Michael doesn't like to talk about him much but that he knew him before he changed. When Alex asks what he means, Gabriel questions Alex's familiarity with the book of Genesis or the other creation myths. Gabriel says that there was a great flood and Alex replies that he had heard the story. Gabriel tells Alex that Noah wasn't saving animals and Alex asks what this has to do with Michael. Gabriel tells Alex that since humanity cannot wrap its mind around things, they make up metaphors and the metaphors stick. Gabriel says that Noah built a bunker and not an arc to protect people. Alex questions what the people needed to be protected from and Gabriel says that Alex should be asking from whom.

David is still locked up and is watching his lion pace back and forth when William makes an appearance. William tells David that ancient cultures worshiped the Ouroboros, which is an image of a snake eating its own tail. David snarks that the money spent to educate William was well spent and questions William's intention to feed him to his own lion. William tells David that he is the snake and that the only way to survive is to end his hunger. William tells David to check the box on the table and David finds a gun. David quickly points the gun at William but William tells him to check the cylinder first. David finds a single bullet in the chamber. The lion is released from its cage and William tells David that he was a man who lost everything who caged the king of the jungle.  The lion apparently represents self deification. David screams to be released and that he doesn't need saving.  David makes it clear that he will not bow down before any man or angel because he would rather be eaten alive. The lion begins to stalk David recognize him as prey. David tells William that his mother would be ashamed and William agrees. Finally, David is given no choice but to kill his own lion.

Alex is back in headquarters and Noma questions where he has been. Alex admits that he was running errands for Michael and pulls a bible out of his bag.  Noma tells Alex that he can always trust her and Alex questions how well they know Michael.  Alex shows Noma that tattoo which says beware people closest to him. Noma is called away and asks Alex if they can talk later.

Later, on shift, Vince questions if Alex and Noma are back together again. ALex tells Vince that he doesn't know what he is talking about so Vince reveals that heard the noises coming from the supply closet. They are interrupted when Louis (read: Gabriel) calls Alex saying that it is an emergency asking to meet in the stratosphere.

When Alex arrives in the stratosphere he finds Louis sitting in a chair. Alex tells him that he shouldn't be there but Louis says that this is the safest place to be because he knows who the killer is. Noma enters the room and is shocked to find Louis. Alex questions what Noma is doing there and Louis (read: Gabriel) admits to calling her. Louis (read: Gabriel) says that Noma is here to teach Alex a listen on why no one should trust Michael. Louis (Gabriel) says that the proof is in the putting and pushes Noma out of the window. Alex shoots Louis (read: Gabriel) and rushes to the window to see Noma falling to the ground. Louis (read: Gabriel) starts to laugh as Noma releases her wings and flies away.

Later, Alex confronts Michael about lying to him and Michael says that he didn't lie. Alex points out that Noma was one of his closest friends, the one person he really trusted is an angel.  Michael tells Alex that he can still trust Noma and Alex questions if Noma knew who he was. Michael yells that Noma wasn't a spy and that Alex needed protecting from himself. Louis (read: Gabriel) starts to laugh adding that Alex wouldn't need looking after if he wasn't such a mess. Alex yells that he knows who he is and demands to know who Michael is. Michael points out that he has been watching over Alex his entire life, waiting for Alex to step up to the promise that has been woven into him by divine will. Michael is pissed that Alex is questioning his motives while in the corner Louis (read: Gabriel) sits in the corner laughing. Alex yells  for Louis (read: Gabriel) to shut up and Michael says that this isn't about humans versus angels but about what is right and what is wrong. Alex says that this is about guilt and Michael grabs Louis (read: Gabriel) and accuses him killing the other angels. Gabriel says that neutrality is a myth and Michael finally realises that he is not in fact talking to Louis but Gabriel. Alex grabs his gun and points it at Gabriel, shocked that he can possess higher angels now. Gabriel admits that he has been practicing and informs Alex that he would be surprised at what he is capable of if he tries. When Michael accuses Gabriel of sinking to a new low, Gabriel explains that this was the only way to inform the chosen one about the truth regarding Michael.

Michael throws Gabriel across the room and Gabriel tells Alex that his path should not be guided by a misguided archangel and instead by Gabriel himself.  Michael points out that Gabriel is using an innocent body. Gabriel argues that innocence is in the eye of the beholder and points out that Louis was happy to sell produce while a war was being waged around him. Gabriel yells that the angels were sacrificed to shake the city's blind faith in Michael. Michael draws his sword and Gabriel calls Michael a deceitful bastard. Alex begins trying to expel Gabriel from Louis. Gabriel does not take it seriously calls Alex adorable.  The expulsion begins to work and though Gabriel struggles against it, he is cast out of Louis. When Gabriel arrives him he finds Uriel waiting for him. Gabriel tells Uriel that Michael has taught Alex how to perform an eviction. Uriel smiles and calls Alex the chosen one and asks if killing three of their own was worth it. Gabriel says that it wound up Michael and that it won't be long until they have another flood on their hands.

A clearly broken and defeated David sits on his bed. This time, when William attempts to feed him, David passively sips at the soup when the spoon is offered.

Alex is standing in a factory watching as dead angels are brought in black body bags. Michael storms in saying that the angels knew the guns were pointed at them and yet they fled. Alex points out that Gabriel probably never delivered the message and asks if this is all of them. Michael says that this is all of them with the exception of Noma. Alex tells Michael that Gabriel told him things about his past, specifically the flood and asks if it is true. Michael tells Alex not to listen and walks out. Alex calls out that he is not done with Michael but Michael keeps moving.

We get a flashback to ancient Babylonian, where Michael is offering his hand to the little boy. As the boy takes Micheal's hand, Gabriel lands and demands that Michael let the boy go. Michael draws his sword but before he can kill the boy, Gabriel shoves Michael and tells the boy to run. Michael gets back on his feet and Gabriel accuses Michael of being God's great flood to cleanse the earth. Michael points out that humanity had begun to worship angels instead of God and he couldn't let that stand. Gabriel points out that Michael has killed every man, woman, and child but Michael points out that this is what God asked him to do. Gabriel and Michael run towards each other but Uriel lands between them. Uriel demands that Michael and Gabriel stop but Gabriel points out that of all of the pleasures offered by the earth, Michael has chosen murder. Michael says that he is just ensuring the natural order of things and that nothing is more natural than death

Do you know what one of my pet hates are? It’s when the bad guy says something to the good guy, clearly to divide their loyalties and make them doubt – and the good guy swallows it, hook line and sinker. I mean, why would anyone believe Gabriel at this point? What reason does anyone have for doubting Michael who actually saved humanity? Gabriel is currently trying to wipe mankind out but we’re going to see Michael as the bad guy? Really?

And in their own theological canon it doesn’t make much sense to blame Michael for this anyway! As he said, he was carrying out his father’s orders – it’s always been very clear that angels are the agents of god and have major major daddy issues. Look at the Archangels – all three of them are focused entirely on their father. They’re all desperately dependent on him (this would actually be an interesting line to pursue – the divine beings not granted free well as man was, completely lost and rudderless without direction; beings who have never had to make their own decisions before now faced of a life without guidance).

I was irritated to see Uriel being abused because she should be an equal to her brothers – so I’m actually kind of relieved to see Uriel playing her own game.

And Noma a higher angel? Did not see that coming