Monday, September 29, 2014

Intruders, Season 1, Episode 6: Bound

Richard Shepherd meets with Rose – who is wearing Amy’s body (that would be Jack’s wife) – to report Frank is dead (but not that he killed him) and the other Shepherds are looking for the killer (except him, obviously). Richard wants to continue Frank’s task, whatever that was, because of the history he shared with Amy (he did?) though not, apparently with Rose (wait, is Amy the reincarnator? Or Rose? Or Both?). Richard also apologises for taking so long to “trigger” Rose.

This job involves bringing someone back from the dead which is forbidden by a group called Reverti and if she’s caught they’ll be killed and not resurrected; especially tricky since Amy/Rose is due to become one of the 9 (whoever they are – bosses of the organisation I infer – I think they are the Reverti). She gives Richard the name and he goes to confirm whoever this guy is – and then he’ll need the trigger which Amy/Rose has. And no, we don’t get to see the name

Over to Jack (damn it, he’s the only one with no answers) who calls Amy (who he just saw in Roses’s room) to say how much he misses her and to check where she is – she lies of course. Jack goes and grabs his gun – having a flashback to his ill-defined past as a policeman in which he killed someone; expanded now to show one of them was completely helpless when Jack finished him off. He charges through the house ransacking the place to find lots of medication (which I’m guessing is fertility medication because it also comes with a flashback to Amy bloodstained that we’ve seen before which we can pretty much confirm is a miscarriage). After tearing throw her mail he finds that she’s preparing to divorce him.

He then breaks into his wife’s safe and pulls out a Que Reverti book – one of those books all the returned get with a number 9 on the cover (we’ve seen Marcus/Madison with the same book). The book is written in several languages; he also finds a box inside which is a pen, a funnel, a coin and nail polish. Because RANDOM.

He stops when he hears someone creeping outside. We then have a ridiculous amount of time with him pulling his gun, having flashbacks and being all tense and dramatic for ages before we see it’s the neighbours checking up on what they thought was an empty house. The neighbours are concerned and a little creepy. They want to tell Jack how Amy has moved on (looking ultra creepy while doing so). Yes they’re part of the creepy Reverti club and because she really liked Jack they’re going to point a gun at him and make him leave with whatever he can carry. Yeah, feel the love.

Over to Richard Shepherd at a Chinese restaurant who keeps trying to trigger one of the waiters, Peter (jazz is involved, because jazz is a thing, it seems). He then calls Amy/Rose to confirm “it’s him” which makes Amy very happy.

Back to Jack who, after a brief struggle, takes the guns off the neighbours and demands answers. Which is when Amy magically appears and tells them to go home. Amy tells Jack that Amy is gone (or very nearly so) – she’s confident that her telling him this personally will make it all so very clear. Uh-huh. He asks her questions about all that he’s seen and she just seems willing to walk off and not answer any questions until Jack pulls out the random objects from the box. Each one is a symbol of one of Amy/Rose’s old lives; each one is a trigger. She tells the story of each one, from Russia to Italy to India and to her time as the girlfriend of Bix Biederbeck (back to jazz again) her language and accent changing each time.

Jack doubts all of it, for obvious reasons, so Rose turns to seduction (with the creepy idea that he could be, basically, rougher with Rose than with Amy). He kisses her and she slaps him – and he launches his theory – that she’s had a breakdown after the miscarriage - Rose claims she killed the baby because she didn’t want it and to get rid of Amy, which worked. Jack attacks her, strangling her; he lets go as she gasps and when she demands her triggers back, Jack drops them on the floor.

Jack mopes and Rose talks about Jack, Amy and the baby meeting in another life – and leaves behind her wedding ring so Jack can use it as a trigger for his next life.

Alone, Jack mopes and flashbacks about the miscarriage and the aftermath when Amy had the body cremated before talking to him – Jack realises that she disposed of the body herself. This scene is ridiculously long.

Over to the Madison/Marcus storyline – Madison’s parents arrive at the house she called from and find it empty – except for the man she murdered. The police are called in, including a detective who recognises the handiwork of Marcus Fox who he had hoped was dead. Madison’s mother treats us to a very odd monologue on the joys of pregnancy and motherhood to serve as a convoluted backdrop to Jack digging up the miscarried baby’s grave – and digging up the body.

Over to Richard and Amy/Rose and Richard warning Rose they risk being chucked out of the group and losing their immortality in the process. Richard can’t talk her out of the whole risking everything so he takes her to Peter’s flat to use a trigger on him and Rose then launches into how amazing it is to resurrect to a sceptical and confused Peter – or Bix as he is now - who hasn’t been prepared like the Reverti are so is likely going to be pretty lost and confused for a while. I think Rose is going to be very disappointed when it comes to her lost love.

Y’know instead of all the episodes of tension we could have had a little more explanation rather than it all been dumped here. And it was dumped, in vast chunks of exposition and I’m still not entirely sure where everything fits, exactly. And I think they’ve missed a big opportunity to develop the individual returned (Reverti?), their society and their culture and even what it does to them (like their casualness about killing – after all if there’s no death why care about murder) instead we’ve been wandering around trying to hint at a mystery when we’ve all known the vague outline of it from the very beginning – but the details have been left blank. I’m wondering if that is all being reserved for a second season.

But it does mean all of Jack’s epic epic angst and moping frustrates me. Because it may be epic, it may be incredibly acted but it’s all so mundane compared to the supernatural element we continually skim over without any real depth.

It’s just all been so badly done – trying to be mysterious when we’ve kind of known the main answers from the beginning while failing to add any details to the big mystery that would actually give us something to latch on to. I also kind of hate Jack and his suspicion. Now does Jack have lots of reason to be suspicious and confused by Amy? Kind of, yes. But he only has that suspicion because he grossly overreacted in the first place. And even with what’s going on, him being possessive and even violent has always been there. Frankly, woo-woo aside, I’d want to run for the hills if I were Amy

Why is Rose doing this? Why not maintain the pretence of being Amy and just leave Jack? Instead she drops in and says “hey, I’m Rose. WOOOOOOO!” like that’s going to be an easier way to extract her old lives? Almost from the beginning Rose has been throwing hooks and breadcrumbs at Jack for no reason so his suspicion and possessiveness would ensure he got on the trail.