Saturday, October 4, 2014

Haven, Season 5, Episode 4: Much Ado About Mara

Dwight has just arrived to collect Mara but is forced to pause when she points out Duke is about to explode and spatter them all with unpleasant Trouble bits unless they let her loosen the pressure by releasing a Trouble. Dwight agrees to wait and Audrey briefly breaks through to tell Duke he can totally trust Mara in this instance.

She bleeds out one of the Troubles and they both leave finding a whole gang of Red Guard including a guy called Mitchell who is very kill happy. Duke’s new Trouble is to babble nonsense. Aha, we finally have the Teague Trouble revealed! He also thinks he’s making sense (not quite the same as the Teagues then).

Dwight questions Mara and after much back and forth she reveals she can cure the Troubles to put them off killing her – and agrees to cure one person.

Duke is talking gibberish to poor Jodie who tries to share some family secret to the man talking gibberish so he can somehow pass it on to her kids. Nathan has also been lurking around observing Dwight taking Mara and now tries to question Duke. Not useful. Nathan is, of course, focused on Audrey – and how to make that work they need to treat Mara like Audrey (which is a fun denial game) while Dwight treating Mara like Mara is only reinforcing Mara.

Nathan and Duke launch a rescue while Dwight is collecting Jodie (the obvious cure candidate) and Mara spills about the night she and Duke spent together which is a suitable distraction before Dwight returns and catches them all. Nathan and Duke are locked up. Mara cures Jodie –her light Trouble ends.

It then rains birds. Because Haven. Which interrupts Dwight arguing with Mara about helping others – she wants Aether, he threatens her and she lets slip that the Troubles aren’t bad (or seems contemptuous of the idea the Troubles are bad).

Nathan has a breakthrough that Duke’s nonsense Trouble is related to his guilt over Jennifer’s death which leads to a quick and tidy resolution and Duke speaking coherently again. Duke is also on Team Get Audrey Back so picks the lock of the chains holding him and Nathan.

Anyway back to the Trouble – water is now boiling and a rake is bending and a guy goes blind. Well that’s random. Dwight assumes it’s Duke but they’re working on the assumption Duke can only be Troubled by one thing at a time – to be sure Dwight wants Duke out of the area; the Trouble stops happening and they know it’s Duke though Duke insists it isn’t and they need Nathan and Duke to figure it out. Of course Dwight doesn’t trust Nathan who is still obsessing over Audrey despite the fact Audrey is nothing compared to ending the Troubles on Dwight’s priority list. In the end Duke hammers out a deal – Nathan won’t take Mara, Dwight won’t talk to Mara and they can all focus on the raining dead birds for a moment.

Mara plays more mind games with Duke, letting him think he’s the cause while Dwight puts things together – it’s a microwave Trouble. Someone’s shooting out Microwaves causing all the problems – Mara boasts that she changed Jodie’s Trouble; rather than absorb and shoot out light she now absorbs, enhances and shoots out microwaves.

Duke finds Jodie nearby – the car she was in crashed when the driver was cooked. Rather than getting Mara to fix her they go back to the tried and true method of dealing with whatever emotional issue is triggering it (then hoping Jodie never feels guilty again).

Dwight returns to Mara to question her and Mara gloats about how much fun it was. She viciously taunts Dwight about his daughter and Dwight decides to randomly talk about what an amazing woman Audrey was, as you do. Audrey rises up and begs for help.

Talking to Nathan and Duke the new plan is to get Audrey out and have her access Mara’s memories (which she’s shown she has) so she can then end the Troubles when it’s clear they don’t actually have a good way to force Mara to do it. They make a plan based on the things Audrey loves which lets her raise up: Nathan, Duke, helping people with Troubles (they should really throw in something silly there like, say, pizza).

They bombard her with memories and emotions until Nathan crushes her in a hug while she struggles. Audrey rises up; she has to move quickly before Mara fights her back – and Audrey can’t access all of Mara’s memories, only what Mara happens to be thinking of. And Mara’s been lying – she can’t cure Troubles.

Mara returns and finally realises Audrey is still buried inside and resolves to kill her.


The Teagues are back home and having a brotherly argument. Vince is angry that Dave shot at him, angry about losing the guard and pretty damn angry that his twin lied about his adoption and the fact he was from the Other Side (the misty dimension place where evil William is now trapped while his actor guest stars on The Vampire Diaries). There’s pop corn throwing and accusations before they get down to business: they’re missing time from when they were in the cave and during that time Dave got beaten up. They conclude something terrible came through and they need to know what. But first they need to rebuild the trust in their relationship

So it’s to Maddy “Iron Maiden” relationship councillor. No, really. She resorts to hypnosis and Dave has some odd visions of attacking a deer – but with his bare hands (we see through his eyes so he could be possessing someone). Maddy pretends she heard nothing and gets Dave to leave before trying to contact Vince – when a monster attacks her

Vince hurries to see Maddy – and she doesn’t remember a thing. Same as Dave. All the find is a single word written hugey in Maddy’s notes – Croatoan.

Given that Mara is actually Mara’s core personality, Nathan trying to get people to treat Mara as a completely different people feels more like him trying to foist a delusion he finds more palatable on her. Yes, Audrey is much nicer than Mara, but she’s still, for all intents and purposes, not real – she’s a copy of a real person. Especially when she’s broken by the forced hug. This whole scene, this whole concept is really really off.

Duke played comic relief this episode which was quite ridiculous. I rather think after the 9th time it was clear no-one could understand him he’d actually stop talking. And people would stop asking him questions

Did Dave just become a werewolf? Seriously, I had to watch random trouble of the week while Dave was a werewolf/warg/whatever memory eater