Sunday, November 4, 2012

Haven, Season 3, Episode 7: Magic Hour Part 1

 A couple in a house are watching their dead child on the table – her death was an accident but they haven’t called the police – because when the sun goes down, she gets up and seems to be all better.

Another Trouble in Haven!

Audrey is going to check up on James Cogan (the Colorado Kid, who disappeared in 1983) – talking to Paul and Junes Cogan, his parents. Paul is dead and she keeps getting an answering machine at the house – so needs to go see June and see if she knows where James is since, apparently, she loved him and she did leave a note to herself telling her that it was important to find him before she goes away. And maybe finding him will stop her having to go away. There, nice recap fit in there. Anyway she’s flying to Colorado with Duke (Nathan naturally not amused by tis because RAWR HATE DUKE).

Back to the Trouble of the week, the newly reunited family are happy that their daughter is alive, though Dan, the father, wants to get her to a doctor while Linda, the mother is just happy their daughter is alive. Right until a speeding car rams into her and kills her.

An ambulance arrives along with Tommy and Nathan and they find it odd that Dan is talking on his phone while his wife is covered by a sheet and taken to the morgue. Nathan has Tommy follow him just in case he’s involved.

He returns to the police station to run into Jordan, her friend Grady has disappeared while on a mission to bring a Troubled person from California to Haven; he disappeared at about the same time the bolt gun killer showed up. Jordan insists she gets to see the evidence that points to the bolt gun killer is in the guard. He tells her that handing out police evidence to people of dubious adherence to the law who are harbouring a murderer isn’t the best plan. Hah! No, of course he doesn’t – he hands it right over, showing her the picture of the killer killing a woman outside the ATM – in which you can see his tattoo and a watch, which she recognises as a gift she gave Grady. She lifts the maps on the flip chart to see the gruesome things the bolt gun killer has done to his victims.  Jordan want to bring him in, she wants to make this right (hey, give evidence to the police then? Maybe?)

Tommy following around Dan watches him take out a substantial sum of money from the bank and then drop it off at the athletic centre – which looks a lot like a money drop for paying off, say, a hitman. From there it’s too the morgue where Tommy and Nathan find Dan holding the nice medical people at scalpel point and checking his watch – he’s agitated that they may cut into her body in an autopsy. The sun sets and Linda is back – alive again.

Tommy interviews Dan and, much to his own disbelief, asks him if he paid money to have his wife brought back from the dead. Dan tells his story, when Lizzie fell from a tree and broke her neck, a voice on the phone told them to wait until sunset and Lizzie would be brought back – which happened. But with Linda, they demanded the drop off of money. Tommy tells him he’s paid the ransom, that he’s being blackmailed.

They get a hit on the smashed headlight from the car that run down Linda – it’s registered to Sophia and Charlie Carter, Dan’s partners in an organic vegetable farm. They go to investigate and find Sophia clutching her phone and sitting over the dead body of her husband, waiting for the sun to go down. When it does, he doesn’t move and she cries – she paid the money, he wasn’t supposed to stay dead – the people who killed her husband promised.

They decide that they need to find someone connected to both families so check employees. Which leads them to the housekeeper who works for both families and called in sick that day.

We switch to the 2 paramedics, who picked up Linda’s body arguing. She says it’s complicated, it’s her sister – he says her sister dragged her into a blackmail scheme and murdered Charlie Carter. She protests they should have gotten to him before sundown. The sister arrives, Moira and tells the female paramedic, Noelle they have to leave town. He tries to intervene telling her to leave Noelle alone and Noelle suggests Moira takes the money and leaves town on her own, they won’t tell the police anything. Moira shoots him, says he’s screwing everything up. She agrees to leave if Moira will just let her touch him. She touches the body and the sunsets – the bullet wound shrinks on his forehead and appears on Noelle’s while she screams in pain until it regenerates.

Tommy and Nathan arrive and take the boyfriend’s story, all that’s left of the gunshot wound is a scar. Background on the sisters shows they were orphans moving around foster homes but they get where they lived before their father died – a cabin which they have to find.

In the cabin Moira helps Noelle in – there’s a road block around the town stopping them escaping. Moira’s frustrated because they had so many rich targets they didn’t hit – which shocks Noelle that she was going to kill so many people. Moira complains they’d be ahead if Noelle could absorb more than one death a day, but their father said it was dangerous. Moira berates Noelle as a child for caring about people and blames her for not saving their father.

In Colorado, Audrey and Duke arrive at the address though the man renting the house says he doesn’t know the Cogans. He just pays rent. But by the door there’s an engraving of the Guard’s  tattoo. After Duke gets insistent, the man admits that he put up the symbol so Troubled people would know it’s a safe house – he still doesn’t know a James Cogan, Paul Cogan is dead and June Cogan is in a home.

They go to see June, but she’s confused and suffering from Alzheimers, still thinking James is 9 years old. But when she looks at Audrey she calls her Sarah and asks why she changed her hair and said she said she’d never come back.  She recognises her as Sarah (who she was in the 50s) and not Lucy (who she was in the 80s and when she knew James) They leave before security is called as June loses it

She calls Nathan so they can exchange knowledge and learns that the Guard runs safe houses all over the country. Tension is… high between them. Duke returns and they discuss June (and yes, the flirting begins), they can’t trust June’s memories, but Duke stole her photo album. Looking through the album they find a picture of James getting married – to a woman called Arla in 1983, which leaves them confusedly wondering how Lucy – or Sarah – fit in.

Except Arla committed suicide when the Colorado Kid disappeared, so it’s another dead end. Audrey talks a lot about her lives, her feelings and the things she hasn’t experienced to Duke while he tries to encourage her that they can beat it. She thinks she’s wasting time and wants to live the 20 days she has left before she disappears again. More bonding – lots lots more bonding. And they kiss, hallelujah! It’s about time. Kissing grows more heated, a jacket comes off… and Audrey backs off. Nooo please not back to relationship quasi-love-triangle limbo!

A chance comment from Duke gives her one more idea – she dyes her hair red and changes into period clothes to go see June again. June recognises her and says “you said you’d never come back” and asks Sarah to give them another chance. She brought a child to them – James, to keep him safe. James Cogan was Sarah’s son.

Flying back to Haven, they get a call from Nathan to help search the cabins for Noelle. Tommy and Nathan find Noelle and how many issues she has with blaming herself and making excuses for her sister.

Jordan is investigating the missing Gary who may be the bolt-gun killer. On the case goes and speaks to Dwight and fills him in about Grady and how he needs to be brought in quickly and discreetly to protect the Guard. They’re going to talk to the man Grady was supposed to meet. He’s been completely alone and was told he’d have to support to help start a new life she gives him a phone number for help and asks after Grady – during a meeting the cops showed up and he ran.

They follow up and find Grady’s car – crashed and burned out with a charred skeleton in the driver’s seat. He’s dead, been dead for some time and probably isn’t the bolt gun killer – Dwight passes the information to Nathan. Jordan tells him about Haven PD breaking them up and suggests someone’s gone rogue in the department.

While checking co-ordinates on Tommy’s GPS to give directions to Audrey, Nathan finds route 17 recorded – where Gary’s car was dumped. He suspects Tommy may be the rogue cop. He searches Tommy’s boot and finds a bolt gun. Tommy comes out and sees Nathan – and shoots him, twice (YAAAAY! Oh, I mean. Nooo. How sad. This is ad. Yes. Oh… crap they’ve got Noelle who can bring people back from the dead. Damn you Haven, raising my hopes like that!)

Noelle and Moira run into the woods and Audrey and Duke arrive – to find Tommy and Nathan’s body. Audrey cries over Nathan’s body, Tommy says Noelle, the troubled girl started shooting but I don’t think Duke believes him

It ends with “To Be Continued”

Let me make a prediction now: They find Noelle before sunset and she saves Nathan’s life. Cliff-hangers where a main character dies only work when you’ve got an “anyone can die” show.

More and more I can’t stand Nathan – or Jordan for that matter. They’re angsty, grumpy, passive aggressive, sniping really unpleasant self-absorbed people and I really want someone to call them on it.

Tommy is not the bolt gun killer. The CCTV picture showed a white man with a tattoo, so there’s still someone else out there

I’m not happy with them bringing in a recurring Black character, at last, and then making him a villain, especially after Evie last season.