Thursday, January 15, 2015

Forever, Season 1, Episode 13: Diamonds are Forever

Opening scene with a thief clearing out a jewellery store before we head to Abraham’s antique shop for classic banter between him and Henry. From there we turn to a shadowy figure knocking at Jo’s door who is gone before she can answer it. This is relevant because Henry monologues about fate.

To the next day and a crime scene in Jo’s neighbourhood – an apparent hit and run. Henry is quick to say it’s not an accident and when they get back to the morgue he points out several injuries that are consistent with being repeatedly arrested and abused by the police (though no-one seems to think receiving repeated permanent injuries from the police is a questionable thing at all and instead thinks it’s indicative of what a bad man he is). Hanson does some digging and it’s revealed that the victim, Aaron, was prosecuted by Sean Moore, Jo’s dead husband.

Jo is a little shaken and Hanson tries to be comforting in an awkward fashion. They also learn that Aaron was suspected in the jewel robbery. They speak to his wife who insists that he’s a changed man from his criminal days – but Jo is completely resistant to the idea that he could possibly have changed. This leads to the first of Henry’s flashbacks to when he was in prison in the 19th century with a Catholic priest who helps him escape by killing himself because God’s will.

Henry and Jo go to the theft crime scene which is being investigated by detective Hank, an old friend of Jo’s (and Henry noting Hank unconscious gestures denoting attraction to Jo). They enjoy Henry’s method in which he explains Aaron’s innocence of the theft. Having blowing up Hank’s case (Jo: “he does that, a lot”) we move on.

To the police station where Hanson is still trying to be awkwardly comforting and they watch old evidence from when Aaron was arrested including lots of video footage of dead-hubby Simon for some reason. Back to genius mode, Henry concludes the person who wore the mask had diabetes which leads to Diego, one of Aaron’s associates who Henry diagnoses from a photograph.

Jo, Hanson and suspicious-Hank (yes I’m calling it) go to arrest Diego and there’s a firefight in which Hanson is wounded – and Diego is dead from Hank’s bullet (definitely calling it). When they have Diego on the slab, Henry discovers Diego has swallowed a bag of diamonds.

Time to go to Abraham (because chain of evidence is for other people – and yes, he did lecture Henry about this last episode) to assay the stones who pronounces them to be “meh”. Which contradicts what the shop owner claimed which confuses Henry (apparently lying on an insurance claim is confusing to Henry). Henry is also confused that Diego stole “worthless” diamonds

Side plot – something of Abraham’s has gone missing and he keeps pestering henry to find the thief, now making an assumption about an “Asian kid” which makes Henry hellaciously uncomfortable – he tells Abraham he’s making assumptions, profiling and generally being very very wrong

Henry takes his discomfort with the case to Jo and Hanson – and when Jo is gone Hanson asks Henry to drop it because dwelling on the case is dwelling on Simon and hurting Jo. So henry and Lucas investigate alone except the clues of red paint on Aaron’s body leads them to… Jo’s door, presumably to speak to Simon.

They talk to Aaron’s wife who tells them that Aaron liked Simon who, though a prosecutor, did his best to reduce Aaron’s sentence and give him a second chance.

Time for Henry to go drinking with Jo and try his hand at being comforting. They get drunk and Jo wakes up at Henry’s (no, not in his bed) in time for Abraham to babble on about his stolen statue and Henry to have the revelation that insurance fraud exists and that was behind the theft. Time for Jo and Hank to go arrest the jewellery store owner.

Time to get back to my “Hank is suspicious” (c’mon, sexual tension with Jo is clear competition for the slow burn will-they-won’t-they between Jo and Henry. TV land will not let this stand), Henry finds Hanson’s wound deeply suspicious and concludes that Diego couldn’t possibly have shot Hanson – only Hank could.

Jo also gets suspicious over Hank’s choice of conversation and surreptitiously calls Henry (should I note she has Henry on speed dial but not Hanson or anyone else at the police station?) so he can overhear their conversation and track them. Hank realises he’s been exposed and does a nice villainous exposition.

Realising they can’t get a police response in time and that Hank will kill Jo, Henry tells Jo to crash into a barricade (where she, as driver, will survive according to his death-knowing skills). Showing immense trust, she does – disconnecting Hanks’ seat belt just before they hit.

Jo is, of course, completely alive and almost totally unhurt as well.

And back to Abraham who gets a very unsubtle lesson in profiling when it’s clear that kid didn’t steal his statue but moved it because he’s a fine appreciator of antiquities and the horse was awful.

Jo goes home to watch a video of her dead husband over and over and Henry drops round to visit her and keep her company.

I found the plot a little shaky this week. Henry managed to drag the case on by deciding Diego stole “worthless” diamonds. The diamonds were in a locked box in a jewelry store – even Henry had to take them to Abraham to have them declared “meh” (which isn’t exactly worthless because DIAMONDS!) but Diego was supposed to recognise their poor worth mid robbery? Personally, I’d assume anything in a locked box in a jewellery store was probably pretty valuable.

While the plot was shaky, I’m glad to see some more development of Jo. When the series first began, the main (in fact, only) major element of Jo’s character and history we were presented with was that she was bereaved and still badly effected by her husband’s death. And then… we kind of forgot. We didn’t revisit Jo’s grief for 12 episodes. And now, I’m glad we’re finally getting there, but 12 episodes?