Saturday, January 17, 2015

Resurection, Season 2, Episode 11: True Believer

Robert dreams of walking through the woods with James and they discuss what happened the day Bellamy first died.  Mr. Henderson walks out of the woods in complete panic and though Bellamy tries to assure him that he is fine, he begs to be taken back.  When Bellamy awakes, he tells Maggie about the dream he had about James and she encourages him to speak to him.  Bellamy is still uncertain, sure in his belief that Janes has an angle. Realising that Bellamy and Maggie are talking about Preacher James, Jenny tells them the story of how Preacher James healed a man, giving him the ability to walk.  Bellamy becomes certain that James is a con man when Jenny reveals that at James's sermons, there was always a collection plate.

Henry and Fred are having breakfast together and they discuss the fight that Lucille and Henry are having.  Henry asks for advice on the situation and Fred brings up the factory but Henry declares that it is about the Langston legacy.  In frustration, Fred tells Henry that he doesn't want to hear the truth because the factory was about their mother.  Fred believes that what happened with factory made Lucille believe that Margaret was more important to Henry than her and Jacob.  Henry wonders if Margaret is okay.

Margaret makes her way into the dining room of the facility and all of the resident stop speaking.  Margaret is clearly disturbed.  In the corner, a woman is bullied out of her glasses and Margaret intervenes and demands that the glasses be returned.  After pausing for a moment, the bully hands Margaret the glasses and she returns them to the owner before sitting and returning to her meal

Jacob and Lucille walk hand in hand and Jacob wonders when his father is coming home.  Lucille assures Jacob that what is going on has nothing to do with him and that he can see Henry whenever he wants.  Jacob then sees Jenny and Bellamy walking down the street and the two  kids run off together.  Across the street, Lucille notices a crowd of people gathered together.  It turns out that Preacher James is giving a sermon on the street corner.  James fixates on Mrs. Henderson, who is in mourning for her husband.  James tells Mrs. Henderson that she has to believe in a miracle and sure enough, Mr. Henderson arrives. 

At the hospital, Rachel arrives because she is experiencing contractions.  Rachel explains everything that happened with Janine and her daring escape to Maggie, who suggests informing Fred but Rachel makes it clear that she is not afraid of Janine. It turns out that what Rachel was experiencing was Braxton Hicks contractions but her pregnancy is moving rapidly forward.  Maggie promises Rachel that she will find her a place to stay and Rachel is adamant that she wants to pay her own way and does not want charity.

Bellamy walks into the local bar and finds Pastor James.  James reveals that he was asked to bring Tom back from the dead and says that unfortunately, he couldn't oblige.  Bellamy tells James that he couldn't bring Tom back because it is not in his power to do so. James brings up their shared dream and Bellamy asserts that Mrs. Henderson was conned into believing that James brought her husband back.  James declares that he did bring Mr. Henderson back and that Henderson called out for help, which James provided. Bellamy then reveals that he knows that James was a con artist in his past life but James questions how Bellamy can continue to doubt, given the miracles he has seen.  James questions what he has to do to make Bellamy believe and in return, Bellamy threatens him with the government holding center for the Returned, if James continues to con people.

Henry is in Fred's spare room and he breaks down and calls Lucile.  Henry asks to get together to talk and they agree to meet at Twain's for dinner at 6pm tonight. 

Back at the facility, Robin, the woman whose glasses Margaret returned, enters Margaret's room.  Robin reveals that she knows who Margaret is and that her uncle worked at Langston furniture. Robin thanks Margaret for what she did and Margaret says that she has always known how to handle bullies.  When Robin suggests that the bullies are afraid of Margaret, Margaret says that they should be.  Robin then brings up Richard and asks if Margaret killed him but Margaret instead changes the topic and simply says that she can be thanked by being left alone.  Instead of leaving, Robin informs Margaret that there are Returned who want to escape and begs Margaret for help but Margaret reveals that she has no desire to leave the facility.

Lucille is waiting at the restaurant for Henry.  Bellamy sits in his office and Henry suddenly appears to thank Bellamy for returning Jacob to him.  Fred knocks on the door to ask if Bellamy wants some Indian food and Bellamy is quick to turn that down.  When Bellamy turns around, Henry is gone.  Henry and Fred rush outside to find Henry dead in his SUV.  Later, Henry lies on a stretcher, as Fred tells Bellamy that because he is the youngest, he doesn't know a life without Henry. Fred is wracked with guilt because he tried to have Jacob taken away, adding that Henry forgave him.  Bellamy tries to assure Fred that he made up for it but Fred believes he has not.  Bellamy gives Fred a comforting tap before heading to a crying Maggie.  Maggie brings up the fact that Henry spent 30 years grieving Jacob adding that she finds it incredibly sad that now that Jacob has returned, Henry is dead.  Maggie believes that Henry died of a sudden cardiac arrest like his father. When Maggie finally completely breaks down, Bellamy embraces her. 

Margaret is in her room at the facility when Randy stops by to deliver a sandwich because she missed dinner.   Randy tells Margaret that he used to be a prison guard bringing the the institutionalized men he dealt with and questions what she is doing there.  Margaret explains that she is there because the government thinks that the Returned are dangerous.  Randy is smarter than he looks however and calls Margaret on her b.s., pointing out that her son is sheriff and even agreed to claim her. Randy reveals that Margaret is the only one here who wants to be but Margaret says that there is nothing for her outside of the institution.  In parting words, Randy tells Margaret that she is either punishing her family, or punishing herself.

Fred sits down with Lucille to tell her about Henry's death.  Lucille simply stares into space for a few minutes before she tells Fred about the meeting they were supposed to have at Twain's.  Lucille is positive that Henry is coming back and simply needs a little help.  Fred points out that if she believes that Henry will return like Jacob, they won't know when of if it is possible. Lucille then brings up preacher James and how he brought back Frank Henderson.  Fred is shocked but Lucille is adamant that not only did she see it, Bellamy saw it as well. 

Rachel meets with Elaine, who offers her a room above the bar.  Rachel is concerned with the cost of rent, suggesting that they can work something out.  Elaine suggests that Rachel might be able to wait tables and gives her key, adding that they can work out the details later.  Rachel thanks Elaine for help and asks if Elaine feels obliged to help her.  Elaine replies that she owes Rachel a lot more than a room for saving Ray's life.

Lucille and Fred sit down with James and question if what James did for the Henderson's was a trick.  James is adamant that it was not trick and that he can bring Henry back at great cost to him.  Lucille is quick to offer money but James declines and says that while he cannot make any guarantees, he believes he can help them, if they bring Bellamy to him. 

Back at the Langston's, Lucille and Fred tell Bellamy about what James had to say.  Bellamy tells them that James is a con man and that no one can bring someone back.  Bellamy is adamant that James is playing on their hopes, adding that he has a bad feeling about this.  Fred points out that this costs Bellamy nothing but Bellamy is certain that James is only saying this to try and get into his head. Bellamy is adamant that this isn't about Henry and is in fact about James but Lucille suggests that Bellamy is making this all about him.  Even Jacob and Jenny step forward to ask Bellamy to try.

Bellamy and Fred head to the church to see James and Bellamy is livid that James told the Langston's that he could bring Henry back.  James asks for a moment alone with Bellamy and Fred leaves, promising to be right out side.  James brings up the difference between a real prophet and a false prophet, asking Bellamy why he is afraid.  Bellamy declares that he is not afraid and so James asks Bellamy to believe in his feelings.  James tells Bellamy to think about the feelings he had back on the field and Bellamy admits to feeling afraid, excited and strong. As tears roll down Bellamy's face, James asks again what the vision they shared means, causing Bellamy to admit that he is there for a reason.  James tell Bellamy to come with him because they have work to do.

Fred, Bellamy and James drive out to a field, where James has dug a grave.  James says that the grave is for him and that this is the only way to retrieve Henry because he is not in this world.  James tells the men that one of them needs to kill him, so that he can return with Henry in an hour.  Bellamy starts to protest but Fred quickly pulls his gun and fires.  Fred tells Bellamy that he has never killed a man before.  Hours later, James has still not returned, so Fred and Bellamy agree to split up and look for him.  The two men drive around the town and search various locations.  Unable to find James, Fred asks why James would put them all through this and apologises to Bellamy for getting him involved.  Fred says that he should have known better but Bellamy points out that he himself has come back twice.  They decide that it is time to go and tell Lucille.

At the institution, Margaret gets a call from Fred, telling her that Henry died of a heart attack yesterday like his father.  Fred tells Margaret that he wishes it didn't end this way but Margaret simply thanks Fred for the information and hangs up.  Margaret then sits on her bed and starts to cry, as outside, Randy listens to the sounds of her grief.

Elaine and Rachel are at Tom's grave.  Rachel says that she now realises that what she hated about this town is in her past and all she has now is her future.  They start to leave the cemetery but Rachel pauses at Preacher James Goodman's tombstone and we learn that he died in 1934 at the age of 33.  Elaine asks if James was a relative of Rachel's and when she says no, the two women continue to walk out of the cemetery.

At the Langston's, Bellamy and Fred inform Lucille that they have found no trace of either Henry or James.  Lucille is adamant that Henry is coming back and Bellamy yells that Henry is not coming back.  When Fred says that there is nothing they can do and that Henry is gone, Lucille breaks down crying.  Jacob runs down the stairs and opens the front door to find James standing on the porch.  Behind James is Henry, who enters the house and picks up his son.  Bellamy and Fred are amazed. 

Later, Henry stands on the porch and is joined by Fred.  Fred finally apologises to Henry for trying to get Jacob taken away.  Henry assures Fred that he knows.  When Fred leaves, Henry is joined by Lucille, who questions if he is okay.  Henry asks if it was all a dream - them, Jacob, all of it.  Lucille says that she doesn't care and kisses her husband.  The two then return to their home.

Margaret sits despondent in front of her drink and Randy delivers the news to Margaret that Henry has returned.  Margaret asks how this is possible and Randy tells Margaret that according to Fred, she has Preacher James to thank. Margaret says that she does from when she was a little girl and thanks Randy for his help.

That night, Bellamy drives James back to the church and asks why James needs him because he brought Henry back on his own.  James reveals that in his past life, he was an evil man and that the day he saw Bellamy at the river, he was desperate and wanted to die.  James again asserts that it is no coincidence that they are here together and though James died trying to save Bellamy, Bellamy ended up saving him.  Bellamy asks about their purpose and James says that he died to retrieve Henry but there were more of them just waiting.  Bellamy asks what they are waiting for?

Okay, this time we had a little less Langston family drama and got back to the mystery of the Returned. I am however worried that this is a little too late to save Resurrection.  With only two episodes left to go, I don't know if amping up the mystery at this point will encourage viewers to tune in.

In terms of Pastor James, no only did we learn that he was a con man in his previous life, he seems to have the ability to bring back the dead.  I am completely suspicious of this storyline, particularly because James was 33 years old when he died.  Yes, we all know another very famous prophet who brought people back from the dead and died at the age of 33.  I hope like hell Resurrection is not going to go there.  I was however not surprised to learn that there are many waiting to Return, given that this other world must be overloaded with humans who have died throughout the years, centuries etc.   How this all ties together, I have no idea as of yet.

I am not pleased that they decided to link this once again to Margaret who knows James from when she was a little girl.  Can we done with this storyline already.  Whatever happened when Margaret was a child, she was not responsible for.  I am sick of this link already.  I want to see Margaret have more relevance then the keeper of secrets. 

I was also not pleased to have Randy pointing out the obvious.  Since when did he get so nice? It was a cheap device to try and contextualize Margaret's character. 

Things are coming to a head with Rachel's baby and I am curious if it is going to be magical in some way.  We did have Elaine making a Jesus reference.  Is the baby supposed to be Jesus with James acting as maybe John the Baptist preparing the way?  I don't know for sure but I sure as hell don't want to see a religious angle to this story whatsoever.