Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lost Girl, Season 5, Episode 6: Clear Eyes, Fae Heart

Creepy dream sequence with Lauren, a music box and a lot of gause. Or possibly very kinky dream sequence if women and music boxes are your thing. Bo wakes from the scary dream to Tamsin recovering from her traumatising dream of closed drive throughs and kissing Bo. Tamsin is definitely being far more romantic there than Bo

Dyson goes to a murder scene and he’s brought his son because this show is desperate to make Mark relevant. The dead man is a famous sportsman – and by his body, in blood, is a triskele which Dyson carefully removes – but when he leave the blood traces the symbol again.

Dyson consults with Lauren, Bo and Tamsin, showing them the symbol and talking about End of Days cults. So the plan is to get closer to the football team with Tamsin and Bo pretending to be cheerleaders. Dyson and Lauren think it’s hilarious because there’s no way Tamsin can be perky (what, seriously? She positively unicorns on crack compared to Bo!)

So Bo poses as a recruiter, Tamsin as a cheerleader and the snarky Mean Girl already shows up reminding me that I need to make sure my booze glass is full before I watch another minute of this episode.

Glass full, yes Tamsin does decide to be competitive with a teenager – because why wouldn’t a Valkyrie who has lived for centuries need to square off against a cheerleader? Bo does manage to get some questioning in which brings more Mean Girl snark and a sideways jab at periods before revealing that the dead guy, Jake, wasn’t exactly a nice guy. While they talk another football player is hurt in a horrible looking accident – but manages to get up and walk away without any injury. Bo and Tamsin are suspicious.

Tamsin follows the guy, Clay, into the locker room (who also isn’t wearing a mourning armband for the dead Jake). Her flirting and questioning are pretty inept, so instead Bo calls on Lauren to test the team to see if they’re fae (which results in Lauren and Tamsin getting all touchy about the other, especially Tamsin). Lauren is also very not impressed by the man stripping naked in front of her.

And back to Dyson – because we need 8 gazillion povs on this show, after Mark gets in the way Dyson is approached by Alisha. She’s the wife of one of the dead people – only the dead man has got up and started walking around again and she saw him. He takes the photo she gives him and contact details when she isn’t easily put off. Mark decides to be an awful person so we can exposition about humans and fae not having relationships.

When Dyson is gone, he leaves his crime scene board full of relevant information just out in the middle go a gym so Iris (the ledger stealing woman from last week) can arrive, flirt with Mark and somehow not be seen as suspicious by him (Mark is… about average intelligence for people on this show. It’s a good thing they’re pretty). He finally clues in when she traces the triskele on his arm and says that her parents said the football match is going to explode.

And At the Dal, the Spooky Season Antagonist is tired of everyone completely failing to get near her so goes into the Dal and orders a super-old drink which impresses Trick.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Cassie the Oracle is still having visions of the apocalypse. Lauren goes back and examines the samples she took from the football team and, consulting with Trick on speakerphone, reveals that Clay is a Heraclid – apparently a super-human (but still human) – descendants of Hercules. All of this is overheard by the spooky Antagonist woman

Dyson goes to question Clay who clearly knows nothing about anything fae, Heraclid or anything else which pretty much cuts him out of the suspicions. Instead they focus on the cheerleader Derek and arrest him when they find a bloodied sweatshirt in his locker.

At a press conference, Clay is bemused that Derek is accused and protests his innocence – claiming Derek wasn’t there – Clay dramatically reveals he and Derek are boyfriends and Derek was with him

After which Bo manages to get a private meeting with the pair (somehow) in which Clay describes how his PR managers forbade him to mention his sexuality.

Back to the Dal and Bo, for some reason, finds it kind of suspicious that Clay’s PR rep would want him to be closeted (whut?) and they dig and discover that Clay’s rep is also Alisha’s dead husband/Horatio the guy who dated Cassie. Mark then joins them to warn them of the bomb threat to the game – they decide it’s too late to call it off (excuse me – a terrorist threat against the game and you think you can’t have that stopped and the stadium evacuated?). Instead of doing this, they decide to have Tamsin pretend to be a football player and protect the players on the pitch

Quite what Tamsin would do against the explosion noises I don’t know

The game starts and Bo invades the Box where Antagonist woman, Iris and Horatio are. Being helpful villains they happily reveal they killed Jake to help keep Clay closeted, the same with framing Derek. Bo refuses to leave so Big Bad starts glowing. Bo makes the logical leap that she’s feeding off the crowd and that they need to stop the game (ah, that would have been my plan, remember?)

She drives Bo out with a lightning bolt, and we turn to the game with the team deciding to trust Tamsin and she winning because of course they do.

Back at Bo central, Tamsin tries to heal Bo, but her succubus healing can’t cover the mark. And while Bo called Tamsin a roomie at the beginning of the episode, Tamsin calls Bo “girlfriend”.

Time for a confab, everyone gets together and finally brain storms what they know – yes the Meta is here. With lots of musing and Clay being a Heraclid and the Big Bad referring to him in a familial fashion, Trick suggests that they are the “ancients”, basically the gods returned – and that they’re the most powerful fae family ever.

Back at bad guy central, Big Bad criticises Horatio for leading Bo to them and Iris is established as their child. It’s not a very happy family.

The meta is here! After 6 episodes of hinting we finally have a plot laid out, a big bad revealed and everyone lining up!

With every passing episode I’m reminded what awful investigators Bo and Tamsin are. I mean they’re really really bad at it, they’re incapable of subtle questions or even doing any kind of actual following of clues. They just tend to blunder into things and answers fall – which is sad when you consider it’s their chosen profession. Their whole plan through this made no sense at all – not one teeny tiny iota. Right up to Tamsin deciding to pretend to be a football player (because a complete stranger on the team would fit right in) to protect them against an unknown threat – but which Iris described as an explosion. There is no sense here

Lost Girl is in its last season – I kind of think that’s a bit too late in the day to introduce non-fae supernatural – but then they imply that the Greek gods are an ancient fae family – in which case wouldn’t that make the Heraclids fae? It’s not very consistent

This may be the first depiction of gay men on the show that isn’t outright insulting – though we still have a strongly stereotyped forced-gender-role going on (big strong football player and the cheerleader who worries about carbs and dieting – yes it’s a trope; why do people try to force over the top gender roles on same-sex couples), it’s otherwise not terrible for the time they’re on screen.

But I call shenanigans on Bo being surprised or suspicious that Clay’s PR rep would want him to remain closeted. I can’t imagine anyone can be that divorced from homophobic reality – and certainly not a bisexual woman.

Tamsin and Bo’s relationship is interesting – I keep getting irritated by Tamsin’s jealousy over Lauren but I think it’s made more interesting than a simple love triangle by Lauren seeming not to reciprocate to the same degree. In fact, Bo seems more hooked on Lauren, at times, while Lauren is still interested she doesn’t seem to be nearly as desperately clingy as Tamsin who seems to be trying to fast forward the relationship – possibly because Bo seems more interested in Lauren (regardless of how much Lauren is or is not running with it) while she’s keeping Tamsin at arm’s length. I am pleased to see that Bo’s love interests have come down to two women after Rainer and Dyson both being the most likely and dominant love interests in previous seasons.