Friday, March 6, 2015

The 100, Season Two, Episode Fifteen: Blood Must Have Blood: Part 1

Bellamy has crawled through the tunnels to the containment area and starts releasing the prisoners, informing them that the joint forces are marching on Mt. Weather right now.  When the Grounders start to become agitated and loud, it's Echo's who silences them.  Bellamy starts to explain his plan, when he is interrupted by Cage, who decides to make an announcement to the populace about the ability of Mt. Weather people being able to leave the compound.  Cage even reveals the bone marrow cure which causes Bellamy to rush off in awareness that Cage is trying to get the Mt. Weather people to turn against the sky kids.  Cage makes it clear to the populace that the kids are keeping them from their dream, adding that the kids are responsible for the death of 15 members of the compound.  Cage then offers amnesty to the people who are hiding the sky kids, if they are turned in within an hour; however, he then threatens to turn the non compliant into enemies of the state.

In the war room, Cage watches the monitors and learns that without the fog they have no defenses. He is advised to allow the ground troops to engage but Cage is adamant that as long as they are behind the locked doors of Mt. Weather they are untouchable.  Cage instead gives the order for the sky kids to be rounded up.

Soldiers arrive at the home where Maya and Jasper are hiding.  When the soldiers threaten to kill the residents protecting Maya and Jasper, they come out of hiding begging the soldiers not to shoot.  Jasper and Maya are apprehended and the people who were protecting them are shot anyway.  At this point, how did Jasper not think that those people were not going to end up dead anyway?  He has seen time and time again that the people under Cage are ruthless.

At the compound, Lexa does the whole rally the groups speech.  Clarke clarifies and says that they are on a rescue mission and brings up the people inside the mountain who have helped them along with the defenseless children.  Clarke's plan is to free their people and kill the soldiers and leadership. Clarke then lays out her plan which includes splitting up into four teams, adding that inside the mountain, the Grounder forces are being freed.  Clarke's plan is to have Raven's team take out the damn to temporarily remove electricity to Mt. Weather, in order to be able to force the door open. The catch is that after the power goes out, the combined forces will only have 1 minute to get inside Mt.  Weather. The secondary part is for Indra's people to escort their people outside through the reaper tunnels while Clarke and Lexa distract the Mt. Weather people.  Lexa goes back to her rally the troops thing and finishes with the standard "Blood must have blood."

Outside the entrance to Mt. Weather, the forces gather and chant, "blood must have blood."  Inside Mt. Weather, Maya and Jasper are being escorted by soldiers, when Vincent, Maya's father, stands in front of the envoy to block them.  Maya begs for her father to stop but Vincent makes it clear that they will have to get through him to take his daughter away.  Paul draws his weapon prepared to fire but Bellamy and Miller save the day.  Bellamy instructs Jasper and the rest of the group to head to the harvest chamber.  When Bellamy moves to go after Monty, who is on level three, Jasper is insistent that he come as well, having promised to protect Monty.  Maya decides to accompany Jasper.

Following Lincoln's map, Octavia and Indra make their way through the tunnels.  When Octavia brings up that Lincoln should be here and that it meant a lot that Indra forgave him, Indra simply replies that Lincoln was not ready to re-enter the tunnels and that he earned his forgiveness. Indra makes it clear however that if Lincoln ever chooses sides against the clan again then his bravery won't save him.  Reapers make their appearance and Octavia has to stop the Grounders from killing them in a panic and instead uses the sound distrupter.  Indra stops over the comatose body of someone who was clearly close to her and Octavia assures Indra that the person will be okay.

Outside Mt. Weather, they have begun to drill through the door.  David Miller's hands shake as he inserts a bomb into the hole and it's Lincoln who calms him down. 

At the damn, Wick and Raven continue to work on blowing up the turbines.  This of course is the perfect time to talk about the fact that they had sex.  What's a war and violence when there is angst to talk about? Wick is suddenly attacked by one of the Mt. people, who manages to send off a message  before Wick can disable him.  Wick questions what happens if they only manage to blow up four turbines and is told by Raven that the door will remain closed and everyone they care about will die.

Cage goes to see Dante to talk about what is going on.  Dante makes it clear that their people are in a tenuous position and that it is all Cage's fault.  Cage admits to underestimating the commander but Dante corrects Cage and says that it was Clarke.  Dante lays the blame heavily at Cage's feet and so Cage asks his father how to stop what is going on.  When Dante does not answer, Cage makes it clear to Dante that his people need his help.  Cage moves to leave the holding area but is stopped by Dante.

At the damn, Wick and Raven argue about the fact that they are missing a bomb because Wick used one to bash in the head of a Mt. Weather person.  Raven suggests that there are more turbines than are needed and what they need to so is cause a catastrophic failure. 

Clarke, Lexa and the army are gathered outside and Clarke is becoming worried that it's taking too long.  Lexa questions what they will do when it's over and Clarke says that she cannot think past today. Lexa invites Clarke to come with her to the capitol to change the way they think about them.  They hear gunfire coming from the damn and  Clarke assures the group that Raven will get her job done. 

At the damn, Raven encourages Wick to move faster.  They manage to set the bombs but are confronted by armed Mt. Weather guards.  Wick and Raven start moving backwards and then set off the bombs.

Inside the mountain, the power turns off and together, Lexa and Clarke attempt to blow the door.  Clarke tries to move closer to set it off but the Mt. Weather people start shooting.  Clarke hands over the trigger to David, who says that he has to get closer for Nathan's sake.  All of the soldiers who approach the door are shot down, leaving only ten seconds on the clock.  Lexa takes off to go after the soldiers who are shooting at them and orders Lincoln to stay with Clarke and get the door open when the shooting stops.

Cage gives the order that all citizens are to report to level five because of a breach but Maya cannot go to level five without being shot in the head.  Jasper promises to kill Cage Wallace to ensure Maya's safety.  Monty crawls out of his hiding place and says that the soldiers know about the harvest chamber.  Bellamy grabs Monty, realizing that if the harvest chamber is taken, everyone will be lost.

Octavia and Indra find the mountain entrance in the tunnel and as a reward, Indra declares Octavia one of them now. 

Outside, the shooting has stopped, and Lincoln leads the charge to take down the door, as Clarke gives the order that all fire is to be concentrated on the door. Clarke gives the order to attack but Lexa appears with Emerson by her side and calls out for her troops to stand down.  The Grounders who were held captive begin to stumble out of the mountain, and Lexa informs Clarke that she made a deal to save her people. Lexa is stone cold. Emerson tells Lexa that she made the right choice.  With tears in her eyes, Clarke explains to Lincoln what is going and Lexa says that she made this choice with her head and not with her heart.  Clarke begs Lexa not to do this but Lexa is adamant that the deal is down and calls for the retreat horn to be sounded.  The Grounders march away en mass and Lexa informs Lincoln that he has to leave as well. Lincoln begs to stay, adding that the sky people will be slaughtered but Lexa gives the order for Lincoln to be taken.  Lincoln tries to fight back but is overwhelmed. Lexa's parting words to Clarke are, "may we meet again."

In the tunnels, Indra gives the order to retreat but Octavia is resistant, saying that she doesn't trust Lexa after what happened with the bombing.  Octavia begins to beg, adding that if they are not here with tone generators when the people escape, the escapees will be fodder for the reapers. Indra gives the order again but Octavia says that she is not going anywhere without her brother.  Indra pulls her knife and cuts Octavia's throat, announcing that Octavia is no longer her second.  Octavia alone is left behind. 

In the containment area, Bellamy finds all of the captives gone and Maya cries at the foot of her dead father. 

At the damn, Wick and Raven regain consciousness after the explosion.  Wick tells Raven that he is not going anywhere without her and they are quickly surrounded by Mt. Weather soldiers.

Cage goes to see Dante to inform him that his suggestion to offer Lexa a deal worked, calling Dante a hero to his people.  Dante however is clear that they have not won because the ground is not safe for them because the parents of the 47 will never stop.  Having captured more sky people, Cage sees this as an opportunity to have access to more bone marrow.  Cage informs his father that everyone will be on level five until the turbines are fixed and asks him to join them when he is ready.  Cage leaves the holding area, leaving the door open behind him.

Outside, the arc people tell Clarke that they should go and come back with reinforcements.  Clarke however declares that it cannot be over and as she stares at the door.

Next week is the season finale of The 100.  With the withdrawl of the Grounders, things look absolutely desperate for Clarke et al.  I think it's worth noting that Dante made it clear that Cage's mistake was underestimating Clarke and not Lexa.  Lexa unlike Clarke is predictable with her actions.  Cage is happy to celebrate but Dante is more than aware that this is far from over.

Even though Lexa betrayed Clarke, I am happy to see that she survived.  I really thought after it was made clear that Clarke is bisexual and that Lexa has an attraction to her, that Lexa was going to die.  Gay death is really common in these situations.  I do however think that it isn't over between Lexa and Clarke and that it really isn't going to end well between these two women.

I still think that it didn't make sense for Lexa to betray Clarke the way she did.  Yes, it was determined at the outset that this was always going to be a rescue mission but given what the Mt. Weather people have done to the Grounders it seems counter to their culture for Lexa to strike such a deal.  Lexa called for Finn's death for killing 18 people and Mt. Weather people not only killed more people, they have been medically experimenting on Grounders for easily over a decade.

Things don't look good for Raven.  In the preview it showed her being drilled.  I will be very upset if she is killed off.  At this point Raven has always played a secondary role though the work she does is vital.  I didn't care when they killed off Finn, but I sure as hell give a damn about Raven potentially being killed off.