Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Fifteen: When the Levee Breaks

Klaus has organized a breakfast to share with Elijah and Rebekah but Elijah is not interested in niceties and wants to know what Klaus is doing with Michael's ashes.  Rebekah enters, suffering from a massive hang, over saying that it's not everyday your brother kills your father for the second time.  Klaus points out that Michael hunted them for centuries.  Elijah brings up that killing Michael alienated Freya; however, Klaus is not concerned about Freya's feelings. 

The breakfast is interrupted by the arrival of Dahlia, wearing Josephine's body.  Dahlia makes it clear that she wants what Esther promised her 1,000 years ago.  Dahlia points out that the agreement struck with Esther resulted in the Mikaelsons becoming vampires in the first place. Klaus is enraged that Dahlia would dare enter his home.  Dahlia then announces that it is time to add Hope's power to her own, adding that they have until nightfall tomorrow before she comes to collect Hope.  Klaus reacts by beheading Josephine's body.

At the bar, Hayley tells Jackson about Dahlia's threat to come for Hope.  Jackson again suggests leaving New Orleans.  Hayley points out that Dahlia is drawn to Hope's magic, which means no matter how far they go, Dahlia will still be able to trace Hope.  Jackson again suggests running while they can but Hayley believes that this is a risk either way.  Hayley then suggests that since Dahlia can only sense Hope when she is using magic, there might be a way of stopping Hope from using magic. Aidan is quick to volunteer his services, saying that it is his fault they didn't get away to begin with.

Rebekah goes to see Freya, who is in the cemetery putting up a marker for Michael. Freya does not accept Rebekah's condolences, saying that she is the only one who is mourning because she is the only one who loved Michael.  Freya blames Klaus for losing Michael and Rebekah explains that she never knew the man who Freya is mourning because all she can remember is Michael's temper and cruelty.  Rebekah argues that there is no one better to have by your side when fighting someone like Dahlia than Klaus. Freya is not convinced, arguing that she has given her siblings every reason to trust her and still Klaus does not trust her.  Freya issues an ultimatum, telling Rebekah that she and Elijah must choose between Klaus or herself.

Klaus is busy painting at the compound, as Elijah presses to know the whereabouts of Michael's ashes. Klaus is not forthcoming, saying that the moment he reveals his plans, Elijah would run straight to Freya with the details.  Klaus rattles on about all of the people he cannot trust but Elijah suggests that Klaus can trust him. Klaus however does not feel that this is the case because Elijah has changed since their mother entered his head. The two argue about the trustworthiness of Freya. When Elijah suggests that a lack of trust means they cannot work together, Klaus agrees.

Aidan sneaks into Klaus's office and steals the handcuffs used to stop a witch from performing magic. Of course, Aidan is surprised by Klaus.  Aidan claims that he is there to report that Hope is fine and to pick up a toy which Hope is fond of that got left behind in the urgency to change locations. 

Aidan goes to see Josh and Davina about with the handcuffs.  Josh is not pleased with the risk that Aidan took lying to Klaus.  Aidan's plan is to take the magic from the handcuffs and transfer it to something small enough for a baby to wear.  Aidan reveals that Jackson and Hayley are getting to run and Davina replies that if Kol had asked her to run she would have gone with him.  Davina agrees to Aidan's plan but adds that if Klaus finds out what he did he will be in peril.  Aidan however tells Davina to let him worry about that.

Inside the club, vines are growing on the walls and then bursting into dahlias.  Hayley realises that Dahlia knows exactly where they are.  Hayley tries to send a wolf for help but he is killed by Dahlia.  Dahlia makes it to the doorway of the club.

Rebekah rants to Marcel about being forced to choose between Klaus and Freya.  Marcel assures Rebekah that Klaus absolutely has a plan and is at his best when things are at their worst. Rebekah wishes that she could send Klaus off until this blows over and Marcel asks for an alternative because they cannot go against Klaus and have no way to  put Klaus down.

Elijah goes to see Freya and gives her Michael's knife to contribute for a marker.  Elijah explains that Klaus stole it from Michael long ago, adding that unlike Freya, Klaus did not have a happy childhood. Freya however is unmoved and brings up the ultimatum.  Elijah says he does not accept ultimatums.  Freya makes it clear that she will not trust her freedom to an alliance with Klaus and this means that Elijah will fight Dahlia alone and lose.  Elijah makes it clear that with or without Freya, they will defeat Dahlia. Freya asks Elijah to swear that he will not allow Klaus to be their undoing.

Cami is the next to visit Klaus and she suggests a walk, with Klaus not obsessing about who he is going to murder next. Klaus promises to tell Elijah that Cami came by to counsel him and instructs her to leave.  Cami however tries again to get Klaus to talk to her.

Dahlia sees Hope and calls her a beauty but does not enter the club when she realises that her magic wouldn't work inside. Dahlia is not concerned, pointing out that the spell protecting Hope is growing weak.  Dahlia then tells Hayley that she does not have a problem with Hayley and that this is about the bargain she made with Esther.  Hayley is adamant that Hope is not going anywhere with Dahlia.  Dahlia tries to comfort Hayley, saying that because Hope is so young, she won't remember Hayley at all. Dahlia then suggests that Hayley spend her time saying farewell to Hope.

Cami and Klaus are sitting at a cafĂ© and she is trying to get Klaus to have some sympathy for Freya because of how Freya was raised.  Klaus argues that he is Michael's son and therefore Freya is just as dangerous as Dahlia.  Cami brings up Klaus's daddy issues and questions if Klaus killed Michael because he said that he loved Freya.  Klaus however admits that he is not a good person.

Josh and Aidan are walking through the quarter and Aidan tells Josh that he loves him. Aidan says that loyalty is in his DNA and he cannot live with himself if he continues spying for Klaus.  Aidan reveals that he is going to tell Jackson the truth and suggests that he and Josh leave New Orleans and start their life together. Josh is shocked that Aidan wants to run away but Aidan tells Josh that he is his pack now.  Aidan admits that they are moving quickly and adds that if Josh wants this, they can meet in two hours.  Josh agrees to meet Aidan and the two share a kiss. As Aidan walks away, Josh calls out that he loves him.

Davina is working on the spell when Marcel arrives to ask about the weapon that Kol was trying to create to put Klaus to sleep.  They talk briefly about Kol and Davina brings up that Marcel didn't ask her how she felt after Kol died.  Marcel admits that he dropped the ball not being there for her and switches to Klaus. Davina however says that she will decide if the dagger gets used because Kol gave it to her for her protection.

Elijah and Klaus are walking through the quarter and the two brothers discuss Freya and the problem of Dahlia.  Elijah brings up how close he was to killing Klaus when he broke his curse and everyone is still alive and still family.  Klaus is adamant that there is a way to defeat Dahlia without Freya and asks Elijah to forsake Freya.  Elijah however warns that the path Klaus is walking will bring Hope to harm, adding that he will do what he has to to stop this.  Klaus again reiterates his ultimatum: Freya or him.

Aidan hands over the necklace that Davina spelled for Hope. Aidan then reveals that he didn't show up at the compound on purpose for Klaus.  Aidan adds that Klaus sucked him in and that if he had let Jackson escape, Klaus would have killed him. Jackson punches Aidan in the face.  Aidan reveals that Klaus told him that he would make a good Alpha, which is a joke because an Alpha would never turn on his pack.  Jackson forgives Aidan but Aidan reveals that he plans to leave with Josh.  Jackson tells Aidan that he will always be a part of the pack and Aidan tells Jackson to take care of himself.  The two men hug and Jackson walks away. 

Hayley tells Elijah and Klaus about her visit from Dahlia.  Klaus declares that they are to return to the compound but Hayley says no because Dahlia sent Josephine there this morning.  Hayley tells the brothers that she is running to the bayou with Jackson and the wolves.  Hayley tells Klaus that from now on, she is going to do what she wants to do.  When they start to bicker, Elijah points out that infighting is what Dahlia wants. Klaus reveals that he knows what Freya was planning and has been forging a new path and knows how to kill Dahlia.

Aidan leaves a flower shop and is confronted by Dahlia.  Dahlia uses her magic to force Aidan to follow her, saying that it will all be over quickly. Dahlia calls Aidan a tipping point to set Mikaelson against Mikaelson.  Using her magic, Dahlia makes claw marks on Aidan's face, explaining that she needs to make it all look convincing.  Dahlia then uses her magic to pull Aidan's heart out of his chest, before dropping it on the ground beside him and walking away.

Josh and Davina are walking towards the pre arranged meeting spot with Aidan.  Davina tells Josh that she is happy for him.  When they arrive, they find Aidan''s body.  Josh bites his wrist and feeds Aidan his blood but of course it doesn't work because Aidan is already long since dead.  Josh and Davina cry over Aidan's dead body.

Klaus has begun explaining to Hayley and Elijah his plan, when Jackson enters carrying Aidan's body screaming Klaus's name. Aidan's body is laid on the table and Jackson accuses Klaus of killing Aidan for revealing the fact that Aidan was spying on Jackson and Hayley.  Klaus is visibly shocked, as Hayley levels the same accusation.  Klaus then announces that this is what happens to anyone who dares to cross me.  Jackson punches Klaus and Hayley attacks.  Elijah jumps in the middle and Hayley punches Elijah. Elijah makes it clear that if they attack Klaus, they are attacking him as well. Hayley orders Klaus to leave and Elijah tells Klaus to get on with his plan.

Rebekah tells Marcel about Aidan's death, declaring that Klaus ruins everything he touches, turning everyone against them.  A crying Davina shows up at Marcel's and hands over the dagger needed to take Klaus out of commission.  Davina adds that after Jackson collected Aidan's body, Josh just took off. Davina asks Marcel to put Klaus down with the dagger.

Jackson wraps the charmed necklace around Hope's hand.  Hayley confronts Elijah about Klaus and says that she and Jackson should be allowed to leave. Hayley reveals that they have discovered a way to stop Hope from doing magic, which means that Dahlia won't be able to track them down. Hayley tells Elijah that the only thing standing in their way is him and asks Elijah to buy them some time.

Klaus is back at the compound where Cami confronts him about killing Aidan.  Klaus rants and Cami concedes that Klaus might be right about everything, including Freya, but Freya didn't just kill Aidan. Klaus proclaims his innocence, saying that he needs everyone to fear him because only he can save Hope.  Klaus tells Cami it would be better if she believed that he is the monster people believe him to be until another time. 

Elijah holds Klaus's paintbrush and when Klaus arrives, Elijah reveals that he has figured out that Klaus put the ashes and earth need to defeat Dahlia into the paint he was using earlier.  Klaus questions why Elijah is here because he is supposed to be guarding Hayley.  Elijah reveals that Hayley, Hope and Jackson are gone and that Klaus will not find them.  Klaus is enraged that Elijah helped Hayley escape with Hope.  The two brothers start to fight and Klaus quickly gets the upper hand but Elijah slides the dagger into Klaus's chest.  Rebekah enters and Klaus falls to his knees.  Rebekah is followed by Freya and Klaus collapses, as in the distance, bells sound. 

If it were not for the fact that Mikaelsons are so extremely strong, they would already be dead.  What sense does it make to take out your strongest warrior on the eve of battle?  They're all too stupid to live if you ask me. Yes, Klaus is a bastard but he has proven time and time again that he is a cunning bastard and capable of doing anything to see a task through to completion.

At this point, I almost want Dahlia to destroy them all.  They certainly have it coming.   Clearly we are leading up to the big showdown between Klaus and Dahlia.  There can be only one way that this will end and so the whole thing is really rather anticlimactic. 

As for Freya, her face irritates me. Yes, I know it's not a substantive critique but I just don't like this character and believe that Riley Voelkel is a terrible actress.  Riley is not believable in the role of Freya and certainly cannot keep up when she is cast against Joseph Morgan.  Can we just get rid of her already?

We had a lot of Klaus angst this episode.  We had to go over his daddy issues which are rather tiresome at this point.  I will however say that his shock of being accused of killing Aidan was almost comical to me.  Of course everyone would believe Klaus killed Aidan, given his murderous history.  The ironic part is that Rebekah, Hayley, and Elijah are certainly no better, though they dress up their murderous rampages in a way that Klaus does not.  The entire family is a group of mass murderers and for them to judge Klaus is hypocrisy at best. 

Okay, on to Aidan. I would like to congratulate Julie Plec on killing off more than half of the gay characters on her two series in a single season.  The moment Josh and Aidan professed their love for one another I knew that one of them was going to die.  Heaven forbid a gay character in a series by Julie Plec get a happy ending.  Aidan deserved more than to be a casualty of Dahlia to add to Klaus's angst.  Yes, that is why Aidan died - Klaus's angst.  We now have Josh in the wind (read plot box), so who knows if we will ever see his character again.  Effectively, The Originals has gone back to being the straight, cisgender show it was at the beginning.  I am not at all surprised but I am however extremely disgusted with this turn of events.