Monday, April 20, 2015

Orphan Black Season Three, Episode One: The Weight of This Combination

Helena dreams that she is having the most bizarre baby shower you can imagine.  In attendance is Cosima, Sarah, Alison and Kira.  Cosima is pretty much healed and Alison is in the throes of a Martha Stewart fixation, presenting a ridiculous amount of cupcakes.  It's Felix who mans the grill.  The dream shifts to a scorpion crawling out of Helena's dress and slowly climbing her body.  It's the switch that causes Helena to wake up and find herself in some sort of shipping crate with air holes. When Helena manages to get a glimpse outside of the air holes, she sees some sort of cell.  Helena begins twisting and turning banging on the crate and when she moves to her side, she sees the scorpion.  The scorpion tells Helena to relax because she is being tested again and this time, she is carrying a child.  Helena tells the scorpion that she was taken from her sisters. 

At the Dyad building, surgery is being performed to remove the pencil from Rachel's eye.

Sarah, Kira and Felix are sitting outside together near some sort of river.  Felix sends Kira off to see if she can find some fish. Sarah tells Felix to enjoy this moment, pointing out that Marion is covering from them.  Felix however believes that this is far from over. A car pulls up carrying Delphine.

Later, Delphine shows them a video of one of the Project Castor clones.  Sarah is quick to say that the male clones are not her problem. Delphine however disagrees, pointing out that Rachel has powerful friends and Sarah put a pencil in her eye.   Delphine goes on to say that there are threats to Leda (female clones) from outside and within, adding that Marion sent her to keep her sister safe.   On the tape, a Castor clone is seen making out with yet another Leda clone - Crystal.  The two head to an apartment, as another Castor clone makes his way towards them.  Fortunately, the Leda clone lived and they managed to capture one of the Castor clones. At this point, the Castor clone has not revealed his name and says that he will only talk to Sarah.

Sarah goes to the Castor cell snarking and asking if he has a serial number.  The Castor clone calls Sarah one of the good ones, adding that Crystal had no idea what she was made of.  The Castor clones asks Sarah to move closer so that he can whisper it to her.  The Castor Clone snarks that Sarah is with Dyad now and goes on to bring up Felix, Mrs. S., and Kira.  This causes Sarah to get out of her chair and threaten the Castor's life.  Delphine orders Sarah pulled out and the Castor clone tells Sarah to count on her sisters.

Unsurprisingly, Alison is at a kids soccer game when she gets the call about the Castor clones.  Alison declares that any boy clone who crosses the Hendriks will get their butt kicked. I believe her to, given what she did to Donny.  Sarah asks about Felix and Felix says that he is doing fine hanging out with Cosima. Felix reports that Cosima's temperature is nearly down to normal and that Helena has not shown up and her bag is missing. Sarah asks Felix to meet her at S's.  Sarah starts to leave but Delphine argues that they have other priorities.  Sarah orders Delphine to go and see Cosima but Delphine reminds Sarah that she warned her about a threat from within.  Topside is sending someone to assess the security risk posed by Sarah and her sisters and that the man who is coming is a cleaner.  Delphine adds that the man cannot find out what they did to Rachel.  It seems that Delphine wants Sarah to play Rachel.   Sarah however tells Delphine to handle it and leaves.

Alison is shepherding the kids onto a school bus when she is approached by Marci Coates, who is seeking her support in her run for school trustee. Marci claims that she is inspired by Alison's recovery, calling Alison a community leader.  Marci then suggests that if Alison does some campaigning, she could help provide Alison's monthly potluck.  Alison however makes it clear that since the changes Marci has in mind would mean that her kid's would have to change schools, her plan is to run against Marci.

Donny makes an appearance carrying his personal belongings.  It seems that he told his boss off. Donny reports that he called his boss a bitch but Alison orders him to be quiet because people are watching.  Donny is forced to join Alison on the bus because it seems that he no longer has his company car.

Mrs.S enters her home, walks straight into the kitchen and grabs a knife.  A man who was hiding in the closet jumps out at her and the fight is on.  Of course, it's one of the male clones. Mrs.S does manage to stab the clone in the leg but she loses the fight and finds herself tied to a chair. Mrs.S says that Major Deardon agreed that she would be left out of this but the clone responds that he is not under the major's orders and demands to know where Duncan is now.  Mrs.S then responds that Duncan is dead, and the clone asks about the research before attacking her again.

Delphine checks on Rachel and is informed that it's too early to detect what damage was done to her frontal lobe.  Delphine and Dr. Nealon end talking about the last time Topside took action on Leda  determine that Sarah must not uncover Helsinki.  It seems even Rachel doesn't know what happened.  Delphine asks Dr. Nealon to put Leda about it's individuals and Nealon makes it clear that neither of them can afford to play favourites.

Mrs. S regains consciousness and Sarah and Felix minister to her.  Felix demands to know why there are two boy clones in one day and what they want.  Mrs.S responds that this one wanted Duncan and all of his research.  Mrs. S reveals that she made a war time decision; the only way to get Sarah out of Dyad.  Sarah realises that Mrs. S is the reason Helena was taken. Sarah becomes enraged, screaming that this was not Mrs.S' decision to make. Mrs.S reveals that it was Paul's demand and that she had to choose.  Sarah starts to leave and Mrs.S' calls out for Sarah not to turn her back on her people but Sarah tells Mrs.S that she is not her people and leaves.  Mrs.S asks Felix to go after Sarah to stop her from making it worse but Felix is more concerned with getting Mrs.S to a hospital, adding that there is no doubt that Sarah is going to make it worse. 

Cosima is sitting with Kira and Cosima brings up the time when Kira woke her to ask her to read a story.  It seems that Cosima had an out of body experience and asks if Kira felt it as well.  Kira explains that Cosima had to come back, so that Delphine could make her better with her stem cells.  Delphine knocks on the door and says that she is looking for Sarah but Cosima has not seen her.  Delphine explains that Rachel is a problem, that she is taking over some of Rachel's duties and won't be working with Cosima and Scott for awhile.  Delphine explains that she is keeping her promise to love all of Cosima's sisters equally, adding that to do that, they cannot have a relationship.  Cosima tells Delphine to go and Delphine reminds Cosima that they all have their part to play and that Cosima's job is to cure.  Cosima tells Delphine that she loves her and Delphine simply replies that Scott is going to come and do a check up.  Both women separate crying.

Donny and Alison are running the numbers now that Donny is unemployed.  Donny's suggestion is that Alison return to work for her mother but Alison says that she wants to run for school trustee.  Donny brings up the rumor that Marci is manipulating real estate prices, declaring that Marci has to go.  Their scheming session is called to a halt, when Alison gets a call from Delphine.

Felix and Sarah are sitting outside and Sarah is still pissed about what Mrs.S did with Helena, questioning who she is meant to call family now.  Felix argues that Sarah cannot take them (the clones) all under her wing. Felix says that he would have done exactly what Mrs. S did to save Sarah and Kira.  Sarah's phone rings and it's Delphine, causing Felix to snark that they need new clone phones if Delphine has the number. Sarah says that maybe Delphine can help her with Helena and Felix begs her not to.

Later, Delphine opens up Rachel's closet as Felix makes it clear that he doesn't condone this because Rachel is too big of a stretch for Sarah.  Delphine however promises that it will be brief and tells Sarah that all she has to do is say hello to Ferdinand and just leave. Sarah confirms that the deal is that Delphine will help her with Helena and do something with Castor.  Delphine warns that Ferdinand cannot sense that anything is amiss.

Cosima is having her blood pressure checked by Scott and it's normal.  Scott brings up soldier clones and "lesbian drama", adding that he doesn't know if he wants to work on all of this super secret stuff anymore.  Cosima hands Scott The Island of Dr. Moreau, which of course has Duncan's key.  Cosima reveals that she didn't tell Delphine and that until the two of them decipher it, no one will know about it.

Felix does Sarah's makeup to turn her into Rachel.  Sarah, dressed in the white dress Felix picked out meets Ferdinand. Sarah moves to leave, saying that she is between flights but Ferdinand makes it clear that he needs them both.  Ferdinand explains that he is here to conduct a security review of Dyad. Ferdinand reveals that Paul was a Castor mole and that is he not impressed that Paul was allowed to cozy up with Rachel.  Delphine interjects that this was Dr. Leeky's doing and that Paul was Rachel's monitor. Sarah (pretending to be Rachel) reveals that Castor has kidnapped Helena and Ferdinand is not impressed, adding that he wants to question Sarah.  Delphine consents.  In the elevator, Ferdinand looks at Sarah suspiciously and concentrates on her neck. 

They take Ferdinand to see Sarah ( who is being played by Allison).  Ferdinand puts on his gloves and asks the Sarah (Allison) if she has ever met a male clone.  After checking with Delphine, fake Sarah (Allison) says no and asks why.  Ferdinand asks if in 50 years, if the clones will still be calling each other sisters. Ferdinand puts his hand up fake Sarah's  (Allison's) top and Sarah still in her role as Rachel, diffuses the situation by slapping fake Sarah  (Allison) across the face.  Delphine asks to see Ferdinand in the next room and says that they had to postpone Sarah's hysterectomy. Delphine explains that they cannot remove an ovary of a woman who is ovulating.  Ferdinand orders Sarah removed from the cell.  Delphine leaves to follow the order, leaving Sarah alone with Ferdinand.  Ferdinand tells Sarah that he knows she is lying about flying anywhere tonight and asks it is for his benefit, or hers. Sarah suggests that the priority should be locating Helena but Ferdinand feels they need to discuss Helsinki. Sarah however counters and demands Helena be made a priority, so Ferdinand promises to come to her tonight after he is done at the Dyad.

Sarah is on the phone with Cosima and Allison.  It seems it was Allison who played Sarah while Sarah played Rachel.  Sarah suggests that Delphine is not concerned with Helena and that they have to make their own moves.  Cosima agrees that they cannot rely on anyone else but themselves. Allison agrees that they should go after Helena and Donny interjects to say that he doesn't want her doing anything like this ever again. Sarah cuts the call off when there is a knock at her door. And yes, it's Ferdinand.

Delphine is checking on Rachel who has regained consciousness.  Rachel has difficulty communicating and Delphine presses on her injured eye.  Delphine tells Rachel that she is her  now and will erase her completely, if Rachel does not reveal what she has going on with Ferdinand.  Rachel replies Helsinki and Delphine responds by putting pressure on the injured eye, asking what else Rachel knows because Rachel is not supposed to know about Helsinki.

Sarah pours a drink for Ferdinand and says that she hasn't returned his calls because of appearances.  Ferdinand questions if Rachel slept with Paul because she is not acting like herself.  Sarah smoothly responds that Paul was her monitor, asking Ferdinand what he thinks. Ferdinand calls Rachel a bitch and Sarah responds by putting her foot on Ferdinand's crotch.  Sarah again brings up a prisoner swap with Castor but Ferdinand is frustrated and reminds Rachel that she wanted this because Marion is too soft. Ferdinand argues that Helsinki is the only option because her sisters could expose Topside.  Ferdinand adds that the Helsinki girls were eradicated in twenty-four hours - 6 clones with 32 collateral. Ferdinand orders that Sarah is to be put down as soon as her ovaries can be retrieved and Cosimo is to be taken out tomorrow because she will deteriorate rapidly. Sarah asks about Allison and is told that it's underway.  It seems that Ferdinand has sent an assassin over there to kill the family and then set the house on fire.  Sarah excuses herself saying that she needs a moment.

Sarah tries to call Allison but Allison doesn't hear the phone because she is exercising.  Sarah leaves a message for Allison to get out of the house and is forced to hide the phone when Ferdinand enters the bathroom, demanding to know who she is talking to.  Ferdinand says that something is going on and that if she is not careful, Helsinki will swallow her as well.  Ferdinand tells Rachel to stay on point if she wants Kira.  To distract Ferdinand, Sarah initiates what Ferdinand believes to be rough sex but as she chokes him with her belt, it's clear that Sarah means to kill him.  Before Sarah can finish her task, Delphine enters the room and orders Sarah to get off Ferdinand.  Delphine screams at Ferdinand, saying that he was sent to do a review of self aware clones, not screw their product.  It's Sarah who informs Delphine that Helsinki is happening, causing Delphine to snark about Marion being impressed because Ferdinand was conspiring with one clone to murder the others. Delphine makes it clear that it won't be Rachel who pays because she is Topsides favourite pet but Ferdinand.

Allison suspects something is wrong and heads out to her garage.  When she doesn't see anything, she returns to the house. The assassin gets a text message from Ferdinand to abort Helsinki.

Delphine informs Ferdinand that he is to return and report that everything is secure and that self aware clones is an evolution of the program. Ferdinand is then ordered to wait for her downstairs.  Sarah takes off her wig and tells Delphine that Rachel was going to eliminate them and everyone they love. Delphine confirms that this is the case, causing Sarah to say that she should have been informed and only did this for Helena.  Delphine replies that she counted on this and will help with Helena but that Sarah needs to stand down until she figures out what Castor really is. Delphine leaves, promising to return.

Helena is asleep in her crate and when she turns her head, the scorpion is on her hand and is still talking to her.  The order is given for Helena to be removed from the box because she has been in there almost 48 hours. The crate is opened by a Castor clone.

The captive castor clone is being monitored.  The monitor is shot in the back of the head by none other than another clone.  The two clones embrace each other.

I am really glad that I rewatched season two before the first episode of the current season;  Even with a refresher there were so many characters and so many things going on, at times I felt absolutely lost. Yes, the Castor clones are a game changer but their integration was sloppy at best.

Once again, I have to say a hail to Tatiana Maslany.  The woman is some kind of acting mutant switching between identities and then playing the part of one clone pretending to be another.  The whole thing must be exhausting.  I did however believe all of it.  Orphan Black would be nothing without her.

So when last we left Helena she was kidnapped.  Can Helena ever catch a break? I think of all of the clones she has had to survive the worst.  I do however really like that Sarah, Cosima and Allison are determined to get her back now that they see her as a sister. 

Felix, who I want to love, is starting to wear me down.  Was it really necessary to have Felix dress Sarah and do her makeup?  Can they make him more of a servant than he already is?  It made me want to chant Freedom for Felix, Freedom for Felix.

Allison who just get more freaking awesome by the episode somehow manages to balance her wonky clone life and still be a minivan mom.  Marci Coates is in for hell.  Also I think it will be interesting to see Allison and Donny scheming and working together though Donny has a history of being completely incompetent.

No to Cosima and Delphine.  I am not at all happy with the end of their relationship.  Yes, Delphine was deceptive to Cosima from the very start but at least together it helped dilute some of the wrongness of Felix's portrayal.  I hope that they manage to work it out soon.  As for Delphine, I had no idea she could be that calculating - harming Rachel's eyes that way.

What were your thoughts on the season opener?