Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Returned, season 1, Episode 5: Tony & Adam

Time for a flashback to 7 years ago when Tony and Adam’s mother was still alive and is angry at Tony because “he got out.” It’s apparent they’re worried about Adam being out there, “hunting”. Their mother tells Tony that Adam is sick – and he’s not going to get better

Tony drives through the night to find his brother- and finds him attacking Julie in the tunnel-of-horror. Tony hits Adam, but it’s too late to stop the attack and people are coming (this death-tunnel-of-doom is popular) so he leaves her to drag his brother out,

Tony buries his brother. Alive – until he starts screaming then he kills him.

Which is probably why Tony wasn’t so thrilled to see his brother back from the dead – and is now exactly comfortable having dinner with him or with Adam’s plan to go into town. Adam tries to play ignorant about what his brother means when he describes him as “sick”.

Tony continues to worry about his brother when he sees him bloodstained after killing a deer – asking if Lucy “was a deer.” He tries to question Adam about Lucy but Adam plays ignorant until he realises it was his brother who killed him to try and stop him – and their mother agreed. Tony calls it a mistake that doesn’t matter any more – and Adam hits him. Tony begs Adam’s forgiveness

In the hospital, Julie emotionally checks up on Lucy who is on life support.

To Nikki having happy fun sexy time with another woman when her boss calls to interrupt things. Worst. Boss. Ever. He wants to talk about a missing person case which is just rude when she has a very unmissing person right there in the bed with her. The missing person case being Victor and his update is that 4 years ago another boy of the same height, hair and eye colour was seen who disappeared. Which would be relevant if Victor’s height, hair and eye colour were not so very generic. Her boss also decides to be super creepy and “funny” asking what Nikki and her girlfriend are wearing. Oh Returned why ruin it? Nikki goes to work

Over to the family drama of Rowan and Tommy and Tommy shifting the topic to Simon rather than the fact he’s a creepy stalker. He’s also decided that undead Simon is dangerous because REASONS (unlike the guy who illicitly records you, he’s totally safe, honest).

To her job tourguiding kiddies around and dropping some big hints that, at some point in the past, the great big dam over the town burst while being distracted by Simon.

Over to the homeless shelter with the highly dubious policies and Victor confronts Peter – accusing him of killing his mother and of killing him. Just as the power goes off, leaving Peter alone in the dark with creepy Victor. I have to applaud him not running from the room screaming and gibbering – instead he manages to grab a torch to see Victor has vanished. He is rather concerned by this (really, running and screaming sounds awesome about now).

Also Returned Helen has the not-very-reassuring advice that, when he’s ready, Victor will find Peter. Peter, never ever sleep again. Helen then decides to go take a walk... in the river. Which is full of dead deer. Ok…

Nikki arrives to talk to Peter about Victor only to hear the child has disappeared and Peter decided he didn’t need to tell the police.

Back to the river and Sheriff Tommy is called in to look at all the bodies – which makes sense because there are no bullet wounds and the river feeds the town’s water supply. When they examine the bodies they find that they all drown – and the vet/coroner/whatever even goes so far as to say the deer killed themselves.

All the police around does make Peter worry about Simon since Tommy is still hunting him – so he decides to move Simon to Claire’s house to have an undead collective. They introduce him and Camille. Claire calls Peter a good man which sets his guilt weasels going

Camille and Simon bond over being undead and Simon has a rather romantic spin on his experience and recruits Camille to pass Rowan a message to get her and Chloe to leave town with him.

This sends Rowan on a trip down memory lane going through all her memorabilia – before not joining Simon and binning all those old memorabilia.  She welcomes Tommy home and continues wedding planning

Back to Helen examining the mural of all the people who died when the damn broke – including herself – when she sees the silent Victor who she calls Henry. She asks him if he remembers her, but he’s silent as ever. They eat and Helen reveals she knew Victor’s mother who was murdered along with Victor. She also decides the town is ungodly and cursed because of floods and serial killers and the undead wandering around eating burgers

And back over to the Winships where Camille is drinking with Lena’s friends (including drinking competition and kissing one of the guys), Lena is in hospital and Jack continues his unkempt vigil with the aid of a lot of booze. At least the kiss is sensed by Lena through the odd twin bond and Lena wakes up and leaves the hospital

She makes her way to the bar in her hospital gown, passing Adam on the way. She slaps Camille and tells everyone who she is, shredding the “Alice” identity. She also blames Camille for the wound on her back. Camille explains away Lena’s outburst as her being on medication and not thinking clearly which is easily understood by everyone there given how outlandish her claims are.

Lena runs from the bar into the woods until she collapses. And is found by Adam.

Peter finds Victor by the side of the road – and calls him Henry.

We’re getting much more deviation from the French version this episode, especially with Victor’s storyline moving so much faster. There’s a lot of changes here and this definitely gets me more interested in the show

One of which is seeing Nikki being overtly sexual rather than just having her and Julie eternally pining for each other which is a major step up – and then we get a guy playing drooly jokes over them which is just a sad, unnecessary addition.

Helen and Victor are competing to out-creepy each other which is silly because Victor will always be master of creepiness.

I do really wish that Rowan was presented with a third option – neither guy. She’s always shown as having to choose between the two – and maybe she doesn’t want to run away with perpetually 25 year old Simon, but that doesn’t mean she has to run back to being all lovey with the guy who planted hidden cameras around her house. There’s an option other than either man!

Adam and Tony… yeah this is all kinds of unpleasantness, but I think it’s meant to be. Of course there’s a distinct streak of ableism in insisting Adam is sick and, equally, a distinct streak of misogyny in the attempt to look past his crimes. There’s also a lot of horrendous conflict and guilt in Tony faced with what his brother is, what his brother does but not being able to stop loving him as well. It’s an unpleasant, layered in problems storyline but I rather think it’s supposed to be.