Saturday, June 13, 2015

Between, Season 1, Episode 3: Crossing Lines

We open with a terrible roadside zoo and a little boy who goes into the tiger cage. This is as ill-advised as it is random

16 Days after Quarantine

Minister Miller appears on television to explain why, despite the burning bodies, the quarantine must continue – there’s something in the air, apparently. Not only is there a quarantine but now a no fly zone as well – with people outside the fence starting to protest.

Wylie wakes up in Adam’s bedroom, his best guess is she passed out due to dehydration. They kiss. That was rather predictable – he has had a long term crush on her for a while.

In rich person house, Amanda finds Lana’s mobile phone which Chuck takes. Whatever he finds on it angers him. He goes to Gord demanding they go and confront Ronnie & co, especially since Gord’s last delaying tactic was that the fence was coming down which, of course, hasn’t happened. Since Ronnie was the last person to text Lana and he asked her to meet him in the forest, Chuck is obviously suspicious.

Gord explains what he’s doing to little sister Francis who says that church and his Neanderthal friends can go beat people up without Gord’s help. Actually I take back last episode – I don’t want Gord to be the leader, I want Francis in charge. I don’t care if she’s 12, she’s got more sense than not just everyone on this cast, but also the cast of just about every show we follow. Gord insists on going to try and play peacekeeper

There’s also an escaped tiger hanging around the farm where Gord has left Francis alone.

Chuck and co go to Ronnie’s house that night and call Pat – demanding he and Tracy bring Ronnie out. Pat tells Chuck to hide and has Tracy call for help from the cousins. Pat comes out and Gord tells him the issues they have with Ronnie. Gord tries to talk sense. Then all the power goes out, all over town. Chuck thinks this is a trap and a firefight starts.

Gord, you are far too smart for these people. And Gord is hit. Of course he is. He insists he’s fine and can doctor himself and insists Chuck tries to reign in his band of fools instead and check on the power. And think for five seconds. Gord doctors himself but it looks a lot worse than it is and Melissa shows up to help patch him up. I wouldn’t trust her because she says lucky the bullet went right through”, since she’s sewing his side I can only assume she means “right through his abdomen” which isn’t lucky.

Churck tries to turn his merry hockey minions into vigilante neighbourhood watch – and they find that their radios don’t work as well as the power.

The next day Melissa tells Gord that Chuck’s guys are patrolling the town with guns. I take it back, Gord shouldn’t lead this town, he’s better than these damn fools. He goes to try and talk some sense into Chuck, Alas Chuck has abandoned the remains of his good sense and refuses to listen.

Inside their house Pat and Tracy are less than impressed with Ronnie’s trigger-happiness. She also demands to see his phone to prove he wasn’t meeting with Lana (because texts can’t be deleted?) he gets all pouty. When Tracy gets his phone she sees he has texted Lana – and someone else, which has led to him sneaking out again. I think everything would be much easier if they shot this guy. He’s gone to see Stacey, Chuck’s girlfriend and wants her to alibi him for Lana’s death… she doesn’t want to which suggests we’re getting that teenaged love triangle.

They spend the night together and next morning she again says she’s not alibiing Ronnie because she doesn’t want to damage her relationship with Chuck. When he beg she agrees – so long as he doesn’t bring his gun so they can avoid a firefight

Pat decides to go looking for his brother even as Tracy is thoroughly sick of the guy

Stacey decides to take Ronnie to Chuck, allegedly to give him the alibi. Instead she tells Chuck the unarmed Ronnie has lost it and is attacking her

Back at the farm, little sister Francis has a tiger to deal with. She’s the most competent person in town so I trust her to handle it.

Wylie decides with power and communication down, it’s time for her and Adam to escape. He goes to ask Ms Symmonds to join them (she is thinking of restarting classes for the kids and has researched and confirms there’s no physiological difference between a 21 and 22 year old) but she won’t break quarantine. And not because it’s dangerous – but because the quarantine exists for a reason.

Wylie goes to see her sister but leaves without speaking to her when she sees Melissa is holding her baby. Gord has brought heaters for the crèche and comments on Wylie maybe having post natal depression. Melissa wants to talk her sister issues but Gord leaves, far too polite to tell her how little he gives a shit. Gord also has another round of Chuck trying to recruit him into his silliness.

Ronnie uses Amanda to protect and hide him. And, alas, poor Gord can’t get clear because Pat catches up with him and shows him Ronnie’s phone proving he was with Stacey when Lana was murdered. This is so not Gord’s problem.

Ronnie ends up holding Amanda at knife point. Poor confused Amanda confesses to burning down the shop. Ronnie exchanges Amanda for a gun so he can talk safely. Chuck repeatedly beats Ronnie before Gord and Pat arrive with the phone and Ronnie’s alibi. Ronnie leaves with Pat but declares that this has just started since Chuck’s been so terrible – so Chuck keeps the guns as well.

Which leaves Chuck to confront Stacy about Ronnie. She doesn’t confess so he shows her the texts and declares herself done with Stacy. Buh-bye Stace.

Wylie and Adam prepare to leave and Adam remarks on the lack of baby. Wylie is clear, she delivered a baby but that doesn’t make her a mother or make her want to be a mother – Melissa is far better at looking after the kid anyway. They cut through the fence and escape to… a minefield. Wylie decides the minefield sign is totally a trick based on…. Something. Adam points out it’s real by blowing up Rylie’s bag full of cash. She’s outraged she’d blown up his money rather than let her blow up herself. Lots of pissiness and moping follows.

Melissa generally falls apart trying to look after a room full of wild children (This is why cages are essential childcare tools). When she sobs in the church Wylie arrives and Melissa lets her have it – Wylie can curl up and have the most epic of pity parties because she leaves Melissa to do everything including looking after her own baby. Wylie responds by storming off with her baby. She runs into Ronnie who invites her to stay.

Back at the farm Francis kills the tiger. Gord comes home to find an endangered big cat corpse and Francis inside milking the cows. Because she’s still epic.

Gord and Francis need to tell the rest of the town to screw themselves. They’re too good for these damn fools.

Melissa and Wylie could probably have some interesting interactions but didn’t get enough focus. Wylie has obvious cause for issues between being a teenaged mother, an obviously judged daughter of a religious family, having an overly-idea older sister and the potential of post-natal depression. While Melissa is also right, she has taken on a vast amount of responsibility – from Wylie’s baby to half the town’s kids and only Gord has paused to acknowledge that.

Chuck vs Ronnie is not a storyline I’m interested in even slightly. Which is unforutnately because that was pretty much this whole episode and there’s no way we’re going to get  a sneible ending to this. At least the love triangle thing was over quickly.