Monday, June 8, 2015

Orphan Black Season Three, Episode Eight: Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method

Delphine sits in a nail salon getting a manicure by yet another clone - Krystal Goderich. As Krystal gives Delphine a manicure, she tells Delphine about her attack by the Castors and her near escape. Naturally, Krystal has a fear of twins, who she calls creepy.  Krystal while relieved to have been saved, is saddened by the loss of Hector. Krystal is still positive and makes it clear that the human spirit cannot be crushed.

It seems that Dr. Coady somehow managed to survive the explosion and is actually at the same run down bar where Siobhan and Helena, had their little knock down drag out fight. Coady shares a drink with David, in which mourns the loss of the DNA because it means that the Castor boys don't have long to live.  David thinks to ask about Rudy, and is informed that Rudy is out in the field.  David informs Coady that he has a mole inside of Leda and reveals that if she can keep the Castors alive, he will get what they want.

Finished with her manicure, Delphine reports to Nealon that Krystal is still naive and has not pieced the Castor puzzle together. Nealon reports that Rachel still has value but Delphine believes that Rachel is a liability.

Cosima and Sarah are doing the skype thing and talk about what happened on the compound and Sarah's ability to survive the Castor sexually transmitted disease.  Sarah suggests that she be used as treatment for Cosima's relapse but Cosima says that Delphine has teams which are working on gene therapy. Sarah then questions where Cosima is and Cosima simply says at a friend. When Sarah pushes for more, Cosima reveals that things are good and are exactly what she needs right now.  Sarah says that she need a way forward because they are always a step behind. Sarah brings up Beth, and Cosima reveals that Beth is also on her mind.  Sarah doesn't want to lose another clone.  Cosima ends the call when Shay arrives but suggests that Sarah call Scott to find out what they have been working on.

Felix has delivered Helena to Donnie and Allison and naturally, Donnie is not pleased with yet another addition to his household.  Allison asserts that they need to play their part and Felix argues that Helena simply needs a little bit of socializing. Yeah, well that's an understatement if I've ever heard one. In the meantime, Helena is with Allison and Donnie's daughter and she kisses the container holding her fertilized eggs.  Donnie demands to know why Helena cannot live with another one of the clones but Felix makes it clear that if Donnie does not agree to this, he will let the cat out of the bag about the drug dealing.  Helena makes her way downstairs wearing Allison's clothing and just looks plain odd.

Cosima lies on her back while Shay performs Reiki. Cosima asks if Shay knows anything about near death experiences and Shay says that before people die, people see who they love and if it's strong enough, sometimes people find their way back. When Shay points out that Cosima is late for work, Cosima asks Shay to come along and see the secret lab.

Sarah is doing the skype thing with Scott and learns about the book and the fact that not only is Rachel the only one who can decipher it, Rachel refuses to do so unless she talks with Sarah. Scott confirms that Delphine doesn't know anything about this but suggests that maybe they should trust Delphine.  Sarah however does not agree because with the book, Leda could restart human cloning.

Delphine goes to see Rachel, and is not happy to see that Rachel is improving.  Rachel realises that she is a threat to Delphine.  The moment Delphine leaves the room, Scott swings the camera to Rachel ,so that she can talk to Sarah.  Sarah asks about the book and Rachel is insistent that the book is hers and that her father left it to Kiera, so that the clones would cooperate. Rachel agrees to translate if she is allowed to disappear to Taiwan.  Sarah however points out that dead woman cannot pass customs, so Rachel brings up Krystal Goderich.  Rachel wants Sarah to steal Krystal's identity and get her out of Dyad and as proof that she can do what she promised, Scott reads the page which Rachel translated.

S and Sarah talk about whether it's a good idea to save Rachel, and Felix confirms that Cosima and Scott can get Rachel out of Dyad.  S however has her doubts and points out that if they break out Rachel, it will end the alliance with Delphine. What none of them realised is that Gracie was listening into the whole argument. Felix and Sarah decide to take a little road trip to get Krystal's information.

Cosima is showing Shay around the lab and introduces her to Scott.  Scott then confirms with Cosima that they are good to go on the Rachel situation.  When Shay finds the Dr. Moreau book on the shelves, Cosima is quick to take it away from her and Scott puts it in his bag.  Delphine enters and finds Shay with Cosima.  Delphine asks for a moment with Cosima and Cosima excuses herself saying it's work stuff.  Scott agrees to see Shay out.  Delphine makes it clear that her security concerns are not jealousy because as a French woman, she enjoys lovers.

Donnie is making soap as Helena watches.  Helena tells Donnie that Allison has good taste in men and that he is "strong like baby ox." Am I the only one who went eww at this?  Donnie is clearly flattered with the flirting and leaves Helena with the soap to talk to Allison.  Donnie brings up the kiss between Jason and Cosima and Allison promises to clear everything up. 

Gracie shows up for her first day of work at the candle store and is surprised to see Helena. Gracie reveals that she had a miscarriage and Helena tells Gracie that she can be an aunt to her child, absolving Gracie of responsibility. Helena hugs Gracie, kissing her on the cheek and all I think is AWKWARD.

Felix and Sarah arrive at Krystal's nailshop and it seems that Felix is going in for the sting.  Sarah is determined that Krystal stay ignorant about clone club.  Felix enters and drops his British accent saying that he has an appoint for a manipedi. 

Scott has returned home to find Rudy holding his cat.  Rudy comments on Scott's sci fi collection, adding that he is interested in getting The Island of Doctor Moreau.

At the nailsalon, Krystal has started work on Felix's hands and goes into her spiel about almost being abducted by twins. Krystal explains that she has no one to talk to, so she just talks to everybody. Felix even gets his flirt on and suggests they play a game to figure out Krystal's porn name.  This is how Felix gets Krystals mother's maiden name.  Krystal wonders why her boyfriends are on a two year rotation, why the hotel security had sub machine guns and why the cops dropped everything when she reported the near abduction.  Felix is tempted to tell Krystal the truth but Sarah again reminds him that Krystal is to remain ignorant.  Felix excuses himself, saying that he has to go the bathroom and then searches through Krystal's things in the back.  He even finds Krystal's notebook which includes her suspicions.  Felix heads outside to say goodbye to Krystal and tells her that she is a survivor and one of a kind.

Back in the car, Felix hands over the notebook, ID and information and says that he feels like shit.  Felix again affirms that Krystal suspects something big. 

Delphine warns Cosima that in the next month, she is going to need a stem cell treatment from Kiera.  Cosima however does not want to harvest Kiera again.  Delphine gets a call from Scott about the book.

At Bubbles, Allison meets with Jason to talk about the kiss.  Jason uses the opportunity to steal another kiss and Allison takes her time pushing him away, saying that she is married.  Allison asserts that what they have is a business relationship and asks Jason to leave.  Jason reminds Allison that they are all in bed together now and adds that he knows she felt something.

Scott and Cosima face Delphine together about the lost code.  Delphine is not impressed that Castor now has the code because they didn't trust her.  She questions whether a copy of the book was made and Cosima makes it clear they didn't.  Delphine questions who else knew about the book because Castor knew exactly what they were looking for.

Back at Siobhan's, Felix, S and Sarah talk about what happened with the book and who the mole might be. The conversation is cut short when they get a knock on the door - it's a delivery of a copy of the book.  Cosima tells Sarah that she will keep Delphine busy and that they need to take care of Rachel.

Delphine sits with Cosima, Rachel and Scott.  Delphine believes that Rachel is the mole because she has nothing left to lose.  Cosima leaves with Delphine to talk. 

Scott starts walking Rachel out of the facility with the help of a security guard.  Cosima hands over her resignation letter to Delphine.

At the candle shop, it seems that Donnie sent Jason a text from Allison to meet.  Donnie is not impressed when Jason arrives because it indicates that Jason believes Allison would step out on him. They then proceed with the dick measuring contest, with Donnie slapping Jason and getting knocked unconscious for his trouble.

Delphine argues with Cosima about quitting, arguing that Cosima is self aware and that outside of Leda, any person could be a threat.  Yes, it's relationship drama time.

Rachel and Scott have arrived at Siobhan's.  Sarah lays out the ID they stole from Krystal, ordering Rachel to translate the book cover to cover.  Rachel gets to work.

Cosima tells Delphine about her near death experience and how she came back for her.  Tears start to roll and the two women kiss.  Delphine tells Cosima that she should have trusted her.

Rachel has decoded some of the book and so far it reads:

In Londontown,
We all fell down,
And Castor woke from slumber.
To find the first,
The beast, the curse,
The original has a number.

Rachel doesn't get any further because Nealon arrives with armed guards. Nealon takes the book away from Rachel, informing everyone that Delphine knew they had a copy.  Rachel does her "my book, my father" routine before collapsing.

Rachel has been returned to Dyad and Nealon hands over the book to Delphine, saying that he has to get Rachel to surgery.

Scott and Cosima console themselves about making only one copy of the book. Nealon reports back to Delphine that he was forced to induce a coma on Rachel and that Rachel may never recover.  Cosima tries to make excuses about not giving Delphine the book but Delphine is not having it, adding that the book would have been safer with her. Delphine throws a file on the desk with Shay's name on it, informing Cosima that she might need it now that she's on her own. Delphine then accepts Scott and Cosima's resignation, informing them that security will see them out the door.

At Siobhan's, S points out that the part of the book Rachel translated points to London.  Sarah adds that they need to find the Original first and for his part, Felix is excited that they are going home.

Nealon gets a call from Rachel, who is lying on a hospital gurney being prepared for surgery.  Nealon is busy checking on another clone, who I assume to be Krystal.  Nealon congratulates Rachel on how well she played her part.  It seems that Nealon's plan is to harvest one of Crystal's eyes for Rachel.  The camera pulls back to reveal a faceless woman watching Rachel's surgery.

I am glad that they have started to integrate Donnie and Allison back into the main plot.  For most of the season they have been off to the side doing their own thing and while sometimes entertaining, it made it feel like I was watching two different shows.  That being said, seeing Helena flirt with Donnie was simply ewww.  Also, can Donnie make it through a complete episode without making an ass of himself or whining?  It's yet to happen.

So looks like things are steaming up with Allison and Jason.  I wonder where this is going to go?  Is it just the whole Jason is a bad boy thing or what?

Krystal.  Yep, another clone.  Other than Beth who really didn't get much characterisation, she is easily the most boring to date.  I strongly disagreed with Sarah about not telling her because Krystal's ignorance made her vulnerable as we found it in the end of the episode. The bottom line is if you're a Leda clone, you're never safe.  I did however love the scene with Krystal and Felix, even if it did mean that once again Felix was playing servant to one of the clones.

Delphine and Cosima and their so-called epic love. LET IT DIE already.  What this show doesn't need is romantic angst.  I do however believe that Cosima was absolutely right not to tell Delphine what is going on even if it didn't end well for team clone.  Delphine is part of the machine and there is no proof that she has Cosima's best interests at heart.  It does however leave a problem because Cosima is going to need medical treatment.  And, yes big and.  What the hell is in the file on Shay? Is he yet another monitor from a splinter group? Is Shay connected to the faceless woman we say at the end of the episode?

Finally, why didn't Rudy die? Why oh why?  What happened to the rest of the Castor clones?