Saturday, June 13, 2015

Between, season 1, Episode 4: Love Hurts

Flashback start – Ms Symmonds being proposed to be Evan, one of the other teachers (actually he gives her a ring on her birthday and she said yes and this is why rings make terrible gifts and end up with you making unintended proposals you can’t walk back. Yes that’s my headcannon and I’m sticking to it. Hey, does this count as romantic proposing on your intended’s birthday or is it just a cheap way of calling all future presents joint anniversary/birthday presents – kind of like those poor kids born in late December? Ok I’ll stop now)

He then was rude enough to die mid proposal or possibly this was all Ms Symmond’s (can this lady get a first name please?) morbid dream/imagination

19 Days under quarantine

Wylie is visiting with Pat, Ronnie and Tracy who politely step around the fact she still hasn’t named her baby. Pat and Tracy still aren’t super thrilled with their brother especially when Ronnie decides he’s going to go hunting and he drafts poor Tracy into watching Baby Nameless so he can take Wylie with him

Seriously, the way these guys talk they have lots of cousins (is that a hint of “huge redneck hillbilly clan” they’re implying? I think it is) I’m sure they could spare Ronnie if he had an… accident. This is such a very bad idea. Unsurprisingly they crash and are chased by Chuck’s minions

Speaking of bad ideas, some kids steal one of the cars from Chuck’s dad’s dealership – and drive off at most unsafe speed.

We also have a Chuck running and being all tormented with his big ol’ sense of duty when he runs into New Designated Love Interest, Samantha.

Ms Symmonds goes to Melissa’s crèche and finds Melissa utterly overwhelmed again with no help. She agrees to cover for Melissa so she can go find her sister. You’ll regret that Ms Symmonds. Melissa can’t find Rylie and begins to worry – of course she takes that problem to Gord. She then actually has a huge tantrum at Ms Symmonds for bringing the kids to the church and defiling her precious house of god. Melissa, she was doing you a favour – see, this is why you have no help.

Adam alternates between staring moodily at pictures of Rylie and then staring moodily (to be fair “moodily” is kind of his default facial expression) at the pictures he took of Lana’s body – the juxtaposition isn’t creepy at alllll. He decides to re-visit the crime scene and find the convenient evidence that wasn’t there before – Pat’s hat.

He goes to tell Gord this who thinks mass-produced baseball hats do not, in any way, prove culpability or even Pat’s presence. Gord also adds how little evidence they have and the last thing they need is for Adam to drag up trouble.

Adam ignores him and decides to go investigate Pat. His cover story is utterly terrible but they assume he is nosying around looking for Wylie. Wylie is out drinking with Ronnie when he tries to kiss her – and when she pulls back he accuses her of thinking she’s too good for him. He tries to force himself on her, threatening her until she agrees and she pushes him out of the hide to the floor, seeming to knock him unconscious. Alas she doesn’t just leave him to freeze to death and goes to check on him – until he attacks her again this time stopped when Tracy arrives and hits him with something big and clubby

Gord and Francis go looking for Wylie and it seems Gord may have a crush on Melissa (Frances throws in her opinion which is good because she’s awesome)

The kids who took the car are brought before Chuck to act as judge & jury – and when the kid refuses to accept his authority, he ties him to a pole.

Mark, newly escaped from prison, also arrives in town and meets Stacy in her dad’s bar. They negotiate reopening the bar with him providing the booze he found in a booze truck and her the location. They also bond over their violent fathers and they sell booze to underage kids (Which, given America’s drinking laws, is most of the population of the town). That includes Ms Symmonds who now has a first name – Amy – and Adam who is bemused at the idea of charging money for anything. Adam tells Amy his suspicions about Pat – but Amy points out how little they can do without the organs of society.

Mark and Stacy have a quicky in the back room and for some reason he makes a snarky comment about her being experienced afterwards (with a clear negative, slut-shaming implication). Chuck comes to the bar to lecture Mark on the evils of underaged drinking which he blames on Stacy (despite it being his idea). Mark completely throws them under the bus and shuts down the underaged drinking before flirting more with Samantha.

It’s also Amy’s birthday. Which makes her 22. She and Adam go bowling, when Pat arrives to explain why he killed Lana: she was Ronnie’s drug supplier. And she was actually killing herself, Pat didn’t murder her, honest. He gives Adam a note to prove it – but Chuck and co arrive with guns, Firefight ensues until Adam can show Chuck the note – Lana’s suicide note

To make Chuck’s day a little worse, a kid reports that Harrison, the boy he’d tied to a pole in the cold, has just fallen unconscious. Gord also joins and Samantha tells them the kid’s diabetic. Neither Samantha nor Gord are impressed by Chuck tying a diabetic child to a pole with no food.

The kid lives, and Chuck dares to try and justify himself to Gord. Gord points out the obvious – being rich doesn’t make Chuck right. But he storms off refusing to listen to criticism and sure he’s in the right “keeping order.”

And Tracy reports to Pat that their brother tried to rape Wylie

Wylie names her son, Jason. Pat tells Wylie that Ronnie is sorry which is utterly useless. And he won’t take Wylie home without her doing something for her first.

The power comes back on… and Amy dies from the plague of 22 year old.

And Elen the prison guard, recaptures Mark and takes him back to the prison. She’s curious as to who is investigating the plague – and wants to release Mark again to be her spy. She’s particularly invested in the answer because she’s 21.

She then, ominously, calls some contact for more information about Adam

Ok I want either Gord to be leader and hailed as such (and he really is the best possible choice except for Frances who is still awesome) or they need to stop dumping shit in his lap with the expectation he will do something about it. Respected leader or not his problem – pick aside random kids of Pretty Lake. Either respect him as leader or stop treating him like the town nursemaid.

Him and his sister are just about the only people I really care about on this show. Everyone else I’m indifferent towards, bored by or actively want to be mauled by wolverines.

I wonder if there’s a link between the power and the disease? Or did Amy just turn 22 at just that right moment? See if they studied more of the mystery and less of the terrible Chuck and vile Ronnie, I’d be much more interested. And we wouldn’t have to have example no. 96785 of rape being used as a pointless characterisation of a bad guy moment.