Sunday, June 14, 2015

Wayward Pines, Season One, Episode Five: The Truth

Ethan has made it to the other side of the wall and finds himself moving  through the forest.  Around Ethan, a manlike creatures moves and Ethan takes out his gun and starts shooting.  The creature brushes against him and when Ethan checks his arms, he finds three deep scratches as though made from a claw. Ethan keeps firing until it sounds like he has hit something.

Amy walks Ben back home and asks if he would like to walk to school with her and a group of friends.  They stop in front of the house and it's the awkward to kiss or not to kiss moment.  Ben moves to enter his house and Amy stops him and kisses him chastely.

In the kitchen, Ben find Theresa doing the dishes.  Theresa explains that Ethan is working late so that the case can end and the family can get back to Seattle.

In the woods, an injured Ethan tends to his wounds.  He lays down at the base of a tree to get some rest but doesn't sleep easily because of the sound of the wildlife. The next morning Ethan wakes with the rifle in his hand.

At home, Theresa gets out of bed to find that Ethan didn't make it home. Theresa heads downstairs to find Ben dressed and ready to go, eating his breakfast.  When Ben reveals that he is rushing so that he can walk to school with a bunch of kids, Theresa is not pleased.  Theresa reminds him of the plan for her to walk him to school. Ben is not impressed and reminds Theresa that it's a five minute walk, adding he wants to be with his friends.  Theresa very calmly acknowledges the importance of being with ones friends, reminds him of the danger they face in this town and points out that they don't know yet who they can trust.  Ben being the awful angst ridden teenager that he is whines about his parents wanting him to fit in and then being upset about it when he does. Ben even accuses Theresa of just sitting around the house hopping that things will magically get better.

Using a map, Ethan checks out his location.

At the school, several of the kids take the time to say hi to Ben.  Ben is shocked that everyone is being nice to him and questions if there is an ulterior motive.  Ben says that in his old school, it was like he was invisible but here, after only a few days, everyone is nice to him and talks to him. Ben wants to know why things are different and so Amy explains that everyone is in this together and therefore their school isn't like any other school.  Over the loudspeaker, Ben is ordered to report to room one for orientation and has to cut short his conversation with Amy.

Theresa arrives at the Realtor office and meets Bill, the head realtor.They shake hands and Bill snarks about Theresa being a good friend and adds that Peter was a good friend - though he didn't agree with the graffiti.  When Bill tells Theresa that the secretary wanted Peter's job and was upset when Theresa received it, Theresa attempts to step out of the way; however, Bill informs Theresa that they have already made the decision.  Theresa asks about "they", and Bill immediately changes the subject to Theresa's first client.  Theresa looks through the file and learns that Wayne worked construction but he lost his phone in the accident.  Apparently, Wayne was hit by a police car and now that he is doing better and has lost everything, he doesn't have a place to stay.  Bill promises that Theresa will earn a gold star if she gives Wayne a house.  Before Bill leaves, he asks Theresa to thank Ethan for killing Peter.

Ben walks into a non-descript room with Ben and Carrie. The kids are in numerical order 109-111.  What do the numbers signify? More mystery from Wayward Pines. They are joined by Maggie, the principal and spouse of the mayor.  Maggie sets up a projector and welcomes the kids to orientation.

Ethan continues to make his way through the woods.  He stops to check his map once again.  He finds a marker for a church and looks around for the building.  What Ethan finds are the remains of said church.  Only one wall is still standing and the church looks over run by vegetation.

Maggie shows the kids an image of students 001 002 and 003, the first to complete orientation.  Maggie makes it clear that the kids were invited because they showed aptitude in the individual sessions. The kids are informed that they will become part of the first generation of Wayward Pines and that it's a great honour and privilege. 

Theresa is back at the hospital.  She makes her way to Wayne's room and finds him sitting on a bed staring at a wall.  Theresa introduces herself and explains that she heard he needs help in finding a place to live. Theresa starts to go into her spiel but Wayne asks her to stop because he wants to be alone.  Theresa offers to get a nurse but Wayne is adamant that he doesn't want Pam. Theresa tells Wayne that he can talk to her and that she also was in an accident.  Wayne explains that after the accident he saw something awful and something was done to him. Wayne is certain that Pam was there. Theresa checks to make sure that Wayne hasn't told anyone else before warning him that Wayward Pines is not safe and that he needs to be on his guard. What Theresa doesn't know is that Pam is standing by the door listening.  Before Wayne can tell Theresa in full what he saw, Pam interrupts.  Pam congratulates Theresa on getting Peter's job and then snarks that Peter was always too much of a free thinker to make it.  When Pam leaves, Theresa goes into Realtor mode, showing Wayne a picture of a house that he should like and that is very private.  Clearly, Theresa is using Kate's playbook by sending a message in a common sentences.

Back at the school, Maggie is showing the kids a photo taken 14 yards outside of the perimeter of Wayward Pines. Ben notices something in the top right hand corner.  The next image is blurry and looks like a grey humanoid monster.  Maggie reveals that two people died taking the picture. The creatures are called Aberrations and are the result of a genetic mutation.

Ethan is now running frantically through the woods.  Ethan comes across the carcass of a deer.  Ethan drags it behind him, as in the distance, an Aberration can be seen keeping pace with him.  Two Aberrations are following behind Ethan. Ethan has climbed under a log and left the carcass in front of the log.  The aberration sniffs the ear, it's muzzle and sharp fangs covered in blood. Three Aberrations then feast on the carcass.

The Aberrations are the apex predator now. A single Aberration can kill and eat an armed soldier in just a few minutes.  It is possible though unlikely to kill one Aberration; however, they always travel in herds. The kids are advised that if they ever come across a herd, it will be certain death.  Maggie pulls up a sketch of an aberration revealing bird like claws capable of killing in a single stroke. Their ears have an extended range of hearing and their sense of smell is 100x stronger than ours.  Maggie informs the kids that the Aberrations DNA is only 1/2 % different than the mammal they originated from.  That's right - Aberrations used to be human. 

It's lunch time and Ben pushes his food around on the plate.  He is joined by Amy who says that she didn't eat for two days after orientation.  Ben admits that things aren't making any more sense to him. Ben feels what he has been shown defies logic. Ben questions if the Aberrations are true, why he hasn't heard of them before.   Amy promises Ben that what he is being taught is true.

Ethan continues to run through the woods.

The kids are back in orientation.  Maggie gives them each one coin which will provide the answers the kids are looking for.

Theresa shows Wayne the house giving him the specs.  She notices a camera in the ceiling fan and suggests they start at the back of the house.

Ethan moves in a circle, clearly disorientated before continuing his trek.  Ethan then comes across a traffic sign for Boise.

Ben examines the coin and suggests that it possibly goes back as far as the Roman Empire.  Ben then scratches off something that has adhered to the coin.  He learns that the coin is an American quarter.  When Ben checks the date, the coin is stamped 2095.  Ben is confused and wonders how this is possible.  Maggie asks the kids the last thing they remember before arriving in Wayward Pines and they all answer car crash.  They kids then all recall waking up at the Wayward Pines hospital. Maggie questions if they know how long they were unconscious and that their accidents weren't accidents at all. It seems that everyone was chosen to be there - chosen to be part of a special community. 

Maggie goes onto explain that human beings didn't become Aberrations over night and that the coins look old because they are old. Maggie explains that the coins are the last relics of human civilization - civilization that died out almost 2000 years ago.  Against the backdrop of a ruined city, we hear Maggie inform the kids that it is actually the year 4028.

Ethan has made his way to what should be Boise.  On full alert with his weapon ready, Ethan moves into a clearing.  Ethan check his compass and keeps moving.  Ethan has finally arrived at Boise and it's nothing but a crumbled wreck with no sign of human life.

Theresa shows Wayne how the washer works and uses it as a foil to explain about the cameras, warning him that they cannot stay long.  Wayne says that he doesn't remember much about the accident and that he must have been drugged.

Theresa shows them a mouse which can survive without breathing without drinking and lives longer as a result. 

Wayne recounts looking at glass that looks like a window in the washer. There were people inside the cube like things staring at him. Wayne reports hearing voices. Theresa says that she believes Wayne and that she will find out what is going on.  Theresa asks him to take the house and play along for now.  Theresa does her Realtor thing before handing Wayne the keys and leaving.  

Maggie explains to the kids that after the accident, they were all placed in hibernation chambers where they slept.  Maggie explains that when the kids woke up, they became part of the first generation. Ben asks why they were chosen and Maggie explains they were chosen to assure survival of the human race.

A helicopter makes its way toward Ethan. 

Maggie explains to the kids that over two thousand years ago, a scientist predicted the Aberrations.  Because the environment was changing, nature changed humans.  An arc was created - Wayward Pines, to preserve humanity.  Maggie reveals that the scientist was David Pilcher. The kids are told that while they may never meet Pilcher personally, they can take comfort that Pilcher is always watching over them and taking care of them.  Wow, isn't she just making Pilcher sound like a God to these impressionable kids. 

Dr. Jenkins gets out of the helicopter telling Ethan that no one has ever made it this far alone.  Jenkins then introduces himself as David Pilcher.  Pilcher asks Ethan to come with him because they cannot stay here.  When Pilcher turns to leave Ethan raises his gun, causing Pilcher to stand still. Ethan asks if they are in some sort of experiment before pointing forward and saying that they are not in Boise. Pilcher advises Ethan to trust what is right before his own eyes. Pilcher advises Ethan that there's nothing for him out there because the world Ethan knows is gone thanks to the fact that humans have evolved into something less human.  Pilcher explains that all that is left of civilization is Wayward Pines and that if Ethan comes with him, together they can change things for the better.  When Ethan hesitates, Pilcher again says that it's his choice.

In the orientation meeting, Maggie advises that the kids keep what they learned here today a secret. She then tells the story of an initiate who couldn't keep the secret from his parents.  The family all committed suicide.  Maggie says that everything happening at Wayward Pines is for the kids because the adults wouldn't be able to handle the truth. The adults,  having lived too long in the old world, would put all of Wayward Pines in danger according to Maggie.

Back at the real estate office, Maggie starts to look thought a binder.  In it she finds a listing for herself and a separate one for Ethan.

Maggie again reminds the kids that the arc won't survive if they don't all follow the rules.  Maggie charges the kids to steer the arc to shore because they are the first generation. She has the kids say the first generation repeatedly.

At the office, Bill has arrived to literally give Theresa the gold star he promised her earlier. Bill pins the star on Theresa's shoulders and says that it won't be the last star this week.  Theresa asks how often Wayward Pines has new residents and Bill replies that they get several every month or so like clockwork. Bill says that the minute you need someone they all just show up.  Theresa then asks about the correlation between car accidents and arriving in Wayward Pines and Bill advises Theresa not to think too hard because it's not becoming. Bill finishes by threatening Theresa.

Maggie takes a picture of the kids and asks them to follow her.  They are lead into a room where the other first generation kids stand at attention holding light candles.  Each initiate is given a candle which Amy lights by sharing the flame of her own candle.  Amy welcomes the initiates to the first generation. The kids slam their hands on the table in time with each other as Amy smiles at Ben.

Pilcher tells Ethan that he knows Ethan is thinking about family, friends and even that boss he thought he hated. His thoughts will then progress to all of the lost culture: languages, art, knowledge. What is gone is  thousands of years of culture.  Ethan is probably questioning if he even wants to be here and so should think about the fact that he has a new community, a family and a future. 

Ben returns home from school.

Ethan asks what Wayward Pines is and Pilcher again asks Ethan to join them.  In the distance the howls and the screeches of the Aberrations can be heard.  They run towards the helicopter and when Ethan gets in, he's surprised to see nurse Pam waiting for him. Pam just points out that Ethan looks like he could use a nurse. They just manage to get off the ground before the Aberrations meet them.

It took five episodes but we have finally figured out what the big mystery is with Wayward Pines - aberration.  The fact that the people were in some kind of suspended animation explains how they have aged separately.  One thing that still doesn't make sense to me, is if Pope was from the future how die he run into Theresa and Ben and sabotage their cars?  How is it that Jenkins talked to Ethan's superiors at the Secret Service?  Were these two able to go back and forth in time?

Given that we saw what happened to Ethan, we know that Ben wasn't being sold a line of bull; however, there was clearly a good deal of indoctrination going on during the so-called indoctrination meeting.  The very idea that the kids are being given secret knowledge which they must hide from their parents screams of indoctrination and cult. Let's be honest, at this point Maggie screams a lot more than devout follower; she's a zealot.  It was freaky watching the kids slam the table in unison as though they were operating with one brain.  Clearly, the kids the picked were all outcasts to some degree in their time and are embracing this new sense of belonging. 

Theresa is on the hunt by herself to figure out what is going on.  It irks me that in part it was due to Ben snarking at her about doing nothing.  I do hope however this will push her in a forward momentum.  If she was capable of hunting down her husband, she should be capable of getting some answers on her own. 

Now that we know the big mystery behind Wayward Pines, I cannot help but wonder what comes next.  Ethan may now the truth but I cannot think he will accept the public executions that have been going on.  Are we going to get to the bottom of who the mysterious "they" are.  Are "they" some kind of ruling council in charge of this grand experiment?  Yes, some questions were answered this week but there are still more outstanding.