Friday, September 11, 2015

Sense8, Season One, Episode Four: What's Going On?

Wolfie and Felix sit in an alleyway talking.  Felix is excited about the diamond theft and Wolfie points out that nothing will change for them if they cannot sell them.  They meet up with a Jewish jeweler and speak about what happened to the jeweler's family during the holocaust thus mirroring somewhat Felix's ideas on how people think they would have reacted to Hitler.

Sanyam, Kala, and Manendra Rajan meet with the wedding planners to discuss the ceremony.  It seems that Rajan wants to add a ring exchange even though the ceremony is supposed to be Hindu. It seems that the priest is ready to accommodate the couple though it will mean that the ceremony might go on for six hours.  The planners suggest that with a bribe the priest can be talked into delivering a shorter ceremony.  Manendra naturally is disrespectful throughout this entire conversation. The addition of rings is important to Rajan because married men in India don't wear rings and he wants to have something tangible to show his commitment.  Okay, I'm sighing with all kinds of aww at this. Sanyam looks on with a smile as Rajan declares his love for Kala.

In Korea, Sun puts make up on the massive shiner she gained from her fight night but it does nothing to cover the bruising.  We get another flashback to the young Sun talking to her ill mother.  Sun believes that her father hates her and points out that he only attends Joon-Ki's matches.  Sun's mother tells her not to be jealous and not to blame Joon-Ki for how much his father loves him.  Joon-Ki it seems is destined to take over the company and to that end, Sun's mother makes Sun promise to take care of her Joon-Ki.  Back in the present, Sun stares into a mirror thinking.

The jeweler is now examining the diamonds and he declares them to be beauties.  The jeweler believes that the diamonds came out of Mumbai and that he will not be able to sell them unless they are re-cut. Wolfie stands to go calling it a waste of time because re-cutting the demands will dramatically reduce their value.  Felix quickly grabs Wolfie's arm and the jeweler points out that he said a sale would not be easy but will still be possible, promising to buy 1/3 of the diamonds.

Shiro is ironing and tells Capheus that he would be a success without her because then he wouldn't have to pay for her medicine.  Capheus is not interested in what Shiro is saying and pointedly tells her so.  I love that he is so devoted to his mother.  Shiro believes that if she wasn't a bad person, she would stop taking her medicine and allow Capheus to get on with his life.  Capheus answers that without her he would go into the world naked.  Capheus promises to bring back water when he returns and kisses his mother before leaving.

Capheus makes his way to the bus to find a crowd of people surrounding it. Jela greats him with a huge smile and the crowd cheers.  It seems word has spread about the fight Capheus had to get Shiro's medicine back.

Back on the streets, Felix stops to talk about the first time he had sex.  It seems that before he had sex he thought he was wasting his time with the girl because he had been buying her presents and taking her to the movies but once he was able to penetrate her, he realised that everything had been worth it. Yes, that officially makes Felix an epic ass. In celebration, Felix went out and bought a new pair of shoes because everything changed from that point on.  Wolfie laughs.  Wolfie and Felix return to his key cutting shop and Felix announces that he now needs new shoes.

Capheus is driving and the bus is so full that Jela is hanging on to the railing on the side of bus with his body actually outside of the bus. Jela is in full celebration mode until they are pulled over by the cops.  Jela approaches the cops and is told to shut the fuck up because they want Capheus. Capheus is ordered to follow the cops and when he is slow to move, they surround him and escort him away from the bus.  A concerned Jela looks on.

Lito tells Hernando and Daniela that Joaquin came to the set.   Daniela expresses surprised and Lito goes on to say that over lunch Joaquin put a knife to his throat.  Hernando interrupts to get Lito to taste the food he made.  Lito tastes it quickly and goes back to talking about how the set is a sacred space and that it is difficult to concentrate with Joaquin waving around a weapon.  Daniela puts Lito on ignore and goes on about how good the cerviche Hernando made is and suggests that Hernando open a restaurant because he is such a good cook.

Felix is in a shoe store and at this point has already tried on several pairs.  Wofie holds a pair of boots and Felix complains that they fit him too perfectly.

Capheus is escorted through the woods to a clearing where he is met by Silas Kabaka - a local drug lord.

Kala makes her way to the temple and on the outside she sees posters of Rajan and Manendra.  Kala is stopped by a local man who warns her that if Rajan and Manendra have their way, she will never be allowed to pray to Ganesha again. Kala is confused but the man explains that Rajan and Manendra want to destroy Indian traditions and turn it into America.  Kala denies this and so the man hands her a pamphlet containing the facts and adds that they (read|: Rajan and Manedndra) use their evil drug money to buy off politicians.  Kala is then asked to pray for the deaths of Rajan and Manendra before they can destroy everything.

Capheus gets into Silas's car and the two men shake hands.  It seems that the men Capheus beat up had gotten it into their heads that they no longer needed Silas.  With Capheus's victory, he destroyed the reputations of the carjackers.  This made Silas believe that Capheus might be able to be of service and thus he offers Capheus enough money to change his life.  Capheus politely and quickly turns down the shady offer of employment. Silas points out that while Capheus might be okay, his mother is dying of AIDS. Silas adds that if Shiro doesn't get medicine soon she will be dead and this is a problem because in their country, one never knows if you are purchasing real medicine or counterfeit.  Silas pops open a briefcase containing a drugs and explains that they will have an immediate effect on Shiro's life. When Capheus asks what he has to do for the drugs, Silas pulls out a bag and a card, explaining that the bag has to reach the address on the card by midnight tonight.  Capheus accepts the card and Silas says that this should be simple for Capheus.  Capheus takes the bag and quietly leaves the car.

Sun is sitting in her father's office when he walks in.  He explains that he has been in his office every night negotiating with the Americans and then orders Sun to put out her cigarette.  A defiant Sun responds by taking a deep drag and informs him that he is too late because the auditors already know what is going on.  It seems that someone has been deliberately manipulating stock to move funds from one account to another.  Sun adds that this is embezzlement and that someone is going to jail for it.

Felix and Woflie are now in a restaurant and Felix orders the most expensive wine they have.  Felix explains that for just one night, he wants to live like an Arab sheik. Wolife smiles humouring Felix. When Wolfie looks down, he sees a strap tying his arm to the chair.  It's only there briefly.

Back in the hospital, Dr. Metzger shows Nomi and her mother an MRI of Nomi's brain explaining that the tumor has grown in the last day, probably causing Nomi's hallucinations to become more intense. Dr. Metzger adds that whoever started the fire are not really helping her.  Nomi snarks back that handcuffing people and planning to chop of their brains isn't helping either.  This irks Metzger and so he decides to do Nomi's surgery immediately. Nomi back tracks saying that she can wait but Metzger simply has his rounds cancelled.

Sun arrives at a sex club to track down her brother but she is stopped at the door by a bouncer who tells her that the only women allowed there are naked women.  He makes the mistake of laying hands on Sun and she takes him out. Damn but I love that she is so damn bad ass.  Sun makes her way through the club looking for her brother.  Some other ass makes the mistake of putting a gun to the back of Sun's head.  At this point Will takes over briefly and the man finds himself on the ground.

Will is in the building where Jonas is being kept.  He has a seat and waits to be seen.

Sun finds Joon-Ki in a room of drunk men and half naked women.  Joon-Ki introduces Sun and excuses her presence.  When Sun informs Joon-Ki that there father wants to see him, he brushes Sun off claiming to be in the middle of something important. Sun will not be denied and simply repeats her demand.

Will is approached by a fellow officer and old friend and accidentally speaks Korean, clearly channeling Sun.  They make small talk about Michael (Will's father) and then Will asks for a chance to ask Jonas a few questions. Will is informed that this is a federal case and that he cannot get into to see Jonas. Will tries to call it a personal favour but is still shut down.  The officer walks away telling Will to give his best to Michael.  A frustrated Will turns to face the window and is joined by Jonas. The two men reach out and touch.  Jonas explains that he is not really there and is actually in solitary confinement. Will then finds himself in a locked room with Jonas.  Jonas explains that what they are doing is something Angel called, "visiting".  Apparently people outside of the cluster can visit each other if they make eye contact.  Will touches the wall and discovers that it is cold, causing him to wonder how he can feel it if he isn't there. Jonas explains that Will can feel it because he can feel it.  Will still doesn't believe that this is real, so Jonas points out that Will just spoke Korean. Jonas tells Will that he is no longer just himself.  The link is ended when Will is called away by another cop.

Joon-Ki is in his father's office complaining that Sun embarrassed him.  Joon-Ki is ordered to shut up and Kang-Dae informs Joon-Ki that he knows Joon-Ki has been stealing from him.  Kang-Dae is disgusted because Joon-Ki is the face of the company which means that when it becomes public, the company will be ruined.  Joon-Ki starts to cry saying that he cannot go to jail and that it isn't all his fault. Joon-Ki starts to beg, causing Kang-Dae to say that even now, Joon-Ki doesn't know how to act like a man.  Kang-Dae believes that this is his fault because he spoiled Joon-Ki.  It seems that Kang-Dae believes that he has only one child who sees a way out of this disaster.  Sun sighs and a shocked Joon-Ki turns to Sun in astonishment.  Sun explains that because Kang-Dae rarely admits that he has a daughter and that no one really knows who she is or what she does, if she confesses to Joon-Ki's crime the company may be able to survive the scandal.  Joon-Ki falls to his knees and begs Sun to save him.

Will is back in his car and he calls out to Jonas.  Jonas explains that visiting isn't like texting - it's something you let happen rather than make happen. Will finds himself back in Jonas's cell, as Jonas explains that Will needs to learn the difference between visiting (what they are doing now) and sharing (something which can only be done inside one's cluster).  Jonas warns that Nomi is about to destroyed and tasks Will with saving her, adding that by saving Nomi, Will be saving himself.  Their contact is cut off when Jonas is removed from the room.

Nomi is strapped to the bed and she begs as the nurse prepares to inject her.  Nomi tells them that they are murdering her but the nurse responds that they are helping Nomi for her own good.  Nomi calls out for someone to help her and a confused Will hears her call.  Nomi is being led away on a stretcher and passes by Will in the hallway.  Will finds himself back in his truck as Nomi is wheeled away.

Sun looks out the window of her office while she smokes a cigarette.  In a flashback, Sun crying at what appears to be her mother's funeral.  Sun is joined by Kang-Dae, who tells her that he remembers what it felt like to be loved by his former wife (I suppose that means they were estranged) Kang-Dae comments that now they both know how it feels to lose the love of his wife.

Riley checks her phone and finds a message from her father.  It seems that he got a position in the symphony and wants Riley to come back to hear him play.

Wolfie is in a club with Felix and he is clearly drunk out of his mind.  The two man dance with women and alternately with each other.

Kala awakes to the sound of sex and she sees a woman riding Wolfie.  Riley is also treated to the sight of Wolfie having sex.  A frustrated Riley gets out of bed.

Back in a club, Wolfie protests that he is too drunk to do Karoke but at Felix's urging, he gets up on stage.  We get a flash to the teacher who was trying to encourage Wolfie to sing in episode one.  Wolfie screams, "fuck you", when he remembers his father laughing at him. Not aware of what Wolfie is remembering the crowd cheers in response.

Sun is working out and she gets a text from Joon-Ki asking how she is doing, finishing with an I love you. Yeah, now that he wants something, suddenly Joon-Ki loves her.  Sun simply puts the phone down in disgust without responding before going back to her work out.

Riley goes through her ipod and selects a song by 4 Non Blondes.  This happens to be the song that Wolfie chooses to sing.  Wolfie begins to sing and in India Kala joins in.  Capheus begins to sing as he is driving his bus and Lito lies in bed and joins in.  Will sits in a cafe and joins the song followed by Nomi who is on her stretcher.  In the shower, Sun starts to belt out the song.  An uncomfortable Lito continues to sing as he lies in bed with Hernando and the fetishist Daniela.  Kala finds herself on stage with Wolfie and moments later he joins her in India on the rooftop.

Kala is awoken from her dream by Daya, who says that Kala seemed to be smiling at someone in her dream. Naturally, Daya assumes that Kala was dreaming about Rajan and so Kala smiles and nods her head.

Will lies on his couch singing and when he looks down he finds an IV in his arm and that he is handcuffed to a bed.  Will yanks out the IV and then uses the needle to unlock the handcuffs.  Nomi struggles out of the operating room.  Will sits up suddenly and finds himself safely in his apartment, completely amazed at what he just did.  Nomi makes a break for it just as the nurse is noticing that Nomi is missing.  Nomi is on her way out when she is noticed. Just as security is about to be called, Amanita shows up dressed in scrubs and takes responsibility for Nomi.  Amanita wheels Nomi away in a wheelchair and they make their way to the elevator.  Nomi pulls her hair down to cover her face and when they are noticed by security, Amanita runs and pushes Nomi through the hospital doors and the two women jump into a cab.  Nomi starts to cry and thanks Amanita for saving her.

Riley continues to listen to 4 Non Blinds. In the car, Nomi tells Amanita that she has a song stuck in her head.  And when Nomi starts to sing, Amanita calls it the perfect soundtrack for a lobotomy.  Nomi suddenly finds herself sitting next to Riley.  Back in the taxi a fragile Nomi cries in Amanita's arms.

The group are all beginning to interact with each other but it seems that only Will is privileged enough for Jonas to guide.  Why oh why is it always the white,straight, cisgender guy that is propped up? I am so happy with the diversity of this cast and so the last thing I want to see at this point is Will move into any kind of position of authority. I do however wonder what Jonas is holding back? I strongly get the sense that he is only giving Will tidbits and has some kind of dark secret himself.

I can really relate to the scenes with Shiro and Capheus.  It's a parents duty to care for their child and the roles are definitely reversed.  As someone who has dealt with a long illness and had their child be their caretaker, I'm really glad this is being explored.  I particularly loved that  Capheus affirmed that Shiro's value is not in what she can do for him, or give him, but her existence and their shared love.  Given that the media loves to show Black mothers as delinquent, and violent, the love between them is a great way of breaking a racist trope.

Speaking of marginalsed people, at this point I'm going to need Daniela to have several seats.  She has insinuated herself in Lito and Hernando's lives without much care about how she is disrupting it.  I was particularly disgusted to see her in bed with the two of them and Lito's obvious unhappiness and frustration with this situation.  More than any other character in Sense8, Daniela really needs a lesson in boundaries.  If this creepy fetishist should disappear from the show, I wouldn't miss her in the least bit.

Wolfie is clearly the wild child of the group even if he is particularly haunted.  Who pisses on their father's grave unless the man was an epic asshole?  Also, what is it with Netflix and having sons piss on their father's grave?  At this point I am not particularly fond of Felix.  The very idea that women are to be conquered through flowers and gift so that men can get sex disgusts me.

What the hell is going on with Manendra and Rajan?  We already know from Manendra's comments about his hatred of Indian food that he is self hating.  Other than wanting to wear a ring, Rajan has shown no such sign.  In fact, Rajan seems quite earnest.  I don't quite know where this story line is going.  Is it meant to convince us that despite the fact that Rajan is a wonderful young man that he is not a good match for Kala?  If so, it's wasted on me because the fact that she wants out is enough for me; I don't need an explanation.  I do however wonder where this is going with the temple given how serious Kala is about her religion.  It seems as though Sense8 is trying to pair Kala up with Wolfie and that has me wondering if he is anymore likely than Rajan to support her religious beliefs?

Sun continues to be one of my favorite characters though she holds so much inside and seems to express her justified rage in violence.  All of her life Sun has had to plays second fiddle to her brother and now she is being asked to give up her freedom and soil her good name so that Joon-Ki won't have to go to jail.  I know that this storyline is about the patriarchal nature of Asian culture but at the same time it's a problem.  We live in a patriarchal world and yet the media loves to point to the sexism and oppression that women face as something which happens in cultures of colour.  I do like that what is happening to Sun is clearly being portrayed as wrong but the context in which it is happening isn't the least bit accidental.

In one final note, I loved that they all sang What's Going On even if it did become an ear wig for the rest of the day.