Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sense8, Season One, Episode Three: Smart Money's on the Skinny Bitch

A doctor is cutting into a woman's brain and Will as a child is watching.  A little girl whispers to him, "don't look at him" (read: the doctor) warning that this is how she was caught.  An adult Will watches terrified before waking up suddenly in a hospital bed.  Will is informed that he was in an accident and is lucky to be alive, though he managed to catch a terrorist.  Will gets out of bed and is told that he shouldn't leave because he probably has a concussion and his MRI is showing some abnormal activity.  Will simply keeps moving.

In Mexico, Lito and Fernando are watching an episode of the tellanovella that Lito stars in and Fernando is mouthing the words.  The two laugh and then kiss but are interrupted by Daniela.  When Daniela leaves the room with her espresso, Fernando encourages Lito to talk to her about last night. Yeah think? The woman jumped into bed with them with great glee I might add.

Riley is walking through some sort of tunnel and in the background, classical piano music is playing. We get a flashback to Riley as a child, drawing on the floor as her father plays the piano.  Riley approaches a blind busker who is playing an electric piano and places all of the drug money in a case the pianist has laid out at his feet.  Riley then dumps the drugs into the garbage and walks away swiftly.

Capheus is having a meal with his bff Jela, talking about how as a child he wanted to be a zebra.  In a flashback we learn that zebras are appealing to Capheus because when a zebra is hungry, all it has to do is eat the grass.  Capheus is walking with his very pregnant mother and she tells him not to worry because as long as they are together, something good is going to happen. In the present, Jela jokes that Capheus must never have seen a zebra after a lion attack.  Jela tells Capheus that as long as you work hard, you can be anything you want to be.  Jela jokes that he wanted to be the son of a rich man.

Daniela has made herself quite at home and though she admits its quite a cliche, she congratulates Fernando and Lito on the way that they have decorated their home.  When Lito brings up last night, Daniela apologises for over stepping, adding that she loves gay porn. Oh dear.  Daniela  has no idea what the word boundary means and she's clearly a creepy creepy fetishist. Lito chokes on his coffee in response. Lito starts to stumble in his explanation and it's Fernando who interrupts to suggest that they might not need a live-in beard.  Daniela however points out that as long as she didn't know the truth, Lito was fine with using her and making her feel that he cared about her.  Damn, Daniela can just twist shit can't she? It seems that Fernando concurs with Daniela's assessment and adds that he has said the same thing to Lito. Lito however calls his home his sacred space because he gets to be who he really is there. Given that he leads a closeted life, I can see why his home is so important to him. Daniela, for her part, is excited about getting to know the "real Lito".  Daniela finally explains that she wants to be Lito's beard because Joaquin has got it into his head that he is going to marry her and apparently, Joaquin is not someone that you say no to.  Daniela adds that she slept with Joaquin's best friend and needs things to cool down between her and Joaquin.

Will arrives back at the police station and is hailed as a hero by agent Styles.  Will wastes no time with small talk and immediately asks to speak to Jonas, only to be shut down. It seems that Homeland Security has already picked up Jonas.  Will is told to enjoy his five minutes of fame and to stop trying to make it six.

Noni is sitting up in a chair when a nurse walks in escorted by several orderlies.  Noni asks how this can be legal and is astounded that this is happening to her in the 21st century.  Nomi is informed that she has to take medication and force will be used if she does not cooperate.

Daniela and Lito are having dinner and she says that she will stay with him and Fernando until things cool down.  Daniela explains that the man she slept with had words with Joaquin and is now in San Diego.  Lito questions the connection to Joaquin and learns that Joaquin worked with Damiela's father for a long time.  Daniela simply explains that her father is in the import/export business.  Yep, there's some sort of shady background going on here.  Is Daniela a mafia princess?  Lito then asks about how serious Daniela's relationship was with Joaquin and she explains that at first it was casual and then got serious.  Daniela turns the table and questions how she was picked to be a beard.  Lito explains that his agent showed him her head shot and that Hernando thought she had kind eyes. Their conversation is interrupted when the paparazzi show up, so they pose for pictures.  Daniela calls her role as Lito's beard the best part she has ever had.

Sun is in her office and the phone is ringing but she simply stares at it.  Sun then heads to her safe and in the U.S., we see Will opening up a safe.  Will and Sun both pull out red folders. Both sit at their desks and ponder their individual folders.  When Will opens his, we see old clippings about a missing girl.  Sun is looking through some financial reports at her desk. Both look through their individual folders with intense concentration.

We get a flashback to Sun as a little girl, listening as her mother begs her to take care of her brother. In the present, we learn that the missing girl whom the clippings are about was named Sara Patrell. We get a flash to Will, as a little boy with Sara who whispering for help.  Sun closes her file as her secretary enters to inform her that Mr. Jeong, from Seoul Citibank is on the line and is very upset. The secretary warns that Mr. Jeong says that if Sun doesn't answer her phone, his next call will be to the authorities.

Sun heads to her father's office and asks to speak with him. Sun is told that her father is out of the office and has not left any information about his whereabouts.  When Sun is asked if she would like to leave another message, Sun slams her fist into the desk impressively damaging it, before turning and walking away.

Riley is walking down the street where she runs into Shug and Bambi.  Riley asks for some help and Shug suggests that Riley could use a pint.  Riley walks off with Shug and Bambi.

Kala arrives late at work and sits next to Devi.  Devi comments that if she were marrying Rajan, she would let Rajan lobotomize her. Rajan makes eye contact with Kala and sends her a text message.

Capheus and Jela are walking through the streets talking about how best to get AIDS drugs for Capheus's mother.  Jela hands over 800 bob and Jela is not impressed with the amount.  Jela and Capheus approach Mr. Fuck Off, who is convinced that what he is selling neither Jela and Capheus can afford.  Jela fakes a phone call saying that he mistook this place with JoJo's. Mr. Fuck Off is not impressed, saying that he sells the cleanest drugs.  Capheus explains that his mother has AIDS and that the medicine she is taking is making her sick. Mr. Fuck Off informs Capheus that AIDS medication does not make anyone sick and that what his mother has been taking is counterfeit, adding that the medication needed is expensive. When Mr. Fuck Off suggests that it would be cheaper to let Capheus's mother die, Capheus moves to attack, only to be held back by Jela.  The negotiation begins and Jela manages to get the drugs for the 800 bob Capheus has.

Riley, Shug and Bambie are now having a beer.  Bambie advises Riley to superglue the toilet like she did to her ex, which sent him to the emergency with half a toilet stuck to his ass.  Shug tells Riley not to bother with Bambie and suggests that Bambie has Asperger's, only to have Bambie add that she is Australian and does not have Asperger's. Bambie questions whose side Shug is on considering that Riley was thrown out on the street. Shug commiserates calling Jacko a "dickhead".

Back in Mexico, Lito is in the middle of a scene.  Naturally, he is playing the hero and is forced to say the most ridiculous cheesy line. When the director calls cut, Lito asks for a retake, saying that his character can feel his upcoming betrayal.  Riley begins to channel Lito as she heads to Shug's place. The director takes Lito to meet Joaquin.  It seems that Joaquin is a really good friend of Moreno, the producer of the movie that Lito is working on.  Lito is informed that Joaquin who is a big fan who wants to take Lito out to lunch.  Joaquin calls Lito a hero, saying that he has watched one of Lito's movies many times.

Shugs tells Riley that there are two reasons to go to Iceland: the aurora borealis and Riley. Riley smiles at being told that she is so beautiful she can blow peoples minds. Riley admits that she misses her father, misses listening to him practice.  Shug reveals that his father was a drunk. Riley admits that she misses the quite and still winters there and adds that Icelanders try to kill themselves in the spring.  Bambie questions if this is when Riley tried and Riley simply stares without responding. To break the tension, Shug reveals a scar on his shoulder, explaining that every time he wakes in the hospital, he is told that he is lucky to be alive. Shug is convinced that the entire world is entirely fucked up and that checking out temporarily is a reasonable choice.

Sun is trapped in traffic when her phone rings.  Sun checks the caller ID, sighs and tosses her phone before getting out and telling her driver that she will walk.  Sun walks through the busy evening crowd.

Lito is now sharing a meal with Joaquin, who recounts a scene in which Lito slit someone's throat. Joaquin is incredibly excited and asks how Lito slit a throat.  Lito explains that a prosthetic was used. Clearly, Joaquin has had a little break from reality because he seems to believe that Lito actually did all of the violence he acted out for his career as an actor.  Joaquin puts a knife to Lito's throat explaining the best way to kill a man.  Joaquin finally gets to the point and brings up Daniela, saying that Lito is fucking the love of his life.  Joaquin admits that this drove him "loco" and that he thought of how they ( read: Daniela and Joaquin) used to make fun of the selfies Daniela took of her past lovers.  It seems that while Joaquin is upset, he understands why Daniela wants to be with Lito, adding that if he were a woman, he would want to fuck Lito as well.  Joaquin asks if Daniela is happy and Lito answers that Daniela has never been happier.  Joaquin stands, pulling some money out of his wallet and when Lito says that the meal is free, Joaquin answers, "sooner or later we all have to pay."

Nomi awakes and finds herself strapped to the bed.  Nomi starts to cry calling out softly for someone to help her.

Sun is with her trainer and as he wraps her hands, he explains that he always knew she would be back.  Sun makes a fist but does not answer.

In the operating room, the anesthesiologist is given the order to put Nomi under. Suddenly, the fire alarm goes off. The nurse answers the phone in the operating room and learns that the fire department is evacuating the building.  Dr. Metzger  is then informed that someone set fire to the waiting room. Nomi is wheeled out of the operating room and we get a flash back to Amminata telling Nomi that she will burn the building down before allowing anyone to touch her beautiful brain.  Nomi whispers thank you.

Capheus stops to pick up another passenger, ignoring Jela's warning.  Men jump out from behind parked cars and proceed to hijack Capheus's bus.  The passengers stream out and Capheus hops out of the bus at gun point. Capheus hands over the little bit of cash that he has and they believe that he is holding out.  On the bus an old woman begs a hijacker not to take her wedding ring.  When Capheus is searched, the hijackers find the AIDS drugs in his pants. Capheus begs them not to take the drugs, explaining that his mother is sick but the hijackers cannot be persuaded and instead them jump into their vehicle and leave.

Will is dressed in his cops uniform and walks into the shooting range.

A hooded Sun prepares to enter the arena for her fight against a man.  The audience goes wild cheering as Sun enters the ring. Sun's opponent is not impressed to be fighting a woman and calls her a skinny bitch. It's only when he is told that if he refuses to fight he will forfeit the fight and lose his money that he agrees to participate.

Capheus stands with a determined look on his face and tells Jela that he is going to get the medicine back.  Jela begs him to think about this and Capheus makes it clear that given that Jela has a wife and children, he does not expect Jela to come with him.  Jela is determined to join Capheus but Capheus leads him off the bus instead.  Cpaheus hops in the drivers seat and sees the old woman who had her ring stolen in the back.  She explains that the ring which was stolen is all she has left of her husband.

The referee tells the fighters to get ready and then starts the fight.  Sun stands still while her opponent bobs and weaves. When her opponent makes his first move, Sun promptly begins kicking ass.

Capheus is chasing the hijackers and uses his bus to ram them.

The fight continues and Sun is schooling her opponent.

The hijackers get out of the car and are met by Capheus, who wields a metal pipe as the old woman watches from the safety of the bus.  Capheus manages to knock the gun out of the hijackers hand and its Will who picks it up.  When a second set of hijackers pull up both Will and Capheus shoot the gun.  Capheus is attacked from behind and is thrown into the dirt and then the bus.

In the ring, Sun looks down and sees a bleeding Capheus on the mat. Capheus begs for help and Sun is attacked from behind by her opponent, who for the first time in the match has the upper hand.  The hijacker tells Capheus that he will kill him slowly but when he moves in, he is battling Sun instead. Sun is kicking ass both in the ring and for Capheus.  It's all kinds of awesome. When Capheus stands, he finds his assailants lying on the ground around him.  The older woman in the back of the bus smiles and calls Capheus Van Damme (thanks for that Sense8).  In the ring, Sun is hailed as the victor.

Okay, we're at episode three and it's now clear that the lives of the Sense8s are complicated.  Not only do they see each other, they can act for each other as Sun did in Capheus's big fight which was super awesome. Yes, it's a bit cliche to have the Asian woman be a martial arts expert but in terms of gender, it's great that she kicks ass for Capheus.

Sun is clearly the dutiful daughter and has kept her promise to keep her brother safe.  It has however cost her and she is clearly hurt.  Sun seems to walk around with burring her feelings at being thought of as second to her brother and it seems that she can only show how she really feels in the ring.  Sun is clearly smart as well.  Yes, there's a lot of racial stereotyping going on with Sun's character but I really like her in spite of it all.

I'm really glad that Will took a bit of a back seat this episode. Of the Sense8s, I find his story the least compelling.  This week we learned that he is involved somehow with a missing girl.  I'm not sure how this all connects but I get the feeling that the child was also a Sense8 somehow.

Onto Lito, Hernando and Daniela.  Lito lives in the closet because of his fear in how it would effect his career.  I imagine that there's not much room in telenovelas for gay actors, particularly the kind of action hero that Lito tends to play.  Daniela was pretty horrifying in the last episode when she jumped into bed with Lito and Hernando but she moved the dial past a thousand when she commented on how much she loves gay porn.  Daniela creeps me the hell out and it irks me that neither Lito or Hernando called her out on her fetishism.  Yes, Daniela is in a bad situation but she is anything but an ally to Lito and Hernando.  I do however think she had a point when she brought up Lito's plan to use her.  At least now all of their cards are on the table though I find myself flinching in every damn seen that Daniela is in. I do however think that Lito is going to pay for his association with Daniela because Joaquin is clearly not in touch with reality.  He seems to believe that Lito really is the action star that he pretends to be on screen.

Nomi is still in bed in the hospital.  What is happening to her is absolutely chilling.  Because of her gender identity and the fact that the doctors are asserting that Nomi's brain has been affected, she has no say in her medical treatment.  Sense8 is fiction but make no mistake about it, there are people in this situation even as I write this.  Nomi is plucky and I really don't want to see anything happen to her.  She constitutes 1/4 of the GLBT characters on this show and as we have seen time and time again, minorities are always the first to be culled. It's clear that Amanita set the fire which stopped Nomi's surgery and I love that they are both devoted to each other.  I love that in Sense8, all the GLBT characters are devoted to their partners which is so the opposite of how they are normally portrayed.

So Riley is an Icelander and is thinking about going back home.  Having dumped the drugs and money, Riley is clearly on the run.  It's obvious that Riley is going to find herself in trouble shortly and that the other Sense8s will have to intervene in her behalf.

There's still so much going on with Sense8 that at times it's hard to follow.  Why are these people able to see each other and act for each other?  How are they connected and why? Now that Jonas has been arrested will he still be trying to guide Will? Why is Jonas considered a terrorist and can he be trusted?  It seems that I keep just piling up more questions.