Sunday, November 8, 2015

Grimm, Season Five, Episode Two: Clear and Wesen Danger

"Cherish those who seek the truth
but beware of those who find it."

Beau Childs is doing some accounting work when he realises that nearly half a million dollars is missing.  Childs goes into an absolute state of panic and tells his assistant Paul Wemlinger that someone is falsifying the data. Childs calls the police but is interrupted by Wemlinger who claims the he knows who is responsible. Wemlinger hands over a folder and then Woges and kills Childs. Wemlinger then call 911, crying that someone killed his boss, before hanging up the phone.

Adalind holds baby Kelly and Nick sleeps in the hospital chair.  Rosalee enters the room, and Nick leaves with her.  Nick is still extremely frantic and in the hallway, he tells the group that Chavez was killed by Wesen.  Nick shows the team the chess piece that Chavez gave him and says that he still doesn't know where Truble is. Nick however announces that he has to go back and figure out who did this. The men agree to go with him and Rosalee offers to stay behind with Adalind and baby Kelly. Really? We're all ready doing the gender thing? This is twice now Rosalee has stayed behind with Adalind and the baby.

The men arrive in two separate cars at the location where Chavez brought Nick.   Nick tells the men that Chavez warned of an uprising.   When they look around, they find that the bodies are gone. Wu notes that the ground is still wet and Hank says that someone went to a lot of trouble to cover it up. Nick pulls out Chavez's phone and Wu agrees to run it for the last caller.  They head to the exit where one of the assailants escaped and Nick notices that the four black lines have been painted over. Wu brings up a conspiracy and Hank wonders if they should bring in Renard. Nick believes that Renard should be left out of it until they figure out what is going on.  The men decide to leave but what they don't know is that they were being watched.

Adalind sits up in alarm and asks for her baby.  Rosalee comforts Adalind by saying that the baby is in the nursery.  Nick is back and he thanks Rosalee before sending her on her way.  In the hallway, Nick tells Rosalee that they found nothing at the factory. Rosalee informs Nick that the Doctor will be releasing Adalind tomorrow and questions if Adalind will be going back to his place.  Nick says that he has no place else to take her and Rosalee agrees to come over in the morning with Monroe to help out.

Hank reports to Renard that Adalind had the baby. Before Hank can leave the office, he is informed that while Nick is on a break that he will be partnered up with Detective Pogue.  Hank is resistant but Renard tells him to make it work.  Pogue comes to the office and informs Hank that they have a body. When Hank and Pogue arrive at the scene of Childs murder, Wu gives them the break down. Wu and Hank make eye contact over Pogue's body after seeing weird markings.  Hank questions the supposed witness Paul Wemlinger, who claims he heard awful screams and saw two men running from the office. Hank asks for a description and is told that they were both wearing ski masks and that one of them was holding some kind of stake or weapon.  Wemlinger claims that he tried to stop the bleeding after the men left and called 911. Paul even says that he tried to give his boss mouth to mouth.  With tears in his eyes, Paul claims that he doesn't know who would do such a thing and suggests that the cops talk to his bosses assistant Betty.  Privately, Hank asks if they buy Paul's story but Pogue doesn't believe that Paul is capable of ripping someone's throat out.  The cops then move onto Betty, and she claims everyone in the office got along well.Wu pulls Hank aside to inform him that security cameras don't show anyone coming or going in the last three hours except for the cops themselves. Wu is certain that this has got to be Wesen and Hank snarks about having to explain this to Pogue.

Monroe is busy trying to put together a mobile for baby Kelly. Nick comes home with Adalind and she is shocked by all the work that Monroe and Rosalee have done for the baby.  Rosalee leaves to give Adalind a tour and Monroe admits to Nick that he has a bad feeling about this. Nick is adamant that both mother and child are his responsibility. Now hold up one sec. Are we still ignoring that Kelly is the child of rape? How exactly is Nick even remotely responsible for caring for his rapist? Monroe however is talking about all the bad things that happened in the house and suggests that Nick move.  Rosalee returns and she and Monroe leave together.  Cue awkwardness with Adalind saying she is going to get rest before Kelly wakes up and Nick offering her the guest room.  When Nick brings the baby up, Adalind remarks that the last time she was in this room, she was with Diana. Adalind says that she hopes Diana is okay and then asks about Juliet.  Nick then informs Adalind that Truble killed Juliet to save his life.  Adalind offers her condolences and thanks him for doing this. Nick does not reply and simply walks out of the room.

Nick walks into the room he shared with Juliet and starts to go through her things.  Nick has memories of Juliet and then closes her closet. Well at least they bothered to give him some time to grieve even as he is busy moving his rapist in.

At the station, Pogue and Hank are working on the case and Hank is adamant that Paul should be brought in because his story doesn't match with what is on the security cameras.  Pogue responds that the security cameras don't cover the back staircase.  Pogue also questions where the murder weapon is because Wemlinger is not capable of causing that kind of harm with his bare hands.  Hank again argues to bring Paul Wemlinger in and Pogue finally agrees.

Adalind comes downstairs claiming that she couldn't sleep.  Nick offers Adalind a sandwich since he is making one. Nick brings up selling the house to find someplace safer. Adalind asks if she and the baby are coming with him and Nick replies that they are welcome.  They start to get to know each other over the food but are interrupted when Hank calls.  Hank tells Nick that he believes they are dealing with a Wesen issue and asks Nick to come to the station and confirm. Nick agrees to be at the station in 30 minutes. Nick then tells Adalind where he is going and asks her to call if she needs anything. As soon as Nick is out the door, the baby starts to cry.

Pogue tells Hank that the ME report said that the victims throat was ripped out by some kind of animal which does not match what Paul said. Nick arrives at the station and nods at Hank. Hank says that they should talk to Wemlinger but before they can speak to him, Wu interrupts to inform them that Wemlinger's fingerprints came back as belonging to Paul Kincaid. who is wanted for embezzlement. Hank and Pogue start to question Wemlinger as Nick watches through the one way mirror. Hank questions if there is any money missing from the company and Paul says no. Hank then asks about the name Simon Kincaid and reveals that he knows Wemlinger stole  money before.  Hank grabs Wemlinger and puts his face against the window, accusing him of being Simon Kincaid and Wemlinger woges.  Wemlinger asks for a lawyer and Hank leaves the room to speak to Nick.  Nick confirms that Wemlinger is a Quijada Vil and adds that though they haven't dealt with one before, he has read about them. Hank says that they cannot prove that Wemlinger did it.  Pogue enters the room and is upset that Nick observed the questioning.  Pogue then informs Nick and Hank that two U.S. marshals are here for their suspect. It seems that the marshals have a warrant for Wemlinger, despite the fact that he is a suspect in a murder case.  Nick says that the marshals need to be warned because they have no idea what they are dealing with.  Nick tries to warn the marshals but they don't take him seriously, even as Wemlinger woges in the window.  Wemlinger smiles at Nick from the back seat as the cops drive away.

Back in the station, Hank is adamant that Nick cannot get involved. They are interrupted by Renard and so the cops explain the situation with Wemlinger. Renard brings Nick and Hank into his office. Renard asks Nick if he wants to lose his job because Nick has already screwed up with the FBI and if Nick intervenes, Nick will have the marshals on his ass as well. Hank however says that given what Wemlinger did to his last victim that he wouldn't want to ride with him. Renard suggests calling the marshals office and saying that there is a death threat on Wemlinger to force them to beef up security. Renard orders Nick to go home and not return until he calls him.  Nick leaves the office and Hank says that this job is even harder when you know what is going on and cannot do a damn thing about it.

Rosalee has popped by for a visit and Adalind says that Nick is at work.  The two women check on the baby and Adalind says that she is happy to be a mom again.  Adalind reports that Nick has been great for as long as it lasts and Rosalee informs her that Nick isn't going to walk away from this. Adalind however is certain that when she becomes a hexenbiest again that Nick will run. It seems however that Rosalee has been thinking the same thing.  Adalind admits that she doesn't want to be a hexenbiest again because she wasn't very nice and adds that she cannot do that to Nick and the baby after what happened to Juliet.  Rosalee responds that it might not come back or even come back in the same way but Adalind is adamant about this. Adalind actually says that Rosalee is the only friend she has and that she wants a normal life like Rosalee and Monroe have.  Rosalee says that Adalind and Nick have something they both love. They are interrupted by a knock on the door and Rosalee goes to the door to see two FBI agents.

The marshals pull into a gas station and Wemlinger asks to go to the bathroom. One of the marshals escorts Wemlinger to the bathroom and Wemlinger woges and attacks.  The other marshal gets the call about the death threat warning.  When he goes to check on his partner, he finds a pool of blood on the floor and his dead partner in the stall.  Wemlinger attacks the second marshal, as he checks out the next stall.

Back at the station, Pogue is determined to find the weapon Wemlinger used.  Wu enters Renard's office to say that the marshals just got hit.

Nick returns home to find two agents in his living room.  Adalind and Rosalee head upstairs with the baby. The agents are there to talk about Chavez and the argument Nick had with her in her office. Nicks says that he thought Chavez was investigating him because of the Weston Stewart case. Nick adds that he was interrogated at the precinct. Nick is informed that there were signs of a struggle at Chavez's place and is asked for his whereabouts last night. Nick offers the agents the doctors name from the hospital and is informed that if he had anything to do with Chavez's disappearance that it's just a matter of time before they find out.

Hank and Pogue show up at the gas station and see the dead bodies in the washroom.  There are four lines in blood on the bathroom mirror.

Adalind asks why the FBI is there and Nick lies and says it has to do with an old case.  Adalind is scared and says that if something happens to Nick, she has Kelly but no job, no place to live and no place to raise him.  Adalind starts to worry that Kelly is some weird combination of the two of them and Nick grabs her shoulders and responds that it will be okay.  Adalind says that she doesn't expect anything from Nick but doesn't want anything to happen to him either.  They are interrupted by a call from Hank.

Hank tells Nick that the marshals never made it and that the same marks Nick saw last night were at the crime scene.  Nick suggests that this could be tied to what Chavez was involved in and adds that they should trace the money. Hank says Pogue will be stuck at the scene for awhile and Nick agrees to meet him.

An accountant tells the cops that the money has been wired to various locations.  Every time there was a data transfer, there was a call made to a Portland number.  In the car, Wu tells Hank and Nick that he has traced the phone number and it's Betty's. Hank surmises that this is why Paul called Betty after the murder. The cops decide to head over and check it out.

When they arrive at Betty's, through the door they hear electric motors.  When they burst in, the cops find Paul and Betty.  Paul immediately woges and grabs Betty, threatening to rip her throat out. Paul then throws Betty at the cops and runs down the fire escape.  Betty tries to distract Hank by crying and saying repeatedly that Wemlinger made her do it. Hank and Wu follow through the building and Nick goes down the fire escape.  Hank and Nick stay on foot and Wu follows in the car.  Wemlinger attacks Hank from behind and Nick intervenes.  The two cops struggle to keep up with Wemlinger and Wu pulls up and gets out of his car.  Wemlinger charges at Wu and Wu fires after saying stop several times.  When Wemlinger drops to the ground, Wu says that he had no choice.

When Hank and Nick head back to Betty's apartment, they find her deleting the files. Nick yells at Betty to stop and she says that not even a Grimm can stop what's coming.  The woman then woges, says something in another language and jumps out the window.

Back at the spice shop, Monroe translates what Betty said. Apparently she screamed, "free what's hidden of free the hidden."  Nick shows them the picture of the symbol and says that Betty's final words must refer to the group using the symbol. Rosalee and Monroe have not been able to figure out what the symbol means yet  and so the group each grabs a book and starts looking.

Back at the station, Hank explains to Pogue that Betty and Paul were in it together. Pogue doesn't understand why Betty jumped out the window when she didn't kill anyone. Hank argues that with Paul dead, Betty had nothing left to live for.  Pogue is confused at the idea of Paul and Betty sleeping together.

Back home, Nick looks down at his son in the crib as Adalind sleeps in bed.

The man who was watching Nick, Hank Monroe and Wu earlier emerges from a locked room with a bloody mouth.

We absolutely have to talk about what is going on with Nick and Adalind. Am I the only one is sick to their stomach.  Grimm actually had Nick move his rapist into his home because she had his baby.  They make it seem like this big noble gesture and that Nick is living up to his responsibilities. One can argue that because Kelly is his son, that yes, Nick might have a responsibility towards him but certainly not to his rapist mother.  At no point has Grimm bothered to address the fact that Nick is a victim.  No survivor would willing live with their rapist.

Grimm has also gone out of it's way to make Adalind vulnerable if not innocent.  All of a sudden Adalind has no strength at all which of course is how Nick like's his women.  Adalind doesn't even want to be a hexenbiest anymore though she acknowledges not only her vulnerability but Kelly's and seems almost happy to be dependent upon Nick. Umm no.  Where did the conniving Adalind go? I don't buy that it all went away with her hexenbiest abilities.  This entire plotline screams of them putting Adalind and Nick into a relationship.  Also, why is it that Adalind is suddenly so dependent upon Nick financially.  If I remember correctly, Adalind is a lawyer and therefore, there's no reason that she cannot go out and get a job and a place to live if she chooses.  Adalind as frail female victim does not work for me in the slightest.  Fix the shit out of this Grimm. Fix it yesterday.

The wesen conspiracy is ramping up.  Who is this group? It's clear from what Betty screamed that the goal is to make humans aware that they share the world with Wesen.  I think they probably want Wesen superiority and given the fact that Grimms have been slaughtering them for centuries, it's readily apparent why.

I don't understand what is going on with Renard.  Being a member of the royal family, he better than anyone knows exactly what Wesen are capable of and yet at every step this season, he has been unsupportive of Nick. Renard would be rotting in jail if Nick and the gang hadn't helped him out with his little Jack the Ripper problem and yet at every step he seems to be willing to either not believe Nick or shut him down.  They are going to have to explain this sudden shift in character.