Friday, November 13, 2015

Supernatural, Season 11, Episode 6: Our Little World

Amarra’s out making friends again – friends with tasty tasty souls. Crowley disapproves of the rapidly aging Amarra vanishing to snack on humans. He decides to ground her – and uses his power to make it stick. She’s powerful but he is the King of Hell and, for now, that makes him stronger

Sam and Dean are hunting Amarra by looking for soulless people. Unfortunately there are plenty of unpleasant people in the world who still have their souls. Sam also wants to get Castiel back in the game – interrupting his tv marathon and is steadily devolving from Netflix to… talk shows.

Oh dear.

As Castiel tries to leave the bunker he is plague with flashbacks of him violently attacking Dean and other brutal violent images.

He returns to the bunker – but then sees Metatron in TV taking home video.

Also Len from last episode, the soulless guy, is now dead. That would be because Crowley is cleaning up Amarra’s discards. The Kingdom of Hell is also severely depleted after Amarra’s feeding binge – and they’re even down on recruiting souls.

Cleaning up hasn’t helped – since Sam and Dean go to investigate Len and discover a demonic murder – and another of Amarra’s snacks. The clean up has achieved exactly the opposite of what was intended. They happily catch the demon intended to kill Goldie, Amarra’s most recent soulless snack and take him to be questioned – to a room that is so appallingly decorated that I feel tortured just looking at it. That wallpaper breaks at least 3 international treaties.

They abuse this demon with the appalling décor and he tells them about Amarra eating souls and growing up – which isn’t much news. And Sam insists they exorcise the demon rather than killing him – actually saving someone for once. Except, of course, that lets the demon escape. The argument is settled when they see a bullet wound in the body – the man he’s possessing is already dead so Dean wins and they stab him.

And makes a joke about dumping the body at a school playground. Bad Dean! See this is why Sam gets to play the good (but less funny) one

They track where Amarra may be based on the victims (with a quick reference to how much Dean knows Crowley). They find a good location – and Dean is all eager to kill Amarra despite Sam pointing out they’re not even sure how to do that. Dean is covering his whole darkness issues by not thinking and charging forwards. Of course

Crowley tries to keep making friends with Amarra by offering food – which she refuses, in full blown sulk. He tries for honesty and she hits back with more honesty – he’s using her for her power and he’s scared because of how strong she’ll become. He makes more sincere appeals – and manags to win a little more time from her.

Which is a win – but his kingdom is still falling apart and Crowley is more focused on parenting books that setting things right.

Dean and Sam infiltrate Hell… apparently… and Dean finds Amarra. And Crowley who happily show off his power again. But not his ruthlessness. Because of their history, he just couldn’t bring himself to kill Dean (because that would also pretty much end the series) and he’s accepted that in the name of the damn Bromance. Except now he’s decided he can. Amarra objects and proves that the King of Hell isn’t nearly as shiny as he thinks he is. Amarra is tried of Crowley’s “protection” and is snarky in telling him so.

Meanwhile Sam is trying to fight demons without killing them which isn’t helping. He nearly dies unil he finally gives in and kills one. But spares the other.

He runs to help Dean and seems to have another not-useful vision.

Crowley is banished, leaving Amarra and Dean – and the wayyyy-too-young-Amarra to be really sexually focused on Dean and how very very fascinated she is. But first she’s going to explore the world and then “settle and old score.” The oldest score. Dean waves his knife but can’t kill her. When Sam breaks in, Amarra tosses them aside and escapes

Castiel tracks down Metatron. He’s playing amateur journalist and lamenting his lost powers over a man he can’t save – and wouldn’t if he could. Castiel appears to heal him instead – though Metatron catches him on camera. Excellent scoop! Well, if Castiel didn’t destroy his camera and kidnapped him.

Castiel and Metatron snark over each other’s experience with humanity and the depths Metatron has sunk to. Castiel also stole the Demon tablet off Metatron but that’s not his main goal – he wants to know about the Darkness since, other than god, only Metatron really knows. Of course he refuses to talk – and he doesn’t fear Castiel because he is “broken” in Metratron’s words. Technically true – but Castiel is broken by rage, not fear.

Metatron talks, Castiel beats him, over and over. In the end he spares Metatron’s life. Though Metatron begs for Castiel to help him – to kill him because being human is so wretched. Castiel refuses to be manipulated and won’t kill him (uh… why do I think Castiel just got manipulated?). Castiel wants to hear the truth and Metatron expositions:

Creation was a difficult for god – and to create the world he sacrificed the Darkness – his “only kin.” His sister.

Meet up in the Winchester bunker and Dean is, unsurprisingly, not a fan of letting Metatron live, though Castiel stands by his choice. They still have no clues how to bring down Amarra – while Sam keeps getting creepy vague vision of a cage.

An exorcism! They considered an actual exorcism! Actually saving someone. Sure they didn’t do it – but they considered it. Maybe they really are going to shift their behaviour this season

At the same time, we see Sam trying to fight with handcuffs against demons is not doing him any favours. I’m glad this is actually going to be a conflict and an interesting one. Clearly outright pacifism isn’t going to work, it cannot work – not against the forces they’re facing. But they can draw the lines differently – especially as both Sam and Castiel’s insistence on drawing lines is exposing just how few lines Dean actually has.

Legal marijuana makes people to chill to become demons. This amuses me, yes yes it does

It’s interesting to see Castiel and Metratron criticise each other for the lives they led when they became human – in some ways it shows just how little they have in the human world, that they have to descend to the bottom rung. But it also shows Metatron at his core – ruthless, driven and with no real limits. He’s also excellent at spinning whatever terrible thing he does into good PR. I also just don’t know what is true with him – he’s such a practiced liar. Did he really want to die and end the indignities of humanity? Or was he just play a good game of distracting and manipulating Castiel?

I’m not enjoying distracted Crowley. He’s the King of Hell yet for many many many seasons now, between the holiday with him and Dean and his mother and now Amarra, he seems utterly bored with it. And maybe this could actually be turned into a storyline… but it isn’t, it’s just odd. Like why try to control Amarra for her power? What would he do with it? He has zero ambition, drive or goals and doesn’t even use the power her has – which is slowly slipping away because of his complete indifference to it. Hey, that could be a story – the guy who got everything he wanted and found out he didn’t really want it. But run with it, please, don’t just have Crowley moping around in the background

And how do the Winchsters just open a damn door into Hell?