Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Originals, Season Three, Episode Six: Beautiful Mistake

Aurora is fast asleep in Klaus bed while he takes a call. When she wakes and asks him to come closer, he advises her to remain out of harms reach.  Aurora however promises to tell Klaus everything she knows.

Freya is busy working on a spell which  allows her to communicate directly with Rebekah in Morocco.  Freya updates Rebekah on what is going on with their infamous brothers and what is going on in New Orleans.  Rebekah reveals that she may not be in Morocco much longer because she has a meeting with a witch who may know how to bring back Kol.   Freya tells her little sister to stay safe and they take a drink to family before Freya disappears.  Rebekah gets up to leave the bar and has her throat cut from behind by Aya. Standing over Rebekah's body Aya informs her that the problem with a witch's body is that you cannot put up much of a fight when the real monsters come out.

Freya walks into the courtyard and notes the destruction from the fight Elijah and Klaus had.  Using her witch powers, she is able to see the fight in her mind.  Freya finds her bruised and blooded brothers in the dining room.  It seems that they have agreed that it is more important to stick together than continue to fight.  Freya questions what they determined and Elijah reveals that they are going to expose and destroy their first sire line.

Kinney brings Cami to the police station and she denies that she is not a serial killer. Will asks Cami to prove that she is the victim and promises to protect her.  Suddenly, the lights flash and Will finds himself pushed aside and Cami is grabbed by Lucian.

In the Quarter, Hayley calls Davina to say that she is running late and adds that she will be a little longer when she notes in a shop window that she is being followed.  Hayley leads the vampire into an alley and he cautiously enters behind her.  Hayley then attacks but finds that she is not able to make physical contact with Shin Minh who was following her. When Hayley is grabbed around the neck, she bites Shin Minh.

Elijah and Freya talk about Aurora. It seems that Elijah is concerned about Aurora's involvement despite Klaus's belief that she might be the key to ending the prophecy.  Freya argues that Aurora's loyalties are to her brother and questions why Tristan and Lucian are working together. Elijah suggests that a mutual lack of goodwill towards the Mikaelsons might not be unjustified.   Elijah reveals that he compelled Lucian to believe that he was Klaus, Aurora to believe that she was Rebekah and Tristan himself. Elijah justifies this by saying that Michael was  hunting them and Freya realises that he made them bait.  Elijah explains that Michael hunted their decoys for a century, allowing them to relax but they were  daggered the compulsion ended.  Elijah says that when they are under threat, the Mikaelsons do whatever it takes to protect their own.  Elijah confirms that their first sire lines are doomed if they are in fact working against them.  Freya's glass starts to shake in her hand and she tells Elijah that something is wrong and that they need to call Rebekah right now.

In the Quarter,  Aurora uses compulsion to force a woman into giving up her emerald necklace. Klaus sneaks up on Aurora from behind and asks Aurora to come with him.  Klaus reveals that he has cleared his calendar for the day and wants to show her his city.  Aurora questions if this is Klaus's way of finding out which side she is on and he agrees that he would love to know.  Ahh I see we are in for an episode of cat and mouse.  The two agree to have lunch together.

Cami awakes to find herself in Lucian's condo which is filled with boxes.  Lucian offers Cami a drink, saying that he cannot see a reason they cannot start again. Cami makes it clear that she doesn't like Lucian and turns down the drink.  Lucian tells Cami that he hopes later she will remember that this could have gone differently.  Lucian then calls Will into the room and informs Cami that Vincent believes that Cami is at home watching The Real Housewives. Lucian orders Will to throw his knife at Cami; however, Lucian catches the blade just before it can strike Cami in the eye.  Lucian then reveals that the reason for their little meeting is because Lucian is looking for a small medallion with runic markings. Since that Cami is on vervain, Lucian promises to increase his parlor tricks if she refuses to help.  Cami takes a lid off the first box and starts looking.

Freya tries to contact Rebekah and her hands become covered in blood.  Freya reveals that she cannot find Rebekah which means her witch body has vanished.

Rebekah wakes up in her old vampire body, tossing the lid off the coffin.  Aya enters the room and Rebekah questions if Aya killed her witch body because she couldn't find the original body. Rebekah tells Aya that she needed her witch body and is now owed more than an apology.  Rebekah quickly finds herself surrounded by vampires but she is not the least bit intimidated.

Lucian eats the meal that Will cooked and Will threatens to stab him in the heart the moment he is free. Cami explains compulsion to Will but when she brings up vampires despite what he has seen, Will isn't buying it.  Will questions what else he and Cami will be forced to do and Lucian says that Cami is on vervain but if Cami finds the medallion, the bloodshed will stop.  Cami reveals that she has cataloged everything and what Lucian is looking for is simply not there. Lucian however is insistent that the medallion is there and Cami asks if he is going to use it as revenge against Klaus. Cami snarks about this being all about Klaus stealing his girl.  Lucian however says that Klaus stole 100 years of his life and then orders to slice open an artery on his leg.

At the little lunch Aurora asks Klaus what he wants to know.  Klaus claims that being around Aurora is intoxicating and questions if she feels the same.  Aurora declares that she is not his enemy or Rebekah's, but that she hates Elijah.  Klaus questions if Aurora is allying with the brother who imprisoned her and the stable boy she believed was beneath her. Aurora points out that the three of them spent 100 years working together and hiding together believing they were the Mikaelsons. When the compulsion ended, they lost everything and Michael was still after them. The three of them swore a pact of vengeance. Klaus points out that if his family dies, so do all of them but Aurora calls it a beautiful mystery.  Aurora then requests desert and a walk.

Hayley has strapped Shen Mihn to a chair and brought him to St. Anne's for Marcel's inspection. Marcel reveals that Shen Mihn was a torture consultant for Genghis Khan.  Hayley however is only interested in why Shen Mihn was following her. When Marcel says that he doesn't know, Hayley accuses him of being sworn by a code of silence. Marcel points out that they are on the same side and Hayley asks for him to prove it. Why the hell is everyone so quick to question Marcel's loyalty? Why did she bring Shen Mihm to St.Anne's in the first place if she had doubts about trusting Marcel?

Freya is working on a spell. saying Mickaelson blood tracks Mickaelson blood and questions why Rebekah was brought into this.  Elijah believes that they wanted the Mickaelsons occupied so that they could hunt Rebekah.  Freya is certain that Rebekah is strong enough to fight but Elijah brings up the prophecy. Freya starts the spell.

Rebekah and Aya are fighting and Rebekah seems to be just holding her own.  More vampires enter the room.  Freya appears and breaks the neck of all of the vampires.  Rebekah asks what to do now and Freya tells her to run.

Cami continues to frantically go through boxes and Will is going pale from the blood loss.  Cami grabs a napkin to stop the bleeding and Will picks up a knife, warning her not to come any closer. Will realises that this is exactly what happened to Cami's brother and then starts to talk about his sister just in case.  Cami is insistent that they are not having this conversation and that she will find what Lucian wants.

Klaus brings Aurora to the graveyard and he makes it clear that his intentions are not at all pure. Aurora tells Klaus that she dreamed about him over the centuries because his despair mirrored her own. Aurora then adds that this is nothing more than an interrogation; however, Klaus says that his desire for answers is fair, given that they are on the brink of war. Klaus adds that they have one last stop on their tour since Aurora seems to doubt how he feels about her.

Elijah is insistent that Rebekah cannot stay where she is because she cannot fight off the vampires alone.  Freya however says that she tried and that Rebekah is in no mood to listen. Elijah gets a call from Marcel, who says that he needs Elijah's help because Hayley found one of Tristan's men tailing her. When Elijah learns that they are dealing with Shin Minh, Elijah tells Marcel to execute him immediately.  Hayley however has other plans and is stalking the captive vampire.  Elijah is called away by Freya but again warns Marcel to tear out Shin Minh's hear before he wakes.

After joining hands with Freya, Elijah is now in the presence of Rebekah.  Elijah asks Rebekah to come home but Rebekah is insistent that she is too close to bringing Kol back.  Freya tells Rebekah that Kol will have to wait and brings up Shin Minh.  Rebekah demands that Elijah leave right now and save Marcel and Hayley.  Elijah asks Rebekah to promise that she will return home immediately without detours and Rebekah agrees.  Elijah and Freya join hands and Elijah disappears.

Shin Minh regains consciousness to find Hayley staring at him.  Hayley stabs her fingernails into Shin Minh's hands and tells him that there's still time and that they might even get him healed. Hayley asks why she was being followed and he reveals that they have a use for her.  Shin Minh promises to break Hayley's jaw when he gets free and pull her intestines out of her body. When Marcel intervenes, he is told that he is filth for siding against The Stryx.  Shin Minh promises to end Marcel after watching Hayley die screaming.  Marcel then says that Shing Minh has got to die but when he moves to strike the vampire, Shin Minh breaks the chair that he was tied to and frees himself. The battle is on.  Marcel and Hayley put up a good fight but soon find themselves with Shin Minh's hands in their chests. Luckily for them, Elijah shows up just in time to put a stake in Shin Minh's chest.  Elijah tells Marcel that the next time he is told to take out the trash that he shouldn't dally.

Freya talks to Rebekah about leaving but it seems that Rebekah is determined to stay and work on bringing Kol back.  Freya concedes that arguing with Rebekah would be a waste of time.

Klaus brings Aurora back home, saying that she is to follow him if she wishes to know what has been in his heart the last few centuries.  Klaus bursts a hole in a brick wall and reveals a painting of Aurora that is 200 years old.  Klaus says that he has never been able to free himself from Aurora.  Aurora moves forward and kisses Klaus.  Oh the angst and cheap romantic drama.

Elijah scoops Shin Minh off the floor but Marcel warns that between blood loss and bites, Elijah may not have a lot of time to get answers from Shin Minh.  Elijah rips out the stake tells Shin Minh that he wants answers but Shin Minh attacks. Unfortunately for Shin Minh, he is now dealing with Elijah and he finds himself being compelled.  Shin Minh reveals that he was ordered to remove Hayley from the playing field and that Hayley is an obstacle in getting to Davina.  At the mention of Davina's name, Marcel's eyes perk up. Shin Minh goes on to add that Tristan needs Davina for weapon to be used against the Mikaelsons.  Elijah then asks about the weapon and Shin Minh responds that he would rather die, before pushing Elijah aside and staking himself in the heart. Shin Minh bursts into flames.

Cami is still looking for the medallion and Lucian points that Will is almost dead.  Cami tells Lucian that she will only show him what she has found if Lucian heals Will right now.  Lucian demands that he see first but Cami is insistent. Lucian bites his arms and puts some blood in a cup.  Cami assures Will that everything is okay and that if he drinks the blood, he will be okay.  Cami reveals a skull, saying that she checked everything else and that this is the only place it could be.  Will picks up the skull and the eyes turn a bright green and he falls to his knees screaming.  Cami screams for Will to run and she picks up a knife but before she can act, Lucian stands and grabs her arm.  Lucian reveals that Cami's heart skipped a beat just before he healed Will and he believes that Cami knows exactly where the medallion is. Lucian orders Will to put a knife to his throat and Cami yells wait and hands over the medallion to him.

Freya follows Rebekah to the witches supposed location and finds it vacant.  Rebekah picks up a spell saying that all they need is Kol's ashes and the blood of two siblings.  Freya tells Rebekah that they need to go now.  The witch walks in and starts to say a spell. Aya follows on the heels of the witch and says that this is a fitting end to a spoiled bitch. Rebekah tries to attack but discovers that she is trapped in a magical force field. When Rebekah falls to her knees, Freya tries to intervene, only to learn that her magic has no power there.  Aya is handed a stake and when Freya tries again to intervene, she is tossed back into her body.  Aya tells Rebekah that the stake won't kill her but will put her to sleep fro a very long time. Rebekah promises to kill Aya when she wakes up.  A now daggered Rebekah falls to the ground.

Will is helping Cami pack up her things and is ordered by Lucien to tell his superiors that he arrested the wrong suspect. Will is adamant that Lucian can compel him but that he will still find Lucian.  Cami watches as Lucian compels Will to continue with the investigation while never quite connecting the dots and that after a time, he will grow to hate himself. Cami begs Lucian not to do this and Lucian says that once the vervain is out of her system, he will compel her as well. Lucian however does plan to compel Cami to believe that against vampires, humans always lose.

Aurora ends the day the way it started, asleep in Klaus's bed.

Freya wakes up in her body and immediately starts to work a spell in an attempt to get back to Rebekah.

Hayley looks at pictures of Hope and tells Elijah that there was a time when all she wanted to do was find her family; however, once she did, all she wanted was a home and New Orleans is that home. Hayley questions if The Stryx are trying to take that and Elijah assures Hayley that they won't let them.  Marcel and Freya enter and Freya says that they need to call Klaus.

Klaus gets the call, just as Aurora sits up in his bed.  Aurora asks him to come closer and he says that it's best she remain out of harms reach.  Aurora snarks about Klaus learning about the busy day everyone has had. Aurora then promises to tell Klaus everything she knows.  Aurora reveals that there's a weapon capable of producing an unbreakable boundary.

Tristan looks at the medallion in his hand.

Aurora says that Tristan and Lucian want to use the weapon to lock Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelsons away forever, so that no one may harm them but to do so, they need all three of them in one place.  Klaus surmises that this is why a legion of Stryx were sent to collect Rebekah.  Aurora tells Klaus that she took measures to ensure that Rebekah will not be held by the Stryx for long. Aurora reveals that she wasn't going to let the Stryx keep Rebekah's body.

We get a flash to Rebekah's coffin being moved.

Aurora reveals that two of the men sent to retrieve Rebekah are from her sire line and are loyal to her.

Two of Rebekah's vampire captors kill the other two men.

Aurora says that Rebekah is safe and adds that Klaus has her word.  Aurora then asks Klaus to come back to bed.

One of the things that bothers me is the way that women are routinely disempowered on The Originals.  If you think back to season one, Klaus was attacked by a legion of Marcel's vampires and he had no trouble making short work of them. Yes, Klaus is a hybrid but Rebekah is still a member of The Original family. Every time Rebekah is in a situation where she must defend herself, she either gets knocked out or is easily overtaken and in need of rescue.  Yes, The Stryx are made up of some of the oldest vampires around but Rebekah is still an Original.  It seems that this doesn't matter much if you happen to be a female.  I for one am getting sick and tired of Rebekah always being turned into a damn damsel in need of saving by her two brothers.

On to Marcel.  He has repeatedly come to the aid of the Mikaelson's once he accepted that no matter how loyal of an army he raised that he could not defeat Klaus. Furthermore, it is most definitely in his best interestest to always back Klaus since Klaus is his sire.  That being said, why is it that there's always some reason to doubt his loyalty?  He is always treated like the uppity Negro who doesn't know his place.  In this case, he has never given Hayley any reason to believe that he would betray her.  It just irks the hell out of me.

Now we know why we had that sisterly moment between Hayley and Davina last week.  It seems no matter how much I wish it were the case, Davina is always going to be a part of the main story, no matter how irritating she is.  Yes, they are going to use Davina's witch powers to trap the immortals. Other than potentially hurting Hayley, I can think of no reason why Davina should refrain from taking Klaus out, particularly given that it won't lead to problems with his sire line and therefore leave Marcel in charge of the city.  I can think that this is would be the only time that I could possibly be team Davina because despite all of the man pain that Klaus engages in, he's a monster of epic proportions and in fact, so are all of the Mikaelsons.

Will finally found what he was looking for this week.  It irked me that he suggested that Cami was in over head when we all knew that it was him.  I saw his rage at Lucian but he never once apologised to Cami for all of the grief that he put her through and Cami deserves that apology.