Sunday, November 15, 2015

Grimm, Season Two, Episode Three: Lost Boys

"I think I had a mother once."

Nick has sold his house and is making a final walk through as the movers take out boxes.  Nick picks up Kelly and places him in the car seat saying he didn't think he was going to be here forever but that he didn't  know anything about being a Grimm when he bought the house.  Nick tells Adalind that she was the first Woge that he ever saw. They talk about how they both scared each other because it seems that Nick, was Adalind's first Grimm.  Nick and Adalind head downstairs and he is the last to leave.

Monroe is checking out the receipts from the Spice Shop and learns that they made serious money the day before.  Rosealee heads into the spice shop to fix a drink and when she picks up a container, she sees the bullet hole from where Juliette forced Nick to take a shot at Monroe. When Monroe joins Rosealee in the shop, she says that she misses the old Juliet. Monroe agrees that he misses that Juliet as well.

Wendy runs through the woods and she is being chased while young boys call out mother where are you. Wendy trips and falls ass over tea kettle hitting her head.  The kids catch up with her, and Peter declares that Mother is dead. Big John ominously asks how Wendy could do this because they loved her. The boys wonder if the issue is that they don't love Wendy enough.  The kids run off when they hear a sound, except for Big John who stops to collect a lock of hair.  A man gets out of a truck and pauses when he sees Wendy's body.  The kids watch from a distance and their eyes turn frightening colours. Clearly, these kids are Wesen.

Nick drives Adalind into an industrial area promising her that it's nicer on the inside.  Adalind reluctantly gets out of the truck and Nick uses the security pad to open the main doors.  When they walk in, Nick says that the place is barren but that he got them enough to start. Adalind asks about the furniture and Nick reveals that it is in storage because he didn't want anything from the old house. Nick is adamant that he doesn't want anyone to know where they are.  The building has several exits. Adalind admits that their new home isn't charming but that she feels safer than in the house.  Nick makes it clear that after everything that happened, he isn't taking any chances with Adalind or with Kelly. Aww isn't sweet how protective he is of his rapist? Nick hands Adalind a credit card and tells her to get whatever she needs. He then hands her a piece of paper with the entrance code and two sets of keys: one for their home and the other for Juliette's car.  Nick gets a call from Hank and he says that he can be there in 20 minutes. Nick leaves and locks up after himself.

The boys are at the campsite and Big John tells Peter that it is his fault that mother got away, Big John admits to falling asleep, though he was supposed to be on watch.  Big John then adds Wendy's hair to a box which contain other samples.  Peter says that real mothers would never abandon their children no matter what they were and that Wendy got what she deserved.  Lilly starts to cough, so Peter brings her a drink instructing her to drink as much as she can and then sleep.   Lilly says that she cannot sleep and that it's hard to breathe.  One of the boys suggests that Lilly needs some real medicine and Peter assigns Big John to head into town.

Wu leads Nick and Hank to Wendy's body.  They note that Wendy is very injured and that someone was keeping her tied up.  Wu says that she is missing person who was reported missing over two years ago.

At the station, Renard finds Martin waiting for him. They both express relief to see the other alive.  Martin says that he is there to inform Renard that the King had an accident and fell out of the helicopter halfway over the ocean.  Renard asks about Diana and learns that the little girl is safe and with friends.  Martin says that Victor wasn't happy about being replaced by his cousin Kenneth and not happy with the King for doing it.  Martin takes credit for the King and says that Victor is on the throne for now.  Renard asks to see Diana and is informed by Martin that he doesn't know where Diana is and will contact him later.

John and Peter are inside a pharmacy.  When a mother starts to scream at a child, Big John's eyes turn red, causing Peter to grab his arm and ask if he wants to go back to foster care. When a cop walks in, Peter decides that it is time to move somewhere else.

Back at the station, Nick, Hank and Renard watch a tape which shows the last time Wendy was seen. Renard orders Hank and Nick to talk to Wendy's husband and inform him that his wife's body has been found.

Peter and John walk into Rosealee's spice shop to ask if she has anything for a cough.  Rosalee starts going through the options when John drops a glass.  Rosealee starts to leave to get a broom and Peter uses the opportunity to pocket the medicine. Rosealee catches him in the act and Peter makes a move for the door, only to be grabbed by Rosealee. When Rosealee says that she is calling the police, Peter woges and attacks.  Rosealee manages to take him down and take the medicine out of his pocket. Peter pleads that the medicine is for his little sister and says that he would pay for it if he had money. Rosealee starts asking where Peter's parents are and where he lives and Peter begs, saying that the medicine is for his sick sister.  Rosealee gives Peter the medicine and warns him not to try it again. Peter sneaks out when Monroe enters the store.  Rosealee explains to Monroe  that Peter is an Apgadnieks, who tried to shop lift but that she wasn't hurt. Monroe is not impressed to learn that Rosealee let Peter go. Monroe says that he has to go and check out a watch but warns Rosealee to stop being such a softy.

Wendy's husband views her body and identifies her. Mr. Henley says that the last time he saw Wendy was the day she disappeared. Nick and Hank ask Mr. Henley as series of questions and he gets indignant, saying that he has answered these questions before and that he didn't kill his wife. Mr.Henley asks where his wife has been for two years and who would do this to her.

On the way back, John and Peter talk about their encounter with Rosealee.  Peter says that he told Rosealee that Lilly was sick and that Rosealee just handed over the medicine.

Adalind is pushing Kelley in a pram and tells the babe that the car they are driving belongs to a woman who tried to kill her.  Adalind runs into Lane, a lawyer she used to work with.  Lane asks about the father and Adalind simply says that Lane doesn't know the father.  Lane then suggests that if Adalind wanted to come back to work, she would be hired back in a second. Lane advises Adalind that if she should decide to come back, she should ask for more money.

Rosealee is on the phone with Monroe when she hears the bell ring, indicating that she has a customer in the shop. Monroe decides to hold and when Rosealee enters the shop, she sees Lilly, who says that Peter told her that Rosealee gave them the medicine for free. Lilly asks Rosealee if she cares about them and Rosealee says yes.  While Rosealee is questioning Lilly, Peter and John sneak up on Rosealee and chloroform her.  Monroe hears Lilly scream don't hurt her, so Monroe rushes home.

Nick, Hank, and Renard, go over what they have learned about Wendy's death and abduction.  A frantic Monroe calls Nick and tells him what happened to Rosealee.

John drives his siblings and a tied up and unconscious Rosealee.  Rosealee wakes with a start and Peter tells her that no one will hurt her.  Rosealee demands to know where she is being taken and Peter responds, home.

Monroe tells the cops about what happened with Peter and John and what happened when the kids came back.  Monroe reveals that he didn't get the name of the kid but got a brief look at Peter when he tried to escape.  Monroe says that the kid woged and is an Apgadnieks, and that he doesn't know why the kid would take Rosealee.   Nick suggests heading to the bank down the street because it has surveillance.

The kids tell Rosealee that they are home now and she demands to be taken back.  Peter demands that Rosealee get out now and John drags her out of the truck.  When Peter threatens to have big John hurt her, Rosealee warns them that they don't want the people who will be looking for her to find them.

Back at the station, Nick, Hank and Monroe start to look at the surveillance video.  The first time through the video they don't see the kids.  The second time, Nick recognizes the truck from Wendy's case.  The cops figure out that Lilly is being used as bait.  Monroe asks about Wendy and is informed that Wendy's body was found by the side of the road.  Monroe asks where the body was found and says that he needs Wendy's scent to track her.  The cops take Monroe to the morgue where he woges and sniffs Wendy's body.

Peter brings Rosealee a blanket, saying that they have been abandoned by other mothers they have loved before.  Peter warns that while this will be hard at first, Rosealee will get used to it. Rosealee asks what she is supposed to get used to and Peter replies, being loved. Rosealee responds that you don't kidnap loved ones. Peter warns that if Rosealee runs, he will find her and kill her himself.  Peter Woges and tells Rosealee that she is in their world now.

Monroe, Hank and Nick arrive at the place where Wendy's body was found.  Monroe scents the area and says that it's a little stale.  Monroe then woges and heads off in the direction that Wendy ran.

The kids excitedly tell Rosealee about the things they have gathered for dinner.  They present the food to Rosealee, calling her mother and begging her to eat.  Rosealee puts a berry in her mouth as the kids watch.

Monroe is still following the scent and he tells the cops that Wendy wasn't alone.

Peter declares that it is time for bed, and Lilly leads Rosealee to the place where she will sleep.  The kids ask for a bedtime story and Rosealee agrees to tell them the story of the Grimm and the wolf.  Rosealee explains that the Grimm can see Wesen  and since they don't know who are good and who are bad, they hunt them all.  The kids asks what a Wesen is and Rosealee seems shocked.  Rosealee says that the story begins with a boy who turned into a wolf when he was angry. He was warned never to get angry around strangers because you can never tell if that stranger is a wolf. The boy apparently was proud of who he was.

The cops and Monroe continue to track through the woods.

Rosealee says that once the boy realised that he had woged in front of a Grimm, he knew it was a mistake. The Grimm's eyes turned black but it was too late and the Grimm cut off the Blutbad's boy's head. The boy's family declared revenge and decided to set a trap.

Monroe almost walks into a trap set by the kids and is saved by Hank's yell.

Rosealee looks around and the kids are sleeping. She woges and starts to chew away at the ropes holding her.

Hank, Monroe and Nick find the truck and Monroe pauses when he smells Rosealee.  Rosealee steps out of the tent and tries to sneak away.   She runs into the woods but in the tent, Lilly's cough wakes her.  Lilly screams, alerting her brothers and the chase for Rosealee is on.    Rosealee falls into a trap and quickly finds herself surrounded by the children.  Peter declares that Rosealee is a bad mother and they help her out of the pit.  Big John woges followed by all of the children.  Rosealeee says that this has gone far enough and woges herself.  The kids are shocked that Rosealee is a Wesen.  Lilly woges and hugs Rosealee, saying that Rosealee is the same as her.  When they hear a noise in the bushes, Rosealee tells the kids that her husband is looking for her.

John and Peter woge yelling that Rosealee is theirs and that Monroe cannot have her. The kids attack but move backward when Nick comes out of the bushes recognizing that he is a Grimm.  Lilly begs Rosealee not to leave and Rosealee wraps her arms around the young woman.

At the police station, Rosealee is told that child services will take over and that a judge will decide where they go.  Rosealee heads over to the kids and tells them that she is sorry that she couldn't be their mother.  Rosealee adds that she wishes she could make it better for them but none of the kids look at her.  Rosealee asks to write to Lilly but Lilly tells Rosealee that she never wants to see her again and that she hates her.  A resigned Rosealee walks away.

Adalind gets out of bed and when she opens the door, she wakes Nick accidentally.  Adalind says that she doesn't want to be alone right now and asks Nick to sleep in the same room with her and Kelly. When Nick doesn't answer at first, Adalind apologises, saying that what she is asking is too weird. Nick responds that they are beyond weird at this point and hops out of bed.  Nick stares at the ceiling, as he lies in bed next to Adalind. Adalind thanks Nick but he does not respond.

Monroe tries to comfort Rosealee, saying that she can only do so much. Rosealee says that she told the kids a story that her mother used to tell her and that it hit her then that the kids have no idea that they are Wesen.  Rosealee adds that she hopes they find the help they need.

The boys are brought into a boys school and are introduced to Warden Hook. The warden tells the boys that he knows what they are and demands he show them. The Warden woges and the boys follow suit.  The warden offers the boys a chance to join other like themselves and to be with others like them.  The boys are told to say the same saying Betty said last week before she died.

A bruised and battered Truble is let out of her cell.

It's clear despite all of the reasons that they shouldn't that Grimm is going to make Nick and Adalind a couple. When he went to lie next to her in bed I was beyond disgusted.  I am going to say this repeatedly because it needs to be said repeatedly, Adalind raped Nick. No matter how Grimm tries to twist this into a love story of sorts and have Adalind and Nick reminiscing about their first meeting, Adlind is a violent rapist.  The fact that she is playing sweet loving mommy now doesn't change that.  I am further disgusted with the very idea that Nick is somehow responsible for Adalind's well being. Yes, Kelly is his son and Adalind is Kelly's mother but Kelly only exists because Adalind raped his father.  I knew the moment that Grimm had Juliet complaining that Nick cheated on her that Grimm wasn't going to take a positive spin on this but this is just going over the top now.  It has to stop. Make it stop Grimm.

Last week, we had Adalind playing damsel in distress completely dependent upon Nick.  I hated that version of Adalind particularly because while Adalind was an antagonist, she was a fairly strong character.  A seed was planted this week with Adalind running into her former co-worker. I want to see Adalind go back to work and this dependency to come and end.

Grimm has always had a problem with strong women. It particularly burned that this episode is one of the few in which we have seen Rosealee be not only active but proactive. I do however believe that it is particularly telling that Rosealee's opponents were children who she could easily over power. I like that she is a successful business woman but Rosealee needs to be a stronger character given that Trubel has been fridged, Juliet is supposedly dead along with our beloved Mommy Grimm and Adalind has gone all June Cleaver for the most part.

Speaking of Trubel, at the very end we saw a small shot of her. Please, please, please bring Truble back in the next episode.  Grimm needs an ass kicking woman.