Friday, November 20, 2015

Supernatural, Season 11, Episode 7: Plush

Creepy Rabbit-headed man attacks and slaughters a man who both needs to treat his wife better and recycle a whole lot more (they filled two of these bins? How often does the dustman pick up, quarterly?! SHAME!)

So far I’m team creepy rabbit mask.

Sam still seems to believe in his holy visions – personally I think that you may believe in visions from god, but since this all knowing, all powerful being is only sending cryptic useless nonsense, said god isn’t trying to help, he’s just messing with you. He resorts to desperate prayer to try and make sense of them. Dean is duly sarcastic. Dean very reasonably points out they have faced the apocalypse(s… can apocalypse be plural?) and god didn’t bother to stir from his cloud but now his sister is running amok and he’s pulling out the visions?

Aaah, sibling rivalry.

Their research is also not helping and their angst is interrupted by the very fun Sherriff Donna calling them in to take care of the evil Bunnies

And greet them with hugs. She and her men have arrested Bunny guy who is very strong –and the bunny head does not detach. She’s called them in just in case they have a monster-headed bunny thing. Extra awkwardness with a guy called Doug (the same name as her ex) is ridiculously unsubtle with his crush.

Apparently murder bunny didn’t kill the wife, only the husband. Jody is right, the bunny is freaking terrifying. After a series of bad jokes the bunny nearly kills Dean with surprising strength.

They follow a tattoo and find the man’s girlfriend, Kylie who identifies him from the bunny mask, calls him Mike and doesn’t think he’s the stabbing kind. It sounds like the mask cursed/possessed him.


Donna and Doug#2 decide to take Bunny Mike to the hospital (and we have a terrible moment where Donna tries to prove she doesn’t need help from a man by… needing help. Two person job Donna, regardless of gender, bunny mike is a big guy). When Bunny Mike wakes up and attacks Donna, Doug shoots him. The mask comes off and they see a normal 19 year old boy.

Definitely cursed mask. They burn it.

Ok waaaay too early in the episode for that to be it.

Yes, time for another costumed rampage – this time a Harlequin beating a coach into a coma. The Winchesters investigate the scene and the newly captured killer and ditch cursed masks – it’s POSSESSED masks. Evil murderous ghost possession. The possessed person (Kylie in this case) can be de-possessed with salt. This leaves Donna with the difficult decision to let her go since Kylie is innocent – even though it does make her look inept.

They track down the woman who donated the costumes who gave them away after her brother, a party entertainer, committed suicide. Except that man, Chester, was cremated – so maybe he’s haunting the costumes which all need burning – which Donna handles while Dean and Sam try to figure out why Chester’s ghost wanted these people dead.

Especially when an evil clown finishes off the comatose Coach in hospital – it certainly looks targeted. Sam, with his hefty coulrophobia (I still question whether fear of clowns is an “irrational” fear. Clowns are creepy and wrong) ends up on site and fighting the clown in a lift – depossessing the man. Which means another innocent person goes free and makes Donna look bad even as they have to convince Doug that random killers in costumes are totally understandable. Especially since Donna has issues with Doug and is making him pay for her awful ex.

Dean continues to interview Rita, Chester’s sister and learns that both the dead men accused Chester of molesting their kids – which drove Chester to suicide. When pressed Rita admits that she came to doubt her brother, especially with her son – and she told the two dead men where Chester would be working and they threw him off the bridge. It wasn’t a suicide.

After the admission her son, Max returns, wearing Chester’s last costume trying to kill Chester’s last killer- Rita. A little salt and he’s quickly depossessed and the last mask can be burned. Time for an old school salt and ghost fight before Sam burns the costume and banishes the ghost.

Before they leave they acknowledge Donna as a hunter, having been through three cases. She also apologises to Doug and praises him.

And we close with more cryptic crypticness of Sam’s visions – he realises his visions are of Lucifer’s cage. Dean thinks messing with the cage is an epicly bad idea. Such a very very very very very bad idea. Such a terrible idea.

It says everything about Supernatural that when I see Donna or Jody appear I worry that this will be the episode when they die a horrible death so Dean and Sam can practice their over-used angst faces

And I still want to Donna and Jody to get a spin off series.

Though, Donna didn’t really do anything except be the odd comic relief now and then. While I can understand not wanting to repeat Jody, she wasn’t funny enough or interesting enough or human enough (she was far better in the last episode) or particularly compelling in any way to really explain to me why she was even there. I think she works far better bouncing off Jody than alone trying to be fluffy andf

Is it odd that the rabbit-mask is waaaaay creepier to me than anything else this show has ever managed to produce?

Still the episode was very classic Supernatural which I kind of liked – it’s been a long time since the Winchesters have fought a vengeful spirit