Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Originals, Season Three, Episode Seven: Out of the Easy

Elijah slices his hand so that Freya can prepare a locator spell to find Rebekah.  Klaus however is occupying his time having sex with Aurora.  Freya's spell doesn't work because the cloaking spell is too strong.  Freya tells everyone to go so that she can can continue to work.  Marcel wants to see what information he can find out from the Stryx but Elijah is convinced that Marcel should be spending his time stopping Davina, from activating Lucian and Tristan's weapon. When Marcel balks at Elijah's command, Elijah assures Marcel that he will stop at nothing to see Rebekah safe. Hayley questions if they are going to kill someone and Elijah agrees that they will kill many.

Elijah goes to find Klaus and informs him that Rebekah is missing. Aurora makes an appearance and says that Rebekah is not missing and that if everyone behaves, she will reveal Rebekah's location. Elijah threatens to hurt Tristan and both Klaus and Aurora inform Elijah that now that his compulsion has been removed that there is no need to worry.  Klaus asks Aurora for a moment with his brother.  Once alone, Klaus promises to get Rebekah back and that he is keeping Aurora close.  When Elijah calls Klaus's plan lecherous and questions if the plans on doing the same thing to get the medallion back from Tristan and Lucian, Klaus responds that they are not his type.  Elijah however is certain that Aurora will always protect Tristan but suggests that they can break the advantage that Tristan, Lucian and Aurora have.  Elijah's big plan is to invite the three of them for Thanksgiving dinner and then put Lucian, Tristan and Aurora against one another.

Tristan opens up the coffin which was supposed to contain Rebekah's body and instead finds two envelopes instead.  This is when Aurora makes her appearance and Tristan is not impressed that she has been in New Orleans for days and is only just now choosing to see him.  Tristan questions what Aurora has done with Rebekah because they had planned to use Rebekah as bait.  Aurora explains that she likes to be in control of her own fate.  The siblings discuss the dinner invitation to the Mikaelson's and Aurora promises that she will take care of Tristan.

Cami is still being kept prisoner by Lucian and she makes it clear that she is not going to sit pretty and act happy.  Lucian informs Cami about his plan to have dinner with the Mikaelsons.  Cami warns Lucian that one of her friends will notice that she is gone but Lucian makes it clear that she will be free of vervain soon.  Lucian answers a knock at his door and introduces Cami to Anton, a vampire he is leaving in charge of Cami.  Lucian instructs Anton that if he does not hear from him by nightfall, he is to kill Cami.

Marcel meets with Davina and brings up the Stryx. It seems that the ancestors have already informed her of their presence in town. Marcel informs Davina that the Stryx want her to help take down the Mikaelsons and that if she refuses, they will kill her and that if she accepts, Klaus will kill her.  Davina however is confident that she can handle the situation because she is no longer the little girl hiding in an attic.  Davina walks off after informing Marcel that she doesn't run from anyone.

Hayley informs Jackson of her plans to help the Mikaelsons and he is not in the least bit impressed. Hayley says that she wants to spend thanksgiving with Jackson and Hope but Tristan, Lucian and Aurora took Rebekah.  Jackson counters that that they also came for Hayley. Hayley however feels that she must help because Rebekah took care of Hope for months and because Rebekah is Hope's aunt. Jackson believes that all Hayley has to do is keep Hope safe because the Mikaelsons don't need any help killing anyone.  Jackson tells Hayley that they don't have to fight and she acknowledges his feelings.

Tristan, Lucian and Aurora have arrived and are greeted by Klaus. Elijah arrives and immediately brings up the prophecy and Tristan asserts that Rebekah has fallen as a precautionary measure. Elijah brings up the alliance between Tristan and Lucian and Klaus makes it clear that they expect an honest negotiation this evening.

Marcel finds Vincent sitting in a bar and Vincent is not at all welcoming.  Marcel explains about the Stryx and that they represent a threat to Davina.  Marcel says that he doesn't want to see Davina dead and that Davina refuses to leave town.  Vincent suggests that there's a way to get Davina out of trouble but that Marcel isn't going to like it.

Back at the table, Elijah snarks about enjoying the lies and betrayal of Thanksgiving but Aurora finds this inquisition like supper rude.  Tristan says that he and Lucian arrived as allies because they would have been viewed as suspicious otherwise. Lucian argues that they came to protect the Originals and themselves. It seems that the murders were meant to control a frightened human populace and it did after all lead to Marcel joining the Stryx.  Lucian adds that a police investigation also left an opening to get their hands on the medallion.

Cami is not impressed to be watching football with Anton and he orders her to shut up and get him a beer.  When Cami balks, Anton asks if he should find another way to quench his thirst. When Cami takes to long Antone makes it clear that while he cannot kill Cami, he can break her bones, slice up her face, heal her and do it all over again.  Anton tells Cami to drink up because she is not going anywhere.

Klaus says that the medallion is not a wise strategy for those trying to protect them.  Aurora responds that there's no reason why she should't be trusted with protecting her sire and Lucian is quick to snark that it's fine as long as Aurora doesn't have one of her episodes.  This is clearly an allusion to Aurora's battle with depression.  Elijah asks Klaus why they shouldn't just compel all of the first born and Aurora, Lucian and Tristan all giggle. Aurora makes it clear that after losing a century to compulsion, they would not allow themselves to be vulnerable again.  Elijah makes it clear that compulsion is not his only party trick.  Tristan acknowledges that to live, the Originals need to continue to exist and that young upstarts have clearly come to this conclusion as well.  Tristan adds that in a perfect world, the Original family would allow themselves to be sealed away forever.

Marcel seeks out Freya, who has yet to find any sign of Rebekah.  Freya tells Marcel that she is not giving up and leaves the room.

Vincent goes to see Davina and she is not impressed to see him because this is witch business.  Davina again declares that she can deal with The Stryx.  Vincent says that Davina doesn't like it when people disagree with her and that he should be careful otherwise he will end up like all of the others Davina got mad at last time.  Davina explains that she was attacked and Vincent asks if she had Van's mother killed and if she will kill anyone who disagrees with her. Davina responds that she took care of a threat and will do it again if anyone tries to stand against her.  Davina walks outside to find Van waiting for her with a willow hoop in hand. Yes, it seems that Davina's little conversation with Vincent was overheard by the witches.  When Davina turns around, Vincent is also holding a willow hoop.

The dinner is interrupted by Freya and Aurora is not impressed to have to deal with the long lost sister. Freya demands to know what Aurora did with Rebekah, and Aurora responds that the prophesy has the Originals acting like fools and that she is not losing her life to foolishness. Aurora admits that she decided to put Rebekah somewhere safe - at the bottom of the ocean.  Klaus asks Aurora if she is bluffing and Aurora smiles, saying that Rebekah has never been safer. When Klaus gets to his feet in anger, Tristan grabs Freya, saying that if Aurora is harmed that he will return the favor.  Tristan finds himself pushed aside by Elijah in short order with his face against a wall.  When Lucian snarks about the party falling apart, Klaus warns him off, only to learn that if Lucian is killed, he won't be able to protect Cami.  An angry Aurora demands to know who Cami is because this is the second time that she has heard Cami's name.  Freya uses magic on Aurora, informing her that she has bigger problems. Elijah is told to question Lucian, while Klaus questions Tristan.

Van calls out to the witches that Davina is a murderer.  Davina calls out that she is sorry for what happened but that she was dealing with a mutiny.  Vincent tells Davina that the law states that if you kill a witch, you lose your place among the witches.  Vincent adds that Davina needs to be shunned.

Klaus drops Tristan in a chair and informs him that when Aurora awakes, she must be made to give up Rebekah's location.  Tristan however says that Aurora has decided to determine her own fate and that means keeping her own counsel.  Klaus suggests that Aurora might be more giving if she was forced to watch as Tristan was torn apart.  Tristan counters by saying that Rebekah's homecoming would not be joyous because the Stryx would tear the city apart.  Tristan however suggests that instead, Elijah be locked away as well for safety and that Klaus should stand guard over them.

Lucian claims to be horrified by Aurora's actions and promises that Cami will be fine if he is allowed to leave alive.  Elijah demands Cami and the medallion. Lucian however says that he wants to stop the prophesy to save himself but Elijah wonders if Lucian is the architect of the prophesy.  Lucian however says that with Aurora involved and that with the prophesy saying that one will fall by family, that things don't bode well for Elijah.  Elijah however is certain that Klaus's first loyalty is to his family. Lucian questions why Klaus has not made Aurora suffer for what she has done to Rebekah.

Aurora regains consciousness to find Hayley and Rebekah looking down on her.  Girl power time. Hayley makes it clear that Aurora will reveal where Rebekah is or they will kill her.

Vincent says that by order of the law, Davina is banished from the community, her title is revoked and that she will no longer have contact with the ancestors.  Vincent adds that to the New Orleans witches, it will be as though Davina was never born.  The crowd cheers loudly and as Davina walks past them, one by one the witches turn their backs on Davina. With each step Davina takes, her power is stripped away from her.

Hayley and Freya both attack Aurora, but Aurora is giddy about feeling pain for the first time since the 1700's.  Hayley threatens to bite Aurora but Aurora says that she will laugh in Hayley's face when Klaus heals her. Freya concedes Aurora's point but suggests that Klaus would not heal Tristan should Hayley choose to bite him instead.  Aurora is adamant that Tristan is not to be harmed and warns that they will need Tristan if they want Rebekah back.

Klaus calls the situation a conundrum, adding that if he kills Tristan that will upset Aurora, who is Rebekah's keeper.  Tristan assures Klaus that once Elijah's safety is assured,  he will convince Aurora to turn Rebekah over to them.  Klaus says that were he to dagger to Elijah that would fulfill 2/3 of the prophecy and asks if he would be an easier target alone.  Tristan points out that this wouldn't be the first time he daggered his siblings.

Tristan and Aurora both reveal that neither of then know Rebekah's exact location.  It seems that the information was in the sealed envelopes.  Tristan knows the latitude and Aurora knows the longitude.  Aurora snarks to Freya and Hayley about who has the advantage now.

Back at the table, Elijah concedes that while he cannot murder Tristan at this moment but adds that he can rip Tristan's eyeballs out and feed them to Aurora.  Klaus cuts Elijah off and reminds Elijah that he is speaking to their guests.  Klaus gets to his feet, saying that they have to make difficult choices to ensure their collective survival.  Klaus then snaps Tristan's neck and tells Aurora that were she anyone else, the servants would already be mopping her blood from the floor. Klaus threatens that if Rebekah is not returned, then Tristan will die slowly.  Aurora screams about Klaus's betrayal but he tells her that now it is a sibling for a sibling. Aurora tells Klaus that he will regret this before storming out.  Freya is upset that Aurora  was allowed to leave but Elijah is certain that Aurora should be easy to control now that they have Tristan.  Klaus demands that Lucian take him to Cami and the medallion and promises that he if he does not comply that his ending will be so cruel that the devil will weep.

Cami starts cleaning up the beer bottles and asks Anton how much he knows about Klaus, because the chances of Lucian coming back are kind of slim.  Cami explains that Klaus is the most ruthless vampire in all of history. Anton moves closer and then Cami smashes her beer bottle over his head and uses the glass to cut off the finger on which Anton wears his daylight ring.  Cami seizes the opportunity to leave but when the elevator arrives, she is greeted by Aurora.

Klaus wrecks Lucian's place in a rage because Cami is missing.  Klaus stakes Cami's guardian and blames Lucian. Lucian however says that this is Cami's fault because if Cami had listened, she would be safe.  Lucian then hands over the medallion to Klaus, claiming that it is a sign of his loyalty.  It seems that Lucian believes that Tristan's devotion to Aurora, outweighs the value Tristan places on his own life.

Davina is drinking in a bar and Marcel and Vincent watch her through the window. Vincent says that he can help Davina if she lets him.  Marcel responds that at least Davina is alive.

Klaus heads to Cami's place and finds it empty, so he calls and leaves her a message saying that he needs to know she is safe.

In the Quarter, Aurora is stuffing an unconscious Cami into the trunk of a car and giggling.

Hayley has returned home to find Thanksgiving dinner cold on the table. Hayley asks about Hope and is told that the child is sleeping. Hayley says that her family needed her help but Jackson points out that he asked for one thing. Jackson adds that no matter what Klaus does to Hayley, to him, or the pack, whenever the Mikaelsons come calling, Hayley will always be there to answer. Jackson grabs a bag explaining that he is headed to the Bayou to spend the rest of the holiday with his family.

Elijah and Klaus talk on the phone about Cami and Aurora.  Klaus is adamant that with Tristan captured, Aurora has no choice but to bring Rebekah home. Elijah questions is Klaus loves Aurora and Klaus says that his affections are not the point because what matters is controlling the prophesy. When Klaus hangs up, Elijah gets a flashback to the vision and it looks very much like the ruined Thanksgiving dinner they left behind.

One of the enduring problems with this series is a lack of female characters.  Davina had finally come into her own as regent of the witches.  If you recall, when we first met Davina, despite her strength, she was hiding in the attic.  With those days behind her Davina was finally able to assert some agency and so naturally, the writers had to remove that from her.  Yes, Davina made a horrible mistake by murdering Van's mother but at the same time, it's worth noting that Vincent and Marcel colluded to have her power removed because she refused to obey.  Whenever women start to realise their power, some male character is quick to come along and put her in her place.

We saw the same theme occur with Hayley this week.  Whether Jackson likes it or not, Hayley has ties with Mikaelsons.  Klaus is the father of Hope that means that she will always be tied with him and the rest of the Mikaelsons.  Jackson bloody well knew this going into the marriage and he also knew that Hayley wasn't in love with him.  Yes, Thanksgiving is a time for family but yet, part of Hayleys family was in jeopardy.  What did Jackson think would happen if the Mikaelsons went down?  Without them, it would that much harder to protect Hope.  Hayley didn't comply with Jackson's commands and so he left.  It was petulant and childlike.

I thought that when Cami escaped from Anton that this bit of keeping women in their place would finally be redeemed. Yes, Cami manages to escape and was quite smart about it.  Naturally, that could not be allowed to stand because in short order, Cami found herself captured by Aurora.  You can absolutely bet money that Cami escaping on her own ingenuity will not be allowed to happen again and that this time, either Klaus or Elijah will come running to the rescue.  The Originals loves a damsel in distress.