Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Originals: Season 3, Episode 8 The Other Girl in New Orleans

As the title alludes to, this week is really about which woman truly has Klaus's heart, Cami or Aurora. The problem for me is that I don't care given that Klaus is a violent serial killer. Having captured Cami, Aurora takes her to St. Anne's in order to torture her and find out a little bit about her competition. Aurora begins by revealing that she has learned all about Cami's family history from Google, remarking what a wonderful thing the internet is.  Aurora decides to play her own violent version of truth or dare, demanding that Cami answer her questions honestly or face death. Yep, mean girl to the extreme.

At the Mikaelson compound, Freya has Tristan trapped in a circle ready for interrogation.  Freya notes that Elijah is still miffed at her for torturing Aurora, simply because he likes to control how his invited guests are treated - ever the control freak. Hayley shows up to take her part in the torture show with Hope in hand and admits that Jackson is off sulking the Bayou.  Freya gets sent off to babysit Hope, while Hayley has fun biting Tristan repeatedly.  Mary shows up at the apartment so Hayley is forced to vouch for her with Freya.  Elijah happens to overhear the conversation and so Hayley admits that she didn't chase after Jackson because she thought she might be needed.  Clearly despite her marriage vows, Hayley is still very much invested in the Mikaelsons, or at least Elijah. Elijah decides to tell Hayley to take care of her family.

Freya takes a moment to speak to Tristan, who brings up Finn.  Tristan says that he knew Finn well and that Finn was an hounourable man. I thought that the title of the hounourable one was Elijah's title. Tristan suggests that Freya speak to Finn, that is if Finn will agree to a conversation.  Freya grabs the pendant around her neck. Wait, is Finn in her necklace and how did that happen given that he is supposed to be dead?

Klaus and Lucian are busy following the clues Aurora left behind in her latest game.  Lucian is not pleased with what Klaus is doing and sees Cami as a needless mortal distraction.  Lucian takes care to point out that no matter how much Klaus may want to kill Aurora that he cannot because Aurora knows where Rebekah is hidden.

Marcel gets a visit from Aya, who is not impressed that Davina has been taken out of the game. Naturally, Marcel denies his involvement in this.   Are they actually going to do something about the sexual tension between Aya and Marcel? Aya decides to test Marcel's loyalty by giving him a weapon that will take out an Original and tasking him with freeing Tristan.  Aya says that by following orders, Marcel will secure his place with the Stryx and should he refuse, he will die. Aya points out that if Marcel is successful, it will mean that they will have secured two Original vampires.

Back at the compound, Freya has weakened Tristan as much as she can without killing him. Elijah looks into Tristan's head and sees the word, "Cepheus", but has no idea what it means.  Before Elijah can find out more, Marcel shows up and demands that Elijah release Tristan, saying that otherwise, the Stryx will tear the Quarter apart and start a war.  Elijah however is not interested, certain that he can take of himself and family

Hayley is busy packing a bag while she talks with Mary about what happened between her and Jackson.  Mary is quick to explain that Jackson left because he was hurt.  Mary points out that though Hayley is determined to be there for the Mikaelsons, they are the most powerful vampires alive and she is only 25 years old.  Mary asserts that every time Hayley intervenes, she is putting herself at risk and adds that Hayley has Hope to think about. Hayley stops listening when she hears the fight in Mikaelson compound and leaps through a window to help Elijah.

While Elijah has been doing battle, Aya has taken the opportunity to find Freya and stab her in the stomach.

Hayley is only able to help Elijah briefly because Marcel uses the dagger to stab Elijah and take him out of the fight.  Hayley is stuck facing down two vampires but Marcel rips out their hearts. Marcel then rushes to see Freya and gives her some of his blood and hands over the dagger he used on Elijah. Marcel takes the time to point out that Elijah will be angry when he wakes and so asks Freya to tell him that he healed her and handed over the dagger. Marcel then finds Aya and encourages her to get Tristan out of the compound before his double dealing can be discovered.

Aurora continues with her freakish game of Truth or Dear and demands that Cami reveal her greatest shame.  Cami talks about the time she assaulted a man and got arrested. It seems that Cami acted to revenge her friend who had been a victim of intimate partner violence.  Aurora is quick to realise that Cami is in fact not ashamed and enjoyed what she did. It seems that Cami went into psychology to understand her dark side.

Aurora's little bid to perform psychoanalysis is interrupted by the arrival of Klaus, who tries to pretend that Cami means nothing to him.  Aurora is clearly still feeling threatened and not buying it. When Cami notices that Aurora is distracted, she headbutts her, giving Klaus the opportunity to spirit Aurora away. Once outside, Aurora is still in shock at the depth of Klaus's feelings towards Cami and tries to suggest that it is she who is Klaus's true love. Klaus makes it clear that the only reason he hasn't killed Aurora for what she did to Cami, is the fact that Aurora knows where Rebekah is hidden. Klaus adds that before he kills Aurora, he wants to torture her so that she will associate his name with fear and pain. Wow, I guess he's just not into her. Aurora is absolutely aghast at this. And no wonder, talk about the worst break up ever. Klaus then reaches inside Aurora's head and picks out the latitude coordinates.  Klaus stares Aurora down but is stopped from killing her when he hears Cami's screams.

The vampires that Aurora turned are awake now and they need blood to finish their transition. Cami is bravely trying to hold them of with a wooden stake. When Klaus bursts in, he finds Cami on her back with a vampire on top her.  Klaus makes quick work of the fledglings and the two embrace.

Later at the compound, Klaus asks Cami to spend the night so that he can protect her. Cami asks if Klaus overheard her confession and not only does he admit to hearing, Klaus teases that he has already compelled to vampires to kill the man that Cami beat up.  Cami lies down and takes a nap.

Aurora sits on bench crying over Klaus and Lucian comforts her, calling Klaus an idiot. Clearly, even one thousand years later, Lucian is still hoping that Aurora will love him.

Aya, Tristan and Marcel have returned to Marcel's home.  Marcel gives Tristan some of his stash of Klaus's blood so that Tristan can heal the wolf venom in his system.  When Aya and Tristan start to leave, Marcel points out that he put himself at risk and has proven his loyalty and now expects the Stryx to show some loyalty to him. Aya balks at this, because she clearly still does not trust Marcel but Tristan agrees with Marcel's point.

At the compound, Elijah recieves a text from Marcel about the Stryx's business interests. He learns that the Stryx own a fleet of cargo jets and one of them happens to be called, Cepheus.  Cephues last hit the air the night Rebekah disappeared and with the coordinates Klaus got from Aurora and the flight plan, the brothers are certain they will be able to find Rebekah.  Elijah wants to get their sister and then kill Tristan and Aurora and Klaus makes it clear that Aurora is to be left to him.

Alone, Freya performs some sort of ceremony and Finn appears before her.

Sometimes the angst of The Originals gets to me.  Yes, we were given somewhat of a reprieve because it wasn't about Klaus dealing with his parental issues are how tortured and dark his soul is but we had to deal with Aurora's issues.  It's irritating because Aurora is almost as old as the Originals and is still so angst ridden.  I just wanted to yell at the television, "gurrl he's not into you move the hell on."

One of the things that irks me about Aurora's character is that her mental illness is clearly being used to explain her darkness.  Aurora says that she has been diagnosed as bipolar.  She also described the horrible treatments she has received for her mental illness over the years.  I think that this is an important point to make because the medical establishment has repeatedly let down the neurologically atypical for centuries.  I can understand why Aurora would be filled with rage and I can understand why she would resentful of Tristan.  My issue stems from the suggestion that her actions are a direct result of her mental illness.  It's absolutely ableist and wrong, though it fits into the current narrative of blaming mental illness for the actions of White male shooters.  This characterisation isn't going any place good.

This is especially dubious when we look at her actions and compare it to the other cast. Aurora is doing all these terrible things because of her "damaged mind" and we're all going to harp on about her mental illness and her being a "dangerous lunatic"? What did she do this episode, what one single thing, that was appreciably worse, or scarier or more dangerous or more "deranged" than Klaus or Elijah or... anyone on this show (or Vampire Diaries for that matter)?

This is a perfect example of ableism - something the (apparently or at least not overtly discussed because I think there's certainly a debate to be made about mental illness for the entire Original family) neuro-typical people do is just something they do - but a mentally ill person does the same thing and it's because she's a "lunatic."

The thing with Finn is leaving me confused. It's clear that they want to bring the Original family back. As far as I remember, Finn was killed  on The Vampire Diaries and his sudden appearance makes no sense particularly given that the other side doesn't exist anymore. The new Finn is hot as hell but they need to explain how his sudden appearance and how he could have drama with Freya given that they last time they saw each other as far as I understand it is when Freya was taken from her family.