Monday, February 22, 2016

Hemlock Grove, Season 3, Episode 8: Dire Night on the Worm Moon

Last week Roman killed Destiny and he now buries her. He’s trying to pass off super sad and tortured but honestly I’m sick of this guy’s Manpain every time he does something evil. He, naturally tries to justify himself and repeatedly yells at a terrible Annie that he’s not a murderer. All evidence to the contrary.

He’s not convincing

Of course, Peter would quite like to know what’s happened to Destiny, especially since he has a major case of the Guilt Weasels over her as well. He’s also not ready to get BACK ON WITH THE MAIN PLOT and look for Spivak while his cousin is out there probably trying to stab gang members which is generally bad for her health. Roman has enough sense to realise saying “I killed her, case closed” isn’t going to help so instead pushes the idea that said gang members have killed her

This involves lots of lies, lots of supernatural intimidation, some planted evidence and more than a little torture while Roman lurks in the background with THE MOST TORTURED look on his face because zomg he has to do bad things because of the bad things he’s done and it’s all bad guys!

Peter is eventually convinced that the gang member did kill Destiny (after beating the man to death) and Roman finishes it off by telling Peter where Destiny is buried. This may stop him looking but I wonder what will happen when werewolf nose reaches that corpse…

No doubt more Manpain. All the Manpain. And anger and guilt and then doing terrible things and then feeling all guiltily angry about it and both guys practicing their tortured look in the mirror until the wind changes and their faces freeze like that and they have to pursue a new career as emo musicians.

At least Annie seems to have given up on bringing her brother to the light and has bought a very big gun (and put the sexist salesman firmly in his place).

Olivia, meanwhile, wants to live so has gathered this brilliant doctor to steal his body. Johanne is kind of reluctant since he doesn’t want to destroy a brilliant scientific mind but Olivia throws in blackmail (and random, awful Chango hallucinations) until Johann agrees

The copying isn’t easy though – oh it works, but then you have two Olivias. New Olivia both has some snarky things to say about male privilege but also wants to have sex with herself which pretty much sums up her narcissism.

Which also sums up most of their interactions with Johann in the middle quietly wishing death on everyone as the two Olivias are awful people at each other and old Olivia doesn’t want to shuffle off her mortal coil just yet. Until Johann shows her the ultimate end of the disease – self-cannibalisation. Yes that’s exactly as awful as it sounds and convinces Olivia.

Until Olivia 2 collapses. It seems he wasn’t a close enough match. Now Olivia needs to find a new donor/victim (and refrain from killing Johann). And she focuses on family. If I were Annie I’d buy a bigger gun. Honestly, this whole scene of Olivias out Olivia-ing each other was kind of worth the whole episode

Johann doesn’t, I think, know about Annie – but he does know about Shelley. He goes to warn her – and really it says everything about Shelley that all these terrible terrible people have one thing in common: they all care about her because she is such a wonderful person. We also learn that Shelley is someone who knows Johann is gay and doesn’t mock him for it (unlike Olivia who kept up quite an range of homophobic banter going).

Aitor wants Shelly to run away with him and after much thinking and worrying and encouragement, she finally finds the courage to do that – to go out and be herself despite how she looks. But Aitor then tells his story, in his usual poetic fashion, that Olivia is holding over his head – he killed someone while driving drunk. And now the police have come, presumably for him. I assume it’s at Olivia’s urging? He doesn’t want to run away because Shelley has spent so long hiding that the last thing she needs now she is finally finding her confidence, is to hide and run again.

And lo, everyone loses their happy ending

But we do close with roman getting a lead on where Spivak is.