Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sense8, Season One, Episode Eleven: Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes

Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes is the penultimate episode of this season and we are clearly gearing up for a big finish, as well as wrapping up a few loose ends.

Just before Manendra was stabbed at the temple of Ganesha, he made it clear to Kala that he absolutely didn't approve of her impending marriage to his son Sanyam. This left Kala in a difficult position and this week she finally decided to reveal to Sanyam the details of her conversation with Manendra.  Kala need not have worried it seems because Sanyam was well aware of his father's feelings.  Kala suggests that this means his interest in her is really about rebelling but Sanyam says that he want to marry Kala because he cannot imagine spending the rest of his life with anyone else.  The sweeter Sanyam is, the more difficult it's going to be for Kala to go with her heart and be with Wolfie.  At this point I really wanted Sanyam to flip out just a little bit. Is anyone really that nice?

Kala was also surprised to learn that the people at the temple who attacked Manendra have come to look at her as a hero because they believe that Kala delivered Manendra into their clutches. It's telling that they try to justify their actions by saying that God understands that sometimes, violence is necessary.  Kala wants no part of this and it's Will who shows up to physically force them away from her. Will however warns that Kala has not seen the last of them.  I suspect that this incident is going to lead to a bit of crises of faith for Kala.

When last we left Capheus, he was between a rock and a hard place.  Caphues has been spending his time taking Silas's daughter for medical treatment but unfortunately, it has not gone unnoticed and determined to save the little girl from the horrible retribution Silas has earned, Capheus drops the child off with Jela before leaving to confront Biko.  Capheus quickly find's himself surrounded by Biko's armed men and is told that the only way he will walk away is if he decapitates Silas.  Silas at this point is little more than a broken man but like any other human afraid to die begs for his life. Luckily for Capheus, Sun is having a very bad day and as a result, when Capheus channels her, it leads to kick ass fight scene. What precipitates Sun's actions is Capheus being called a bitch.  Sun even warns, "call me a bitch just one more time." For her it's about standing up for herself and recognizing her power.  It's worth noting that the one time Capheus tries to throw a punch on his own, it doesn't go well for him.

The conflict that Capheus faces is a huge one.  In this instance he moves from being fascinated with the act of being a hero and actually becomes one. Unfortunately, the one person who witnesses his actions makes a comment about Van Damm. I am sick of conflation between Capheus and Van Damm. Capheus didn't actively plan on saving Silas and who can blame him really but he ended up doing so with the help of the other sensates. Capheus refuses any sort of reward for his actions and seems happy to see Silas reunited with his daughter.

When we last left Sun, she was very happy to learn that her father had told the entire truth about who was really embezzling money from the company.  Since Bak Joong-Ki has always been weasel, we all knew that he was going to find someway to avoid the accusation of guilt. When Bak Joong-Ki reveals to Sun that not only is their father dead, but that  he killed himself, Sun isn't buying it for a New York minute.  Sun gives Bak Joong-Ki what he has had coming for awhile, until she is pulled off by the prison guards.  Sun's parting words to her brother are that he will pay for what he has done. I cannot wait till next season to see this happen and hope that the Sensates move at least some of their focus off of Riley, in order to break Sun out of prison.  I know that she put herself in this situation, but she deserves a break because Sun has not had an easy life.

Speaking of Riley, she is in the hospital and though unconscious, her father and Will spend a lot of time at her bedside.  I'm not sure if Yrsa's appearance is part of Riley's dreams or if she actually visits but she appears long enough to give Riley the I told you so routine. Riley keeps dreaming about the car crash that lead to the death of her husband and ultimately her child. It seems as though when sensates dream, they actually experience what they dreaming about. Will and Nomi are starting to be concerned that Riley will be discovered and as both Yrsa and Jonas have warned, this will not be good. Bug shows up long enough to bring Nomi her hacking gear and to misgender her. Thankfully, both Nomi and Amanita squirm which heavily implies that misgendering is inappropriate but I wish one of them had actively asked how hard is it to remember that her name is Nomi and not Michael. Clearly, the rescue of Riley is going to feature largely in the next episode, even though Jonas essentially warned them that this is being set up as a trap.  I really do hope at some point that Riley becomes active in her own rescue.  Thus far, she has been very passive and I cannot help but note that she is the only White, straight, cisgender female in the cast.  The fragility of white women is writ large upon this story line.

Wolfie has managed to move Felix to a new hospital under an assumed name.  It's clear that Wolfie wants to finish his business with his uncle and this means entering into a situation which might cost him his life.  This is the first time that Kala has to confront exactly who Wolfie is. Up until this point, Wolfie has just been the hot German guy with the massive you know what.  They had always visited each in very neutral settings and the only sensate to see Wolfie's violent tendencies has been Lito. Kala begs Wolfie to turn away but he is adamant that some things are inevitable.  There is a very strong sense that based on this decision, things are going to change between the two of them.  They are either going to have to stop their romantic fascination with each other, or deal with each other as they really are.

Lito was absent this episode and I wonder if now that he has saved the fetishist and gotten back together with Hernando, if his arc is over?  I hope that he has some role to play in saving Riley because he does have skills, they just haven't been made a priority this season and instead we have been told repeatedly that Lito is a coward and a liar. I think Lito deserves more than this and I look forward to a shift in his character.

Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes had it's moment but it really felt like a set up for the final episode this season.  Thankfully, due to Netflix, I don't have to wait until next week to watch it.  Overall, this season has had the feeling of one long movie thus far.  I haven't always liked the characters (Riley) or what they have done with them (Lito) but it has been an interesting watch.