Sunday, February 7, 2016

Vampire Diaries, Season 7, Episode 11: What We Lost in the Fire

Damon has slaughtered everyone – he rushes around feeding everyone vampire blood (Bonnie – YAY. And Matt – not so Yay) which means everyone is not dead but it looks like he might be out of the stone.

He comes back to himself and they chain him up and we have some recaps of what’s been happening since Damon has been in the stone – apparently several weeks have past and now Julian has taken over the town and filled it full of biker vampires. I’m not entirely sure how a vampire who has been imprisoned for so long I’m not even sure he knows what a motorcycle is manages to gather such a huge following. Or how a following of 80 gazillion vampires manages to exist in a town with no people to eat, but hey so it is

Bonnie and Matt are now patrolling the town picking vampires off (which Julian apparently doesn’t care about, though he gets so mad when Damon kills a token Black vampire). Which is funny because Matt is pretending he actually adds something to that little group. Alas, no-one kills him and he continues to hate all things supernatural

Tyler’s also back in town for Alaric’s baby shower (no, really) and he actually speaks sense that no-one is listening to: why keep Mystic Falls? Really, why does everyone care? They’ve evacuated all the people from it, it’s full of Julian’s cronies (and why they’re there I do not know) why is it worth spending all this effort trying to protect?! Matt’s response is basically “RAWR NO!” He also manages to run into another cop outside of town who agrees that Mystical Falls falling apart is terrible and also would really like to know about all the hunting equipment he has

Alaric also seems to have the same idea, planning to leave vampire central and raise his kids without the constant threat of death. Caroline is super saddened by this

Anyway, the main plot is that being imprisoned in the stone causes hallucinations. And, like just about every depiction of Mental Illness on TV ever, that makes you super dangerous and murderous.

As an added frustrating bonus, Damon is chained up when Stefan warns him about the killer hallucinations. He then has one and STILL asks Stefan to unchain him. While Stefan sees several examples of Damon talking to himself and still think it’s a good idea to go on a tour of the town

This show has never been known for its critical thinking skills

Stefan is having his own hallucinations of Damon with the overarching moral being that if Stefan wants to be a good person and move on with his life he really needs to abandon his evil brother. This is not inaccurate, to be honest. The hallucinations even drive him to try and burn Damon’s body when he was unconscious but Caroline (of all people! Oh how far has Damon been redeemed?!) stopped him

Burning bodies seems to be a theme – because Damon’s hallucinations drive him to become more and more of a monster and destroy anything stopping him. Which would be Elena. Yes, Damon’s hallucinations apparently convince him to burn Elena’s body (are we ever going to really address how broken a morality system it is that Damon’s only threat of humanity is basically a What Would Elena Do bracelet?)

Damon is now convinced he’s the worst most evil thing ever because MANPAIN while Stefan is equally convinced he’s going to stand by his brother no matter what. Let the trainwreck commence.

Along the way, Mary-Louise also drops in to give us a big bad warning about someone called The Huntress. She hunts down vampires and she is the one who has the terrible possession sword and hunted down Julian (y’know, actually killing them would be more effect, I’m just saying) and she’s terrified that they’re all next.

Which leads to the worst possible revelation – we have another flashforward to three years into the future where Caroline has been kidnapped. She is rescued by Matt who reveals the one after them all is the Huntress and he’s working for her.

Yes, Matt is going to live for 3 more years…. The horror.