Monday, February 8, 2016

Hemlock Grove, Season 3, Episode 6: Pendant

Killing Andreas continues to have ramifications – especially since they’re trying to keep it all a secret from Destiny who is psychic. Keeping secrets from a psychic just isn’t fun. Keeping secrets from a determined, intelligent woman who isn’t just going to drop the fact her fiancé has just been murdered isn’t easy. Especially since a lot of Andreas’s old friends want nothing to do with his funeral since they know he very nearly got them all killed.

A suspicious Destiny quickly realises the Croatian mob is behind Andreas’s death – and that Peter is involved in the cover up. I’m actually interested in this storyline, I want to see Destiny both as competent and capable – and following up her own story rather than her being a resource that everyone else calls upon. Let her be a person, not a tool, even if she does end up burning it all down.

Roman and Johann return to investigating Spivak, acknowledging that both of them have been keeping secrets while Johann has a little break to Nazi hunt. While this does mean drawing on the Holocaust which is never something fiction should take on casually, it also reveals a new facet of Johann’s personality. While he’s generally ok with shredding every ethical rule in the book a hundreds time over in the name of science, he apparently draws the line at harming children, probably linked to his own abusive childhood

Shelly continues to be awesome, last episode she rejected her mother’s control. And this episode she rejected Roman’s control. He’s apparently much more caring than Olivia, but ultimately it comes down to the same thing – the assumption that Shelly is far too weak and fragile and incapable to look after herself is made by both Olivia and Roman. It’s a kind of patronising ableism that we see a lot – the idea that disabled people need to be looked after and controlled for their own good, that they can’t make their own choices or be trusted. Seeing Shelly challenging this as she becomes more and more confidence and more and more resistant to the people who have always controlled her (in the name of love) is glorious to see. I also really like her rejecting Roman’s constant vicious misogyny when referring to his mother

Less glorious is Aitor trying to express his love by appropriating Loving v Virginia (there’s no reason for this at all) – and while I love another POC on the show, I don’t even know this Black woman’s name except for her habit of helping and serving Shelly.

Roman and Annie meet up with Olivia and all the incest stuff comes out. Given his experiences with Lethe, Roman can’t even come close to dealing dealing with this and he storms off. Anie catches up with him and tries to deal with their sibling issues with Annie initially trying to claim ignorance before openly admitting that she did kind of try to seduce him (after he calls her out on it). Being Roman he lashes out with slut shaming and misogyny – because Roman

Then they have sex. Because Hemlock Grove. Of course they do

Meanwhile Olivia is succumbing to her illness – and having fake memories. As she realises more and more strange things are happening she realises she’s started hallucinating. Including completely forgetting killing Isaac to stop him leaving – and then wandered around with his vision providing comfort and companionship. Eventually she realised it was all her – and that she murdered someone in her travels

Thoroughly enraged, terrified and grieving from her illness and how it made her doubt everything she decides to strangle Johann