Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Preacher, Season 1, Episode 4, Monster Swamp

I’m pretty sure this random spooky school bus will become relevant. Anyway it serves as a backdrop for the sport of hunting down underwear clad sex workers with paint guns

This is taking the definition of gun fetish to a whole new level. Yeah your kink and all that – but this screams of serial killer training and waaay too many women and waaay too many sex workers are murdered for me not to think all these men need a sinkhole to jump into.

In the middle of this game one of the women, Laci, falls into a sink hole and dies. A tragedy that just about no-one cares about, it’s sad to say. No-one cares about the dead Laci and everyone is quick to want to return to their fun

Except for Tulip who is enraged. And while she holds the men in contempt she also throws some gross unnecessary shame at the women. This is doubly vexing because when Clive, an out and out arsehole who really needs beating with a stick, points out that the women are making way more money in the brothel than they would be working other menial jobs (we also have to remember this when the mayor makes a point about how the town is poor and dying). Gah I so hate agreeing with arseholes. And it would be nice, if Tulip was calling out all these arseholes, she wouldn’t throw shame at the sex workers.

At least she does decide to beat Clive with a stick. Except she gets the wrong room – and gets Cassidy instead, knocking him through a window and getting a shard into his neck. Naturally she assumes he’s dying and rushes him to hospital praying and begging for him to live… kissing him on the way with music suggests that Tulip and Cassidy may have just fallen in love? This could be terrible, awesome or terribly awesome or awesomely terrible.

When they arrive at the hospital Cassidy seeks his own cure – blood. And Tulip knows his secret. That should be fun.

Though I do question when Tulip became so upset at the idea of killing someone?

So where did Cassidy get the money for his little jaunt? Well after trying and utterly failing to convince Jessie about the angel clones (he still hasn’t convinced Jessie he’s a vampire) he instead extorts the weird angels for some money. And succeeds.

The angels – if that’s what they are – are confusing, have plans involving coffee pots, chainsaws and music and avoiding the powers that be finding out they’re on Earth. Methinks it’s their fault the godly voice got out at all.

While Jessie continues to be haunted by memories of his righteous, strict and violent father he is still pushed to try and get his church up and running again. Which involves a raffle with a very expensive television (that fills the pews quickly) and the kind of hell-and-brimstone lecture that really makes me so glad that I’m not Christian – but he has an Ace up his sleeve. He has sinister Quincannon villain who has been dramatically evil for the last few episodes. He has convinced him to come to church and then unleashed the godvoice on him to convince him to serve god

Personally I think a) using magic to compel people to follow a religion is really fecking evil

And b) Crusaders, inquisitors, the Westboro Baptist Church, KKK and Donald Trump all think they’re serving god as well… there’s going to be some fallback from this.

We also get an introduction to the Mayor who is pining desperately after Emily, having sex with her but she makes it very very very clear she’ll never have a relationship. Oh and a sizeable number of his constituents feel the need to defecate in front of him.

He’s not the most respected elected representative, it has to be said.