Thursday, September 1, 2016

Glitch, Season One, Episode Five

Episode five is the penultimate episode of this series. It's supposed to set things up for an exciting conclusion but all I can think about is how excited I am that this wretched hot mess is coming to an end. At this point, I am sick of the relationship angst, the casual bigotry and the horrible acting. Yeah for season finales.

Kate's gotten what she wanted cause now Sarah knows she's alive. Sarah doesn't understand why Kate doesn't look sick and has all her hair. Kate says that she's perfectly healthy. James helps Sarah to sit down after she complains the baby is going crazy and asks for a glass of water.  Kate tells Sarah that it's good to see her and the two women hug. Sarah tells Kate that she's missed her so much. Let's see how long this love fest lasts.

Kirstie finds, Charles name on a WWI memorial and learns that he was given a medal. Charles however wants to know exactly how he died and where. They decide to head into the Royal Hotel to investigate some more.

Sarah is trying to figure out exactly what happened and when. Sarah is not pleased to learn that both Elishia and Vic knew what was going on and James tries to suggest that this needs to remain contained. James explains that as soon as this becomes public, Kate will be taken away. You just know Sarah's wondering if that would really be a bad thing. Sarah asks if Kate took the dog and Kate responds that the dog followed her because the dog belongs to her. Sarah then tells Kate that no one has taken anything from her and Kate makes it clear that she bought the house with James, she cleaned the house and that the dog is hers.  Sarah remind Kate that she's dead.

Charles and Kirstie head inside the hotel bar. Kirstie is only fixated on who killed her though. Charles heads to the bar and has a flashback of being inside the bar with his fellow soldiers, his arm around a girl. Charles introduces himself and claims that he was named after Charles P Thompson. It seems that Russel, the bartender knows a lot about Charlie and starts to tell Charlie stories about himself.

The wound on Vic's head is not healing and his skin is starting to come off. So yeah, I guess that makes Vic dead.  Vic arrives at the hideout.

Kate is making her way around the house and she walks into the baby's room. James finds her there and tells her not to do this to herself. Kate starts to cry because the baby's room used to be her studio. It's particularly hurtful because Kate couldn't have kids. Sarah shows up and says that James just did the room. Sarah reminds Kate that she told her that she didn't want James to spend the rest of his life grieving after her. Kate snarks that it was a hope and not an instruction.  Sarah argues that what's between her and James is real. James wisely remains silent and Kate walks out.

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Vic is looking around the hideout while Elishia and John Doe are oblivious together in bed. As they get their sexing on, Vic peeks through the window at them.  Elishia and John Doe hear Vic creeping up on them and stop.  Elishia goes to the door and Vic says that he has reason to believe she is harbouring people.  Elishia demands that Vic leave but Vic says that he is the police and wants to know exactly where the people are. Elishia leads Vic away from the house.

Paddy is being tested on the Aboriginal language by Beau's mother and grandmother and learns that the man who killed him was asking where his wife was.  It seems that Kalinda was betrothed to another. Paddy even calls her his "black rose".

 Paddy keeps talking to prove that Beau and his family are his direct descendants.  Paddy explains that he's seeking restoration and asks for help. Beau's mother tosses Paddy out, as Beau argues that Paddy is telling the truth. Who cares if he is telling the truth, he's a disgusting pig.

James, Kate and Sarah sit down to have a drink. James suggests that they have a real conversation. James tells the women that he loves them both. James explains that he never stopped loving Kate but that after she died, he fell in love with Sarah.  Kate demands to know about the first time Sarah slept with James and they are both adamant that nothing happened while she was alive. James reveals that he and Sarah first had sex less than a year after Kate died. Kate sits on James's lap and kisses him, asking if this is how Sarah was trying to help him. Sarah gets up in anger knocking over the table, as James explains that no one has done anything wrong and that Kate and Sarah are the people he loves most in the world. An upset James heads outside for some air.

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 There was never any chance that this would work out well and it's still a bloody distraction because we still don't know why these people came back to life.

Elishia takes Vic to a cabin and no one is there. Elishia wants to know what Vic wants with them. John Doe charges Vic and a fight breaks out and Elishia tries to intervene but is pushed away.  Vic draws his gun and demands to know if John Doe is risen and if he knows why he came back.  Vic again asks for help and Elishia agrees because he is holding a gun on John Doe.

Charlie is still at the bar, and he looking over a map of a battle with Russel. Charlie gets a flashback to a fight had.  Charlie points to a man in photo, wanting to know his identity but Russel doesn't know. Kirstie makes a scene with guy she's playing pool with when she discovers based oh his tattoo that he isn't the one who killed her. Russel escorts Kirstie and Charlie upstairs to have a lie down to relax for a bit.  Once alone, Charlie explains that he remembered being in a fight with another solider who might have hurt him or murdered him.  Charlie wonders if they were all murdered.  Russell calls Charlie out of the room, so he covers Kirstie up and leaves. Russell says that it's funny that Charlie is there searching for Charlie and then asks to show Charlie something.

James is outside and the two women sit on the couch together.  Kate apologises to Sarah, saying that she doesn't know how to do this. Kate explains that she doesn't know how to be alive again. Kate remembers the cancer but not dying or death. Sarah wonders if Kate really died. Kate remembers Sarah being there a lot while she was dying. Sarah explains that they chose to have a baby because they've had so much loss and sadness. Kate questions if Sarah thought she was a second choice and Sarah admits she thought about it but then she and James talked it out. Kate admits that her death brought them together. Sarah excuses herself to go and lie down.

Vic handcuffs John Doe to a tree and drags Elishia through the property. He orders her inside the medical clinic but of course it's empty. Elishia explains that there's only blood samples and paper work there.  Vic finds a key for a cabinet and finds some specimen bags which Elishia claims that she found in the grave. Vic demands that Elishia call James and orders him to bring everyone back.

Kate cleans up the mess then heads outside to talk to James. James asserts that he loves Kate and never stopped.  Kate admits that she understands him loving them both while she was dead. Kate however points out that she is back now. The phone rings interrupting their conversation.  It's Elishia, who tells him that he needs to look for Kate and the others and bring them back. She's talking in coded language so that James picks up on the idea that she's not alone and is in trouble. James tells Sarah that something is wrong and that Vic might be with Elishia. James asks Sarah to stay with Kate and protect her. Right, like that's a good idea.

An upset Paddy sits outside holding his wife's dress.  Beau talks to his grandmother, once again asserting that Paddy was telling the truth and wants redress and restitution. Paddy's grandmother believes that Paddy is a spirit but Beau wants to help him.  Beau heads outside and Paddy tells him that he is his ticket to restoration. Paddy wants to take back what's rightfully his and what's rightfully Beau's.  Paddy marches off and Beau follows. Of course, Paddy tosses Beau his bag to carry.

Charles and Russell are now in WWI gas masks. Russell suggests that Charlie is what the country really needs.  Charlie finds binoculars and when Charlie looks through it, he has a vision of himself on the battlefield in the trenches. George, the man in the trenches with Charlie is killed by a sniper and Charlie embraces him crying.  In the present, Charlie drops the binoculars still crying. Russell  tries to calm him down and offers him a drink.

Paddy and Beau make their way to the courthouse where Lucy works.  Paddy introduces himself and announces that they are related. Paddy asks about the family manor and learns that Lucy has sold it. Paddy explains that he has descendants that are still alive today and that the two family branches should meet.  Beau enters and Paddy tells Lucy that Beau is her cousin but Lucy isn't buying it. Lucy believes that Paddy should be ashamed of himself parading some "poor unfortunate as a blood relation." Lucy announces that she is going to make a formal complaint against the both of them. Lucy makes it clear that Paddy is not to follow or harass anyone in her family again before storming off.

Elishia serves up some tea to Vic and he promptly drops it on the floor, grabbing his hand.  Elishia starts to clean up the mess.

Russell is testing his blood sugar and explains that his diabetes is the only reason he didn't join up when he was younger. Charlie learns that he was the only guy to make it back to town but died before the statue went up.  It seems that Russell  doesn't know how Charlie died. Russell takes Charlie's hand, offering to take his blood sugar and starts to caress it.  The two kiss and Charlie pulls away. Charlie stands and tells Russell to piss off because he's not gay. Charlie wakes Kirstie, saying that they have to go.  Back in the bar, Charlie has another vision of himself this time, drinking alone.

James arrives at the hideout and meets Elishia, who asks what is going on.  Vic steps out and says that he is looking for what James has been hiding. James says that he is just trying to protect the people but Vic is adamant that the people in question aren't real because they're not alive. Vic asserts that Elishia knows more than she is admitting.  Vic demands to know where the others are and James is quick to note that Vic didn't ask for Maria.  Paddy and Beau show up and James tries to get between them and Vic.  James tells Paddy to run and Vic is quick to follow.  Vic trips and injures himself and Paddy grabs Vic's gun but before he can shoot James intervenes.

Kate and Sarah are worried about James but when the call, they discover that he left his cell phone behind.  Sarah decides it's not safe to stay there and that they should head to James's cabin.  Kate admits to knowing where the cabin is, prompting Sarah to ask Kate if she fucked her husband. Kate is incredulous and reminds Sarah that James is her husband.  Sarah demands that Kate get out of the car and Kate gets on the dirt bike and leaves.

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Paddy and James carry an injured Vic back inside. Elishia runs outside to free John Doe.  Elishia then goes to the medical cabinet and prepares a syringe.

Charlie is standing in front of his statue and again gets a vision of him in the war.  He shares a smoke with George man he fought at the bar and who died in the trenches. There's some clear chemistry there.  The statue is actually of George and not Charlie.  Kirstie asks if Charles killed George and Charles admits that they loved each other.

Sarah shows up at the police station and reports to Chris that she saw someone in the house and when she moved closer, they took off on a yellow bike. Sarah even gives the license plate number. Chris agrees to run the plates and look out for the bike. Sarah leaves the cop shop.

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Sarah did a great job protecting Kate didn't she?

James looks inside Vic's car and in the trunk he finds the decomposing Maria.

With one episode to go, somehow I have the feeling that we're not going to find out why these people came back from the dead.  Glitch could have made this show a lot more interesting by getting rid of all of the damn drama between Sarah, James and Kate. Vic is on a mission because he says that these people are unnatural but when Vic first heard he thought that James had become mentally ill.  They're going to have to explain Vic more to make him a viable antagonist.

Finally Paddy. Fuck Paddy and his casual racism.  Loving a Black woman doesn't mean that you care about Black people. Nope, I don't want to hear any bullshit about Paddy being a man of his times either. Bullshit is bullshit. It's also worth noting that Beau has completely stopped pushing back against Paddy though he hung him out to dry with the cops.  Paddy wants to claim Beau as family, yet still treats him like he's a pack mule. If anything, Paddy's desire to claim Beau is to get his hands on the family estate and not about love for "his Black rose". Who the fuck thought that was an appropriate pet name? There are not enough words to talk about how awful this all is.