Saturday, October 29, 2016

Supernatural, Season 12, Episode 3: The Foundary

This week brings us a pretty standard monster of the week which then ramps the creepy up to 11 because it involves creepy dolls and creepy kids

There’s nothing creepier than creepy dolls and creepy kids. Throw in clowns and we’ve got the trifecta.

There’s not a huge amount to go into on this mission – we have ghosts and a twist and fighting and banishing

The main issue of the plot is not the hunt –but Mary joining the hunt and Mary definitely having issues. She is very much not adapting to the modern world. She asks Castiel when he first felt he was fitting into the human world. Of course, Castiel never really has fit in with humanity… but insists Mary is where she should be because she’s human. But she’s a human 30 years out of time and those last 30 years have been very rapidly moving years

This is also a perfect study on how Dean and Sam deal with issues, especially emotional issues. Dean goes into complete denial. This isn’t happening. All is good. Everything is going to fine. Denial denial denial. Especially as he is the one who remembers their mother – and they bond over similar taste in food and music

While Sam wants to talk it out but the others are classic Hunters. They do not speak about emotional issues.

As they investigate, including Mary taking the lead as fake FBI agent, we see Mary as a very skilled, capable hunter – but also clearly a hunter who is 30 years out of date and she’s feeling that badly.

At the end Mary confronts what’s hitting her. She’s not only having trouble fitting into the world, but she’s also mourning. She’s mourning her husband but also mourning her kids – which is hard to do with them both actually still alive and around – but they’re adults. They’re not children, not her baby and small child: full grown adults, not the kids she lost. Them being there only makes it harder for her to confront and accept her grief. She has to go away to find herself…

This is all well and good but how exactly is she going to function and live? Is it that practical? I mean, I like this scene, it’s very real and I can completely understand the turmoil she’s going through. Sure, here’s Sam and Dean calling her “mom” – but HER Dean is like, 6 years old. Her Sam is a babe in arms – she’s supposed to look at this 6’+ man and see her baby? And not think of the missing years or her dead husband?

I’m also annoyed that this will bring about her absence. While this means she will live a bit longer I think, it also means that Supernatural is again not getting what it has needed for so long: a main female character who appears more often than once or twice per season or for a brief run in a season.

Time to join the comedy zone – Castiel has taken it upon himself to track down Lucifer alone. He’s even playing the Winchester game of pretending to be an FBI agent

Agent Beyonce.

Yes of course. I think Supernatural really does stretch the whole Castiel-man-out-of-place nonsense at times.

He’s joined by Crowley who is effective, also want to find Lucifer and has the benefit of being able to make fun of Castiel’s terrible investigative power. Castiel tries to mock him back – about saving Rowena, but you can’t outmock Crowley. That’s just impossible

They do catch up with where Lucifer was staying – but she’s beaten them to it. With her magic and his needing her to stop his aging rocker body from, in their words, turning too “Keith Richard”, she tricks him and accelerates the process (to “Iggy Pop”) before banishing him under the ocean with no convenient vessels around. You can never ever ever trust Rowena to be cowed or suppressed: she is Rowena, always on team Rowena and she has a century of nasty tricks up her sleeves

It’s why I like her

Between them Castiel, Crowley and Rowena make a deal to work together against Lucifer, even if Rowena is taking a back seat. And it seems for once Rowena and Crowley are acting together without their issues.

Crowley, Rowena and Castiel as a team without the mummy-son drama?  Yes, I’ll watch that, sign me up!