Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lucifer, Season Two, Episode Five: Weaponizer

Last week's episode ended with Chloe getting into a car accident.  This is significant because Lucifer made a deal with God to save her life in exchange for taking his mother back to hell.  As we know, Lucifer didn't follow through on his end of the bargain.  It turns out that Chloe's accident wasn't an accident after all and was in fact orchestrated by Uriel.  That's right, there's a new angel in town to join Lucifer's dysfunctional family on earth. Even better, the role is played by Michael Imperioli.

Like all episodes, Weaponizer does have a crime which needs to be solved but this time, instead of the crime being used to highlight some existential problem Lucifer is dealing with, this week's crime seems to exist to show that Lucifer and Dan share a common love of action flicks of all things.  Their shared love causes them to repeat lines from the movies, high five each other and have a dudebro bond moment.  Perhaps this will make detective douche more palatable to Lucifer as the series continues.

What's interesting about Weaponizer is not the crime drama but the peril that Chloe is in and how Lucifer deals with it. When Uriel arrives, Lucifer isn't immediately concerned because he has a secret weapon in his back pocket - his older brother Amenadiel. Unfortunately, Amenadiel isn't quite himself and has lost his powers, a secret he has kept from Lucifer.  Maze however thinks that the solution is simple and suggests that Lucifer simply take mommy dearest back to hell and fulfill his end of the deal. Lucifer however is insistent that he is fulfilling the agreement because he is punishing his mother on earth.  Amenadiel tries to suggest that Lucifer should simply hide Chloe and their mother until Uriel gives up and returns home.  This is enough for Lucifer to suggest that maybe the problem is that Amenadiel has been on earth too long and forgotten the power that he is. Lucifer points out that Uriel is the younger brother and that as the eldest, they were all in a awe of him.  Amenadiel gets the idea that all Uriel needs to see is him in his full glory.

Amenadiel meets with Uriel on a rooftop wearing his angel outfit and looking fine as hell.

Amenadiel assures Uriel that he has everything under control but Uriel points out that not only is Lucifer living on earth but their mother is now.  Uriel claims that he only wants to help.  Amenadiel goes all bad ass and points out that he is Amenadiel and is the one who delivers the wrath of God not, Uriel the diminutive little brother.  This is enough for Uriel to cower a bit in fear and agree to go home.  Amenadiel believes his business is done and starts to leave but is stopped by Uriel, who punches him in the face. It seems that Uriel figured out right away that something was wrong with Amenadiel by the fact that Amenadiel spent so much time talking instead of kicking his ass.  Uriel releases his wings and proceeds to give Amenadiel the beat down he's been dying to issue since the dawn of the universe.

When we next see Amenadiel, he is at Lux having his wounds treated by Maze.  A happy Lucifer walks in excited to hear about Uriel getting his ass kicked only to find Amenadiel and Maze.  Amenadiel finally admits that he has lost his powers and when he begins to talk about how devastating this is for him, Lucifer is not at all interested in sympathising with him.  Amenadiel admits that he has fallen and wonders which of his actions on earth led to his state. Amenadiel tries to argue that what happened to him is different than what happened to Luciferm because Lucifer still has his powers but Lucifer has no time to listen to him.

Maze heads to see Charlotte, who is having trouble raising her human children to give her a heads up about what is going on.  Charlotte then heads to Lux to talk to Lucifer and offer to return to hell. Lucifer is not down with turning on his mother and points out that no one really knows what God really wants because he doesn't actually communicate with anyone.  Lucifer is outright pissed off with the fact that everyone has to guess God's intentions. He decides to go and pay a visit to Uriel himself.

Lucifer presents the same argument to Uriel that neither of them know what their father intends. Uriel however is not buying it and points out that their mother has been on earth a New York minute and Lucifer has already forgiven her. Uriel believes that eventually their mother will return to heaven and be forgiven by their father. Uriel is against that firm in his belief that their mother will somehow destroy their father.  This has to be the most dysfunctional family either. Uriel demands that Lucifer hand over Charlotte and he promises not to kill Chloe in exchange.  Uriel then pulls out a sword he stole from the angel of death, revealing that his plan isn't to simply to take Charlotte back to hell but to erase her from existence. This is enough for Lucifer to go on the attack. Lucifer manages to do pretty well until Uriel figures out the pattern in his fighting and knocks him out.  Uriel then walks toward an organ to start the chain which will kill Chloe in two days.  Maze shows up and challenges Uriel. Unlike in his fight with Lucifer, Uriel pulls out the short sword having no compunction about ending the existence of a demon. Like Lucifer, Maze manages to hold her own for awhile, even managing to knock the sword from his hand. It takes Uriel a little longer but he figures out Maze's pattern and begins to win the fight.  Seeing Maze defeated is enough for Lucifer to grab the sword and end his brother's life.

Maze has no regrets at Uriel's death but Lucifer is clearly horrified to be the one who killed his little brother. An emotionally distraught Lucifer returns to Lux and is forced to tell Charlotte that he killed Uriel.  Lucifer is overcome with emotion and cries in Charlotte's arms. 

Lucifer very much likes to think of himself as a badass take no prisoners sort of person but as the end of this episode shows, when it comes right down it, even in a situation where he has no choice, Lucifer is simply not down with killing. He'd rather talk his way out of a problem or have someone else do the dirty work.  It's why he resents Amenadiel's failure to send Uriel home.  

We should talk about Charlotte briefly.  On one hand, she looks up at the sky and makes faces which leads me to believe that she's playing a game and on the other, she talks about how spending even a little time on earth means so much to her because she gets to be with her sons.  Charlotte had the bead on Uriel right away and in some ways I feel she goaded Lucifer into action, even as she volunteered to give herself up.  What's clear is that Charlotte loves Lucifer and Amenadiel, but she's also got some sort of side game going on as well. 

Lucifer's identity is based on questioning the status quo, not going into battle with it.  He is the one who gives out punishment to evil doers both in his supernatural incarnation and in his work as a police adviser. Ultimately, Lucifer doesn't want his mother to return to hell and he most certainly doesn't want to see Chloe die but none of that is worth eradication to him. It will be interesting to see the emotional fall out from this.

Lucifer has come along way since we first met him.  He's trying to understand who he is now and deal with his dysfunctional family.  What makes Uriel good is that he can calculate probabilities and see what's coming. When Uriel meets Lucifer for the first time, Uriel snarks about Lucifer making two jokes and then Lucifer makes his two snarky jokes.  What Uriel didn't see coming was his own death because he's so detached, he couldn't really understand the depth of Lucifer's emotions for Chloe.  He knew that Lucifer cared and that's why he chose to go after Chloe in the first place but he simply had no idea of how deeply Lucifer cared.  We now know that there isn't anything Lucifer wouldn't do for Chloe.