Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lucifer, Season Two, Episode Seven: My Little Monkey

I think that they should have titled this episode, everyone's got shit to work out.  Mazikeen is struggling to find a paying job.  Linda has gone into hiding after seeing Lucifer's true face.  For his part, Lucifer is feeling adrift having been cut from Linda and is still reeling from the death of this brother.  Detective Douche seems to have it altogether on the surface but is still dealing with his mistakes and impending divorce.  Finally, Chloe learns that the man who killed her father is being released on a compassionate leave to attend his granddaughter's christening.

As we have come to expect, this week is of course another case of the week.  It's a good thing Tom Ellis rocks in the role of Lucifer because the whole procedural thing is so not interesting.  At any rate, after finding out that her father's killer is going to get a compassionate release, Chloe decides to follow the vehicle, only to find the van stopped, the guards shot dead and her father's killer dead in the back. And that's it folks, we're off to the races.  Because of a conflict of interest, Dan is assigned to the case because somehow, investigating the murder of your father in-law isn't a massive conflict of interest for him.

Dear writers, just for one damn week, could we please move away from cliche shit? Please?  Anyway, Chloe's out on this one but Detective Douche doesn't have to go it alone because Lucifer decides to partner with him in order to learn to be a douche himself. This includes, wearing similar clothing to Dan, combing his hair like Dan, affecting a bad American accent, and doing Dan's walk.  This of course is played for jokes but is unsurprisingly not amusing.  They've been trying to turn these two in a bromance for awhile now and so this feels forced as fuck. 

As Dan and Lucifer work on the case of the man who was convicted of killing Chloe's father, Chloe begins to re-investigate her father's murder after finding out that man who originally convicted, was in fact innocent. Chloe learns that when his daughter shows up to kill her, inspired by a recording on which the convicted killer claims to be innocent. 

After a little investigation, Lucifer and Detective Douche learn that people have been taking payments to admit to a crime in order to make money to support their families.  Chloe confirms that this is what happened with the man who confessed to the murder of her father.  Lucifer really could have gone a little further with this but of course dropped the first interesting thing in this episode quickly.

Detective Douche and Lucifer share a moment in which Lucifer follows Dan to an improve club to find Dan on stage.  The smarmy smile is wiped off of Lucifer's face when he realises that Dan is pretending to be him.  Dan however doesn't feel that Lucifer has the right to complain given the fact that Lucifer has always called him Detective Douche and is effectively standing there in a Dan costume. It seems that both men envy each other to some degree.  Dan is incredulous and demands Lucifer prove he has it hard, prompting Lucifer to admit that he hurt the last person he opened up to. 

Back to Chloe and her search for the real killer of her father.  Lucifer shows up and he's back to wearing a suit after realising that Detective Douche isn't as perfect as he seems. Lucifer and Maze have a small disagreement about him scaring Linda. Lucifer and Chloe go back through the original crime scene information and realise that the warden's fingerprints are in the van and that they shouldn't be because he's a bureaucrat. After Chloe reassures Lucifer that she wants him with her, the two head to the prison to arrest the warden, only to find out that the warden has disappeared. 

Dear Lucifer writers, if you must stick with a police procedural can you at least make it interesting. The warden is guilty because they found his prints in the van?  Really? This is what you chose to go with?  Well, you could drive a van through the weak writing of this idea.  You didn't even bother to try.  

By the time they get back to Chloe's, Maze is already inside with the warden wrapped up in duct tape. Chloe grabs the phone to call this is in but Lucifer suggests that Chloe can have her own vengeance since neither he or Mazikeen will say anything.  Chloe however stays true to herself and though she points her gun at the warden, she doesn't kill him. 

Later. a super excited Mazikeen heads to see Linda.  Mazikeen wants to share the news that the cops paid her to track down the warden and she ended up earning a thousand dollars.  Mazikeen quips that she had no idea that anyone could be paid to hunt down humans.  Okay, we have to pause yet again. Hmmmm, yep, I'm gonna roll my eyes again. 

They're already paying fast and loose by having Lucifer be a civilian police assistant and partner with Chloe but now we are going to make up shit about bounty hunters.  When exactly did Mazikeen find the time to complete the 60 hours of training when she didn't even know bounty hunters existed?  While I have no doubt that Mazikeen as a bounty hunter is awesome, no one snaps their fingers and becomes a bounty hunter. Now, if Lucifer would just drop the police procedural bullshit, the writers wouldn't have to risk their viewers becoming unable to go into deniability mode.

Okay, back to Linda who has barricaded herself in her office and Mazikeen.  Linda cannot get over the fact that Mazikeen is a demon. Mazikeen claims that she and Lucifer are exactly the people they have always been which seems to calm Linda enough for her to open the door and agree to head out to spend some of Mazikeen's first paycheck.

The next day,  Lucifer visits Chloe at breakfast.  He comments that he doesn't have a close relationship with his father which makes him quite different from Chloe, who obviously did.  Lucifer finishes by saying that Chloe's father would be proud of her. Yes, it's officially time for the feel good moment of the episode

Lucifer is stunned when Chloe starts to cry and is alarmed that he's hurt her. After a bi of watery eyes and lip quivers, Chloe hugs Lucifer. Awwwww. How about not.

Dear writers, please drop the police procedural and make this show about the characters you have created.  Trust them. Listen to them. They are awesome without a weekly shtick.  By the time this feel good moment happened, I was too jaded to give a fuck and that's not what you want from viewers.