Sunday, February 26, 2017

Grimm, Season Six, Episode Eight:The Son Also Rises

"No man chooses evil because it is evil;
he only mistakes it for happiness."

It's clear to me that Grimm is going to drag out every last moment of this finale series before giving us a hopefully satisfying conclusion.  I guess that it was too much to ask that after six years of doling out the meta slower than molasses that the writers would change their style now. 

The Son Also Rises, begins with an official meeting of the scoobies at the spice shop. They are still trying to figure out the glyphs Eve drew on the walls of the tunnel. The only thing they know right now is that something is coming but they have no idea what. It's been a long day and Nick wants to return home but Eve, having experienced first hand how awkward it is to share a space with your ex and their new partner declines to accompany Nick.  Rosealee and Monroe offer to allow Eve to crash at their place but she decides to crash at the spice shop because Rosealee and Monroe need their space right now. 

Finally, alone, Eve turns introspective and tries to get a handle on who she is now. Eve picks up the mirror and the face appears again and so she breaks the mirror. Eve then turns to grab a boom to sweep up the mess but the mirror reassembles itself.  When Eve looks into the mirror a second time (why would you even do that), a hand  comes through the mirror and begins choking her.  Eve struggles but manages to woge and then bites the hand.  The hand retaliates by throwing her into a bookcase, knocking her unconscious.  Monroe and Rosalee find Eve the next day, lying on the ground unconscious next to the mirror. 

Nick is with Hank and Wu, investing the murder of Dr. Deidre Hampton, when he gets the call about Eve. Nick tells the guys that Juliette is hurt and that he has to leave. That's right, he said Juliette.  Damn it Grimm, stop with the love triangles. When Nick arrives at the hospital, Monroe and Rosalee give him the details of Eve's injury and Nick finally has the good sense to tell them about the monster he saw in the mirror. I particularly liked Monroe reading Nick the riot act a little bit about his failure to share information.  

Monroe and Rosealee head home and the first thing they do is lock up the damn mirror, though they determine that the issue is probably Eve and not the mirror. Monroe is completely cute about not letting Rosealee touch the mirror.  At the hospital, Nick settles down to begin his bedside vigil. 

Now that Nick has gone off to sit at Eve's bedside, Wu and Hank must investigate the case on their own. They decide to see Sanji, the last person that Deidre spoke to on the phone. Sanji gives Wu and Hank, some song and dance about what he and Deidre spoke about but given that the call only lasted 30 seconds, the cops smell the b.s. in the air.  When Hank and Wu discover that the fingerprints at the crime scene are from someone who's already dead, they become even more suspicious. 

It turns out that Sanji works with degenerative tissue, Deidre with stem cells and together, they work with Victor Shelly and Julian Levy.  That's right, the writers decided to do a Grimm version of Frankenstein.  This is confirmed when Grimm's monster sees a missing poster with his face on it, partially woges and then freaks the hell out calling himself a monster. We all know that in the original, the monster wanted revenge against its creator, so it's no surprise that this monster does as well. 

That night, Monroe has a dream about be awoken by Rosealee, who is now in labour.  Of course, it's far to early but Rosealee points out that there's nothing normal about them.  Monroe gives a sigh of relief after the first baby until Rosealee reminds him that she's having triplets.  When Rosealee has given birth to three babies, Monroe thinks it's all over except Rosealee tells him that there's more.  Rosealee keeps giving birth to babies and Monroe starts to beg her to stop. In the end, Rosealee wakes Monroe from his dream saying that he was screaming in his sleep. It seems that Monroe, despite keeping it all together for Rosealee, is scared out of his mind about becoming a father to multiple babies at once. 

In this version of Frankenstein, Hank and Wu discover that a mortuary has been selling bodies that it was supposed to cremate.  It seems that the mortician figured that since the deceased had no family to speak of and were criminals that no one would care what happened to their bodies.  Yes, I am officially creeped the fuck out by that. Harold explains that a man paid one thousand dollars for each body and that he claimed the income on his taxes. Is that supposed to absolve this creepy ass dude? When the Hank agree to let him go, the creepy mortician assures Hank that he learned a lesson. 

Feeling the pressure after Deidre's death, Sanji gets busy shredding his files. As he works Sanki and Dr. Levy discuss what to do with a video of their nefarious activities. When Dr. Levy leaves to clean up his own pile of evidence, Sanji is attacked from behind by the monster we saw earlier. 

In their investigation, Hank and Wu learn that Sanji published a paper six months ago about the ability to transplant every part of the human body. If that were not enough, Shelly's son recently died and the bodies which were sold belonged to the members of the Black Claw that Nick took out. When they factor in that the fingerprints they discovered belong to a dead man, they quickly do the math. 

Hank and Wu decide to question Levy about the death of Sanji and Deidre but he is adamant that they won't believe the truth. Hank and Wu ask about Wesen but Levy clearly has no idea what they are talking about.  Levy instead offers his belief that science simply has to experiment sometimes and then offer apologies afterwords. Yeah, I think that bringing someone back to life requires a bit more than an apology.

Hank and Wu discover the video that Sanji didn't have time to erase before being murdered. It's a video of Shelly's son being brought back to life after having limbs sewn on. The young man comes back to life with his various new body parts woging.  A horrified Sanji injects him with a sedative as Shelly embraces his son, announcing to his fellow scientists that, "he's alive". Levy is insistent about recording this experience, even as Sanji demands that they stop recording. Sanji wants their creation destroyed.

It turns out that the wanted posters come in handy when the creature is spotted. A concerned citizen calls Shelly and gives him the heads up as to where his reanimated son is. Before Shelly can leave however, Levy shows up and he's mad as hell. Levy informs Shelly that the cops know what is going on and blames him for not putting down his son in the first damn place. When Hank and Wu arrive, they accuse both scientists of raising the dead.  Levy however is quick to take his leave, realising that there's nothing that the cops can actually charge him with. Exactly how would they explain this to a grand jury and who the hell would believe them if they tried. Just as Levy steps outside the creature launches his attack.  Hearing the ruckus outside, the cops and Shelly head out to see what is going on. Shelly shoots his son in the arm which catches the creatures attention. Shelly tells his son that he is sorry one last time, before shooting him in the heart. Shelly then moves to take his own life and is stopped by Hank who says that someone needs to explain this. 

Nick has fallen asleep and in his dreams he sees Aunt Marie telling him to break up with Juliette which then shifts to him telling Juliette about his Grimm abilities. Nick then sees Mommy Grimms head in a box and learns that Juliette killed her.  Nick then relieves Truble shooting Juliette. 

Eve wakes to see Nick sleeping in a chair and promptly wakes him. Eve tells Nick everything that transpired on the night in question and Nick is shocked that the arm came through the mirror. Eve is adamant that she needs to get out of the hospital because she's certain that something is starting. 

As for Renard, he's still out of the loop on account of his former alliance with Black Claw.  Renard decides to investigate the drawings of his demon child and so contacts Dasha in Siberia. After doing some research Dasha gets back in contact to inform him that the drawing essential show a countdown to something happening. Dasha warns Renard to watch Diana closely (something he should be doing already) because Diana might well be involved in what is coming. Dasha doesn't have much more to offer other than the fact that she's scared. 

The only thing really accomplished is that we now know that the mirror creature can reach through the mirror and attack people. That's all we learned for sixty whole minutes. Was anyone really surprised learning that the demon child might somehow be connected? Of course not.  This story went absolutely nowhere fast.  We have four episodes left people. Four episodes and they are still messing around with the murder case of the week and holding onto the meta as though it's too precious to be shared.  Damn it Grimm

Hospitalizing Juliet/Eve was another exercise in pushing the narrative of love between the two of them. I was however glad to see the reminder that Juliette killed his mother, a crime which should be unforgivable.  My issue here is that Nick shouldn't be with Juliette or his rapist Adalind. Are these the only two women in Portland? What the ever loving hell.

In terms of the case of the week, the writers tried to get cute. Having the father named Shelly while telling a Frankenstein story didn't really leave much to the imagination.  I will however say that watching Wu and Hank team up was hilarious. I loved Wu breaking Hanks dream about being cremated and tossed in a river to ending up as a cow paddy in the middle of a field. 

I will admit to also being amused by Rosealee and the uterus which wouldn't stop spitting babies.  Her telling Monroe to calm down while she handled this is classic Rosealee.  At this point, it makes sense to me that Monroe would be scared. Becoming a parent to one child is a terrifying prospect let alone three at the same time.  It's enough to make me wish that these two would get a spin off because I think that their adventures in parenting would be hilarious.