Sunday, February 19, 2017

Grimm, Season Six, Episode Seven: Blind Love

"Love looks not with the eyes, but
with the mind,
 And therefore is winged Cupid
painted blind"

I know that I've complained a lot about the Wesen of the week thing in this last season because I have been so anxious to see the meta move to a satisfying conclusion after six long years. Blind Love, is another in the long list of Wesen of the Week but this week, I forgive the writers for the simple fact that I don't think that there's ever been a funnier episode of Grimm. I simply could not stop laughing.  If they have to drag out the meta, this is the way to do it.

It's Monroe's birthday and so Rosealee arranges for the entire group to go on a weekend getaway as a celebration.  I know that Monroe and Rosealee love their friends but as a parent, I couldn't help but think about how they are blowing one of their last child free weekends.  Finding a babysitter for one child can be challenging, let alone the three Rosealee is carrying.

At Nick's, Eve wakes up to Diana the demon child questioning if her stomach hurts.  Diana explains that her stomach sometimes hurts when she's upset and now that Nick is no longer Eve's boyfriend, she has a reason to be upset.  Eve explains that things are different now and that they cannot go back to the way they used to be.  Diana then explains that she misses her other mommy Kelly and wants to know what happened to her.  Eve has a flashback to Mommy Grimm's head in a box.  We all know what happened to Kelly. Damn you Grimm. Before Eve has to respond to the demon child, Adalind appears to get Diana to pack to visit Renard.

As Adalind gets Diana ready, she brings up the drawings which Diana made of the glyphs she saw in the tunnel.  Adalind asks Diana to keep them a secret from her father.  When they are done packing, Adalind and Diana head out, leaving behind Nick and Eve.

Eve is in the shower and when she exits, she notices a dot on the mirror.  The spot gets larger until it encompasses the entire mirror. A dark red face with glowing eyes appears, causing Eve to call out to Nick.  Nick rushes into the bathroom and makes eye contact with the monster in the mirror.  The two stare at each for a few moment before the face disappears and the mirror turns back to normal.  Eve is relieved when Nick reveals that he saw the face as well. Eve explains that it looked like where she was when she was caught in the death grip. I suppose this means we haven't seen the last of Bonaparte.  Nick decides that they should keep what they saw from everyone until they get a better handle on exactly what is gong on. When has Nick ever figured anything out on his own? What sense does it make to keep a secret from those who are most able to help him?

Adalind drops Diana off at Renard's, and a hungry Diana requests cookies for breakfast.  Renard tries to be the responsible parent and suggests that they have pancakes instead.

The gang all arrives at the hotel and act like it's been years since they'v seen each other.  Randy checks everyone in and then heads to the elevator to help Nick and Adalind get to their room, since the elevator is an old fashioned one.  Randy looks at Nick strangely, as though he recognises him from somewhere. Once Randy is done with escort duty, he heads downstairs to call his mother because he needs to get into contact with his father. When Randy finally gets a call from his father who's in jail, he reveals that Nick is the same Grimm responsible for him being imprisoned. Randy promises his father that he's going to make Nick pay.
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Diana is back to drawing the glyphs and when Renard notices them he asks what they are. Diana explains that she saw the glyphs in a tunnel and promised her mother that she wouldn't tell anyone.  Renard tries to probe for more information but Diana refuses to rat her mother out any further. Renard has to satisfy himself with taking a picture of the glyphs.  The door bell rings and Renard answers the door. Renard is informed that his fellow cops have sent some topiaries as a house warming gift. While Renard is distracted with the delivery, someone sneaks into his home, and uses chloroform to knock Diana unconscious before kidnapping her. Whoever decided to kidnap the demon child messed up in a big way. When Renard reenters the house, he discovers that Diana is missing. Renard's first instinct is to panic and to call someone but he quickly puts down his phone and smiles. 

Randy decides to take Nick and crew out using a triple dose of amor de infierno. While the crew is having a drink, Randy sneaks into their rooms and takes a hair sample from everyone's brush.  Later, in the kitchen, he spits in everyone's drink and slips a hair in each glass. On his way out to the table, he bumps into Holly and one of her hairs falls into a glass.  

It's time for a little reminiscing about the good ole days.  Monroe and Nick talk about their first meeting all the way back in season one. The topic then switches to Monroe and Rosealee meeting and their first kiss.  Randy arrives with the champagne and everyone takes a glass with the exception of Rosealee, who is pregnant.

Renard finally gets a call from the kidnapper and it's Grossante, who's pissed that he is not getting the position of captain now that Renard isn't going to be the mayor.  Grossante is also pissed about being threatened which confuses Renard, because of course that was Nick disguised as him.  Grossante actively threatens Diana but Renard doesn't even break a sweat because he knows all to well that his daughter can take care of herself. 

In bed with his rapist, Nick cannot figure out why the waiter looked so familiar to him.  Nick doesn't get to think about it for long because sex with his rapist quickly becomes an option. 

The next morning, the scooby crew gets out of bed and everything is awkward. Nick cannot seem to get away from Adalind fast enough.  Monroe experiences something similar with Rosealee.  

Downstairs, Randy watches the group filled with anticipation of them tearing each other apart. When Monroe spies Eve, his eyes flash green and he moves quickly towards her. Nick's eyes flash when he spies Rosealee and so he puts down his coffee and goes racing after her. 

When Wu sees the waitress with the shedding hair, he tells her that she is beautiful and then promptly follows her into the kitchen to profess that he's been hit by love at first sight. At first, Holly is charmed by Wu, but it moves from sweet and flattering to creepy as fuck in a heartbeat. Wu professes his love by quoting Shakespeare. I see you Grimm writers, including a line from Midsummer Night's Dream

In his room, Hank is getting ready for the day when he notices his reflection in the mirror.  That's right, since Rosealee didn't have any champagne, Hank ended up drinking the glass which contained his own hair and he falls deeply in love with himself. 

Diana wakes up and Grossante introduces himself as the man her father stabbed in the back.  Diana is confused for a moment and says that man was Bonaparte. Little Demon child just cannot keep a secret can she. Grossante decides to woge and try to intimidate Diana into being compliant but she's unimpressed and asks to go home.  When Grossante says no, Diana points out that she asked nicely but Grossante, still unaware of who he is dealing with doesn't care.
 Diana decides that she's had enough foolishness and promptly flings Grossante across the room. When next we see Grossante, he's been well battered and is hiding from the demon child.  Grossante calls Renard and begs him to pick up his daughter and Renard simply says that he has a lot to do today and will get there when he gets there.  Unfortunately for Grossante, the demon child finds his hiding spot and decides that it's time to keep playing.

Back at the hotel, Monroe is busy professing his love to Eve. Monroe mentions everything that Eve has been through and explains how much he admires her for that. Eve becomes confused and questions if Rosealee is in their room. 

Rosealee is actually being accosted by Nick, who begins by complimenting her eyes.  Rosealee doesn't think that anything is wrong until Nick gets down on his knees and begins professing how much he loves her. Eve then shows up and her eyes flash when she sees Nick.  Eve explains that there will never be anyone else for her before forcing a kiss on Nick. 

Adalind was a little slow on the jump because she had to get Kelly ready. When Adalind finally leaves her room, she sees Monroe who is on the hunt for Eve. Adalind's eyes flash and she leaves Kelly in the hallway to kiss Monroe. Rosealee shows up in time to witness the kiss and Monroe is quick to explain that what she saw, is not what she thinks. Monroe says that he's not interested in Adalind and is in fact in love with Eve. He suggests that Rosealee should want him to be happy and that the only person he can be happy with is Eve. It's clear that Rosealee is deeply hurt by this but doesn't get to respond because Nick and Eve show up, each determined to let their new beloved know how they feel. Eve yells at Adalind about stealing Nick away from her and having the baby she should have had.  The noise becomes so loud that Hank is forced to pull himself away from the mirror to ask for quiet.  Hank then sees himself in a mirror in a hallway and starts singing to his reflection. 

Renard finally arrives to pick up his daughter who has beaten Grossante to a pulp at this point.  Diana is happy to see her father but since she's having so much fun beating up Grossante, she wants to stay awhile longer.  Renard says that it's time to go but suggests that maybe she can have a play date on another day. Renard picks up Diana and leaves, as Grossante crawls towards the door. 

Outside, Wu is still chasing down the waitress and this point she's beyond irritated by him.  Randy is watching from a distance and loving the chaos that he's managed to create.  When Holly rejects Wu yet again, he threatens to kill himself.  

Rosealee tracks down Randy and accuses him of creating an amor de infierno. Randy denies it at first but Rosealee won't back down so he woges.  Rosealee slaps Randy and woges right back demanding that he fix the mess he has created. 

In the hallway, things have become even nosier and more chaotic. Nick falls to his knees calling out for Rosealee. Monroe kisses Eve which causes Adalind to scream, "no". At this point, I'm laughing so hard there are tears streaming down my face. 

A cornered Randy decides to take Holly hostage and threatens to throw her off a cliff if Rosealee doesn't stand down. Everybody woges and Holly passes out.  At this point, who the hell can blame the poor woman? Wu manages to grab the waitress, in the process, knocking Randy off the cliff. 

In the hallway everyone who can Woge has woged and Hank is in tears because his beloved mirror got broken. I don't know how these actors did this scene without bursting out laughing. I would absolutely love to see the outtakes from this episode. When Randy dies, the spell is broken. Nick and Adalind hug while Monroe is distraught by the things he said to Rosealee, who quickly to points out that it wasn't his fault.

Everything is back to normal now that everyone is themselves again.  The group gather to sing happy birthday to Monroe.  Monroe's cake is a gorgeous pocket watch cake. A waiter approaches the group to offer them a round of free champagne and everyone freezes. 

As I said at the beginning of this, the meta didn't really move very far this week. All that was basically accomplished is that Renard learned about the glyphs and the fact that there is a tunnel somewhere. I assume that the purpose of this is to bring Renard closer to the inner circle, which I adamantly approve of. Grossante did learn that Renard is the one who is responsible for Bonaparte's death but I doubt that he will tell anyone, given that he was beaten up by a child. 

I know that Eve's response to Nick was based in woowoo but I cannot help but think that more than anyone, there's some truth in what she said. I feel as though Eve was simply compelled to reveal what she already feels for Nick, which is a problem because I don't want Nick to be with her or Adalind.  There's also the issue of the creature in the mirror which has created a secret that only Eve and Nick share, thus bringing them that much closer. 

With the exception Wu, everyone on this show has had some sort of love interest over the years.  This of course plays into some pretty racist stereotyping of Asian men, who the media has very decidedly desexualised. It particularly stung when Wu revealed that the only thing he has loved is his cat.  Sure, some could argue that Wu could be asexual but I think that it's telling that this was assigned to the only Asian male on the show. 

Look, I know that in many ways that Blind Love was absolutely ridiculous but it managed to play upon nostalgia by reminding us of some great scenes from season one, even as it encouraged us to laugh at the the strange entanglements the woowoo produced this week.  I understand that we have so few episodes left in the series but this for me is a winner because of how much I enjoyed it. Sometimes, you just have to embrace the cheese and go with it.